The teenager au-pair

Scott Collins was your typical Spring Valley teenager. 5’9” with short sandy brown hair, the 18 year old had graduated last month in the middle of his high school class. Co-captain of the swim team, his record had been enough to get him a partial scholarship to State in the fall. With only part of

The nastiest pleasures

I squeezed the lovely hills of Pat’s buttocks for awhile, then reached around under her to open the sweet mound of her vulva. Her hips squirmed, and she moaned behind the gag. “Fantasy,” she’d said, “utter trust, anything you want, no holds barred.” The sons were out with their Aunt, and we were alone for

Hot milf sucked me off

It was a sunny, warm saturday and I was out washing the car. Brenda came out the front door, waved to me and said “Hi”, got in her Corvette and drove off. Brenda is one of my wife’s friends–like my wife and I, she is in her late thirties. She’s about five foot two, with

Thinking of you

It all begins early on in the day, morning mostly. I can’t help but think of you. It doesn’t start off sexual either. I think about all the wonderful things about you and how someday, I will be next to you, happy and content. As the day goes on, I seem to end up damp,

Teaching Swapping 2.

The next morning was a working school day, and Tommy Singleton awoke earlier than usual, wondering why he was feeling such a sense of anticipation and excitement. He glanced briefly at the still sleeping form of his wife Linda, clad only in a short nightie of sheer nylon that hid nothing of her physical charms