My BBW Landlady

To say that I’m a nerd would be an understatement, but here I was a 27 year old male, in a government department and still Virgo intacto. Its not that the opportunity hadn’t presented itself, it’s just that I was too stupid to recognise it. Francis was a 39 year old divorcee who was my

Allison’s First Time part 1.

“Alison Chapman!” Sandi Cooper exclaimed with surprise, “Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin! That’s just crazy! I don’t believe it! You’re eighteen years old, for God’s sake.” “Oh, come on,” Alison retorted defensively. “Lot’s of girls my age are still virgins. Not all of us play around with sex like you do.” “Yeah, I

The Blonde at the gas pumps

It was a cool night and I had decided to take a bike ride just before sundown. I got my leathers on and fired up the Harley. She sounded great. It was loud due to the custom drag pipes and I sat there for a few minutes listening to that strong deep thump in the

Super Bowl Sexparty

The goddamn Super Bowl. My husband makes such a big deal out it. Three or four of his buddies show up hours before the game to drink beer and juice up their testosterone so they can yell at the TV. I’ve always been bored. This year I decided to spice things up as only a