The Secret Life of Michelle

If anyone had ever looked at Michelle, while passing her on the street, you’d never guess how interesting this girl was. She was a long haired brunette, with a fairly athletic build, and a great smile. Michelle was well liked among her friends at the Hamilton Heights Academy, and one of the better students who’d

Undercover Handjob

It was a typical Friday night at college and my girlfriend, Liz and I were both too worn out after a long week of exams to go out. I texted her and asked her if she wanted to hang out in my room for the night. She texted me yes and there was a knock

Pulloff on the Road

He’s a very naked person. Nudity is his natural state. Even when he has clothes on, there is always something undressed about him. He was most certainly undressed in the car that afternoon. In our own encapsulated world, the interior of a small Japanese car doing sixty along the Florida Turnpike, he sat in the

Birthday Erotica

You ever had one of those days? I had received a grade of 53 on one of my papers, (also somehow managing to spell the professors name incorrectly), had a house guest from hell who would not leave, the possibility of getting mono from my roommate, (who had such a bad case that he had

Passion of the stranger

I sat at the lunch table,picking at my dry salad.The clocks seemed to freeze, and i was intensly frustrated. It was 12 o’clock.He should of come out of his lecture by now.I began to panic, God i just wanted to stare into him… Ok, so i had recently enrolled on college course, History. It was