A Kenyan in my Wife

In June of this year my family and I spent a two week, luxury vacation in Kenya. It proved, as you’ll find out, to be an unforgettable experience. My wife Kirsten and I have been married eleven years now and I guess you could put us down as your typical white, British, middle-class couple. We of course have our daughter Poppy who is five and plans for a bigger family eventually. Both of us travelled all over Europe together in our early twenties but our determination to see Africa was one we had been saving for a special occasion. A popular tourist resort on the coast of Kenya, Malindi offers all kind of sun-drenched activities from great beaches to wonderful food and evening entertainment. From our experience you can certainly add white, wife fucking to that list. Kirsten can testify to that!

I should say at this point that neither of us had ever done anything like this before. That said, prior to our trip, we had been going through a rocky spell in our relationship. My wife is a lovely woman and a terrific mother to Poppy. She is thirty-five with dark hair just past her shoulders and a stunning hour-glass figure. Toned, shapely legs combine with a 32dd all natural bust that is the envy of many of her friends. With not only a great body Kirsten is a well spoken, stylish and alluring lady with a dry sense of humour. Nevertheless, in December of last year I began an affair with one of her very attractive friends. Her name was Sanja and she was a pretty young black woman whom Kirsten had known for years. I put my indiscretion down to the usual reasons: booze, boredom etc. Certainly no excuse and when my wife found out she was devastated. I had hoped in my darkest moments that she had some idea. That she suspected I was cheating on her but no, it was a complete shock. For a time we lived separately, Kirsten and Poppy taking the house while I stayed at a nearby hotel. I don’t mean to make excuses. What I did was unforgivable but perhaps it was my wife’s conservative nature that drove me to it. Despite her figure she had always been so unwilling and strangely shy of showing off her body. Or of experimenting in the way I wanted too. Deep down maybe I yearned for a trophy wife and Kirsten had never fulfilled that potential.

In May we got back together. Kirsten seemed to have forgiven me which in someway made me feel worse. Having almost lost my family it didn’t seem right that I get off ‘scott free’. As for my wife. She just wanted to put it behind us and after only a month she decided we needed a break. A holiday to forget and build bridges again. Poppy was not due to start back at school for another month and I had plenty of leave from work. For years Kirsten had been interested in Kenya: the culture and lifestyle. It seemed a good a time as any to realise our dream of seeing Africa together. After some research Malindi seemed a good destination with an excellent choice of resorts and family services. We booked, packed and set off for an unforgettable experience.

Our two week holiday began June 12th. The first week went fantastically well and our grand Four-star had excellent facilities for kids and fantastic coastal views. A long, golden beach in front of the seafront was shared with the pubic but there was a smaller, private stretch five minutes walk away. Kirsten loved Malindi from the start, drawn into the culture. Right away she set about buying presents for her family and a few things for the house. Poppy adored the beach which was were we spent some time almost every day. At night we ate and listened to authentic, live music either at the hotel or one of the beachfront restaurants. We even began having sex again. Only once, during the first few days did she open up about the affair with Sanja. Saying that she thought about my cheating a lot. Sneaking around behind her and how it had made her feel. Especially as she took her marital vows so seriously.

During the first week I was amazed by the number of white women I saw parading on the public beach with often heavily muscled black men. There was usually quite an age difference but I had read of western women travelling to Africa for sex. British, German and French females aged from their forties right up to early sixties seemed most prevalent. Kirsten found the regular sights slightly amusing but to me it was exciting. Dangerous even. There was something erotic in seeing such interracial couples together. Chatting, holding hands, or even flirting openly. The type of man was not only saved for those prowling the beaches. Several employees, I noticed, seemed to have very close relations with some of the women staying at the hotel.

At the centre of the private beach was a small bar made of wood and painted white. It had a Canapé and a number of chairs and tables outside. During the day they served food and drinks for hotel patrons only. Literally a stones throw from the water, the bar had become a gathering point for sunbathers. One of the two men who worked there was a very handsome Kenyan man in his late 40’s. He was lean with dark skin and thinning grey hair. An earring on one side and a short beard. Whenever I saw him, either serving drinks at the bar or working in the main hotel restaurant he was always smiling. A wicked, flashing grin that promised entertainment. Naturally, he seemed very popular with tourists and was, as much as I could tell from our first week, sleeping with several women from our hotel.

My suspicions about this intriguing male were confirmed by another British couple called Rick and Joanne. Both were in their early fifties and had been coming to Kenya for twenty years. Importantly they occupied the room right next door to us. Joanne was a friendly, shapely woman with a well kept figure and full, round tits. With her hair dyed blonde and cut short at her chin, she was pretty, if a little rough around the edges with deep blue eyes and inviting, full lips. From the first few days of our stay we got on well and both she and her husband took a shine to Poppy. We ate breakfast together almost every day and Kirsten was interested in hearing the best shopping spots from her new found friend. Rick, a engineer from Bradford England, also seemed very pleasant and told me on the quiet how beautiful he thought Kirsten was. How lucky I seemed. There was nothing to suggest that either of them were swingers.

On the fourth day I had left Kirsten and Poppy on the beach and wandered off with my camera. Away from the clutter of hotels and noise I followed the seafront, crossing several rocky alcoves which yielded a fantastic sight that open into impassable, native jungle. After an hour of taking pictures I started heading back towards the hotel. The time alone gave me time to reflect on my life, my relationship with my wife and our time so far in Africa. It struck me how comfortable she seemed here and now, having dreamed of visiting Kenya for so long Kirsten was finally able to say she had been. The masses of souvenirs and trinkets she had in our room was testament to that. As I approached the shape of the hotel I noticed a secluded walkway and path, hidden from the main beachfront. Not many visitors ventured around this area and there was noticeably more litter cast about including several cream filled condoms that lay discoloured in the sand. Deciding to explore and hearing voices from ahead I followed the path around the back of a hill and into a small concealed alcove. There, in the shade of a wooden shelter were a gathering of people. I was immediately confronted by the figure of Joanne and another blonde woman I had seen around the hotel. Both were topless, stripped down to their bikini bottoms and danced to an old radio. To their right sat two white men, one of them Rick and sprawled leisurely on a form were three black men. One, grinning broadly was the barman I described earlier. A lump stuck in my throat. Both ‘wives’ were giving the black men a lap dance. Feeling intrusive I hastened to turn. Suddenly, Rick saw me and waved me over. I approached, slightly embarrassed. As Joanne wriggled her ass in one mans face she gave me a wink. Quickly Rick introduced everyone by name and invited me to take a seat. The other woman was called Elaine and the grinning black barman, Ebamu or ‘Eddy’ as he liked to be called. I watched as he laid back, a cigarette between his lips watching the girls performance. Both women had big tits that was for sure and tanned rolling bodies. The three black men exchanged chatter in their native language and were not afraid to touch. While watching this I remained in a trance. It seemed so erotic that Rick would enjoy his wife being ogled so openly. Then suddenly I was beset by guilt. Guilt over my affair and what Kirsten would say if she saw me here. I backed away, Rick giving me a nod as I left, stumbling on the sand.

After twenty minutes contemplating what I’d witnessed I walked back towards my family. I was deeply aroused still. Perhaps thoughts of a world I’d never had access to before. Kirsten was lying on her front, reading a book when I arrived. She was younger, firmer and far more pretty than Joanne and Elaine. I imagined Eddy would certainly enjoy watching her slide off her bikini top in front of him. The urge to have my wife’s body leered over by more horny eyes filled me. I had fucked a black woman. How appropriate if my white wife be fucked by a black man. Particularly an experienced local man like Eddy.
‘Are you ok honey?’ Kirsten smiled as I sat down. My hard-on stuck dutifully through my shorts and I leant on my side to cover it.
‘Fine hon, just fine’ I said. My temperature rose. I had to tell her. ‘I’ve just seen Joanne and Rick’.
‘Oh yes? They adventuring somewhere?’
‘You could say that’. Kirsten sat forward and touched my arm. A took a deep breath. ‘She’s up the beach giving a lap dance to a few guys from the bar’. My wife withdrew her arm.
‘Oh my god’ she said, putting her finger to her lip. ‘That’s so degrading. I’d never have guessed’. This was typical for my wife. So conservative. I had to speak.
‘Actually it was incredible’.
‘It was amazing’. My wife looked wide eyed at me.
‘Well you certainly wouldn’t get me doing anything like that!’. She rested back and returned to her book. Her face was difficult to read but I knew she was thinking of Sanja.

In the morning Kirsten was unusually frosty with Rick and Joanne’s morning greeting. Declining their offer of a shared breakfast before I had a chance to speak up. She seemed emotional, upset. Certainly thinking of our conversation the day before. That morning I headed off and returned to the alcove hoping to find a repeat of yesterday. Sadly there was no-one there. Only cigarette butts and some empty beer cans. Disappointed I turned and trudged back to the hotel. Kirsten had taken Poppy on the bus into town and they would be away until the afternoon. I headed along the boardwalk and through the lobby, the old black doorman nodding at me enthusiastically as I past. He looked at least seventy and I imagined he’d been working there for years. What sights he must have seen. In the lobby, across from the deserted kids play-area was a small café. There, wearing a ridiculously short pink dress and matching high heels was Joanne. She had on a tube top that pushed her tanned tits up a treat, hair hanging around her shoulders. Her legs were crossed and looked fantastic. A real head-turner. It was obvious she had dressed herself up especially.

On the chair opposite was Eddy, eyeing up his prize and attempting not to become too obvious to any attentive hotel managers that he intended fucking the British Holiday maker that very afternoon. He was chatting to her quietly and beneath the table his hand was upon her thigh. I paused, unseen and with luck watched as the two of them moved swiftly towards the elevators. Watching Joanne moving quickly on her high heels, with the Kenyan on her arm was incredible. Even from my distance, Eddy was quite clearly pitching a tent through his hotel issue trousers. They were going upstairs to fuck. As the lift door closed Rick appeared with a paper. He motioned me over.
‘Morning’ I grinned.
‘Hi Rick’ replied, his cheeks flushed.
‘I just saw Joanne heading into the lift with Eddy’. Rick smiled and lowered his head. Leaning across the table he gave a knowing nod.
‘He’s been fucking her most of the week’ he said. ‘Guys hung like a horse. She cant get enough’. I felt my collar grow tight. Wondering just how experienced this Eddy was. I could see that Rick understood my interest and how excited it made me. ‘We came here last year’ he added, ‘and he gave her a good seeing too then. Just what she needs’. Stretching his collar Rick ran his tongue around his lips. His eyes narrowed. ‘Like your Kirsten’ he said.
‘Just what she needs’.

Excusing myself I headed back to the room. A sudden overwhelming urge to jack off had taken hold of me. Fuelled by the ‘do not disturb’ sign that hung on the neighbouring door I unlocked ours, went into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. What was I doing? Keenly I took a glass from the sink and went into the bedroom. The rooms were separated by a locked door made of wood. It was cheap and thin. Gently I pressed the glass against the wood and put my ear to the end.
‘Uh….Uh….Uh. Oh you black bastard’ came the muffled but audible sigh. Combined with the bed head against the wall it sounded amazing. They were having aggressive sex.
‘Yeah…yeah fuck white bitch’ came Eddy’s breathless accompaniment.
‘Oh you dirty bastard…don’t stop……oh fuck me…..fuck’. Rick had not been lying, Eddy must have been very well endowed. In moments my pants were down and I was jacking off. ‘Oh come in me Eddy….come in me’ Joanne gasped. Minutes later my seed spurted forth, almost sending me to my knees as it pattered to the carpet.

Rick and Joanne checked out on Friday and over the weekend all I could think of was Eddy. We had still not even spoken except the few words when I had brought drinks from the bar. If only I could relate to him how much I wanted to be part of his world. To be like Rick. To have him fuck my own wife and fill her with his native African seed. Monday seemed an unusually quiet day at the hotel and in the morning the beach was quieter. Indeed, we were among the first to set up. Kirsten had on a small orange bikini, her hair tied back as she carried her sun-bag down to the seafront. The top was showing off her tits a treat. I knew the private beach would fill up quickly after lunch and after an hour I suggested we move to the hotels private reserve. My wife shrugged and packed up Poppy’s toys while I rolled the mats and contemplated the afternoon ahead.

The three of us walked hand-in-hand. Me, my wife and daughter. Already the sun sat high up in the sky and was getting stronger by the minute. My eyes were trained on the bar as we approached, heart racing when I noticed Eddy and a colleague were out setting out the plastic white chairs and cleaning down the tables. It was time to introduce him to my fine thirty five year old English wife.
‘Let’s set down here’ I said, taking up position almost directly in front of the bar and maybe twenty yards from the water. From the corner of my eye I saw the other man tap Eddy’s arm and motion towards us. He looked around Eddy’s age without the facial hair and slightly taller with a leaner frame.
‘Sure Hon’ Kirsten said. With a shrug she started putting down her towel, totally unaware of the two men watching her from the bar. Maybe it was partly that she didn’t realise she was being watched that excited me so terribly. Poppy went quickly back to her play and my wife reclined with a book.

We remained there about half an hour. Always my thoughts were on the men behind us. I heard Eddy relate to ‘Mashudu’ or ‘Mash’ more than once taking this to be his colleague. Several couples arrived and the men’s attention was returned to work. Still I was sure they would be checking Kirsten out at every opportunity. It occurred to me that if Eddy recognised me from the lap dance then he might presume we too were similar I nature to Rick and Joanne. I needed to introduce myself. Eventually I stood.
‘Want a drink honey?’ I asked. Kirsten looked at me from over her sunglasses.
‘Sure, how about a lemonade?’. I nodded. Mash grinned and politely served me. Then when I turned I saw Eddy leaning on one of his tables, eyes trained on Kirsten’s reclining figure. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. I wondered how many white tourists he had fucked. With a throbbing head I went over and nodded at him.
‘Hey there man’ he said with his usual smile.
‘How you doing?’ I grinned nervously.
‘Good. That your lady?’. His directness threw me off balance for a moment. Guessing that he would never be so forward with regular guests I reasoned that he did indeed recall me from the other day. I nodded and felt my throat go dry. ‘Lucky man. Real lucky. She fine’. His English was good, if a little broken. Certainly better than my Kenyan.
‘Her name’s Kirsten…she’s 35, from England….I…’.
‘She available?’. For the first time he turned to me and raised an eyebrow. Over his shoulder Eddy said something in his native tongue and his friend laughed. I’d been blabbering. Trapped between excitement and fear.
‘What?’ I stammered.
‘Her white pussy man. It available?’. I shrugged uncomfortably and backed away, Mash laughing again at his friends boldness.

Quickly I wandered back to the beach. My heart was racing. Just what was I doing? How could I betray Kirsten again like this. Still blissfully unaware she smiled at me.
‘You ok Hon? You look pale’ she said with concern. I nodded and took a drink from the can I’d bought. A few minutes past. I looked behind me to the two men. They were talking, watching us still. Trying to work me out. I had a solid hard-on hidden in my shorts.
‘Why don’t you take your top off honey?’ I said as leisurely as I could. Kirsten raised her eyebrows.
‘Pete, you know I…’.
‘I know, but there’s not that many people here?’
‘But Poppy?’
‘She wont mind’. My wife looked confused for a moment. She’d gone topless several times in the past but never with other people about. Normally her nature would have suggested otherwise but I guess the talk we’d had on the beach earlier in the week still wrangled with her. Perhaps she wanted to please me. After a thoughtful few seconds she laid down her book and put her hands behind to untie her bikini top. As she did so I glanced back at the men and in that instant she saw the look in my eye. Understood it. For the first time Kirsten violently turned her head around to look back at the two men. Eddy nodded, as if willing her to continue. Eager for a better look at her body. Part of me thought was going to continue. Instead she gasped, leapt to her feet and hurriedly began dragging Poppy towards the hotel.

I’d overstepped the mark. To my wife it was another betrayal. I watched her go and wondered if I’d ever get her to trust me again. I’d wanted her to cheat as I had. So everything would be even and alright. Yet it just wasn’t in her. I packed up and slowly trudged back to the hotel room. Part of me felt that I would walk in and Kirsten would be packing her things. She would leave and take my daughter with her. The door was open when I arrived. My wife sitting at the dresser with her head in her hands. Poppy played on the floor of the adjoining room. Quickly I closed the door to shield her. Kirsten’s eyes were stained in tears. Again, I felt terrible.
‘I’m sorry’ I sighed.
‘I…I…can’t believe you’d do that. Want me like that’. She turned and closed her eyes. ‘You wanted me to degrade myself’.
‘It’s not like that Hon’.
‘How is it then? Your unbelievable. Our daughter was right there. You wanted those men to get an eyeful’. It was true. My pulse was still racing and the thought of my wife degrading herself with those men was still real in my mind. I realised again I’d been selfish. What I’d wanted wasn’t for her benefit but my own.

I stepped away and went down to the bar. My night and perhaps even my relationship with Kirsten was over. I felt terrible. What had I been thinking? As though my lovely woman would go through with something like that. As I wallowed in self pity I thought of my poor wife sobbing in our hotel room. I’d lost her. Lost them. After six or seven drinks I stumbled up in the lift. My head was spinning. Again I half expected the room to be empty. Instead I pushed open the door to the familiar and unexpected scent of my wife’s expensive perfume. It confounded me as the last thing I’d been expecting was to see Kirsten dressing for dinner. Nevertheless, she was standing at the foot of the bed, facing the mirror. Her hair hung down off her slender shoulders. One of her most expensive blouses, cream silk adorning her figure. A small, black skirt clinging firmly to her ass and legs. Stockings and dark red high heels completing the effect.
‘Where’s Poppy?’ was all I could blurt out.
‘She’s at the kids club in the lobby’. My wife’s face was expressionless but determined. Gone were the tears of earlier. Just a steely look of determination. This was new. Frightening even.

She turned, posing in the mirror and gave a satisfied nod to herself.
‘Now then Peter’ she began, setting her gaze upon me for the first time, ‘your going to take me to find these friends of yours’. I stood, drunkenly and cocked my head to one side. Like a dog who doesn’t understand his masters voice.
‘Take you where?’. My wife rolled her eyes and took a step towards me. ‘You know what I mean and you’ll do this. Or I’ll take Poppy and you’ll never see her again’. I knew it was true. My wife was angry but I couldn’t believe the transformation. Here she was, dressed up and laying down the law. I knew I’d have to accept it. Whatever she wanted.
‘Your wearing it’ I smiled noticing the diamond necklace I’d bought her that month for our anniversary. I knew she been saving it for a special occasion.
‘Yes’ she smiled cruelly. ‘It seemed…. appropriate’.

We stood silently in the lift. I could still feel waves of hostility towards me in my wife’s steely looks. The old doorman opened for us as we past. A pleasant married couple off for an evening stroll. Outside it was dark but warm. A breeze coming off the sea. Wire hung lights stretched off the promenade and down towards the private beach where I presumed Eddy would be closing up for the day. We walked without speaking. Part of me knew what we were heading into but now it was out of my control. There was still time to turn back but I didn’t want too. I had planned this after all. I needed to let it play out. The sea air felt cool on my face though my head was still spinning from the alcohol. Kirsten’s heels tapped on the concrete path as she walked beside me. She looked beautiful, stunning. The top half of her blouse was unbuttoned, breasts bobbing neatly in her bra. For once happy to be shown off.

No-one was around as we approached the shop-front. It was boarded up for the night. The white plastic chairs stacked neatly in two piles beside it. I suddenly felt a surge of relief that no-one was there. Eddy must have finished and be back at the hotel. I was in fact about to take her arm and lead her back to the safety of the hotel room I saw a shape appeared from behind the building and Eddy walked out. He had a cigarette in his mouth. His shirt open revealing his toned, muscular abdomen. My pace slowed but Kirsten read my look and hastened. He looked at us curiously as we approached, a big grin spreading across his aged face as he recognised us from earlier.

‘Good evening’ Kirsten smiled in her perfect, upmarket accent.
‘Hey there’ Eddy said folding his arms. He knew what this was about and smirked at the way my wife had dressed herself up to impress him. Why else would we be there? Pulling down two plastic chairs he placed one in front of Kirsten and took the other for himself. I stood.
‘Thank-you’ she said taking the seat and leaning towards the older man. ‘May I ask your name?’
‘Ebamu’ he grinned, ‘but people call me Eddy.
‘Eddy’ smiled my wife politely as he took a long drag on his cigarette. ‘Pleased to meet you. I’m Kirsten’. I’d never seen her act like this before and in such a condition. She must have known as I did that within the next couple of hours, her belly was getting pumped full of this African male’s baby-making seed. It was decided. Despite her confident tone I detected the first signs of apprehension. There was a slight pause. Somehow he knew we were first timers and his steely gaze seemed to rip through her. He knew as long as played his cards right he was getting prime married white pussy. My eyes widened as my wife crossed her legs and let her skirt rise up over the tops of her thighs. Whether she did so intentionally or not Eddy accepted the invitation to look. From my angle I knew he had a great look at the tops of her suspenders.

‘English yes?’ he grinned.
‘Yes. We’re from Sussex’ Kirsten nodded, aware his horny stare was roaming between her face tits and legs. I don’t mind saying that despite my earlier trepidation I was hard as hell.
‘Pretty country for a pretty lady’. Eddy lit another cigarette. I was just a bystander. Events were out of my control. My wife pushed back her hair. The tension was unbearable. Biting her lip she rotated her wedding ring around her finger. I took a step back as he offered her a cigarette and she accepted. Kirsten hadn’t smoked for years and she coughed lightly on the thick tobacco, unsure how to proceed.
‘Have you ever been to England?’ she said nervously, her voice wavering. It was the first real faltering in her act since I’d returned to the hotel room. Eddy noticed it too and remained silent. He didn’t care for any more small talk and was clearly the one in charge here. The sea lapped gently in the evening air; soothing and gentle.

‘You want fucking tonight Kirsten?’ he said looking her directly in the eye. There was another pause and a look of shock and sudden intimidation registered on my wife’s face. No-one had ever spoken to her like that. There was an aggressive, impulsive look of arousal on the older man. I realised that as a black man attending all day to the whims of foreign tourists, this was his time.
‘I ask if you want my black, fucking cock inside you tonight?’. Even in the near dark the lump sticking up in Eddy’s trousers was incredible. There was no doubt that he was a very well endowed alpha male. My wife’s lip wavered and she looked, for the first time, to me.
‘Yes’ she said dryly, the words catching in her throat. I gasped. ‘..and to teach my husband a lesson’.
‘Well I can do that too’ he grinned. ‘He treat you bad eh?’.
‘You could say that’. Eddy stood up, seeing no need to hide his hard-on.
‘Lets go your Hotel room’ he said.

I kept my head down, following maybe five yards behind as Kirsten and Eddy walked back along the beachfront. He was obviously very impressed with her, eyes and hand roaming freely. Already he had taken us for exactly what we were and I knew our naivety excited him. By then my own cock was so hard the force pushing up against my flies was unbearable. Had I been dreaming? Had my wife just agreed to her first ever black fucking? Courtesy of a man she’d only just met. I recalled Eddy and Joanne. Listening to them rutting through the door. Soon this man would be working my own wife over the same way. My affair with Sanja seemed pale in comparison. Eddy’s worn, sun beaten hand rested around my wife’s waist, rolling frequently down onto her ass. The first other man to touch her so in her married life. Our doorman nodded to Eddy as we past, giving a surprised but knowing look as he let us in. His lip curled into a smile that suggested ‘another white bitch fucked’. He had seen this arrangement before all right.

It was cool in the lobby and we passed the kids area and cafe. Poppy was playing and blissfully unaware of her mothers impending black fucking. Indeed, my wife cast a sad look towards her daughter as Eddy’s horny hand squeezed her rear. He gave a deep, excited gloat, head down as we rounded the main desk. Then quickly on, as discreetly as we could towards the lift. I breathed a sigh of relief as the door closed. It was done. Without another word Eddy pushed Kirsten back against the wall. His movement was sudden and intense, planting a hand on her breast and forcing his lips over hers. Surprised my wife resisted the struggle and relented as his lips moved down her neck. As I caught her sad gaze she turned away and shut her eyes tight.

We walked hastily along the carpeted hall. My hand trembled on the key as I took it from a pocket and opened the door. No-one else had seen us. Turning the handle I let the pair of them in, entered myself and locked it behind me. My wife turned, straightening her skirt and stared blankly at us both. She looked nervous there in our room. Standing next to the large double bed. Our clothes hanging over the dresser, still unpacked in our cases and toys littering the floor. Her gaze was fixed on the horny Eddy. This was not how she had envisaged her marriage.
‘You a mom lady?’ he grinned, kicking a toy out of the way. Kirsten nodded tentatively.
‘Yes we have a daughter together’.
‘This time of year, plenty rich white couples come on Holiday here’. He bobbed his head, gaze focused on my wife’s cleavage. Breathing heavily as she was, it was an appealing view.

Kirsten stiffened as he came forward, vigorously pulling open her blouse and exposing her bra. Over eager to see her breasts first one then two buttons came flying off in his haste. A sudden tear as the delicate garment ripped and ruined. He threw it on the bed and pulled one bra strap down then the other, fiddling with the clasp until it came free.
‘Peter?’ she gasped helplessly. I stood silent. My cock hard inside my trousers. In the light the shape and clear size of Eddy’s meat pressing out through his uniform was even more apparent. Over three times my size for sure. Never had she been taken so aggressively. Her bra fell to the floor and in a moment he was upon her tits, feeling and lifting. Eddy quickly squeezed his dick through his pants, squatted and slid a hand between her legs. It was incredible. In seconds my wife’s panties were dragged around her ankles and he was fingering her pussy with thick black fingers.
‘Oh my god’ Kirsten gasped, putting a hand on the dresser for support. The skin of his hand glistened with juice.
‘That’s it lady’ he grinned. ‘You get ready for a real African man’

He paused and stripped off his shirt, exposing a lean and lightly muscled chest. His cock sticking out like a truncheon. Dark, uncut with heavy, fat balls hanging beneath. Rubbing a powerful fist up and down his length he stiffened into a powerful erection.
‘Great tits’ he smiled. At this point my wife was sitting on the bed. Her skirt was a band around her waist, stockings exposed and her high-heeled feet placed apart on the floor. Her chest rose and fell heavily, eyes glued to the amazing organ that belonged to Eddy. ‘Now suck my dick white bitch’ he said firmly. Placing a hand around her head he guided his dick into her mouth. Hesitantly she took him, hands on the bed behind her as he slowly fucked her lips with the first three inches. It was amazing, working the foreskin right back over the head. The big tip of his cock bulging off the inside of my wife cheek. Unable to wait any longer I unzipped and began to masturbate. ‘That’s it hubby’ grinned Eddy, ‘you watch good now’. I knew I’d come quickly if not careful. Kirsten looked at me in sheer amazement as Eddy continued shafting her mouth with short strokes.

‘See man. See your lady suck that African cock’ he said. ‘That’s how it should be’. Grinning he pushed Kirsten’s hair from her face.
‘An your hubby likes seeing this eh?’. Kirsten continued to stare at me in sheer amazement. Perhaps she’d never seen this side of me before. Was I really the man she had married? ‘Suck it….suck it good’ he rasped. Groped her tits in turn while she slid her lovely mouth up and down him. It was fantastic.
Eventually Kirsten gagged and spat up Eddy’s over eager dick. Her eyes were wet, for a moment filled with tears as a sliver of spittle dribbled down onto her left breast. No doubt eager to be free of the taste of older black cock.
‘Oh my god Peter’ she stammered, wiping the trail off her chin. Arousal, fright and intoxication in her voice. She was turned on. More than she had realised possible. I watched the bubbly saliva trail along her skin, working down to her navel.
‘Yeah….good cock sucker lady’ Eddy laughed. With one hand on the back of Kirsten’s head he pushed her mouth down over his erection. ‘Fuck yeah!’.

It must have gone of five minutes or more. Until the tear stained, breathless face of my wife was exposed completely. Eddy pulled back her head, forcing her to look up at him. Streaks of spittle covered her tits and her lipstick was smudged in the corners. ‘That’s good lady’ Eddy grinned. ‘Now I going to fuck you’. He grinned with brilliant, white teeth. Then quickly manoeuvred Kirsten back on the bed, positioning himself on top of her. ‘Nice, you get to watch now Hubby’ he spat over his shoulder. There was an unfathomable look on my wife’s face. As if she was being swept along by a tide she had no control over. If anything her hesitation and soul searching made for an even more satisfying spectacle. I felt my seed start to rise up from my balls, stopping it just in time. There was more to enjoy first. With one arm Eddy pinned Kirsten’s left leg back, expertly exposing her cunt and thrust upwards with his hips.
‘Oh Peter!’ she gasped to me, his fat cock bending as it squeezed against her crack. ‘Ohhhh!’. My wife’s fingers dug into his back with a steadfast cry. Using his free hand Eddy violently penetrated in a series of shunts, each one combined with a cry of ‘oh god’ from below. Kirsten’s hole was suddenly a ring around him, soaked and stretched by five black thick inches or more. Happy with his position Eddy took her other leg and pinned it back behind the knee so that both high heels pointed towards the ceiling. It was a perfect position. His new white whore gasping beneath him in short, desperate gulps. ‘Oh Peter….Peter….please….please….’ she whimpered. Her pleading silenced as Eddy ground the rest of his dick up into her belly.
‘Mmmm yeah’ he sighed rotating his hips.
‘Oh my god …I’ve never…I’ve never felt…’ With a sudden cry she came
‘Wahhhhhh….ahhhhhhh’. I gave a thought to the occupants of the next room. Could they hear this degradation?
‘Tight bitch….good fucking pussy’ he said breathlessly. I almost came again and took my hand away. Too soon by far. This was only just starting.

Eddy began to fuck home with slow strokes. It was as it he needed to savour the moment too. Kirsten gave violent, deep groans each time he drove his dick into her.
‘Uh!…uh!….uh!….uh!…..’. Legs stiff and a mass of tension on each stroke. Her eyes were turned upwards. She was delirious.
‘Fuck hubby, you wife fine’ he grinned over his shoulder to me. I shook my head, watching as her hands reached around onto his ass. Firmly he began to drive home, groans of pleasure echoing around the hotel room. He stretched her more with each stroke. The shiny wet of his cock fed in and out, right down to his balls which met her body with a reassuring slap on each stroke. She was wet and loving it. Eddy humped furiously.
‘Oh my god….I’m coming again’ she whimpered, gritting her teeth as she orgasmed in a series of riveting spasms.

When I looked at the clock he’d been fucking Kirsten twenty minutes straight. Pounding her resolutely into the mattress. Hard then slow. Taking his time and savouring the moment. A wet mess on the sheet between her legs. What a stud. Hard to believe he’d only met my lovely wife that very day. Here he was fucking her bare. In a moment Eddy raised himself up onto his arms, looking down at Kirsten from above. Her face was one of sheer bewilderment. How was this happening to her. I wandered toward the bed and scooped up her gentle hand. Immediately she grasped me hard and I could feel the tension of taking Eddy’s cock inside her.
‘He feels…. really big Peter’ she said with a hollow, dry tone. Still trying to accommodate the long dick within her anatomy. ‘I hope this is what you wanted’.
‘Oh honey’ I gasped, eyeing the anniversary locket around her neck. ‘I’m so proud of you’. Eddy grinned and gave four or five aggressive thrusts with his hips. My wife shut her eyes tight.
‘Chhhhrist’, gasping out loud as another orgasm took her.

I wondered just how many women he’d done this too. Pausing, gasping for breath Kirsten hooked her legs around his back, the high heels jerking on each stroke but mounted still.
‘Yeah…fuck yeah….fuck yeah’ he gasped, his sweaty balls slapping soundly between her legs as they mated in front of me. Quickly I reached into my bag and snapped some pictures. This was incredible and I had to have something to show my friends. They’d never believe this was really Kirsten so I made sure to take some good facial close-ups. My wife’s mouth hanging open, wailing as the hung African screwed her. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks.
‘Ah’m going to come’ Eddy suddenly gasped breathlessly.
‘Oh yes, oh god yes…. come in me’ my wife replied much to my delight.
‘Don’t worry about that’ he hissed. ‘Shit. Raaaar!’. He shifted forward, driving the bed head against the wall with a huge ‘thwak’. His balls seemed to tighten and he came, semen flooding from his dick with a satisfied roar. He fucked home several more times until at last his movement stopped and the two of them wound down in a series of loud, heavy breaths.

Sex was over. For the moment. The heat, scent and feel of if hanging in the room like a fourth occupant. ‘Good fuck!’ Eddy sighed as he drew back his long dick, the tip finally pulling from her hole and a wad of thick, white come gushing onto the bed. The sight of my wife’s legs apart, her cunt spilling African sperm was too much and I followed, my seed spurting onto the carpet. It was amazing. Eddy’s dick stood semi-erect, the brown skin covered in lumps of fresh jizm. Gently he worked back the head. Satisfied with his performance. A husband cuckolded and a new wife black fucked. He walked, naked through to the bathroom leaving us alone for a few moments. I stroked my wife’s face. It was to be a short lived moment.

‘Now I need some time alone with your wife Hubby’ Eddy grinned on returning. He was almost hard again and intent of dishing out another fucking. Despite the air conditioning it was hot in the room. Sweat was building on his forehead. The sheets sweaty and soiled. My wife watched me from the bed.
‘I’ll…I’ll go and check on Poppy’ I said.
‘Yes honey. Come back in a few hours’ she said breathlessly. ‘I imagine this stud will have finished with me by then’. It was just what I wanted to hear.
‘We’ll see’ grinned Eddy rubbing his dick. I walked out, shutting the door behind me and hanging a ’do not disturb’ sign on the knob. The hotel corridors felt lonely as I walked them and got the lift to the lobby. Poppy was fine and so I took a coffee in the café, The same one Rick had used. I wondered if his first encounter had been as good.