Blacked Uk wife

I’m happy to say my wife Kathy took her first extra-marital cock in August of 2022. We had been wed 5 years at the time and although a regular fantasy for us we’d never taken it any further. I was very keen too. Maybe I’d felt undeserving for a long time and wanted to share her but there were other reasons. For ages i’d been writing interracial erotic fiction and she was, in my eyes, perfect material for black cock. Kathy’s a good looking brunette, 29 at the time, 5’7, with a great figure and a lovely pair of shapely waxed legs. Like me she was interested in experimenting but had more inhibitions about trying for real. Being an Air Hostess (and the intrusive shifts that go with it) meant she was away from home a lot of the time. We both wanted something new and daring to make the very most of our time together. Still as a normal middle-class couple with the usual mix of friends and family Kathy’s biggest barrier was turning fantasy into reality. From the people I’ve chatted to over the years the taboo facing some white, married women is occasionally a significant one to overcome. Regardless, we had been talking about it for so long and we both wanted to take at least a step in the right direction. The question really was how.

First off I put some very simple adverts on a couple of adult interracial yahoo groups to see what the response would be. I wasn’t explicit in detail, only giving a rough description of Kathy, our background and whereabouts. She didn’t want anything committal just yet. I think it was a way of taking our fantasy forward. However, For the first time it felt as if I was sharing part of her and I enjoyed that very much indeed. After just a week I’d received maybe 3 or 4 good replies. More followed, some from interested black men, others from cucks. A few quite a distance from our home but none less intriguing. The one from “John” stood out the most. Not least because he lived relatively close to us and seemed to tick all the boxes.

My wife was, at first, unsettled about just how easy it would be to arrange a real meet with this man. For me, he seemed perfect. None aggressive but direct with a horny eagerness to get into Kathy’s married knickers. Her first response was a series of questions. She naturally wanted to know who he was, what he was like, was he married etc. In a series of emails between us he said that he was divorced with two kids and had been a bull to several other white couples in the past. We knew we’d have to take a leap of faith but when Kathy saw the photos John had sent of himself she was definitely attracted. We knew we’d have to send some of her in return so one afternoon she put on a classy but short little dress and I took some shots of her on the lounge sofa. She looked nervy in some of them but I felt that actually brought the meaning of them to life. When John saw them his reply was ‘when can we meet?’ It really was so simple.

We exchanged further details and he spoke to Kathy several times on the phone. There was no doubt she was taken with him, getting off on it just as I was. The question became, could she have sex with a man she’d never met in person before. Eventually, one weekend we arranged a time for him to call at our home. I wasn’t comfortable with him taking her out on a date just yet. That would come later. Beforehand Kathy was understandably nervous. It was her first time after all and though we knew the principles of cuckolding we had yet to experience them first hand. Our only certainty was that John, the Bull on his first visit to our home would be in charge. I fully expected him to assert the dominance he had promised and was happy that Kathy seemed willing to do her up-most to impress him. She went out that morning and had her hair done in town. As she got ready I remember hanging around the bedroom, horny as hell. Knowing he’d be here soon and what he was coming for: married white pussy. My wife had bought a tight, gold dress that held her figure a treat. It was silky thin with wafer shoulder straps and a length that fitted neatly around mid-thigh level. No bra or panties had been Johns instructions, his will on this first “meet” already shining through. She looked gorgeous, a thin gold chain around her neck and some high heels finishing the effect. I recall feeling proud and understandably excited. Like all our planning and risk had paid off.

When the doorbell rang I went to get it. John was tall, square jawed and imposing, mid thirties with dark brown skin and closely cropped hair. Not a sculpted figure but a big man nonetheless. He was quiet but confident as I showed him in. In fact I recall being quite intimidated in a way I’d not expected. I actually felt nervous around him too. As we had planned Kathy was sitting cross-legged at the dining table facing the door, her dress rising up over her great legs and providing him with a perfect first impression. As soon as their eyes met I could see a look of genuine intoxication flood over my wife. She stood and I introduced them. I could already see she was still a little unnerved herself. Excited too by this strong black stud in our living room. John was a good 5 inches taller even on her high heels. He took her hand and I stepped back as gave her a going over. From then on he took charge, leading her to the sofa. They sat close together, this black stud with one eye on me as they chatted lightly. Kathy seemed eager to learn about him though I felt such a thrill as his hand began to roam up and down her leg.

The three of us chatted like that for 30 minutes or so. Kathy’s giddiness was showing through and certainly he was delighted by the effort she had made. After a pause he asked if he could kiss her. She nodded and their lips met. Briefly but a longer embrace followed. A powerful sight as John began to lift and fondle my wife’s breasts through her dress. I recall sitting, hard as a nail and watching this go on. We were upstairs in our bedroom before I knew it with Kathy and John kissing heatedly in front of our bed. She had her arms draped up around his neck, obviously very turned on. I remember feeling quite light headed as he took her dress and roughly pulled it down around her waist. We’d only just met him though he already had her tits out and was definitely taking charge. John quickly undressed, exposing his cock. We had seen pictures but actually seeing him erect was something else.

Kathy gently stroked him between both hands then lay back on our bed and brought up her legs. She just wore the high heels which was quite a sight as he squatted down and put his mouth against her pussy. She seemed genuinely more relaxed, eyes closed as he gave her some much needed head. With growing urgency our new bull stood and took the condom from the dresser top. My body felt numb as I watched, almost transfixed. With my wife’s legs pinned apart neatly behind the knees, John found her spot. Kathy gripped his arm with one hand as squeezing home he slowly began to hump against her. There came agreeable groans from both, my wife vocal from the start. Perhaps even surprised by how John stretched her. She gasped to me once or twice under his encouragement that he felt big as I watched, excited and eager for him to really lay into her. I didn’t have to wait long and in no time I was getting my wish. Kathy’s first time blacked and he was slamming her deep before long. I walked around and admired his black sack slapping on her wet cunt and knew I was going to be hooked. Erect and breathless myself I couldn’t take my eyes away. John was aggressive but controlled with it too. As he humped Kathy furiously I knew we’d be seeing him again. Her groaning and the seemed limpness in her legs a sure sign of pleasure. With a last shunt he ground down and came heavily, pulling the spunk filled condom free.

Kathy and John had sex again shortly afterwards. A fun, more zesty session were he took her from behind. The next morning we talked and agreed it had surpassed our expectations. I have to admit being pleased when she told me she wanted to see her black Bull again “sooner rather than later”.