A Lifelong Affair

Randy’s heart beat loudly in his ears as he walked up
the all too familiar pathway to her door. He knocked
firmly and waited several minutes. Suddenly queasy,
Randy started having second thoughts. Just as he turned
to leave, however, Trish opened the door, freezing him
in his tracks.

“Oh, hey Randy,” Trish said, the sing song quality of
her voice floating light and airy on the breeze. “RJ
isn’t here right now. I think you just missed him. He
was heading back to his place tonight,” she continued as
she eyed the rose he was fiddling with nervously.

“I know,” Randy replied, trying to mask the tremor in
his voice. He’d passed the point of no return, and now
it was time to say what he was here to say before he
lost his nerve completely. “I’ve already seen him today.
That’s not why I’m here. I actually came to see you. I
have something I need to get off of my chest. Trish, I

“Oh Randy, don’t,” she tried to cut in as the full
realization of what he was about to say hit her like a
ton of bricks.

Undeterred, Randy continued. He’d already started in,
and he wasn’t about to leave here without telling her
exactly how he felt about her, whether she wanted to
hear it or not. Besides, he already knew what the answer
to that question was. That’s why it had taken him so
long to work up the courage to say this in the first

“Trish, I love you. I have loved you ever since we were
freshmen. I know you don’t feel that way about me, and
that’s ok. I think we both know that I’m not what you
need right now, but that doesn’t make this any easier.
Trish, I’ve got a job waiting for me down in South
Dakota, and I’ve already accepted it. I leave in a
couple of weeks.”

Exhaling, he paused to let it sink in. “I couldn’t go
without seeing you first and telling you how I feel,
though. I don’t think it’s ever really been a secret,
but I had to say it out loud all the same.”

He was right, and she knew it. She’d always known it.
There was no mistaking that look in his eyes, the one
she’d seen a million times before over the 5 years
they’d known each other. Even though she’d always loved
him like a brother, she knew deep down his feelings were
much stronger than that. He held out the rose to her,
and she took it.

“I’ve tried to let it go for years, but the more I try,
the harder it gets. That’s why I’ve got to leave.”

“I understand,” she replied, rolling the stem of the
rose between her delicate fingers. They passed a long
moment in silence, gazing intently at one another before
he broke the reverie.

“Well there, I’ve said it,” he heaved. “I’ll miss you
Trish. If you ever need anything, anything at all, you
just let me know, ya hear?”

Without waiting for her reply, he pulled her close for a
quick hug before turning his back and walking away so
that she wouldn’t see the tears glistening in the
corners of his eyes. By the time he reached his car,
they had turned to rivulets, streaming down his cheeks
unbidden and unbridled. She watched as he climbed into
the little red sports car and sped off.

She stood in the doorway looking after him for a long
minute after he’d disappeared, not knowing just how to
react to what he’d just said. It had all happened so
fast, and he hadn’t even stopped to ask how she felt or
if she had anything to say. Just as well. She wasn’t
sure what else she could have added anyways.

He was right about how she felt after all, wasn’t he?
Still, she couldn’t fight off the twinge of sadness and
regret that seeped into her as she remembered the pained
look on his face when she had tried to interrupt him,
and she knew she would miss him.

Chapter 2: Visits in the Night

Naked, Randy knelt between the statuesque pair of legs
stretched out on either side of him. Slowly,
deliberately, he traced a path upward from her ankle
with his lips and tongue. The heady perfume of her
womanhood engulfed him as he neared his target. With
tentative kisses and nibbles, he teased around her mons.

Trish rocked her hips back and forth, trying desperately
to get his tongue buried in her slit. After several
minutes of this cat and mouse exchange, he deftly
inserted a long digit into her steaming inferno and
engulfed her clit in the warm wetness of his mouth,
lashing it with his tongue.

Her head spun and she quickly wrapped her legs around
his head to keep him locked in place just in case he got
it in his head to tease her anymore. She was already so
close, and she couldn’t stand for him to stop. Randy
didn’t plan on going anywhere however, and after only a
few short minutes of his oral ministrations, Trish felt
the first spasms of her orgasm coming on like a freight
train. Randy felt it too, and took the opportunity to
slip first one, and then two fingers from her puss into
the little rosebud of her anus.

“You nasty little fucker,” Trisha gasped as she began to
slide down from her climax.

Redoubling his efforts, Randy managed to elicit a
surprised moan from Trish’s full lips as he played her
body like a violin, stretching every nerve taught until
it sang out with pleasure. He could tell that his
fingers in her ass were a new sensation for the dark
haired vixen, and he was going to take full advantage of
her baptism into the exquisite pleasure of ass play.

“Mmm, that’s right. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop!”
she shrieked as her second orgasm ripped through her
body like a shockwave.

A stirring in the bed next to him slowly brought Randy
back to consciousness. As he groggily sat up and opened
his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Sally’s cute panty clad
behind disappearing into the master bath. He dropped
back into the warm embrace of the pillow and suppressed
a groan as he realized that he’d been dreaming of Trish
again for the third time in as many nights.

She’d been visiting him in his dreams off and on for the
past 9 years, but he’d been seeing a lot more of her
over the past several months, in more ways than one. Not
only had the frequency of the dreams been increasing,
but they’d been getting a lot steamier too. When they’d
first started, the dreams were mostly innocuous. He
would catch glimpses of her here and there, but nothing
more. Then he’d started to have conversations with her,
some inane, and others more serious and personal.

Lately, however, they’d been falling into bed as often
as not, and Randy wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He
loved Sally, and somehow it felt wrong for him to see
Trish like that, even if it was only a dream. Still,
there really wasn’t anything he could do about it now
was there?

He heard the rush of running water in the bathroom, and
a few seconds later Sally emerged and slid into the
sheets beside him unaware that he was now wide awake. He
listened as her breathing slowed to an even and steady
pace, knowing that she had dropped off into a deep and
restful sleep. There was no such luck for Randy. He
glanced over at the clock on his night stand which
brightly announced that 4:30 am was fast approaching. At
least he’d gotten a few good hours of sleep this time.

Lying next to his unconscious wife, the dream replayed
over in his mind. Like it or not, Randy had to admit
that he’d also started to look forward to his night time
encounters. Feelings of guilt aside, they were some of
the hottest sexual encounters he’d ever had. The
intensity of the passion that they shared together was
incomparable. It was the kind of emotion that only
existed in fantasy, and he knew it. Still, he just
wished that the dreams would last long enough for him to
reach his own climax. Instead, he woke up each time with
a raging hard on and a reel of mental film better than
any porn flick. Oh well, he’d just have to take care of
that beast himself.

Careful not to wake Sally, he began to silently extract
himself from the covers when a different idea popped
into his mind. Rather than stroking his own cock into
satisfaction, what if he instead played out that little
fantasy with Sally instead? She’d never know the
difference, and he sure could use some sweet release
into that tight little body of hers.

His turgid erection won out over the guilt of what he
was about to do, and turning back to his sleeping
beauty, he began to caress her gently. He knew from
experience that she was a fairly heavy sleeper, so if he
played his cards right, she wouldn’t even wake up until
her body was already his for the taking. Within a few
minutes, he had maneuvered her into position and begun
to play light touches across her exposed flesh, brushing
her bare nipples and then tracing downward to her
shrouded treasure trove.

Soon, he felt her body begin to respond to his
manipulations. Slipping a hand into her panties, he
easily felt the wetness that had started to form there.
Taking his cue, he slid beneath the covers and pulled
her panties aside, bringing his mouth close. His warm
breath on her skin raised goose bumps on the backs of
her arms. With tentative movements, Randy began to
slowly devour the delicious treat before him, and soon
his tongue was buried deep inside of her.

Sally stirred as love juice began to flow freely from
her engorged pleasure mound. In her relaxed state, her
body responded freely to the stimulation she was
receiving in her most intimate of erogenous zones. Her
hands unconsciously drifted to the back of Randy’s head
as she instinctively pulled his head deeper into her
eagerly awaiting crevice.

“Mmm, good morning to you too stud,” Sally purred as she
languidly came to in a wash of erotic sensations. The
feel of his thick head of hair in her hands coupled with
the electric sensation of his suckling mouth latched
onto her love button radiated pleasure outward from her
groin in heady waves that threatened to inundate her
consciousness in utter bliss. “If you keep that up much
longer, you’re likely to drown down there,” she giggled
in between crests.

“You’re not getting off that easy,” he mumbled from
between her thighs. “Or maybe you are.” He winked slyly
before going back to work on her sensitive flesh.

She giggled again at his verbal prod, knowing full well
that his oral attentions would soon be sending her over
the edge. A breathy moan escaped her lips as she ground
her hips upward into his face, giving way to the
animalistic lust building inside her. Randy recognized
impending the signs and reached up to roll her erect
nipples firmly between his fingers while giving them a
gentle tug. Sally groaned and squealed as she fell
headlong into a body wracking orgasm.

Randy wasted no time gliding up her body to cover her
mouth with his own. His rigid staff split her open and
sank into her well lubricated passage to the hilt in one
smooth stroke. He lay completely still for a moment, his
balls resting in the crack of her upturned ass,
luxuriating in the feel of her snug love tunnel wrapped
warmly around his twitching slab of man meat.

Sally kissed him fiercely, tasting the sweet tang of her
own sex in his mouth as his fur covered nuts rubbed on
the rosebud of her ass. Randy unhurriedly began to
withdraw his phallic lance from her delicate sheath.
When only the head remained, he reversed direction,
pistoning into her with a measured pace. Raising up on
his hands above her, he adjusted his angle for better
leverage. Sally took the opportunity to put her mouth to
good use on his sensitive nipples while he plowed into
her with increasing gusto.

Trish’s face flashed through Randy’s mind as he wickedly
thought that this was the only part of his dream that
had been missing. Their bodies slapped together
rhythmically as slurping noises and groans of pleasure
filled the bedroom.

Eventually, steady pounding turned to frantic thrusting
as both Randy and Sally neared their respective
climaxes. Lying down atop her, Randy moved his hands to
firmly grasp a shapely ass cheek in each hand as he
ground out the final staccato thrusts that signaled his
impending release. He bellowed loudly as he pictured
Trish’s naked body beneath him as he’d seen it earlier
that night in his dream. His mind erupted in pleasure as
he imagined that it was her body on the receiving end of
every powerful spurt of man cream that raced down his
shaft to explode from the tip of his bulging cock head.

Unaware of the maelstrom of fantasies playing out in
Randy’s head above her, Sally frothing pussy began to
convulse around Randy’s invading shaft as it pulsed
inside her. The powerful fucking he had given her sent
her head spinning, and as his cum spilled out to fill up
her insides, she experienced a spine numbing rush of
tingling heat engulf her before the orgasmic spasming of
her entire nervous system finally subsided. Spent, they
collapsed into each other’s sweaty arms and relished the
feeling of being intertwined together.

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