A Little Trim – The First Cut

I always got my hair cut at Schroeders. You know the one,
down on Harbor Blvd., towards the beach. I went there, not because
they were the cheapest, or the best, or even the fastest. I went
there because they had the best looking ‘cutters’ around. I came to
call it “Rock Slut Hair Cuts” because all the girls were young, thin,
and looked like they fell right out of a rock video.

It was very late Friday night when I stopped by. There were
two other people getting trimmed ahead of me so I gave my name and sat
down. I picked up a magazine and absentmindedly started paging
through it. I was really watching the girls.

Julie was a brunette. She had thick, wavy hair the hung down
to her waist. Her body was firm and athletic. She wore a denim skirt
and white, sleeveless top the accented her full breasts. She casually
tossed her silky mane to the side as she moved around the customer.
She was trimming the hair of an older woman I’m sure never noticed the
cleavage Julie had. Every time she leaned forward the slightest
amount, her creamy white breasts fell together in full view. I was
watching them through the mirror in front of her, so it was not

On the other side of the room was Brittany. Now Brittany was
the kind of woman who stopped a room dead in its tracks. She was the
quintessential California blonde. She had long, straight blonde hair
the came to V in the middle of her back. She had deep blue-green
eyes, full, red lips. She also had an all over tan… at least it
looked like one from here. She had on cutoff jean shorts that
complimented her muscular legs and firm, round ass. She truly
belonged on the swimsuit cover of some magazine. She also had very
full breasts that pressed against the fabric of her shirt. She moved
with the grace of a dancer and with the grind of a stripper.

I new I was getting hard just watching them, but I didn’t
care. After about 15 minutes, Julie finished and took the money from
her customer. She walked over to the door and flipped the OPEN sign
to CLOSED. She walked around the desk and then looked at me.

“Ready?” she asked with a smile.

“Y..Yes,” I stammered. I was still hard and now I had to stand
up. What would I do?

She walked over to her chair and motioned for me to sit down.
I threw caution to the wind. I stood up and walked over to her. My
cock pressed against my jeans and I knew I had an enormous bulge. I
watched her eyes as I walked over, she quickly peeked at my crotch and
then turned away. I sat down, and she walked over to Brit and
whispered something to her.

Julie came back and took the scissors in her hands. She took
one hand and ran it though my hair.

“What can I do for you today? she asked.

I looked at her through the mirror and said. “Just a trim”.
She smiled.

Brit had just finished with her customer and took the money.
She walked over to the door and locked it. She came over to where I
was sitting and leaned her lovely ass against the table watched Julie
cut my hair.

“It’s been a long day,” Brit said. I could use a pick-me-up.
With that she turned and faced the front counter. She bent over, full
at the waist, giving me the most magnificent ass shot I had ever seen.
She reached into the cabinet and pulled out a beer. She unscrewed the
cap and took a long, slow swig. She moved the bottle in and out of her
mouth like she was giving a blow job. I was pretty sure at this point
that it was intentional.

Julie watched her take a drink and smiled. She leaned forward
and pressed her chest against my back. Her breasts felt heavy and
firm, and very warm. She held them there and continued working.

“So,” she started. “We have some extra time here tonight.
Would you be interested in our special trim?” She smiled at Brit when
she asked me. I could hardly speak.

“Uh… sure. Why not.”

“Brit, why don’t you get started on the fluffing.”

“I’d love to.”

Brit moved towards me and leaned forward. I got a full view
of her tanned boobs. She reached for my pants and began undoing the
buttons. I had on 501s, so she took an exquisitely long time
removing them. She had undone all the buttons and tugged at my open
pants. They began to come off my legs. She reached into the
waistband of my underwear and pulled them also. They passed by my
crotch and my fully erect cock bounced free to their amusement. Julie
leaned forward to see my cock, and pressed her tits against my back
even harder.

“Looks like he’s already fluffed, doesn’t it?

“I think so,” said Brit. “Still, I think he needs a trim.”
She turned and reached behind her and I heard the familiar sound of an
electric razor. She turned back to me and smiled, holding the razor
up like a trophy.

She knelt down and spread my legs apart. She leaned in and
her beautiful face was only foot or so away from my now throbbing
cock. She took my erection in her left hand. I shuddered at her
touch. She moved my cock away to the left and moved the razor to the
top edge of my pubic hair. She pressed the cold steel against my skin
and pulled down. The razor cut though my pubic hair with ease.

I looked up and saw Julie. She was watching the action and
kneading her own breasts. Her sensuous mouth was parted slightly open
and her breathing was heavy. Brit moved my cock around as she trimmed
the dark hair.

“Wait,” said Julie. “Let’s do this right. She stepped over
to the table and took a can of shaving cream from the shelf. She
squirted a thick mound of lather into her hand and stood in front of
me. She reached out and pushed the lather onto my cock and balls.
She rubbed it into me hair and stroked my cock with the sticky white
cream. Brit reached in a massaged it into my balls. They both ran
their hands vigorously around my dick and balls. Julie reached onto
the table and turned around. She opened up shiny steel straight razor
and smiled.

I was a little worried at this point Julie leaned in close to
my cock and used the razor with the precision of a surgeon. She
lovingly held my cock in her hands and shaved away all the hair on my
crotch. Somehow she even trimmed the hair on my balls. Brit watched
with a kind of hungry look in her eyes. She walked over to the sink
and filled a bowl with water. She stepped back over to me and when
Julie sat up, she poured the warm water all over my crotch. The
sensation was incredible as the water washed away the cream and hair.

I looked at my dick. If it wasn’t for the size, it would’ve
looked like the penis of a teenage boy. Julie reached out and pulled
on my cock. She held it very tight and yanked the foreskin up and
down. Brit grabbed my balls and squeezed them.

Both girls leaned in. Julie delicately kissed the swollen
cock head. It was purplish and full. Their hands had already gotten
me so aroused that a small amount of pre-come leaked out of my dick.

“Ohh… how sweet… ” she said. She snaked her tongue out and
licked the come from my cock. She let a thin, clear string form
between her lips and my dick. She pulled back her head and let it

“Jules, don’t waste any,” said Brit. “I want some of that.

Julie smiled and pointed my dick at Brit. Brit did not
hesitate and she took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked
hard. I could feel her teeth press against my skin. She slowly moved
her head down the length of my dick and took my cock into her mouth,
She moved slowly. I could feel her tongue on the underside of my
cock. It moved and caressed my dick as her lips engulfed me. I
couldn’t believe my eyes. She continued to swallow my cock without
stopping. Most girls cannot completely take my eight inches, not
because of the length, but because of the thickness. This was
incredible. He lips were almost touching the newly shaved pubic
area. She then quickly slid her mouth off my cock in one smooth
motion. She pulled off with a Pop!

Now it was Julie’s turn. She knelt on the ground and pulled
my dick to her mouth. She engulfed me and sucked up and down the
length of my shaft. She made the most exciting slurping and sucking
sounds I had ever heard. Brit was watching her friend’s beautiful
mouth suck a dick and it was making her very wet. Her mouth was open
and she was breathing heavy as she stared at the blow job. Julie
stopped and Brit took me in her hands. Brit didn’t make the sounds
Julie did, but was able to deep throat me at will on every stroke. She
went from the tip of my dick to the base with every bob of her
gorgeous head. Her hair swung with her every movement. I couldn’t
take much more of this.

My balls tightened up and my cock throbbed. They recognized
this signal and Julie leaned in and took both my nuts in her warm
mouth. She slurped on my balls like a cock and made those incredible
noises. Both girls were working my cock into a frenzy. I moaned and
groaned and stiffened my entire body.

“I’m… going… to… cum!”

Brit moaned as she felt the come swell up in my cock. She
popped off my dick and stroked it furiously. Julie released my balls
and squeezed them as hard as she could. I grasped the chair and
thrust my hips forward as the first shot of thick white semen burst
from my cock. It hit Julie in the face and she moaned. I shot
another white load into the air and Brit gasped. She stroked me
harder and come was flying into girls from each shot. Brit pulled my
dick back and forth so each girl got her fair share of my juice.

I must’ve shot at least eight or ten times judging from the
amount of come in the girls. They each were moaning and licking the
juice from their faces. I fell back into the chair in exhaustion. I
looked at them and they moved closer together. Brit was licking my
come off of Julie’s face. She moaned and swallowed each creamy white

Julie paused for a minute, looked at me and said, “Stop by
tomorrow night and you can give us a trim”

I smiled and stood up, pulled on my pants and walked towards
the door. As I opened the door I turned and saw Brit unbuttoning
Julie’s shirt. Julie just watched me leave. The door latched shut
and I turned and walked to my car. I sat in the car for a minute and
then curiosity got the best of me. I walked to the window and peeked

Brit was sitting, completely nude on the front desk. Her head
was back, her eyes were closed and she was heaving her chest up and
down with her labored breathing. Her breasts were even larger and
firmer than I thought. Julie was bending forward and was also nude.
I traced the lines of her legs, passed the curve of her ass cheeks,
and saw her mane of long black hair draped over Brit’s legs. Julie’s
head was buried in between Brit’s legs. She was giving Brit the pussy
licking of a lifetime. Julie ran her hands up and down Brit’s legs
while she lapped at what must surely be a magnificent feast. Brit
slowly tilted her head my way and then opened her eyes. She did not
startle but merely continued breathing heavy. She reached up with her
left hand an pinched a nipple and squeezed her breasts. She made sure
I watched for a minute or so.

Then she shifted her weight and reached across the desk and
threw the light switch. The shop was filled with darkness. I waited
for a minute, hoping my eyes would adjust and I would get to see them
again, but it didn’t happen. I got into my car and looked at the shop,
trying to imagine their finely tuned, sexually charged bodies locked
in an embrace of sex and lust. I stroked my erection until I came
again. I would be back tomorrow.