Innocent fun

Cindy and I are teachers at the same school. We car-pool because we
live only a couple of miles from each other and the school where we
teach is a 40 minute drive away. We have been good friends for
years and often shop together as well as go to a movie or have a
drink together after work. Cindy had been going with a new guy for
just a couple of weeks. The guy was from England and his name was
Larry. I’d met him once and thought he was kind of sexy and exotic
and that Cindy was pretty lucky.

Then one Saturday, I went over to Cindy’s apartment: we often drop
in on each other without calling ahead. I had to shop for a dress and
I was going to invite her to come along, but when she answered the
door, she refused to let me in–she didn’t even open the door all the
way–just poked her head out the door. “Is Larry there?” I
whispered. “No”, she said. “Someone else!” I whispered. “No” she
said. “Then what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” She was acting very
strangely. Finally, I left… more than a little peeved.

On Monday when we drove in to work, she apologized and seemed
embarrassed about it. “Larry *was* there wasn’t he? How come you
couldn’t tell me?” “No, he wasn’t.” “Then what was going on?”
“Well”, she said, “Larry and me play this game.” “But you said he
wasn’t there!” “He wasn’t.” “What’s going on?” I was getting
frustrated. “I’m sorry”, said Cindy, “I’ll explain. Larry and I play this
game where …” she paused and seemed unwilling to go on. “Well, I
am… I pretend to be his slave.”

I sat there in silence with my mouth hanging open. “It’s only a game”
she said nervously. “He *makes* you do this?” I asked
incredulously. “No!” she said “we are both just playing, for fun.” “So
what was with Saturday?” I asked warily. “Well, Larry had ordered
me to stay, uh, undressed all day.” Once again I was speechless.
“The pervert” I muttered. “No!” she said sharply, again, kind of
nervously, “It *is* different, but I kind of like it.” “Kind of?” “I
*do* like it. This is embarrassing!”

“So Larry told you to stay naked all day, so you spent your Saturday
sitting around your apartment with no clothes on?” “I guess it
sounds dumb. He came over later after you left.” We rode in silence
for a while. “I imagine he also orders you to do other things.” I
finally said. “Well, yes.” she said. Once again she seemed
embarrassed, so once again I stopped talking. Before the ride was
over, we started talking about other things and again we were on
easy terms, but we avoided the subject all week. The following
Saturday, Cindy called me up and asked if I would go to a matinee
with her. I was kind of glad she called me because I had become
nervous about approaching her . We decided to discuss our choice of
movies after she came over. But before we actually started
discussing them, she shocked me again. “Larry was pleased that you
were curious about our game” she said. I couldn’t believe she’d told
him about our conversations! “He told me…” she broke off and
obviously she was very embarrassed. “He told me to be your, uh,
slave.” I was speechless.

“Uh, how was that?” I finally managed to get out. “Like with him.
Anything you tell me to do, I do it.” “Look Cindy, I guess it’s all right
for you to play those games with Larry, but…,but please don’t make
things weird.” “I’m sorry” she said, but in such a pentinent way that
I was suspicious. “Well, let’s decide what movie to see,” I finally
said. “OK” she said, once more in a voice that sent shivers down my
spine. *The asshole* I thought. But our discussion of movies was a
sham: anything I suggested, she agreed to. I asked her to make a
suggestion and I could tell she was just trying to name the one *I*
would choose. Finally I blurted out “I can’t take this!” “I’m sorry”
she whimpered and she looked genuinely alarmed.

“How does he make you do these things?” “He doesn’t” She looked
distressed at my agitation and my line of questioning. “Did he
threaten to drop you?” “No!” she shot back, looking really hurt. “It
was his idea, but…, but I find the game… exciting!” “Well, you don’t
have to play it with me!” “Yes, but…, that’s part of our… his and my
game. He told me to, to be your slave, and I want to keep playing.”
Then my curiosity got the best of me, and in retrospect, I was lost. I
began to wonder how far she would go with this game. “And you’ll
really do anything I tell you to?” “Yes,” she said. I thought about it.
“What if I tell you to drop Larry.” “Well, no,” she said, “I guess I have
to do anything you say that doesn’t contradict what Larry tells me to
do.” “What if I told you to jump off a cliff?” I said. “You’re my
friend–you wouldn’t injure me,” she said, “That is one of the
reasons I can play with you”. I thought some more. “What if you
want to quit?” I asked. “I don’t”.

“But if you change your mind? He’ll drop you, won’t he?” “Oh, we can
quit any time. He’s not mean–he wouldn’t drop me.” “Yeah, right.”
“Well, I guess I don’t really know until I try, but, well, so far he has
been really good about, well, uh, making sure I’m feeling OK about it.”

That got me thinking. After a little while I said “Do you enjoy this?”
“Yes” she said in a quiet, unsteady voice, obviously embarrassed. I
thought again. “What if I asked you to do something that wouldn’t
injure you but that you really don’t want to do?” “I’d… do it if I
could… I don’t know, maybe there are some things that would make
me quit.” I thought some more.

“OK” I said, and I think my worst side came out in that moment, “take
off your clothes, kiss my shoes, then…,” I thought for a second “go to
my room and get a leather belt, come back, give it to me, and lean
over the table so I can whip your ass.” I think I smirked. But she
immediately started taking off her clothes! I was speechless again!
Soon she was nude and she got down on her knees and put her head
down right to my shoes and kissed them! And something about it
excited me! *Me…on a power trip*, I thought. Then she went over to
my room, came back with a belt, gave it to me and leaned over the

I sat there thinking. “Are you enjoying this?” I asked quietly, at
last. She didn’t say anything right away. “You have to answer me
honestly, don’t you?” I asked. “Are you enjoying this?” “Yes” she
said in a half whisper. “You like to wait, nude, for your best friend
to whip you?” “I’m sorry” she said, and again she seemed pentinent.
“So you’re just going to *let* me whip you?” “Yes” she answered.
Then, the devil got into me again–I swung the belt around a couple
of times, not touching her, but so that she could hear the swishing
sound. She still remained there, not moving. I touched the belt to
the skin of her rear, then tapped her rear lightly a couple of times
with it. She still didn’t move. “Are you ready?” I asked. “Yes” she
said again, in a hoarse whisper. Finally, I raised it up and slapped
her ass with it once. She jumped, but didn’t say anything nor did she
even yell. I waited a little while, then I whipped her again. Then a
third time. Then I spoke: “Did you like that?” “Yes” she said.

I thought some more. “Do I turn you on?” “Y… Yes” she answered.
“But never before this game.” I suggested. “No… Yes…” she said. “Uh,
did I turn you on before you ever met Larry?” “Yes” she whispered.
That was one of the shocks of my life. But my curiosity kept me
from stopping the questions: “so you were going to come on to me
some day?” “No” “You were going to remain attracted to me and
never do anything about it?” “Yes”. I thought some more. This
certainly was a surprise. I’d never had a single feeling for any
female, and here I find Cindy had been harboring these feelings…
“Have you ever been attracted to other females?” “Yes” “Have you
ever… *done* anything with other females?” “No” “So you were
going to go through life like any ordinary female, but harboring these
secret feelings?” “Yes” “Do you like men?” “Yes” “Do you… ever
think about females when you… *masturbate*?” “Yes” “Me?” “Yes.
I’m sorry.” She seemed about to cry, but I didn’t stop. “Did you think
about this? Me, uh, with a belt and you…” “No” “You think about us
doing it” “No” “Then what?” “Uh, kissing” “That’s all? You
masturbate just thinking about us kissing?” “Yes… well…” “Go on”
“Well, I’ve thought about your breasts: about me kissing your

I didn’t continue ‘the third degree’ any further, and I noticed that I
was wet! Upon thinking about it, I noted that I was really excited
and it made me wonder about myself. But I had had enough. I told
Cindy to get dressed and that I wasn’t in the mood for a movie and
maybe we’d see a movie some other day. Of course, she went along
with everything I said, soon leaving me to my thoughts.

Well, once again, our ride to work on Monday was beyond
embarrassment. In fact, we rode in complete silence all the way to
work, but we managed to get conversation about neutral topics going
on the way home that evening. Wednesday evening, Cindy convinced
me to stop on the way home for a drink, and wonder of wonders,
Larry showed up. He was all charm, and set me at ease quicker than
I would have thought possible, but then I’d just had a gin and tonic.
Then he said “I hear you two had an interesting time.” This time I
wasn’t embarrassed or even too pissed off–I just made a snide
comment about his getting his jollies through vicarious experiences.
He just looked amused, then quietly told Cindy to kiss my hand! And
right there in the bar, she took my hand, brought it up to her mouth,
and kissed it! And I got wet, of all things! Suddenly we weren’t
gabbing, and each word we spoke seemed carefully chosen. Larry
ordered each of us another drink, and I drank mine too fast. “Now you
kiss Cindy’s hand,” he said to me. He was so self-assured and sexy,
even if he was saying things he never should. I loved his voice. I
was a bit drunk, and I actually *did* it. And I was really wet!

We left soon after that, and they took me home, Larry driving Cindy’s
car. When they dropped me off, Cindy invited me to her house for
dinner on Friday. Her “we” assured me that Larry was going to be
there. Then my nervousness returned, but had I mumbled an assent
before I had time to think clearly about what I ought to do. After
they left, I was left wondering what was up. Almost surely, they
intended to play their games with me. It seemed like Larry was
going to watch Cindy be my slave, or maybe he wanted to have two
slaves! I knew I wouldn’t stand for the latter, but the thought of
being a slave didn’t seem to dampen my excitement the way I thought
it would. I ended up making myself come in bed that night.

Well, Thursday morning, I was feeling really weird about the whole
thing and told Cindy on the way in to work that I didn’t think I could
make it after all. She took it in stride, but said they would prepare
it for me anyway and that I should come if I could. What could I say?
Well, Friday evening came around and I showed up at her apartment,
right on time. To my surprise, a fourth person was there, a young
woman whom I had never met, named Lisa. She looked like a
teenager, and it turned out she was: 19 years old and a sophomore in
college. She was young, athletic, and beautiful and I was instantly
jealous. I wondered if they had invited her in my stead, but they had
set four places at the table. As we ate, I found out that she had met
Cindy at school–she was planning on being a teacher, and the
university she attended arranged for sophomores interested in
teaching certification to visit a teacher for a day. She was so
young–she was enthusiastic, yet not quite sure of herself, and she
looked up to both Cindy and me as gods! I started thinking,
presumably with the help of the wine, about what Larry (and Cindy)
might have planned for the evening. I had accepted that it would be
fun to have Cindy as my slave, but I started thinking about Lisa! My
mind saw her as the perfect slave! Eager to please, young, lithe, … I
couldn’t believe my mind could lead me in these directions! I hardly
noticed the dinner I was eating, which is highly unusual for me. By
the end, my mind was turning over all kinds of possibilities,
imagining that maybe Larry wanted three slaves, or maybe he was
going to have Cindy as his slave and Lisa would be mine! Or maybe he
wanted to try Lisa as his slave and would have Cindy serve me again!
I begin to imagine Lisa as a slave! Nude, kneeling in front of me,
kissing my shoes, handcuffed, licking me! Whimpering! I got excited
just sitting there at the table, and more than once, conversation
failed me.

Well, after dinner, we all adjourned to the living room. None of us
three women offered any conversation, and it seemed we three had
an unspoken understanding that Larry would start a game of some
sort. “Lisa, unbutton your blouse,” he said. She looked at him
sharply and studied him a minute. Then she started unbuttoning it.
“Leave it closed–just unbutton all the buttons,” he added. We all
watched in silence as she unbuttoned all the buttons. She wasn’t
wearing a bra and we could see her skin all the way down to her
waste, but her breasts were still covered. Even so, I stared at the
opening of her blouse, transfixed. “Now, Debbie, you unbutton yours
the same way.” Without thinking, I followed Larry’s command. I
still looked at Lisa. “OK, Debbie, now take it off.” The air was thick.
I glanced briefly at Larry, then took off my blouse, almost without
thought. I still wore my bra. Lisa and I just sat there, eyes glued on
each other. Someone unsnapped my bra–it was Cindy. “Take off
your pants, Debbie.” I started to do it, but faltered, and seemed to
come to my senses. “Do it!” came Larry’s stern voice. When I didn’t,
he said “Lisa, kiss Debbie’s lips.” Lisa approached without taking her
eyes off me, and I melted. She gave me a soft kiss, but didn’t linger.
“Now, take off her pants, Lisa.” I didn’t resist. How could I? Since
I’d kicked off my shoes, I was wearing nothing but panties. “Now,
the panties, Lisa.”

I was nude. Standing on my knees. “Kiss her again”. I was in a daze.
My eyes shut. Something clicked, and I realized my hands were held
behind me. Handcuffed! Lisa withdrew her kiss and I opened my
eyes. Larry was giving her a whip! It was little, about as long as a
belt. “She’s frightened, let her see it,” said Larry. Lisa brought it
over, and held it up in front of my face. I noticed her blouse was
buttoned again. Then she held the whip to my lips and said “Kiss it.”
It was a quiet voice, but with an assurance I never would have
expected, based upon our dinner conversation. When I didn’t do
anything, she put a hand to the back of my head, and gently pressed it
forward until my lips touched the whip. When she released my head,
I looked up at her. She looked deadly serious. I noticed that Cindy
and Larry were sitting together on the couch, fully dressed, but
hands all over each other. They were watching us.

“Put your head on the floor” said Lisa. I glanced down, a little
confused. “Stay on your knees, but bend down with your ass in the
air and your head on the floor” she clarified. When I still didn’t
budge for another second, she put her hand on the back of my head
again, and guided it down to the floor. “Count each time you are
whipped” she said. Subconsciously, I had realized that I was to be
whipped, but this made it explicit. Suddenly, my ass exploded in
pain. Then I realized I had heard the sound. I didn’t scream. I sort of
sang a little note, involuntarily. “Count. Say ‘One’,” came Lisa’s
voice. It was still soft, but sterner than before. “One,” I whimpered.
She whipped me 25 times. I counted them all. Then she put her hand
to my cunt. It was soaked. She looked amused. I felt so humiliated.

I glanced at Larry and Cindy. Cindy’s blouse was unbuttoned and
Larry had his hand inside. She was looking at me and breathing hard.
Larry was looking at her. I felt the handcuffs being released. Lisa
made me get dressed without my underwear, then handcuffed me
again with my hands in front. Then she took me outside, to her car,
handcuffed. It was a Corvette, in perfect condition. I realized she
was a rich kid. She drove me to her apartment and I stayed the night.
She taught me to eat her, making me practice all night. I’ve been
here ever since, at her beck and call. Cindy and Larry have come over
a couple of times and she makes me lick Cindy and suck Larry’s cock.
Cindy is very amused by it all.

I can’t believe the things I do for Lisa. She taught a girlfriend of
hers to enjoy whipping me. Now she’s hinting at some sort of party
she is going to throw. I think about Larry and Cindy now and what
they do seems like such innocent fun.