My first older man

It was the year I got my first C-cup bra. I had been itching and uncomfortable in the chest for months, and sometimes the straps left painful red welts. When we went shopping for a new bra the saleslady immediately saw that I had been squeezing into a B-cup for too long and I was

Making The Bride’s Maid

Randi Coles kicked off the bedcovers and groaned softly. It was stifling in her room. It must be the hottest night of the year, she thought. Her room felt like an oven. Even though the window was open, the air outside was just as hot as it was inside. And the humidity was unbearable. She

Big slut from small town

I was your typical small town girl, pretty naļve, and with two options open to me after high school: work a crummy job and live with my parents, or marry a local boy and make lots of babies. Neither appealed to me, so at 19 I moved to the big city for fun and adventure.

Very Memorable Birthday Party

I had come home from an out-of-town consulting trip, weary of travelling and looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my wife. My drive home from the airport was long and uneventful, and only served to further tire an already tired body. I was sincerely looking forward only to a good night’s sleep.