Cindy’s New Career

Cindy was at a loss for a place to sleep that night. Her savings were one beef-on-a-stick away from tapping out, and she was looking for work. Honest work, she kept telling herself, she wasn’t that hungry… yet. She passed the front of the big department store. Crowds were milling in and out of the

Queening and Strap On

It began at dinner. The humor and banter of table conversation was punctuated by her meaningful glances and significant smiles. She wove her emotional cocoon around his mind slowly and carefully, channeling the conversation in the direction she sought, teasing and seducing him with voice as well as words. It progressed with a back rub.

Hypnotized Into Adultery

Colleen lit the birthday candles on her husband’s cake and turned out the dinning room light. She loved surprising her husband and this being his thirty-fifth birthday wasn’t any different. She baked his favorite, chocolate frosting over chocolate. “Paul. Are you coming?” “Honey. I’ll be there in just a moment.” Paul walked into the dinning