A Morning at the Office

I looked out into the early Saturday morning light as my taxi took
me the short distance from Peter’s house where I had spent the
night to his office. I thought over the events of the previous
evening and night (for the story see ‘Peter and Louise’). They had
proved an extremely rewarding young couple and I had certainly not
finished with them -although no doubt they devoutly wished that I
had! As I looked out into the lightening sky I thought of the
events of the last few months.

I now had two young families completely under my control and
living very close together, although as far as I was aware, they
were ignorant of each other’s existence. I planned to renew my
acquaintance with Derek and Susan in the very near future (see
‘Derek and Susan’) and I began to muse over bringing the four of
them together. I could see many exciting possibilities in that

Before I could get on with that though I needed to have some rest
and I had decided to go to my cottage. Since Andrea had moved out
so suddenly to remove herself and her young daughter Gillian from
my influence (see ‘Andrea and Gillian’) I had not been back to
Wales although I had heard that I had some new neighbours.

I certainly looked forward to getting to know them better. In
addition, I had not forgotten Andrea! Of all the women I had met
lately I was most taken with her soft, sexy, completely submissive
personality and I decided to renew my acquaintance with her in the
very near future. I knew that, although she and Gillian had moved,
she was unsophisticated and na�ve and by spending a little money,
that it would be possible to find her again with no difficulty.

While I was turning all these ideas over in my mind, the taxi drew
up outside the building in which I maintained my branch office in
this city. I paid off the cab and let myself into the building,
going immediately to Peter’s office. I had a special purpose for
coming to the office this morning. Normally at the weekend the
office would be deserted but I needed some peace and quiet to
forward my plans. In addition, and more interestingly, I had heard
Peter arranging with his secretary Sarah that she would spend
Saturday morning, on overtime, in the office, completing a report
for me and catching up with some filing.

She certainly would be working but it was not going to be what she
had expected! I had only caught a brief glimpse of Sarah yesterday
when she brought in our afternoon tea but that had been enough to
arouse my interest. My memory was of a rather trim tall pretty
girl with fairly small breasts but with long red hair and very
sexy long legs well displayed by a very short skirt.

I had noted as she left the room a rather neat sexy bottom that
held considerable promise. She had been clearly over-awed by the
sudden visit of the Company Chairman and spent the afternoon with
a permanent blush whenever we met in the building. She seemed very
shy and reserved, in spite of her sexy appearance. The only time I
heard her speak I was amused to hear that she had a high-pitched
breathy teenage voice, taut with embarrassment.

She looked about eighteen or nineteen. I needed to leave for Wales
by lunchtime but I felt that I had found my entertainment for the

I made a cup of coffee in the small kitchen and took it to Peter’s
office where I sat down in his executive chair and considered my
surroundings. It could hardly have been better set up for my
purposes. There was a big desk at one side of the room opposite
the door and along the right hand wall was a large upholstered
settee, which looked very comfortable and which normally,
presumably, was used to entertain clients. In the corner was a
small drinks cabinet. I had everything I needed. I checked my
watch. I had about half an hour before I could expect Sarah,
enough time for my other tasks and then I would be free to devote
the attention to her that I felt that she deserved.

While I was drinking my coffee I powered up my lap-top and
contacted the Investigative Agency that I kept on a permanent
retainer. I instructed them to find Andrea and to provide me with
her address and her telephone number but not under any
circumstances to allow her to know that she was being

I was confident in the efficiency of this Agency and I knew that I
would have the information within twenty four hours. I called the
hotel and checked out, ordering my packing to be done for me and
my cases to be placed in my car to avoid my having to return to
the hotel. As I had come directly to the office from Peter’s house
I was wearing my usual attire of black slacks and a black polo-
necked silk sweater. I did not wear a jacket. That would be just
fine for this morning and for traveling.

I arranged for my car to be serviced and prepared for the journey
to Wales and to be delivered outside the building ready for my use
at one o’clock this afternoon. This would give me enough time for
my mornings entertainment and still allow me a comfortable journey
to my cottage.
While I was waiting for Sarah I made a few notes and thought back
over the last few weeks. I now had several couples that I had
brought firmly under my control and that I would need to check on
in the future. I had just left Jonathan and Jane in Grindelwald
and they would be coming back to England after their honeymoon
this weekend. I would renew my acquaintance with them but that
could wait (see ‘The Climbing Hut :
Part III).
Similarly, when I had been in the Climbing Hut on my visit last
week the pretty sisters Joanne and Penny had proved a delightful
diversion (see ‘The Climbing Hut :
Part II).
Over the next few months I would check on all these women. After
my attentions there was a high probability that some or all of
them, would be pregnant and I was interested in this outcome. As I
was quietly drinking my coffee and thinking all this over I heard
a slight sound in the outer office. I shut my lap-top down and
returned it to it’s case, leaned back in the big leather chair and
looked expectantly at the door.

Sarah had clearly seen the light under the door as she arrived and
she hesitantly opened it and looked in. She gave a visible start
when she saw me but her lack of fear demonstrated that, in spite
of my casual dress, she recognised me. I smiled at her and
motioned her in.

“Come in Sarah, and close the door,” I said quietly.

As I had thought from yesterday, she was a very shy girl and my
casual use of her name was sufficient to cause her cheeks to
flame. I smiled to myself, this morning was going to be fun. She
came in and stood uncertainly just inside the door. I sat back in
the chair drinking my coffee and casually inspecting her figure. I
made no secret of my interest and I let her follow my eyes so that
she was in no doubt of where I was looking. Her cheeks reddened
further and she shuffled her feet.

“Stand still and put your hands by your sides,” I commanded

She gave a little start but complied. I took my time inspecting
her from head to foot and she became more and more uncomfortable
and uncertain under my scrutiny. As I had noted yesterday she was
a tall slender girl with long lustrous red hair.

“Not my usual type!” I thought with amusement.

A little to my disappointment but not altogether to my surprise as
it was Saturday and she had expected to be alone she was dressed
very casually in very tight jeans and a plain duck-egg blue tee-
shirt which displayed her slight figure rather well. Like most
red-heads, she had some freckles but not many and her skin was a
rather creamy white, contrasting vividly with the shade of her
hair and displaying her blushes to advantage. I looked her over
from head to toe again. She had a rather pretty face, although she
looked frightened and her hair, which she was wearing loose, hung
almost to her waist.

It had been well brushed and shone brightly in the office light
and in the sunlight which was now coming in the window. I looked
casually at her breasts and she followed my glance and her cheeks
stained brighter. I had thought yesterday that she had rather
small breasts and I was not mistaken. She must have only been an A
cup as the little mounds hardly tented the front of her tee-shirt
at all showing a different kind of promise from my usual prey! Her
figure narrowed to a very slender waist before broadening to
rather roomy hips for such a slight girl. Her hips and legs were
tightly confined in and well displayed by, the thin tight jeans. I
looked at her feet. She appeared to be wearing dark tights under
her jeans and she was wearing a pair of trainers.

All in all she was dressed practically rather than sexily but the
promise of her figure was displayed and even more tempting was her
uncertainty and obvious anxiety. I motioned for her to turn round
and she rotated slowly on the spot displaying the lush curves of a
rather full bottom for such a slight girl. I was amused to see a
definite panty-line through the thin material of her tight jeans.
When she was facing me I smiled at her.

“Good morning Sarah,” I said casually, “we are going to be
together for a couple of hours before I have to leave. Make us
some coffee and come back in here.” She left the room without a
word and I went and sat on the settee to await her return. After a
few minutes she came in carrying a tray with a pot of coffee and
two cups. I motioned to the settee beside me and she hesitantly
came over, put the tray down on the coffee table in front of the
settee and warily sat down beside me. I sat and waited without
comment and she began to busy herself preparing my coffee as I
watched her, knowing that my continued scrutiny would increase her
unease. She handed me my cup in a shaking hand and sat back on the
settee as far from me as she could. I took a sip of the coffee and
smiled at the anxious girl.

“Do you have a boy-friend, Sarah?” I asked.

She blushed again and looked down into her lap – where I was also
looking at her thighs snugly encased in the tight thin denim. She
did not answer.

“I don’t want to have to show you what will happen if you don’t
answer me politely,” I said with quiet menace.

“I do have a boyfriend. We have been seeing one another for about
three weeks. He is my first boy-friend ever,” she whispered.

“What is his name and how old is he?” I asked. She blushed again
and looked sideways at me before answering almost inaudibly

“John. He is twenty.” Her blush deepened.

She was getting used to the situation and becoming more relaxed
and I decided that it was time to step things up a bit and to
begin to give her an idea of how things were going to be this

“Does John think that you have a nice figure, Sarah?” I asked her
with a smile. She flushed the deepest red yet. I could see the
colour going from her cheeks to her shoulders and under the neck
of her tee-shirt. This was promising!!! She was clearly a very shy
and demure girl, just the kind I like. She didn’t answer.

“Sarah, I asked you a question. This is your last warning” I said

She did not look at me. With her eyes fixed in her lap she
whispered, “He has said he likes me,” she whispered.

“I didn’t ask you that” I said sharply, “does he like your

“He has never said, but I think so,” she murmured shyly. I smiled
reassuringly at her and the scared red-head looked back at me
warily. I took another sip of coffee.

“And I suppose that he often kisses you,” I asked quietly. The
girl’s blush deepened and she shot me an anxious glance but
nodded. I motioned to her and she reluctantly moved along the
settee until she was sitting closer to me and I put my hand gently
on her thigh just above her knee and caressed the inner surface of
her smooth leg with the tips of my fingers. I felt her tense under
my touch. She looked down at my hand and I said quietly, “Do you
let John feel your breasts?”

She looked at me with some alarm and tried to get up but I held
her firmly with my hand on her thigh.

“Sit still, or it will be the worse for you, I said with some
menace, “Well, do you?”

There was a long pause and I could feel her apprehensive young
body beside me trembling slightly. I waited for her to collect
herself. I knew that she would tell me eventually. She had a
couple of efforts at starting but finally she whispered, “On our
first date he touched my breasts. I didn’t want him to but he
f****d me. Now he touches me whenever he likes but only when we
are alone. He usually touches me in the dark when we were watching
television or in the cinema,” she whispered.

I laughed gently.

“You mean that feels you whenever he likes. You sit and let a boy
feel your breasts without doing anything to stop him. That makes
you a bit of a slut Sarah, doesn’t it ?” I asked with a smile.
She shook her head violently.

“Does he put ever his hand down your dress and feel your bare
tits?” I asked deliberately crudely. She nodded wretchedly. I
smiled to myself.

“And do you let John put his hand up your dress and feel your cunt
or can’t you stop him doing that either?” I asked maliciously
knowing how this would embarrass her. She shook her head
violently. I laughed.

“I don’t believe you, Sarah,” I said, “if John has you so much
under his control that he touches you up whenever he likes, I
don’t believe that he has never felt your cunt.”

There was a long silence and then she said very quietly, “Just
once, last night, for the first time. I was getting him a drink
and he came up behind me and put his hand up my skirt. I was
frightened and wanted to stop him but he made me stand while he
felt between my legs. He would have done more but we heard my
mother coming and he had to stop.” I felt that she was now telling
me the truth.

“Did you ever touch your boy-friend’s prick?” I asked. She shook
her head violently again and looked at me with a tear in her eye
and I knew that she was lying again.

“I don’t believe you, Sarah,” I laughed, “you have a boy-friend
who has you so under his power that he feels you whenever he
likes, who puts his hand in your bra and touches you up and you
expect me to believe that you have never touched his prick! I
don’t want to have to show you what happens to girls who lie to

“Please don’t hurt me,” she said quietly, “I am still a virgin.”

“Well!” I thought to myself, “what an unexpected bonus!!” I
looked at her and waited.

“He made me touch his thing on our second date,” she whispered,
“he makes me rub it now whenever he wants and I have to. He made
me suck it last week and I hated it but he made me do it again
last night. I am so afraid of him. He said that if I don’t do
everything he wants he will tell all his friends about me and he
will let them have me as well”

I smiled to myself. John sounded a man after my own heart. I was
clearly just in time, a few more days and the prize of Sarah’s
virginity would certainly have escaped me!!! I slipped my arm
along the back of the settee behind her and began to play with her
hair with my fingers. She was gently shaking and a tear rolled
down her cheek. I tilted her chin so that I could look into her
eyes and smiled gently.

“Give me a nice kiss,” I commanded and it was a measure of her
fear that she did not hesitate. I gently kissed her soft moist
lips while looking into her wide rear-filled eyes. I gently moved
my tongue forward until I felt her closed mouth and I ran the tip
along her lips while pressing just a little more firmly. Her lips
parted and I slid my tongue into the frightened girl’s mouth and
gave her a relatively gentle but deep kiss. I explored her mouth
for a moment as I looked into her eyes and then I took my lips
from hers.

“I think that it is time I saw your figure a bit more closely,
Sarah,” I said with a smile, “Stand up in front of me, facing me,
and strip. Keep going until I tell you to stop.” She gasped and
didn’t move. I twisted a lock of her soft hair in my fingers and
she gasped with pain.

“I don’t usually repeat myself,” I warned her. She looked at me
wretchedly, her cheeks flaming and her eyes filled with tears.

“Please don’t make me!” she begged, “I have never been undressed
in front of a man before.” I just laughed.

“Get on with it,” I ordered and took my hand from her thigh. She
hesitantly stood and faced me.

She gave me one last pleading glace but when she saw that I was
implacable she stripped off her tee-shirt and stood awkwardly
holding it. I indicated for her to drop it and she did and I just
sat and looked at her. She sobbed and, blushing furiously, took
off her trainers and then stripped off her tight jeans. As I had
suspected, she was wearing dark tights over her panties. I
motioned to the tights and she stripped them off her long slender
legs. She was now just dressed in a very thin pale blue bra and
panty set. She straightened and stood in front of me clearly not
knowing what to do with her hands. I smiled at her.

“Put your hands by your sides, Sarah darling,” I said as I
inspected her.

She stood embarrassed under my close scrutiny, the blush extending
from her cheeks to her neck and shoulders. She had very delicate
porcelain-like skin hardly marked with freckles. As I had
suspected she had very immature teenage breasts but surprisingly
large areaolae and prominent nipples clearly displayed under the
thin bra.

I let her see me looking at her cunt and she shifted her feet
nervously. She had a plump well made cunt with quite fleshy outer
lips concealing the bud of her clitoris in the closed groove of
her slit and a very prominent pubic mound surmounted by a pretty
little halo of red fleece clearly visible through the thin nylon.
I motioned for her to turn round and she compliantly rotated on
the spot and stood tensely with her back to me.

I looked at her smooth back divided by the thin blue strap of her
bra and partly covered by her long red hair and I let my eyes fall
to her bottom. She was very well made indeed with prominent fleshy
buttocks tightly confined in and not at all concealed by the tight
high-cut panties. I could see her gently trembling under my long
inspection. At last I put my coffee cup down and stood up
stripping off my polo-necked sweater as I did so. I stepped close
behind her and rested my hands on the swell of her hips my fingers
just touching the elastic in the waist of her panties. I blew
gently on the back of her ear and kissed her neck under the soft
curtain of her hair. She shuddered but did not dare to pull away.

I moved my hands gently up from her waist until they were on her
chest with the thumbs just brushing the lower edge of cups of
her bra. She was a very slender girl and I could feel the
outline of her ribs under my hands. I could feel her shaking as
I pressed my groin into her sexy full bottom. I continued to
kiss her neck and deliberately moved my hands up on to her
breasts cupping her slight curves through the delicate fabric of
her thin bra. She groaned. I began to deliberately and
thoroughly feel her, molding her immature young breasts in my
hands. I kissed her ear again as I carried on playing with her

Despite herself I could feel her prominent sensitive nipples
hardening under my palms and making distinct stiff little cones
in the thin fabric of the bra. She had such lovely little
breasts that I took my time over them. I continued kneading and
molding the little mounds of her slight figure in my demanding
hands and her breathing began to quicken. Her nipples were now
like little bullets in my palms. Her trembling increased as I
pressed my groin into her bottom and I began to smell the
distinct and unmistakable smell of her fear.

She may have been afraid of her boy-friend and reluctantly
submitting to my advances but my stimulation and the exquisite
sensitivity of her nipples excited her reluctant body against
her will. The smell of her fear began to be mingled with the
unmistakable smell of a sexy excited girl.

I chuckled with satisfaction and whispered into her ear, “You have
lovely little breasts, Sarah, and I think that, in spite of what
you say, from the smell of you, you like having them felt by a
man.” Sarah gasped loudly and the blush spread to her shoulders
and to the top of her back. I pulled her towards me closer into my
arms by my grip on her breasts until her plump bottom was pressing
into my groin and I rubbed my stiff shaft gently but firmly in the
cleft of her buttocks. I felt her stiffen in my arms and I
suddenly released her shaking body and sat down again She slowly
turned to look at me. I smiled at her.

“I think I am a little overdressed for this, Sarah,” I said
cheerfully, ” I want you to take my trousers off.”

I could see how her boy-friend had had such little difficulty
exerting a dominance over her. She was possibly the most compliant
girl I had met for long time. Whatever resistance she had
initially took very little breaking down. She knelt down and, one
after the other, took off my shoes and socks and then sat down
beside me and hesitantly reached for my zipper which she drew down

I felt her start as my stiff prick, unconfined by any underwear
made a sudden appearance. Her blush faded and she went pale as she
looked at the stiff shaft with its threatening head. I heard her
sharp intake of breath. I lifted my bottom slightly and she got
the message instantly and drew my trousers down and off. She put
my trousers down. I was now naked and I motioned to the settee
beside me and scantily clad girl scrambled to her feet and sat
down gingerly.

“Now, Sarah,” I said quietly as I looked into her eyes, “you told
me just now that John makes you feel his prick and that you have
sucked it. I want you to feel my prick and balls gently until I
tell you to stop.” She looked fearfully down into my lap. My prick
was semi-erect lying across my thigh with a blob of pre-cum
evident on my thigh.

She did not move.

“Get on with it” I said quietly “or you will be very sorry.”

She reached out with her small hand and gingerly touched my prick
about half way up the shaft. I made her close her hand around the
shaft but I did not need to show her how to wank me. My prick
rapidly became fully erect under her clumsy but effective

She looked at the threatening sight with horror. I smiled into her
eyes, “Just you keep on wanking me with that hand until I tell you
to stop” I ordered, “and gently feel around my balls with the
other.” The miserable girl kept on slowly and rhythmically wanking
my big prick with her right hand and with her left hand she began
to fondle my balls. More pre-cum oozed from the end of my prick
under her treatment and ran down over her hand. She looked at it
in horror. I stretched luxuriously.

“Just you keep on wanking me and feeling me” I said “I can stand
quite a lot of this.

Considering that you have so little experience you are a pretty
good little wanker. John is teaching you well. Don’t you think
that I deserve a kiss for letting you wank and feel me?” I asked
her. “Just keep on wanking me and give me a nice kiss.”

She looked into my eyes and submissively brought her lips to mine.
I immediately took command and began a deep French kiss exploring
all of her mouth and gums and sucking gently on her tongue. She
carried on mechanically wanking me nice and slowly and fondling my
balls. I could feel the pre-cum running down over my prick and on
to her hand. I carried on kissing her, enjoying the wank. I took
my lips from hers and let her continue exciting me while I had a
drink of my coffee. Her eyes were fixed with horrified fascination
on the big prick that she was wanking and feeling. I spread my
thighs widely.

“John has started to make you suck him off Sarah,” I said, “why
don’t you show me how good you have become at it? Kneel down
between my thighs, facing me, keep wanking me and kiss the tip of
my prick.”

Without stopping her delicious stroking of my prick Sarah
struggled to her knees between my thighs. I smiled down into her
eyes. I felt her breath on the end of my prick and then I felt the
slightest touch of her lips. I wound her soft hair in my fingers
and moved her head to my prick. I felt the end of my prick
brushing against her closed lips. I moved her head around,
smearing pre-cum all over her mouth.

“Now, Sarah, keep wanking me nicely and open your mouth wide.” She
gave a convulsive sob. I twisted her hair a bit tighter and felt
her mouth slowly opening on the end of my prick. She opened her
mouth a little wider and the tip of my prick was just touching
between her soft red lips. I slowly pushed the big end of my prick
past her lips and her teeth and into her mouth. I put about two
inches in and just rested there.

“Keep wanking me and close your lips around my prick.” I ordered.
She gave a great shudder but did as I commanded.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” I snapped.

Her eyes, now cloudy with the shadow of defeat gazed up at me. Her
mouth was stretched around my prick which she was still slowly
wanking.. I began to move my prick around inside her mouth and I
could see the head bulging first one cheek and then the other. I
slowly moved it in and out about half an inch. I released her
hair, knowing that she would obey me now.

“Now, Sarah,” I said, “run your tongue around the end of my prick
and gently suck. I don’t want to have to do any work. Move your
head backwards and forwards keeping my prick inside just your lips
and then taking it in your mouth as far as you can. Run your
tongue around the end and keep gently sucking and wanking.”

She automatically followed orders. It was a really delicious
sensation, just like being held in a velvet vice. It was amazing
how quickly she picked up the idea. I looked down at this little
virgin giving me a very competent blowjob her head bobbing
rhythmically back and forwards on my prick and her soft red hair
hanging in a swinging shimmering curtain.

“You are a natural cocksucker Sarah” I said “now take my prick
deeper into your mouth.”

It was too much to expect her to deep-throat me but she was taking
about four inches of my prick into her mouth and sucking gently. I
thought that that was pretty good for a beginner. I was surprised
that I had lasted so long with this little virgin fondling my
balls, wanking me gently and sucking my prick. I could feel the
pressure beginning to build in my balls. Sarah knew that something
was happening because she felt my prick suddenly harden as it
spasmed. I twisted my fingers in her hair tightly again and held
her mouth fixed on my prick.

It dawned on her what was about to happen and her eyes widened in
horror. I just smiled at her as I came in a rush of cum that
filled her mouth, ran down her throat and trickled out of her
lips. She looked wide-eyed and stunned with her mouth clamped to
my prick and cum running down her chin. I let go of her hair and
she stayed just as she was. I think that she was in a state of
shock. I pulled her off my prick and threw her some tissues.

“Clean yourself Sarah,” I said quietly. She wiped her face and
dried her tears.

“Now use that pretty little tongue to clean up my prick and balls”
I ordered brusquely.

She took one look at my face and knew that it was useless
delaying. I picked up my coffee cup and lay back as I watched her
reluctantly licking around my semi-erect prick and, for the first
time, licking my balls. I just lay back relaxed and drinking while
I got my strength back and I just let her get on with it. With me,
it doesn’t take long and soon I started to harden again. I wound
my fingers in her hair and tugged gently.

She raised her frightened eyes to mine.

“Go to the cloakroom and clean your teeth,” I said, “then come
back here and get me a whisky.”

She pushed herself to her feet and left the room and I heard the
water running in the bathroom. Before long she was back and she
went to the drinks cabinet and poured me a large whisky, offering
it to me in a trembling hand. I took it from her, put it on the
coffee table beside me and grasped her sweating little hand. I
tightened my grip on her little hand and pulled downwards causing
her to bend towards me. I released her hand and slipped my right
hand between her thighs, cupping her cunt through the thin nylon
of her panties.

“Oh God!” she gasped, “Please don’t do that. You mustn’t.”

I laughed and relished the feel of her wet excited young cunt
through it’s inadequate covering.

I pulled the bending slim figure of the young red-head towards me
by the grip I had on her cunt and she gasped with anguish but
obediently allowed herself to be maneuvered until she was standing
alongside my thigh. I slipped my other hand behind her, and
insinuated my fingers into the cleft of the protruding buttocks of
her trim bottom, brushing the dimpled rose of her ass-hole through
her panties.

She gasped loudly and I looked up into her frightened eyes and,
taking my right hand from her cunt I grasped her prominent left
nipple through her bra as she bent uncomfortably over me. The
tension I was causing by pulling harder and harder down on her
nipple caused her to bend further forward.

I continued pulling her down by the nipple until I had her
reluctant trembling form spread on my lap at my complete disposal.
Sarah at last lay limply and submissively across my lap as I had
put her, still being controlled by the pressure I was exerting on
her nipple waiting in tense anticipation, head inverted, and her
red hair hanging in a shimmering curtain to and spreading over the
carpet. The slight curves of her dangling breasts were pressed
against my left leg as I held her by the nipple. The rounded
contours of her rather plump bottom lay over my lap rather more to
the right than to the left and she must have been aware of my
stiff prick against her nylon-covered cunt as the stimulation of
forcing the reluctant girl across my knees had begun to excite me
even more.

I could feel Sarah gently trembling as she lay unwillingly across
my lap. I released her nipple now that she was completely under my
control and arranged her so that I could enjoy the feeling of the
soft springy flesh of her small but sexy breasts pressing against
the firm muscle of my calf as she dangled helplessly head down
over my lap. I ran my hand up the outside of her thigh on to the
soft springy flesh of her buttock and spent a moment contemplating
the enticing sight her panty-covered bottom presented across my
lap, so temptingly displayed for my enjoyment as I drew my
forefinger very gently down the crack of her ass-cheeks.

I laughed quietly as I saw the reflex clenching of the muscles of
her bottom and heard her gasp. I returned my hand to the outside
of her thigh and slid it up her slender leg caressing her soft
flesh until I again reached the summit of the globe of her right
buttock. I pinched the soft flesh gently and noted with amusement
her instant instinctive reaction. The muscles of her buttocks
clenched tightly and I could see the waves of contraction passing
through the firm flesh under my caressing hand. I immediately
released her flesh and continued to soothe her with a gentle

The powerful feelings were too much for Sarah and she gave a great
shuddering sigh and a lot of the tension seemed to leave her body
and I saw and felt the muscles of her ass relax and become
quiescent under my hand. I had won another victory over my
unwilling victim. I hooked my fingers in the waist-band of her
panties and drew the flimsy garment slowly but deliberately down
her legs until I was holding it in my hand. I sniffed her wet
panties appreciatively before dropping the delicate garment beside
me and returning my attention to my unwilling partner whose bottom
I now began to feel at my leisure. I passed my hands over the
perfect globes squeezing and kneading the soft yet firm flesh. The
muscles of her bottom clenched and unclenched under the demanding
attention of my exploring hands but she kept her thighs as closely
together as she dared. I put up with this for a while and then I
slid my right hand down the inside of her thigh to her knee and
pressed slightly outwards. She understood at once and reluctantly
parted her legs in response to my demanding hand. I continued to
caress and mould her ass flesh with my left hand and slid my right
hand between her newly parted thighs along the deep crack of her
ass-cheeks on to her bare cunt which I began to feel.

She sighed deeply and, already moist, rapidly became wet under my
I thoroughly coated my fingers in the juice from her sopping cunt.
With my left hand I widely parted the twin globes of her perfect
ass baring the puckered little brown rose of her ass-hole. She
sighed deeply which became a gasp as I trailed my wet finger
across her orifice. She gave a sharp gasp of horror as I gently
but deliberately slid my finger past the outer ring of muscle,
straight up her clinging bottom.

“Oh God, No!!! You mustn’t do that,” she said shrilly, the teenage
timbre very evident and making her sound very young when she was
under stress.

I just laughed quietly and relaxed for a moment, enjoying the feel
of the internal muscles of her bottom as they clutched and pulled
against my finger. She shuddered deeply again which had the
delightful effect of pressing the slight curves of her hanging
breasts more firmly against the muscle of my calf. I began to
slowly finger-fuck her delicious bottom and she was unable to
remain still under the attention, wriggling on my lap in spite of
herself and agitating my stiff prick deliciously. I slid a second
finger into her and she gasped with a mixture of surprise and
pain. I began to fuck the tight orifice with two fingers of my
left hand deliberately stretching and loosening it.

“Please stop,” she begged, “this is so dirty, you mustn’t do that
to me.”

I pushed my two invading fingers as far up her bottom as I could
and held her impaled while I reached down with my free hand, slid
it between the soft flesh of her breasts and the hard muscle of my
calf and began to feel her, roughly molding and squeezing the soft
springy flesh of her small breast and tormenting her stiff nipple.
Giving her captured breast another firm squeeze and eliciting an
accompanying deep gasp of pain I released her and slipped my
fingers out of her wet clinging arse.

I could feel Sarah trembling as she over my lap and I gave her
bottom a sharp slap with my right hand which echoed through the
room. She gave a convulsive jerk, deliciously agitating my stiff
prick and I began to methodically spank her trembling white
bottom. I started relatively gently taking care not to land too
many stokes in the same place and as her buttocks reddened I began
to increase the force. With each slap, delicious waves and ripples
spread over the flesh of the globes of her buttocks and her body
jerked convulsively, exciting my stiff prick against her wet cunt.

At first she began to wriggle gasping with each stroke and she
even tried to escape from my lap to avoid the punishment but I
held her cunt firmly against my prick by reaching down with my
left hand and grasping her nipple. By pulling down firmly on her
nipple I held her completely at my mercy and she wriggled and
gasped under the spanking which was now becoming rather harder.

She began to emit a soft cry as each slap landed and echoed
through the room. As her bottom began to be more clearly marked by
the effects of my palm her cries became louder wordless moans. I
increased the force of my strokes more and she began to emit
wordless screams as each blow landed. I varied my target,
thrashing the tops of her slender thighs as well as her plump
fiery arse. She was gasping more loudly now and I felt a tell-tale
warmth in my groin as her cunt moistened. Despite herself, and in
spite of the pain, the spanking was exciting her and she wriggled
helplessly on my lap, desperately agitating her bare wet excited
cunt against my prick.

She gave a sudden loud cry and through all her pain came on my lap
with a shattering orgasm. I stopped spanking her immediately and
her cries subsided to a quiet sobbing as she burst into quiet
tears again. I let her lie for a moment trembling across my lap as
the waves of her orgasm faded. I could feel the wetness on my
thighs where she had cum and I could smell her sweat. I gently
stroked her red arse and slipped two fingers up her again for
another quick finger-fuck of her tight little hole. I withdrew my
fingers and gave her red arse cheek a last sharp slap. She gasped
in pain and shock. I rolled her nipple between thumb and
forefinger and she took in a great breath of air.

I fondled her bright red flesh of her bottom gently. I released
her nipple and pushed her off my knee to the floor at my feet. She
lay in front of me with splayed legs, her right leg out straight
and the left bent at the knee causing her wet cunt to gape. I
looked down at her and smiled, “Did you enjoy that darling?” I
asked maliciously. She shuddered. “You came anyway,” I said with a
smile. She blushed furiously.

“I couldn’t help it!” she said breathlessly. I just looked at her
and motioned for her to stand. She just looked dumbly up at me so
I reached down and grasped her by the nipple through her bra and,
standing pulled upwards on her breast. She gasped and, driven by
the pain in her breast, scrambled inelegantly to get her legs
underneath her as she struggled to her feet now dressed only in
her bra. I looked in to her eyes and smiled.

“Take off your bra, Sarah darling.”

She reached behind her and unfastened the clasp, slipping the
flimsy garment down her arms and dropping it beside her. She stood
looking at me, her hands by her sides. I drank my whisky as I
contemplated the lovely naked girl running my eyes over her
slender naked body which I now saw fully for the first time. Her
breasts, now showing the marks of my fingers were indeed very
small, although shapely and her areaolae ware large and pink. In
contrast to her immature-looking breasts she has large prominent
nipples. I looked at her cunt and motioned for her to part her
legs which she did reluctantly spreading until her feet were about
twelve inches apart. This caused her cunt to gape slightly and I
could see the little bud of her clitoris. She flushed again under
my detailed scrutiny.

Reaching for her reluctant hand, I drew Sarah down so that she was
sitting on to my lap with my semi-stiff prick protruding between
her slender young thighs just below her cunt and lying on her
smooth flesh. I could feel her shaking. I put my arm round her and
rested it on the smooth perfect skin of her chest so that my thumb
just brushed the lower curve of her slight breast. I took her chin
gently in my hand and tilted her face so that I was looking into
her cloudy eyes.

“Give me a nice kiss,” I commanded.

She was so cowed by now that she did not hesitate. I gently kissed
the frightened teenager’s soft lips while looking into her wide
eyes. I moved my tongue forward until I felt her closed mouth and
I ran the tip along her lips while pressing just a little more
firmly. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue into her warm mouth
and gave her a relatively gentle but deep kiss. She panted into my
mouth. I took my lips from hers. As I looked into her wide eyes I
moved my hand up from her waist and gently cupped her bare breast.
She gasped as I parted her legs. I could feel the moistness of her
hairy young cunt against my flesh. I kissed her deeply again and
began to feel her small breast more thoroughly. I could feel her
gasping breathing, excited despite her anxiety, against my mouth.
Her cunt was now distinctly wetter against my thigh. I took my
lips from hers and looked into her eyes again.

“Suck my nipples Sarah, moving from one to the other” I said
quietly into her soft ear under the curtain of her hair. She
looked uncomprehendingly at me but didn’t respond.

Clearly this was an activity so far outside her young experience
that she had never even dreamed of doing it.

“Just get sucking” I ordered “using your lips, teeth and tongue.”
She still did not move, just sitting looking dumbly into my eyes
so I gave her breast a threatening squeeze and, while still
grasping the flesh of her slight breast I put my other hand behind
her head, in her soft hair and drew her head forward against
little resistance until her lips were at my hairy nipple. I
squeezed her breast a little harder and I felt her begin to suck
my nipple, using her teeth to tease it and running her soft pink
little tongue around the dark area of the areaola.

I lay back and let her get on with it moving her young head from
time to time from nipple to nipple and carried on feeling her
little breast. I began to feel waves of sensation from my nipples
as she reluctantly tongued them. I enjoyed the rubbing of her wet
cunt against my hard thigh. I moved her head from my nipple and
looked into her brown eyes.

“Give me another nice kiss” I said putting one hand behind her
head and drawing her to me. I put my tongue to his lips without
giving her time to think and gently but insistently pressed her
until, despite herself, her lips parted. I took full possession of
her hot wet young mouth. I gave her a long deep kiss, sucking on
her tongue and exploring her cheeks and gums with my demanding
tongue. She sat trembling across my thigh as I continued my long
deep kiss, my hand cupping and kneading her breast. I could smell
the hot smell of the excited young girl as her wet cunt agitated
on my thigh despite her attempts to sit still.

I released her lips and turned her on my lap so that she was
sitting with her back to me. Using my legs, I parted her thighs so
that they were outside mine, fairly widely splayed and giving me
complete access to her unprotected cunt. I put both arms under
her armpits feeling the sweat of her fear on my forearms and
cupped her bare breasts. I began to thoroughly feel the young
virgin until I felt her nipples erecting under my palms. Sarah
gasped and wriggled on my lap as she felt her nipples stiffen and
erect involuntarily under my touch as I casually pulled and
twisted them. I slipped my left hand down across the slight curve
of her belly between her spread thighs straight on to her cunt and
began to work her up. She shuddered in my arms as I slipped a
forefinger between the fleshy outer lips of her hairy little cunt
and began a very gentle finger-fuck brushing her clitoris. She
convulsively clenched her thighs on my hand.

With the other hand I took her chin and turned the teenager’s head
so that I could look into her eyes.

“Open your legs, Sarah and keep them open,” I said harshly, “I
don’t want to have to tell you again.”

Her legs reluctantly parted and I continued to gently finger-fuck
her wet and quivering cunt. I brought my lips to hers and her lips
parted compliantly allowing my tongue possession of her mouth. As
I kissed her I turned her so that she was sitting sideways across
my knee again, and I returned my left hand to her breast which I
grasped firmly to hold her still while I put my right hand on the
inside of her right knee and firmly parted her thighs widely
giving me complete access to her moist gaping cunt.

Looking into her wide eyes as I held her by the breast I slid my
right hand between her thighs straight on to her cunt which I
began to casually feel again. She gave a deep gasp and coloured
again, “Please don’t,” she begged, “you mustn’t do that, you just

I just laughed quietly and continued working her up with my
fingers. She began to breathe more shallowly and quickly and her
cunt became wetter under my exploring hand. I slipped first one
and then two fingers between the slick lips of her sex and began a
very gentle finger-fuck just using about an inch or so of my
fingers and stopping short of her hymen. She gasped and wriggled
helplessly on my lap under the powerful sensations I was evoking
at the center of her being. Her mind and senses were becoming
overloaded by the unaccustomed reluctant guilty pleasure. Her
breathing became shallower and more rapid and the flush spread
from her shoulders to her upper chest.

A faint sheen of perspiration broke out on her excited young body
and the room was filled with the smell of her excitement. She gave
a deep sobbing gasp and came in my hand. I pulled her to me and
gave her a gentle kiss as I looked into her wide staring eyes.

“You know I am going to fuck you, don’t you Sarah darling?” I
asked her gently. She gasped and went pale.

“Oh God! Please don’t! I am a virgin and I am not on the Pill.
Please don’t hurt me. I don’t want to get pregnant.” She said

I pushed her gently to her feet and stood myself. I took her in my
arms and gave her a gentle kiss. I looked at the settee and
arranged a pillow in the most appropriate place and then I took
her hand and by exerting gently pressure f****d her unwilling body
to lie down on her back on the settee with the cushion
strategically placed under her bottom raising her hips. I looked
down at her naked body appreciatively and she looked back, biting
her lip nervously.

“Pull your feet up to your bottom and spread your knees apart,
Sarah,” I said brusquely.

She did not hesitate but drew her feet towards her arse and let
her knees fall apart.

I knelt beside the settee and slipped my hand between her thighs
straight on to her cunt ands she gave a soft gasp as I began to
casually finger-fuck her with two fingers going in as far as her
maidenhead. She blushed and shuddered. I included a third finger
in the fuck and began to deliberately stretch her cunt. She gasped
and screwed up her eyes, shutting them.

“Look into my eyes, Sarah,” I commanded.

She opened her eyes and fixed them on mine. I put my lips to hers
and put my tongue deep into her mouth. I gave her a long kiss as I
continued with a vigorous finger-fuck with three fingers as deep
as I could without breaking anything. I grasped her right nipple
between thumb and forefinger and watched it erect. I began to
gently twist her nipple as I was kissing and finger-fucking her.
Her breath began to come in pants as the various sensations
flooded through her body. She was still far too tense and
frightened to come.

I twisted and squeezed her nipple harder and she gasped into my
mouth. I carried on deeply kissing her and giving her a good three
finger-fuck as twisted her nipple until she began to gasp with
pain and then I left it and began to roughly squeeze the soft
flesh of her small breast. Her gasps increased as I fingered her
breast flesh roughly and finger-fucked her moist and quivering
cunt. I took my mouth from hers and looked down at her.

She lay panting with her knees splayed outward and my fingers in
her cunt. I eased myself up from my knees and sat on the settee
beside her trembling body.

“Do you like that Sarah?” I asked. She shuddered.

“I am so frightened” she whispered. I slowed down the finger-fuck,
still using three fingers but going more gently.

“Start wanking me Sarah,” I ordered her brusquely. She did not
hesitate but reached over with her right hand, turning slightly
towards me and began to wank me off. My fingers continued slicking
in and out of her open cunt. I just lay enjoying the feel of her
hand on my prick again.

“Do you know what we are going to do now?” I asked calmly. She
looked at me with fear in her eyes.

“I’ll keep feeling your pretty cunt while I tell you. Whatever you
do, keep your thighs apart as they are and don’t stop wanking me
or it will be the worse for you. Do you understand?” She nodded
dumbly. I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips without using any
tongue and lay looking at her anxious pinched face. Her cunt was
getting very wet and I could feel the cunt-juice slurping around
my fingers. That was good.

“I am going to fuck you Sarah. I am not going to use any
protection and I am going to shoot all my cum deep into your womb.
Believe me, you will get a baby from this morning,” I said

As I spoke to her she looked more and more afraid, the fear slowly
turning to horror. Her eyes widened and she began to pant. Big
tears formed in her eyes and slowly ran down her cheeks. Her body
was wracked with a convulsive sobbing. She looked hopelessly into
my eyes.

“Please don’t give me a baby,” she begged “what will I do? What
will my parents say?”

“You can stop wanking me now” I said and I moved onto the settee
until I was kneeling between her thighs. I didn’t give her time to
think but with my left hand I opened the lips of her wet cunt and
I slipped the head of my prick between them. Sarah gave a loud
gasp and screwed her eyes up.

“Open your eyes and look at me darling” I said gently. She opened
her tear-filled eyes and fixed them on mine. I slowly began to
push my prick into her tight cunt. She gasped and shuddered but
kept her eyes on mine. It was hard going. I don’t think that a
prick the size of mine would have gone into her tight little
channel without tearing her if I hadn’t stretched and moistened
her with a decent finger-fuck so recently. I was now about an inch
up her and I stopped pushing and started to very gently fuck her
fresh young cunt with the end of my tool. It felt great and her
channel was slowly becoming more relaxed in spite of her terror.

“Do you like that Sarah darling?” I asked.

She shook her head in mute fear. Her face was red with shame and
she was trembling with fear. I pressed a little harder and slid a
little further in. Suddenly I felt resistance. I was in about two
inches and was at her hymen. She flinched and I knew that she had
felt it too. I withdrew again and started gently fucking her so
that the end of my prick was touching and stretching her hymen
with each stroke. I carried on knowing that her cunt was becoming
more stretched every moment by my prick.

She was so tight and hot inside. I was already beginning to feel a
tingle in my balls. I knew that this might not last very long. I
pushed forward once more sliding in to meet resistance at around
two inches deep. I pushed a little harder against her tight virgin
barrier. I pushed Sarah’s long slender legs down flat against the
settee and climbed between her thighs in a traditional missionary
position as that position gave me the most control over her and
the best leverage for breaking through her cherry in one hard and
forceful stroke. I began to push deeper into her virgin cunt.

“No, please stop,” she whimpered screwing up her eye with pain and

My face was now very close to hers, our noses were touching and I
was staring into her eyes. Her eyes gazed straight back into mine
in mute terror. I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth,
kissing her slowly and deeply as I fucked her. My cock was still
nibbling at her maidenhead, slowly forcing an opening. Her whole
body squirmed and trembled, as my invading organ kept pushing and
pushing. And then, with one hard shove I penetrated her more

She gave a sharp yelp against my lips, that special terrified
sound young girls always make as they are being deflowered. I had
heard it many times, but I never become tired of it. Her eyes
widened and she desperately tried to throw me off. I was having
none of it. I just pushed her back into the cushions of the settee
and thrust harder. I f****d my way deeper inside her squirming
hips, pushing past her torn and ruined cherry. With my left hand I
seized a handful of her soft hair tightly twisting it in my
fingers, looked deep into her terrified pain-filled eyes and
continued with my deep kiss, my weight pressing down on her. With
the other hand I began to firmly fondle her right breast. Her
nipple was erect. Inch by inch I f****d my way into her body,
gradually impaling her on my prick. She struggled and thrashed, as
I slowly entered her.

In a couple more seconds my cock had completely disappeared
between her slender thighs up to my balls. I was able to get my
whole prick in her and, although she was so tight I could move in
her. I began to slowly fuck her, moving my prick out about four
inches and pressing hard into her until the end of my giant tool
rubbed against her cervix. She was sobbing against my kiss and her
whole body was shaking.

I took my lips from hers. She lay, looking at me dumbly, her
forehead beaded with perspiration and her lipstick smeared. I
could smell the terrified girl-smell of a deflowered virgin coming
off her heated body. The smell of the sweat from her armpits was
strong in my nose and the whole room seemed to be filled with the
scent of cunt. I carried on fucking her, slowly lengthening my
stroke until she was getting six inches and at the end of each
push I could feel her cervix rubbing my knob-head.

“Well Sarah” I said with a smile as I looked down at her “you are
no longer a virgin. That is one job I have saved your boyfriend.”

I began to fuck her a little harder, but still just giving her six
inches. She gasped and her hips began to move. I pulled my prick
right back so that the tip was just inside her outer lips. I
looked down and saw my prick stained with her virgin b***d. I
rammed my prick deep in her to her cervix and felt my balls nestle
against her soft arse. Her hips jerked spasmodically and she
shuddered but, despite herself, her hips continued to squirm. I
began to fuck her even harder, pressing her arse deeper into the
cushions of the settee and giving her a full eight inches. Her
eyes were screwed up and she was biting her lip.

She was very moist and, looking down I could see more b***d. I
kept pressing deeper and deeper, my knobhead brushing her cervix
with each stroke. She was gasping for breath, emitting a deep sigh
with each stroke of my prick. I could feel the pressure beginning
to build up in my balls and my knob hardened even more as the
spasm began. I withdrew right to the opening of wet cunt and, and
with the spurts of cum beginning to flood her from my rigid tool I
pushed my prick deep into her and spewed my potent sperm against
her cervix and straight into her womb. I lay on her with my prick
buried to the balls in her cunt and I could feel her horrified
gasping breathing. Her damp hair was soft on my cheek and the
smell of female sweat from her armpits and forehead was stronger.

“Relax for a while” I said feeling my prick becoming softer in the
cunt of the shaking girl. I lay on her gently kissing her and
fondling her little breasts as I got my breath back and began to
recover. The smell of the recently deflowered young girl was
potent in my nostrils and contributed to my rapid recovery. Before
long I could feel my prick stiffening in her cunt and I began to
move slowly in her just an inch or so. She was moist and it was
easier now as her cunt was lubricated by my cum.

“No, please,” she whimpered, “not again.”

“We haven’t even nearly finished, Sarah” I smiled.

I slid my right hand under her thigh so that I approached her
arse. Looking into her shocked eyes I pushed the middle finger of
my right hand straight into her still virgin hole. She gasped
loudly. I pushed my finger deep up her hole and started to finger-
fuck her arse deeply and slowly while my prick gently fucked deep
into her cunt. She gave a loud sob of pain and caught her breath
as I pushed a second finger into her arse and began to stretch her
hole. I pressed my fingers as deeply as I could and began to twist
my hand.

She moaned and her hips began to twitch. I began to fuck her cunt
more deeply, giving her all eight inches and pushing my prick into
her to the balls, feeling her cervix caressing the end of my knob.
I put a third finger into her arse and continued finger-fucking
her back hole as deeply as I could, twisting my fingers with each
thrust. I could feel the sweat and mucus from her fevered hole
lubricating my invading hand and her girlish buttocks clenched
against my fingers.

The fingers of my left hand were still twisted in her hair so I
gave it a vicious twist to concentrate her mind. She looked into
my eyes and with my hand buried in her arse I increased the depth
and force of the movement of my prick until I was hammering her
cunt and having a very satisfactory ride. I continued to give her
the full eight inches deep into her cunt so that my balls slammed
against her arse as the end of my knob battered her cervix. I
could feel the slime and b***d around my prick and her cunt felt
looser as her knees splayed helplessly. I carried on riding her
roughly and f****d a fourth finger into her arse.

She sobbed helplessly. I knew that she would not be able to come
as she was so tense and frightened. I kept on fucking her hard
with my hand up her arse until I began to feel the familiar tingle
in my balls and the increasing tension in my prick. I leaned down
and pressed my lips against her reluctant mouth which I
immediately invaded with my tongue. I gave her a rough kiss as,
with my hand shoved deep into her arse, I began to flood her womb
with another lot of hot cum. She sobbed helplessly against my
mouth and I lay on her with my left hand deeply buried in her
spreading arse while I sucked on her tongue and let the remains of
my ejaculation flow into her receptive womb.

I just lay there, sucking on her tongue, enjoying the smell of her
sweat, while I got my breath back and let the remainder of my cum
leak into her cunt. I could feel my prick becoming softer and I
knew that I would need a rest. I pulled my softening prick from
her gaping wet cunt and lay back on the settee looking at her.
She seemed completely beaten mow. Her legs lay splayed obscenely
wide and a little river of cum ran from the back of her slit down
the crack of her arse on to the cushion.

When I had recovered my breath I went to the drinks cabinet and
poured us both a glass of red wine. She took the glass from me in
a trembling hand and sat up clumsily leaning against the arm of
the settee. I looked at her gaping cunt and she blushed and put
her legs together covering her shame. I smiled at her, “Well, you
are no longer a virgin Sarah darling, you are a woman now. Did you
enjoy that?”

She looked at me and then burst out,

“It was horrible and you are hateful. You f****d me and it hurt. I
am scared I may be pregnant. What am I going to do?”

I just laughed. I finished my wine and went to the small wash-room
and quickly cleaned myself up. When I came back Sarah was still as
I had left her. I took the wine glass from her nerveless fingers
and, taking her hand, pulled her gently to her feet.

“Go and tidy yourself up darling and then come back here.” I said,
dispatching her to the washroom with a sharp slap on her bottom.

She gasped and hurried from the office. I tidied the settee and
removed the wet cushion and, after getting another glass of wine I
hay down on the settee on my back making a pillow for my head with
the cushions. I drank my wine and waited patiently for Sarah’s
return. At last the door opened and she came in quietly. I
motioned to her and she came and stood by the settee.

I reached up and took her hand drawing her down until she was
sitting by my reclining form. I put my hand on the inside of her
thigh and gently spread her legs before sliding my hand up the
soft flesh of the inside of her thigh on the her wet cunt which I
began to gently feel. She gasped and looked into my eyes, biting
her lip.

“Give e me a nice wank while I talk to you Sarah,” I said gently.

Her had reached out and grasped my semi-stiff shaft beginning a
gentle but firm instinctively skilful wank which rapidly began to
revive me to stiffness again. I grinned up at her.

“You are a quick learner, Sarah.” I said with a trace of mockery.

She blushed again but, I was interested to see, was not looking so
frightened now. I began to gently finger-fuck her with two fingers
noting how quickly her cunt became first moist and then wet under
my gentle touch. I began to finger her more firmly and she gasped
and bit her lip, her hand tightening on my prick and speeding her
action up a little.

“The first time is always a little painful Sarah,” I said, “I am
going to fuck you again and you will enjoy and remember this one

“Please don’t,” she begged.

I just smiled at her and motioned for her to kneel astride my
thighs. She did as I commanded climbing clumsily across me so that
she was straddling my thighs but not, I noticed, relinquishing her
grasp on my prick which she continued to gently caress as though
in a dream. I reached out with both hands took her nipples between
thumb and forefingers and gently squeezed them to get her
attention. She raised her eyes to mine.

“Now Sarah darling,” I said, “guide my stiff prick into your wet

She raised herself on her knees controlled by my pressure on her
breasts as I held her nipples tightly, and guided my stiff prick
so that it passed easily between the fleshy moist outer lips of
her hairy cunt. I pulled down on her nipples so that she was
f****d to sit more firmly on my prick and I slid easily up her to
the balls. I pulled her down towards me by the nipples which I
slowly squeezed more tightly as I kissed the trembling young red-
head deeply as I lay stuck hard up her clinging wet hairy cunt
enjoying the velvet feel of her internal muscles as they grasped
and massaged my prick. I took my lips from hers after a while and
looked into her tense eyes.

“Now Sarah, fuck yourself on my prick,” I ordered.

She immediately began to move up and down giving me a delicious
slow fuck as I guided her by the pressure that I was exerting on
her sensitive nipples. I was in no hurry and just lay feeling her
hard nipples and gently from time to time caressing her girlish
breasts while she was doing all the work. I began to smell her
perspiration as the fuck began to get to her. I slowly speeded her
up by manipulating her nipples until she was bucking on me with
her head thrown back and her hair swinging. The room was full of
the smell of woman and cunt.

She was gasping deep gulps of air and ramming herself as hard as
she could down onto my prick. I began to feel close to coming so I
pulled her down to me by the nipples and fastened my mouth on hers
giving her a deep hard kiss as I came up her cunt and shot a river
of hot cum up into her womb. She lay panting on me as I moved my
hands to the fleshy globes of her arse and began to pull her hard
on to my prick. This resulted in my prick rubbing against her
engorged clitoris and she came with a deep gasp. She lay with her
face in my chest, her wet sweaty hair covering me.

I waited until she had calmed down a little and I let her get her
breath back. When she had gathered her wits about her I moved her
off me pushing her gently up so the she was standing by the
settee. She stood sweating and trembling I could see rivers of
white cum running down her thighs. I smiled up at her.

“Go and clean yourself up and come back Sarah. I could do with
another drink. Get us another glass of wine.”

I lay and recovered. I figured I could manage one more ejaculation
before I needed a rest but there was only one more thing I needed
to do anyway. I looked at my watch. I needed to leave within three
quarters of an hour. I heard a noise outside the window and I say
the sleek dark shape of my Lamborghini as it was delivered ready
for my drive to Wales later on. The door opened and Sarah came in.
She had washed her face and brushed her hair. I could see the
water sparkling on her little pubic bush and I knew that she had
tried to wash the cum from her cunt. I smiled to myself. If she
was going to be unlucky she was too late! She brought me a glass
of wine and sat down on the settee. I smiled at her.

“Did you enjoy that darling?” I asked her.

She blushed and looked down at the floor before whispering,

“It wasn’t as bad as the first time but I hate it when you force
me. You are so wicked and it makes me feel so dirty and ashamed.”

I just smiled at her and reached out and took her hand, guiding it
to my prick.

“Not again,” she pleaded, but grasped my shaft just below the
curved ridge of the knob-head and began a slow delicious wank. I
just lay drinking my wine, enjoying the sensations as the slender
young red-head began to bring life back into my prick with her
gentle action. I could feel myself becoming rapidly stiff and I
contemplated with pleasure my plans for the last act of the drama
that had been Sarah’s morning.

I moved over on the broad seat of the settee leaving her plenty of
room. I slipped an arm round her and drew her down to me and began
to kiss her. I put my arm round her under her armpit and began to
fondle the slight curve of her breast, teasing the nipple
occasionally between thumb and forefinger. Already hard, the
sensitive bud stiffened further under my attention. Without my
having to guide her, Sarah’s soft hand had begun to work my prick
with a firmer longer stroke and I was rapidly becoming hard and
ready for her again under her ministrations. I spent some time
kissing her and playing with her nipple as I enjoyed the long slow
wank at which she had become so expert before I took my lips from
hers and looked into her eyes.

“Kneel with your bottom in the air, your arms flat on the settee
and your cheek resting on your arms and part your thighs darling,”
I told her. She had learned that delay, argument and pleading were
useless and with a sob she scrambled on to her knees and rested
her cheek on her arms as they lay flat on the settee. I sat up and
looked at her. In this position her firm plump bottom was stuck
up in the air and with her legs parted I could see the wet groove
of her cunt with her red pubic fleece. I got to my knees and knelt
behind the trembling girl. I began to feel the flesh of her
buttocks with both hands before slipping my left hand between her
parted thighs on to her wet cunt which I felt thoroughly before
slipping two fingers hard up her and beginning to finger-fuck her
again. I moistened my right forefinger in the juice from her wet
cunt and pressed it gently against the puckered entrance to her

She gasped as she felt what I was doing but did not dare move.
Gently pushed my finger forward until the ring of protecting
muscle suddenly gave way and my finger slipped easily and deeply
into her bottom. She gasped again loudly as she was doubly
penetrated. I began to finger-fuck both holes fairly vigorously
and her body shook and trembled under the force of my attentions.
Her breathing began to quicken and become more shallow and I felt
both holes becoming wetter on my fingers. She began to gasp in
time with my thrusts. I was now timing the strokes of both hands
so that her cunt and arse were being deeply finger-fucked at the
same time. Her gasps became wordless moans and then sharp little
high-pitched squeals. I felt her body suddenly become rigid as she
emitted a louder sighing gasp and came on my fingers.

She gave a deep sigh and relaxed as her breathing began to calm
down. I could feel her slender body shaking from the effects of
the orgasm and, to give her time to recover I slipped my fingers
from her body and held her by the hips. With a deep shuddering
gasp she got her breathing under control. I could smell her
perspiration, in fact the whole room was stinking of sex and
sweat. After several minutes she had managed to regain her

I slipped my finger up her bottom again, enjoying the feeling as
she wriggled and clenched her muscles against the intrusion. I
suddenly slapped her springy buttock fairly hard. The noise of the
slap resounded through the small room accompanied by her gasp of
shock and pain. I began to spank her sexy bottom again. I was not
bothered about being gentle and her shapely buttocks became a
fiery red under my hand. She began to sob in time with each
stroke. I varied the position of each stroke until the cheeks of
her arse and her upper thighs were a uniform fiery red.

I stopped spanking her and she gasped with relief which deepened
into a different type of gasp as she felt my hand slip between her
legs on to her wet cunt again. I coated my fingers liberally with
her juices and transferred them to my prick, thoroughly
lubricating it. I then used the other hand to part the cheeks of
her ass and I began to finger-fuck her tight rear hole with my two
moist fingers. She was gently sobbing now. I put the end of my
stiff prick against the dimple of her greasy arse hole and gently
pushed until without difficulty my stiff prick went about four
inches up her.

“That was easy, darling, take a deep breath.” I said

She breathed in deeply continuing to sob gently as I pushed my
prick right up her moist arse until I was sheathed in her with my
hairy balls resting against her smooth bottom. I began to gently
fuck her clinging arse riding her harder and harder. She began to
gasp and sob more deeply. Her arse was so smooth that I knew that
if I continued I should not be able to hold back. When I was on
the verge of cumming I pulled my prick out of her and with one
smooth movement pushed it between the wet lips of her gaping cunt
until I was sheathed in her hot clinging channel to the balls. She
gave a horrified gasp and tried to look round at me. I leaned
forward on her back until my lips were at her ear.

“You are going to love it this time,” I whispered as I began to
slowly fuck her.

She did not move but became rigid. I slapped her red ass again and
she gasped loudly.

“Come on, Sarah,” I said abruptly, “wake up!!” She had one or two
attempts to get the words out and then, looking round at me over
her shoulder pleaded, “Please don’t fuck me again, don’t cum
inside me I told you, I am not on the Pill.”

I just laughed and began to thrust deeper. She gave a sigh and
appeared to give up as she reflexedly pushed her plump, reddened
bottom back against me so that I became more deeply embedded in
her hot tight cunt. I reached round under her and began to play
with her stiff nipples. Her breasts were too small for me to get a
good grip on so I twisted and tormented her stiff nipples until
she gasped with pain. I began to shaft her deeply and rhythmically
and she moved with me despite herself as I built up my rhythm. I
increased the depth of my stroke, pulling Sarah back on to my
prick by the nipples.

The added stimulation of the closer contact was too much for my
self-control and I came hard shooting spurts of hot cum up into
the receptive womb of the reluctant frightened red-head. I gave
her arse a last hard slap and withdrew my softening prick from
her clinging cunt and she collapsed gasping on to her stomach
with her thighs splayed. I could see a white trail of cum
leading from her wet open cunt and running down on to the
settee. She reached between her legs and felt the cum running
from her cunt down her thigh and looked up at me with eyes puffy
with tears. I could see that she was trying to speak and I
waited, giving her a chance to get the words out. After a moment
she brought her sobs under control and whispered,

“I told you I wasn’t on the pill. What am I going to do if I am

I just laughed and slowly began to collect my clothes and dressed
as the unhappy girl watched silently, sobbing quietly. Finally I
was ready and I looked down at her, enjoying the sight of her
slender body, the white of her back contrasting with the fiery
red of her spanked bottom. I smiled at her and went to the door.
Just as I was leaving I turned and looked down at Sarah, “Thank
you for this morning, Sarah darling,” I said, “you were a lovely
fuck. We must do this again next time I am in London. I will be
back this way soon.”

Smiling to myself I left the room and closed the door quietly on
her horrified gaze. I unlocked my car and drove out of the car-
park of the small company heading for the M1 and the North and for
whatever adventures lay before me on my return to the Valley.

If you have enjoyed this story, let me know. Future episodes of my
diary will appear at regular intervals.

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