A New Friend and She Might Be the One

I’d always been picked on for my size, topping out at 5’5″ on the dot at my tallest I was always the smallest throughout my school life. Ever since I started my second year of middle school the bullying began. I was a pretty decent goalie in soccer, played decent basketball despite being the shortest in the team, and had even taken up skateboarding during the weekends. I gradually lost interest in these as my interest in writing and English grew. I’d spend less time outside playing games in my spare time and instead spend it hunched over a piece of paper with a pencil. I finally ended up dropping all of my sports after my first year. Thankfully my parents were, and still are, supportive of me doing whatever I want as long as it can be productive and I enjoy doing it.

The downside however, was the friends lost from this decision. All my sports friends had stopped talking to me and had began bullying me for every little thing about me. My shortness, my Australian accent, my almost white blonde hair, even my name. You’d think a basic white name like George Brennan would be a bit of a mission to make fun of. However they would follow me around reciting an English nursery rhyme:

“Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,

Kissed the girls and made them cry,

When the boys came out to play,

Georgie Porgie ran away.”

This did hurt. It felt like my identity was stripped away and I never really recovered from it. I bounced from hobby to hobby trying to find a place to fit in and make some newer, kinder friends. I tried everything. After-school game development and music were the ones that seemed to last the longest but I gave up on them after a few months.

Starting from my first semester as a freshman at high school, I became a theatre k*d.

I never had an interest in it before that, always thought it was a bit of a waste of time. Who wants to be an actor? You have to get so lucky. So I never even considered doing it for just a bit of fun. Freshman year theatre class painted it in a new light. From then on, I was hooked. I’d go to the other shows the school put on. The “big budget” school productions and even the smaller ones the Junior and Senior classes put on. In Junior year, I decided to help with the productions. I had become part of the tech crew as well as continuing my theatre classes at school. After spending a few weeks learning the ropes on weekends and with only the main characters, we finally had a full dress rehearsal with all of the actors involved. That’s when I first saw her. We’d never met at this point. Even both doing theatre, there were two separate theatre classes and we were both in separate ones. So as I saw her walk out onto that stage I was stunned. She was a short girl, about 5’3″, had immaculate shoulder length platinum blonde hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. Her tits were a bit big for a dancer, probably about a D cup and she had an ass to die for. I fell in love instantly, or at least what I thought was love then. The lights then went dark and the rehearsal began. I didn’t listen to my student teacher much as he was explaining the cues of the show to me. I just watched her. She danced incredibly and time seemed to slow down when she smiled. As we took a lunch break, I saw one of my friends in my theatre class, Daniel, walk up to her and start talking to her. Daniel was a larger guy. About 6’2″ but had a kind of lean “skinny-fat” body. He wasn’t fat, but he did have a small gut. I had known him since Elementary. We had been “friends” the entire time but didn’t really hang out too much until high school started, when he became one of my closest friends. If there was ANY chance to talk to this girl out of the blue without it seeming completely weird, this was the time.

I grabbed the bag of candy we had sitting on the tech booth desk and I walked down the stairs of the audience from the tech booth towards Daniel and the mystery girl. As I walked up, the nerves hit me but I still managed to stammer out

“Hey, good job you two” I said a bit quieter than normal, holding out the bag of gummy worms.

“Thanks man!” Daniel replied in a very light hearted tone, reaching into the bag. “You’d better be learning your cues. Don’t want you fucking us over on show night.” He was always very kind, albeit blunt. He’d tell you the truth no matter what and that’s just something you kind of had to accept. He said this with a bit of a smile though, so I knew he was kidding.

“Yeah you’d better not! Thank you though.” the girl laughed, reaching into the bag once Daniel had fished out a handful. Dammit. Even her laugh was perfect. I’m fucked.

“I actually don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Katherine, but you can just call me Kathy” she said with a smile, reaching her other hand out to shake mine. I grabbed it and shook. Thankfully didn’t fuck that one up.

“I’m George.” I struggled to think of a joke but I just smiled back and simply said “It’s nice to meet you.”

She just smiled, nodded, and let go of my hand.

“So how do you know Dan then?”

I was a bit taken aback from that. Nobody called him Dan, he was Daniel to everyone. He’d gotten into arguments with teachers over it. I simply raised my eyebrow and replied, not really wanting to point it out.

“Oh, we’ve known each other since elementary. Going on what, about 7 years Daniel?”

“Yeah that sounds about right” he nodded.

“That’s so cool!” She squealed “It must be awesome to have a friend for that long”

“Well actually we weren’t really friends until last year. We just kind of knew each other and became friends once high school started” I replied.

“Oh that’s interesting then” she replied with a smile.

“Yeah” I said awkwardly.

Fuck. I didn’t know where to go from here.

Thankfully, someone who I can only assume is Kathy’s friend, bounces up next to her and throws her arms around Kathy. I’d seen her too, she’s a dancer alongside Kathy. She’s a bit taller than Kathy and I, standing at around 5’9″. Her tits were on the small side, sitting at probably an A cup and like Kathy, her ass wasn’t one you’d forget. She had slightly wavy hair dyed to an auburn. Her blue eyes were kind of piercing.

“That was so cool! You’re nailing the choreography!”

They instantly began a very fast dialogue. I couldn’t keep up. I ended up just standing there awkwardly while Daniel managed to chime in

“Well I should probably head back up to the booth. Have fun you three” I stammered before turning on my heel and walking back up the stairs, leaving them behind without a chance to reply. I don’t know why I had to be so fucking awkward. I turned back and they had already resumed a very animated conversion. I just sighed and continued my walk.

I got back up to the booth and my student teacher Travis was standing there with his arms crossed, staring at me. He was a tall, skinny dude. He had glasses and dark, thin black hair. He was smiling, looking slightly amused.

“So, how’d that go?” He smirked.

“How’d what go?” I replied bitterly taking my seat and taking a sandwich out of my bag.

“Talking to her” He nodded towards Kathy, Daniel and the mystery friend.

“I was talking to my friend Daniel, I don’t even know her.

“But you WANT to know her. C’mon man. I know you didn’t listen to a single word I said tonight. You had your eye on her the whole show” he exclaimed.

I just ignored him and ate my sandwich.

We never really spoke again until the final rehearsal, the night before the first show. I watched her every rehearsal, wanting to talk to her but I was too much of a pussy to just start it. I didn’t let her get in the way of learning the cues again though. I REALLY didn’t want to be the one to fuck up this show. Instead my time spent watching her was during lunch or dinner breaks, depending on if it was a weekend or weekday evening rehearsal. Nearing the end of the final rehearsal, It was just the leads on stage. The dancers and extras were all sitting in the audience watching as the director tried her best to nail home the more emotional scenes. Kathy was sat at the corner of the front row. Alone. Daniel hadn’t come to rehearsal today. He’d texted me earlier asking me to make something up for him since he wanted to finish the video game he was playing and didn’t want to come in. I was looking at her.

“Go on then” Travis said to me, smiling.

I just got up and made my way down.

I didn’t know where this new-found confidence had come from but by god I was happy it was here. I walked up and sat down next to her, smiling at her before looking towards the stage. She smiled back at me and lingered. I don’t know how long for because by the time I looked back she was facing the stage too. We sat like this for a while in silence just watching. But it didn’t feel awkward.

“So, you ready for show night?” she whispered to me. I turned to her, and she was now wearing the smile I loved so much.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve got it. Just don’t panic if all the lights turn off cause I might have fucked it up completely”

She stifled a laugh. Score.

“Well that’s optimistic. Don’t worry. If you fuck it up too much I’ll go completely off *********** and distract for you” she burst into a wide grin.

“Could you guys please stop talking! The matinee is tomorrow night and we can’t be ill prepared!” The director burst from centre stage

“Sorry, my fault!” I responded after Kathy and I stifled our giggle.

We were quiet again after that though. Simply watching the final rehearsal happen until Kathy scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Wake me up when I can do something again”

“Will do” I whispered

It felt like complete bliss. This girl I had a crush on from a distance was now resting her head on my shoulder. Front row, in front of all her fellow cast mates. I was the luckiest guy there.

Two weeks later, the show was a complete success.

There were only a handful of fuck ups (none because of me, phew). And the show sold out almost every performance. After a brief speech on the final night, the director dismissed us one final time. I was walking out of the hall with my bag when I got a tap on the shoulder.

“Hey!” It was Kathy. She was smiling a huge grin with her bright red show lipstick still on.

“Are you coming to the after party?” she asked.

“Honestly, didn’t know there was one. But If I could be your plus one then sure.”

She squeaked with excitement before grabbing my hand and leading me to her car, where Daniel was already waiting in the front seat.

I was climbing into the back seat while Kathy was climbing into the front seat loudly yelling

“I got George to come!”

Daniel laughed and turned to me

“Glad you’re coming along buddy! But, if you’re heading there, you’ve gotta start pre-drinking now. The cast members that aren’t driving are already pretty drunk”

“I don’t have any alcohol” I replied buckling my seatbelt.

He laughed and reached into his backpack, drawing out a handle of whiskey. He handed it to me and smiled.

“All yours. I knew you wouldn’t have so I snagged an extra.”

“Well shit, thanks man” I grinned, taking a swig.

Off we went to the after party, Daniel and Kathy chatted in the front seat most of the way there while I was too distracted with trying to catch up.

We pulled a couple of houses down from the party since the road parking was well occupied by other party goers.

There was no mistaking it. This was a fucking party. The music was loud and borderline obnoxious. I could hear splashing on the other end of the house in the pool and loud screams of the people being splashed. The chatter was indecipherable over the music and the sheer amount of it. I don’t know how this party managed to get into full swing so quickly but here we were. We were barely 10 steps into the door before one of the leads stumbles up to the three of us.

“Daniel! Kathy! Techie! How about…. a game of beer pong!?” he shouted, slurring his words as he went. He didn’t even know my name.

“Sure man!” Daniel said back with a huge grin, looking towards me. “You up for a game?”

“I’ve never played but I’m always down to give it a go”

“YESSSSSSS” the lead, Michael, screamed before grabbing us both by the shoulders and leading us towards the backyard.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later!” Kathy yelled after us as we disappeared out the back door.

We lost. Miserably. I didn’t sink a single shot while Daniel sinked a few. I was shithoused. Daniel just laughed at my drunken state.

“Man, sorry. Hey, at least next time you’ll be a bit better and we can roast these guys”

“Man fuck you, we’ll kick your ass any day” Michael bellowed from across the table, laughing and high fiving his team-mate as he did it before stumbling back inside.

“Why don’t you go and jump in the pool man?” Daniel said, nodding towards the now quiet pool.

“Why? I don’t have anything to swim in.”

He rolled his eyes and grabbed my head, turning it towards the pool.

“Mikayla’s in there dude! Go make a move!”

It was Kathy’s friend from the rehearsal. She was idly floating on her back treading water staring at the stars.

I looked back at Daniel and he laughed.

“Look, she’s way out of your league. But, she’s all alone. Go talk to her! Who knows? She might take pity on you and you might finally kiss someone!”

He said with a goofy smile.

He was right. I should try get out of my shell. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough and fuck it, I’m drunk.

“Fine” I replied, fake bitterly and started walking towards the pool.

“YESSS” He shouted after me.

I sat down at the edge of the pool and put my feet in the water.

“How’s the sky treating ya tonight?” I asked Mikayla.

She looked towards me and smiled before looking back up.

“I was wonder if you’d be here. You’re always kind of… around? I don’t know how to say it. But you’re always there and you don’t really say anything” she replied. She didn’t sound all that drunk to be honest.

I was taken aback by her sudden personal question.

“Well… I guess I just don’t know how to engage? I don’t know. Daniel’s been trying for years to get me out of my shell.”

“Well, it’s working tonight”

“Yeah… I guess.”

We were silent for a little bit. Her quietly treading water before turning upright and staring straight at me.

“So. You jumping in or what?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

I sighed before standing up and taking off my shirt and jeans, leaving me in just my boxers.

“Woooo! Take it off!” Mikayla cheered raising her hands in a fist pump motion.

“Oh shut up” I laughed before jumping into the pool next to her, splashing her.

I resurfaced, moving my hair out of eyes and grinning a goofy grin at her.

She laughed and gave me a small splash.

“How dare you splash me like that George”

“When did you learn my name?”

“Well” she said, looking back up at the sky “Kathy’s been trying to convince me that I need to meet you since she met you. She’s been hyping up the ‘short, hot techie named George’ so I just figured it was you”

She called me hot. My boxers got a bit tighter as my cock grew hard.

“Oh. Well that’s sweet of her”

“She’s not wrong”

I looked back at her and she was now looking be dead in the eyes with her piercing blue ones.

We stayed in silence for a few moments before she slowly moved towards me, wrapping her legs around my waist, her crotch resting neatly onto my now fully erect bulge. I instinctively reached under her thighs to support her in the water. If she felt anything, she didn’t mention it.

“You’re hot. But I don’t want anything from you, or anyone at the moment. This is probably the further we’ll go.”

I grinned in a drunken confidence.

“But we haven’t gone anywhere yet”

She rolled her eyes and squeezed her legs tighter around me, pushing harder onto my cock before pushing her lips firmly against mine.

My inexperience definitely showed as our lips got to know each other. She was patient and slowed it down, letting me experience what was happening. Just as I was getting used to her lips I felt her tongue snake its way into my mouth. I responded with mine, licking hers before it retreated back into her mouth.

I didn’t move my hands. I was too scared to. She had said we weren’t going further and I wasn’t about to give whatever was happening up. She gave a final squeeze of her legs and pulled her head back, smiling.

“You’re pretty fucking good at that” she whispered

“Honestly, that was my first”

“Well, George, colour me impressed”

With that, she unravelled her legs from around me and she floated in front of me.

“I’m definitely okay with doing that again” she smiled with a sultry look on her face

I just nodded, a bit stunned that she’d want to do it again sometime and that I hadn’t made a complete mess out of my first kiss. She smiled again and leaned in, pressing her lips against mine. I felt her hand grip my cock and give it a squeeze before she pulled back again. She winked at me before making her way to the edge of the pool.

“It’s time for me to go, George. Tell those dumb jock ass holes and Georgie Porgie did in fact kiss the girl. And she didn’t fucking cry.” She smiled one final time after climbing out and made her way inside after drying off.

I was still hard as a rock and frankly still a bit stunned that had happened to begin with. I waited until my cock was back down to a reasonable level before climbing out of the pool and drying off, putting clothes back on and heading back inside. The party had died down pretty immensely. There were a few people still awake here and there, chatting and drinking. But there were people passed out on couches and on the floor pretty much all over the place. I looked at the clock in the kitchen. 2:30. Fuck. I should definitely be getting home. I turned to the guy in the kitchen that was doing a bit of throwing some of the trash away.

“Hey man, you seen Kathy anywhere? She’s my ride home”

“I think her and a few others headed upstairs main, she’s probably up there”

“Alright, thanks”

I reached the second floor and quietly knocked on the first door I came across.

“Come in!” a voice came answered from behind the door.

I opened it enough to poke my head in. In the room was a girl I recognised laying in the bed. She played one of the leads in the show and I figured this was probably her house if she’s got her own room.

“Hey, you seen Kathy?”

“Yeah, she’s in the room at the end of the hall. I think she’s a bit busy though.” she replied with a small grin.

“Oh. Thank you”

I awkwardly closed the door and turned down the hall. Busy? Honestly, knowing the way these people have acted in the cast, they’re probably just playing some kind of drinking game. I walked to the end of the hall before I heard a loud slapping coming from the room at the end. I stopped. No. I hesitated. I couldn’t just walk in there. She could be…. My cock grew hard again at the thought. I shouldn’t want to look. But I do anyway. I move down the hall and open the door a tiny crack. Thankfully it didn’t creak otherwise I would’ve had to book it out of here. I peered through the gap.

Daniel was positioned behind Kathy. His hands gripped her waist hard, leaving white imprints on her from the pressure. His hips were moving quickly, slamming his cock into her and his waist against her perfect ass. She was face down on the couch, gripping the arm rest tightly moaning into the couch cushion.

“Holy fuck Daniel” She moaned into the couch, muffled. “If I knew you were this big I would’ve done this weeks ago”

Daniel responded by withdrawing one of his hands and reaching forward, grabbing her hair and pulling her head up next to his.

“Well we’re doing it now. And I’m gonna make you fucking cum. Isn’t that right?”

She moaned louder at his words

“Yes sir. Please make me cum.”

I began to slowly rub my cock through my jeans watching this. This was fucked up. I was angry at Daniel for fucking the girl I liked but fuck was it hot to imagine me fucking her like that.

He shoved her head back down into the couch and smacked her ass hard before grabbing her waist again and drilling into her harder.

“Holy fuck I’m going to cum Daniel. Fuck me”

“Me too Kathy. I’m gonna cum real fucking soon”

Kathy’s moans picked up alongside Daniels.

Daniel let out a guttural moan and came right into the condom, stopping as he did it.

Kathy writhed and moved her hips, trying to get herself off while he was holding still.

He slowly pulled out of her and she moaned in frustration.

As he stood up off the couch I panicked and quickly but quietly moved away from the door.

I walked back down the stairs and straight out the front door. I barely noticed the 15 minute walk home from the party. All I could think of was slapping Kathy’s perfect ass and fucking her. Flipping her around and making love to her while kissing her beautiful lips as I came deep inside her.

I got home, walked straight into my room, and jerked off to the thought of it.