Beth the compulsive masturbator

They’ve tried everything they can to stop Beth, at this fancy New England prep school. Why? Because her persistent masturbation is past being a joke. It’s getting beyond control, and turning into a disciplinary issue. The administrators are convinced that she’s setting off a wave of self-a***e among the other girls, and is a leading

Budding sensuality

Unclothed, and shivering slightly as the fan directed outside air to caress her skin, Oriana stood determinedly beside her bed. Muscles rippled along her narrow frame as she unconsciously clenched her fists and tightened her shoulders. Painful knots worsened, and tension began to accumulate in a crescent along her brow. The beginnings of a headache

Teaching Swapping 2.

The next morning was a working school day, and Tommy Singleton awoke earlier than usual, wondering why he was feeling such a sense of anticipation and excitement. He glanced briefly at the still sleeping form of his wife Linda, clad only in a short nightie of sheer nylon that hid nothing of her physical charms

Teaching Swapping 1.

The warm spring had finally come to Winter Garden, Florida. The light overland breeze from the nearby Gulf of Mexico no longer held that slightly chill dampness of a week ago, and the southern sun hanging low in the west was like a molten gold coin in the perfect unbroken blue of the sky. Everybody

Innocent fun

Cindy and I are teachers at the same school. We car-pool because we live only a couple of miles from each other and the school where we teach is a 40 minute drive away. We have been good friends for years and often shop together as well as go to a movie or have a

What an incredible fuck

Bobby’s right hand was under Terri’s skirt and was slowly sliding up her thigh. His left hand was cupping her breast and she felt her nipple hardening under the material. She’d never let any boy get this far before, but this time, she decided to take the chance. This was the first date she’d been