A surprising success for me and my young black colleague

When I first took the job at Eastside Law Firm, I was
fresh out of law school, tenacious and ambitious. That
was almost 10 years ago. I worked hard and my hard work
paid off and slowly I rose through the ranks within the
firm and also acquired substantial wealth. I was able to
purchase a townhouse on the eastside and the lawyers
token BMW. Four years ago I married Renee. I’d be lying
if I said that it wasn’t my money that attracted her

We met at a social function, introduced by one of the
partners of my firm. She was 28, blonde and gorgeous.
Dressed in a figure hugging, black evening dress, I
couldn’t take my eyes off her. What happened during the
next few years belongs to a different story. Suffice to
say that I continued to work hard, we were married and
Renee acquired the lifestyle of refined social leisure,
punctuated by daily visits to the gym and the occasional
attempt at cooking.

This story really begins about 3 months ago. I was made
junior partner in the firm. As such my role within the
firm changed a little. In addition to assignment of the
more difficult cases, I was also appointed the task of
mentor to the new b***d of the firm. Eastside accepted 3
new recruits this year. All from Ivy League schools and
all bright and determined.

I was particularly impressed by one of the three. A 23-
year-old African American called Tyson, who had worked
his way out of the ghetto and graduated from Harvard on a
full scholarship. The boy was brilliant and also a nice
guy, and it was he who I really took under my wing. About
2 weeks after his arrival at the firm, I was entrusted
with a particularly difficult case, and I encouraged
Tyson to nut through it with me. We spent countless hours
together formulating our case, so much time that I think
Renee actually began to feel a little suspicious of all
my late nights at the office. During those hours we found
out a lot about one another and became friends.

Tyson accompanied me to court on the day the case was
heard. We began confidently but as the hearing progressed
I could tell we were in trouble. In fact, it was out of
sheer desperation that I requested a short pause in
proceeding. Fortunately it was granted. I fell back in my
chair and took a deep breath, then I looked around and
shrugged to Tyson who moved forward to speak with me.

He murmured something then pushed a manila envelope into
my hands. Surprised, I opened it and saw a neat list of
citations and cases, complete with summary. I looked more
closely and saw quickly the relevance (and obscurity) of
the data. I turned around with a look of astonishment on
my face. Tyson was back in his seat. He just smiled and
gave me the big “thumbs up”

Needless to say, we won the case. I was ecstatic
afterwards and thanked Tyson profusely. I insisted that
he accompany me to my favorite bar for some drinks. When
he accepted, I did I called Renee to tell her that we had
won the case and that I was going out for drinks with the
guys from work. She was understanding but added, “Please
leave some celebration for me.”

Tyson and I stayed in the bar longer than I had planned.
We talked a lot but drank little. Eventually I looked at
my watch and was shocked to see that it was almost
11.30pm. “Oh shit”, I exclaimed, “I’ve got to get home or
Renee will think I’m dead.” As I had driven Tyson to the
bar, I felt obliged to drive him home. He said it didn’t
really matter but I insisted, I just asked that he come
with me to my home first so I could check in with Renee.
It would also give him a chance to meet her.

It was almost midnight when we pulled into my driveway. I
led Tyson up the stairs to the front door and then
unlocked it and brought him inside. I called Renee and a
few seconds later she came out of the living room into
the hallway, dressed only in her black satin lingerie,
holding two glasses of champagne. “I thought you were
never coming ho…”

Her words were cut off when she saw that I was not alone.
She stood there, seemingly confused as whether to run
back into the living room or to continue her sentence.
The effect was that she just stood there looking at
Tyson, and he just stood there looking at her. As my wife
stood there revealed and silent in front of Tyson I found
myself more than a little excited. I wondered what he was

I broke the silence. “Renee, this is Tyson. Tyson, Renee.

I think Renee finally realized that there was not much
point running. “Hi, its nice to meet you.” She gave me a
glass of champagne and held out her hand to Tyson who
took his eyes of her body long enough to take it in his.
“I didn’t expect John to bring company. Please come in.”
She gave him the other glass of champagne then turned to
lead us into the living room. When she got there she took
a short satin robe from a chair and put it on. She asked
Tyson to sit. Renee and I sat on the sofa across from his

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to impose.” Tyson said as he
sat in the chair.

“Its OK.” I said as Renee poured herself a drink. “Renee,
today, this brilliant young lawyer won this years biggest
case.” I then proceeded to relate the day’s events to
her. Tyson was the hero in my tale although he seemed
content to just sit back and let me tell the story. I
think Renee noticed first that the reason he wasn’t
saying much was because he was too busy looking at her.
She latter told me that his eyes never left her, and she
was sure he hadn’t even heard what I was saying.

She also told me that seeing a black man watch her like
that made her feel excited. She also lost interest in my
words and found herself returning his gaze. She saw him
looking at her toned legs. She told me that she wanted
him to see her, to desire her, to touch her. She was
looking at him, but imagining the contract of black on
her white skin. His hand on her thigh, his lips on hers,
his blackness inside her. She wondered if the rumors
about black men were true.

When she noticed a pause in my story. She turned to me
and said, “Now I know why you have been spending so much
time with Tyson recently.” She turned back to him and
continued, “Don’t you think that a little selfish? Young
men shouldn’t work hard all the time. Don’t you agree
Tyson? Come over and sit next to us on he sofa, its
easier to talk here.”

Tyson looked over at me uncertain what to do, but I was
just sitting there with my mouth open. Renee noticed that
his glass was empty. She picked up the bottle of
champagne, rose from her chair and walked towards him. He
stiffened. She held the bottle in front of him. “What’s
wrong?” she asked. “Don’t you want any more champagne?”
She stood in front of him, her back to me. “Tyson has
done a big thing for us today, hasn’t he dear? I think he
deserves some kind of reward.”

She unbuttoned her robe and let it fall, then she took
the empty glass from Tyson’s hand and placed it on the
coffee table. She took his hand and directed it to her
ass. Her hand over his she pressed it against her butt.
She leant over him and whispered “This white bitch is
yours tonight.” Then she kissed him. As her lips met his,
she pressed against him. Even I could feel her desire.
She kissed him deeply and he reciprocated. I saw his
other hand on the back of her thigh- so black against her
white skin.

Eventually she broke the kiss, stepped back and smiled at
him. “Come over to the sofa.” She cooed, taking his hand
in her hers and giving a little tug. He got up and she
led him to the sofa. She sat down, me on her left and she
pulled him down on her right.

“That’s better. Isn’t this better honey?” She turned to
me but I didn’t know what to say. I looked at my wife
sitting between me and Tyson, wearing only her bra and
panties. I saw Tyson, so dark next to her, unable to take
his eyes off her body. I watched as his black hand came
down on her knee and traced a path up her thigh. I
watched and I couldn’t stop them. I didn’t want to stop
them. I didn’t want anything to stop them.

Renee turned away as she felt Tyson’s hand on her leg.
“Good.” She said. “There’s no need to be shy.” Their lips
met again and then she pulled away. She turned back
towards me and gave me a quick peck on the lips. Tyson’s
hand had found its way over her waist and was cupped
around her left breast “Where are your manners, dear?
Tyson is our guest, we should try to make sure he feels
comfortable in our home.” She took my hands in hers and
placed them on her back. “Take it off for him. I’m going
to fuck him tonight.”

Obediently I undid the clasp on her bra and helped her
slip her arms out. She sat before him and I felt myself
growing harder and harder. His hands went to her breasts
and they kissed again. I felt like my pants were going to
explode. Renee and Tyson seemed to have forgotten that I
was there so I took the chance to slip off the sofa. As I
move around to Tyson’s old seat I saw that Renee had
managed to unbuckle his belt and was pulling down his
zipper. She reached inside and touched his manhood.

“Oh my God, its so BIG!” She broke the kiss and looked
down as she extracted his cock from his pants. “It’s so

She got off the sofa and knelt on the floor at his feet.
She leant over him and resting her elbows on his knees
she buried her head in his lap. For a moment I couldn’t
move as I watched my white wife kneeling at the feet of
that young black man, her head bobbing up and down. Then
overcome by my own desire to see just what he was giving
her, I left my chair and moved around the coffee table to
their side. Tyson was lying back on the sofa, his legs
apart, Renee was kneeling between his legs taking as much
of his black cock into her mouth as she could.

She sensed my presence and for my benefit allowed her
mouth to release Tyson’s cock. I found myself looking at
almost 10 inches of black dick. She turned to me and
smiled, her eyes never left mine as she placed her hand
on the head of his cock and slowly traced his shaft down
to the base. I watched hypnotized as her hand moved up
and down.

“How do you feel, honey? Does it make you jealous that
I’m going to service this young black man? Or are you too
turned on to be jealous?”

Renee had noticed the bulge in my pants. She reached out
towards me, pulled down my zipper and brought out my hard
6 inches. She stroked me and said “Don’t worry, we’ll let
you watch everything.” I looked up and saw that Tyson was
watching us. His right hand came down on the back of
Renee’s head and she didn’t resist as he pushed her mouth
down onto his cock again. She released my cock and looked
up at him as he pressed her head down against his
manhood. My hand went to my own cock. I stroked myself as
I watched their show; I was unable to look away. Tyson
looked across at me and smiled.

He released my wife’s head and she extracted his huge
penis from mouth. She bent down and took off his shoes
and sock and handed them to me, then with some difficulty
managed to take off his pants and underwear. I picked
them up off the floor and watched as she stood between
his legs and removed his tie and shirt. She held them out
to me, but it took a while and an impatient cluck of her
tongue before I registered.

The sight of my wife standing before my young black
colleague, her white skin so well demarcated by his
blackness which seemed to almost merge with that of the
sofa, his huge ebony rod straining toward her, separated
from her sex by only her thin black panties. I felt
afraid but terribly excited, I accepted his clothes and
watched as Renee took his hands in hers and placed them
on her hips.

She hooked his thumbs over the elastic of her pants and
slowly moved her hips from side to side as his hands
moved down her legs, taking her last barrier with them.
Her panties hit the floor and she stepped out of them.
She knelt up on the sofa, straddling his legs. She looked
down at the great black phallus pointing directly at its
goal, only millimeters away from her opening. She looked
across at me, my hand on my cock, and she smiled. Then
she looked down at Tyson and met his kiss.

She was poised over him. I saw her kissing him, her
blonde hair falling over his black shoulders. I saw her
white breasts hanging forward, then suddenly touching his
black chest as she pressed her body against him. I saw
the space between them grow smaller and my eyes were
drawn down as I heard Renee give a slight gasp. I saw
Tyson’s big, black cock touching her, pressing against
her. Renee responded by pressing her hips forward against

She started up a gentle rocking motion with her hips and
then reached below and wrapped her small white hand
around it. She looked across at me as she guided it
toward its goal. Her eyes were locked on mine as it found
her opening, as she slowly pressed down on it. Then she
cried out and her gaze was torn away as she allowed Tyson
inside her.

Tyson was kissing her breasts. I watched as his black
hands suddenly appeared on her ass. He gripped her
tightly and pulled her down onto his pole.

“Oh Tyson. Oh baby!” she screamed, in pain or in
pleasure, I wasn’t sure, but she didn’t stop. Renee
leaned forward to kiss him continuing her own rocking
action, more eager now. His hands were still wrapped
around her ass and she drove herself down upon him,
giving little gasps in time with her hip movements. I saw
her look down, to see his black rod as it entered her.

I followed her gaze. I could still see about 4 inches of
shaft outside of her. I watched as she thrust forward on
him urging him inside her, deeper and deeper. Slowly his
cock disappeared inside her she looked across at me then
up towards him.

“You’re inside me,” She whispered, “You’re black meat is
inside me.

She looked over at me and she slowly raised her body. I
watched as inch by inch of his cock reappeared below her,
now shiny and wet. Slowly she sank down on it allowing it
to enter her again.

“Isn’t it beautiful, honey? I can feel him inside me, he
is so deep, deeper than you have ever been. I can feel
him stretching me and I can feel myself accommodating
him. Soon he will fuck me, I want him to fuck me, and I
want you to watch. I want you to watch as your junior
fucks your wife, as his big black cock pounds and
reshapes me. I want you to watch as a black man puts his
seed inside me.”

I could only nod dumbly as she continued her slow rhythm
on his cock. She smiled again and then turned her
attention back toward Tyson. “Fuck me. Fuck your white
bitch. Show your boss what you’re going to do to his

Perhaps that was the cue Tyson was waiting for, he looked
across at me, his black hands gripped her butt more
tightly and he pulled her down forcibly as his black rod
drove deep inside her. To me it was almost like slow-
motion, I only half heard my wife’s yelps and screams as
I watched her bounce up and down astride him.

His cock seemed so huge and so black beneath her. He
pulled her up and I saw 6 inches, then none as their hips
came together, then 5 inches, then none, then 7 inches
Her hands were on his shoulders, her back arched and her
blonde hair moved in time with her body.

He thrust into her and held her against him. She groaned
and he flipped her sideways, rolling with her so as not
to break their connection. Renee found herself lying on
her back on the sofa with Tyson on top of her.
“Oooooooh!” she screamed as his weight f****d his cock
even deeper inside her. “It’s completely filling me! Oh,
my God! Fuck me. FUCK ME!”

I had moved around for a better view. Renee had her hands
on his butt, her legs were wrapped around his waist
urging him in deeper. I stood fixated for a moment on the
contrast of white on black, then was brought back to
reality by Renee’s squeals. Tyson was literally pounding
her from above. He brought his face down against hers,
the kiss serving to silence her screams as he fucked her.

From my position behind them I found myself unable to
look away from the sight of his black cock ravaging my
wife. I was hypnotized by the black snake which was
breaking in it’s new home inside my wife. I watched as it
disappeared into her then reappeared from inside her,
more confident and comfortable with each entry. I almost
felt like it was smiling at me. I watched as the snake
moved faster and faster, but seemed to show less and less
of itself.

Then suddenly the snake didn’t come out at all. I saw
Tyson’s black ass gripped by my wife’s white hands. His
pelvis was tight against hers and his scrotum rested on
her butt, transmitting short jerky pulses which emanated
from the base of his cock.

It was then that I knew he was depositing his seed in
her. Renee’s grip on his butt tightened and her legs
pulled him closer to her. I saw her hips making soft
circular movements, trying to milk his cock, and I heard
her soft voice, “It’s coming. I can feel it. Gawd, it’s
so hot. It’s so deep inside me. Come on baby. Fill me
with your cum.”

She took a hand off his butt and used it to bring his
head down to hers. She kissed him on the lips and I heard
her whisper, “Stay with me tonight. You feel so perfect
inside me. Those parts of my body belong to you. Take
what you want from me, anytime you want.”

She seemed to notice my movement from behind them and she
continued, “John understands. Today you helped John and I
know we both want to thank you. Friends share and friends
trust. I’m sure John wont mind sharing his wife with

She looked toward me, “He’s so big, honey. He’s so
strong. He’s inside me so deep, and oh god, my body’s
filled with his seed. It turns you on to see him fuck me
doesn’t it?” She waited for an answer.

What could I say standing there with my throbbing cock in
my hand? I just nodded.

“You won’t mind sharing me with him, will you? You don’t
mind if this young, black man has free access to my body
will you? If he touches me when he wants to? If he fucks
me when he wants to? You don’t mind if he stays in our
house and sleeps in our bed will you? If he becomes a
part of us?”

I looked down at Tyson. His magnificent glistening black
body resting on top of my wife. I knew I didn’t have a
choice. I put my hand on his firm ass and said, “Maybe we
would all be a little more comfortable in the bedroom.”

Tyson looked up and laughed, “Now THAT’S a good idea.”

I helped him get up off my wife. I watched as he coaxed
his black snake out of its lair. Renee was watching too
as it pulled out of her. We both found ourselves watching
it hanging in front of Tyson as he stood. Soft and
sinuous framed by its dark seed-containing scrotum.

I helped Renee up and she moved to him. Her hand went to
his waist and his went to her butt. I followed them into
the bedroom…