A Very Pleasant Surprise

It was a rough day. It was the middle of summer, the air conditioning at work was at its usual inadequate temperature setting and my new boss was a real SOB. He was the type of person who, if he was drowning in a swimming pool, people would toss him an anchor. I trudged in, only half remembering an invitation to an early dinner party to which my wife had accepted an invitation.

I walked into my house, ready to drop into a chair and have a cold drink. Turning the corner from the front door into the living room, there was my wife. She was 5′ 6″ tall, 125 lbs and 34A-28-36. She was wearing a stunning new outfit: a then current fashion white halter top dress, white hosiery and white 3 inch high heels. She had foot surgery just three months before and no one expected her to be able to wear high heels again. Her make up was very nice. Her eye shadow emphasized her brilliant blue eyes and her lips were very red. The dress itself had a circle skirt and was knee length. Under it was a rather stiff and quite rustling white 60 yard petticoat. My wife looked like an 18 year old virgin bride. She approached me and putting her arms around me and french kissed me quite passionately. She was wearing Chanel no. 5 perfume, my favorite. As she pressed herself against me, I noticed that she was not wearing a bra. Being a 34A, she really did not need to wear one but I had never known my wife to go in public braless unless she was wearing a bathing suit. “”MMM, something is missing,” I whispered in her ear, half joking, as I pushed against her left breast with my right hand.. She kissed me again and responded, “That is not the only thing that is missing,” as her left hand rubbed against my crotch, unzipped my pants and reached in grabbing my expanding cock with a fervor I hadn’t felt since our honeymoon 13 years before.

Her perfume was intoxicating. I held her quite close to me. We kissed again and my hand reached under her dress. I ran it up her leg. I discovered that she was wearing a pair of stockings with a garter belt and no panties! I didn’t even know that she knew what stockings were, since she had always worn pantyhose. She had never gone without panties even in private except during sex or when she was bathing.

She handed me a camera. “Take my picture.” She never wanted her picture to be taken when she dressed up for me before. “Walk down the hall towards me.” She did that and I took a photo. I took another of her sitting on the floor and one of her standing. I jokingly asked her, “Can I take one of you lying on the floor masturbating?” She said, “No. I still have to take the film in for developing.” This was long before the time of the digital camera. “But I will pose for you.”

That stunned me. My sweet wife had always refused to do more than the occasional portrait. She walked to the center of the room and sat down. First she laid back on the carpet, then she spread her legs pulling her dress up to her waist. She was quite exposed. She then moved her right hand over to her vagina and inserted her middle finger into her pussy. “I want to fuck you.” I said to her. She replied, “I bet you say that to all your female acquaintances.” She pulled her finger out of her pussy and brought it up to her mouth. She began to suck in her finger, looking dreamily into the distance.

I set the camera down and approached her. I sat down next to her. Our kissing became more passionate. “Fuck me, now, here on the floor,” she whispered. She had never liked me to use the f-word and always resisted me fucking her anywhere but on the bed. We sat up on the floor. I started to get up to get a condom (we used them, very successfully, for birth control) but she said, “No, fuck me now. Fuck me you horny stud. I want your naked and hot cock in me now.” She was almost shouting but in the hungry sexual way of a woman overheated by sexual lust. She was then lying on the floor on her back with her dress pushed up above her waist and her legs spread open. She was able to open her pussy almost 2 inches that way. She also began to caress her breasts through the fabric of her dress, looking at me in a way that I had never seen before. She was begging me to ravish her! I french kissed her pussy as she reached into my unzipped pants and worked my cock out.. My cock sprung out fully loaded.. I mounted her and slid my cock into her surprisingly moist pussy. “Oh, fuck me you horny motherfucker,” she called out. “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I am so lonely for your huge, fucking cock.” That excited me even more, since she never used that kind of language. We were fucking in a frenzied passion that I hadn’t felt in her since before our son was born seven years before. Her moaning and begging increased, “Fuck me. I am your slut. Fuck your hot wife.” My thrusts soon resulted in my filling her with my cum. My cock stayed hard as she moaned and bucked against it. I didn’t even realize that the door and windows were open.

We orgasmed very loudly and then we embraced and kissed as we came down for the frenzied passion that we had just experienced. She kissed me and said,” I would have gone to the party dressed this way if you didn’t respond as you did. Now fuck me again.”