A white wife has a black lover

Carl Webber sat in his lawyer’s office, and he told the
story of how his wife had left him for a black man. It
all started about three months before, when his wife
Debbie was working at her new job as an assistant at the
Corbin Company. Her boss was a young black man, Stan Ross
he was the vice president in charge of sales.

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Debbie was a blonde with firm breasts and a nice ass too.
Debbie would come home late sometimes, and would go right
to sleep. Carl was getting concerned about her working so
many hours of overtime. Plus he wasn’t getting any sex;
he would jack off watching adult movies while she was at

That morning he asked his wife if she was going to be
working late. Debbie just looked at him, “I may,” she
said, “We’re very busy this time of the year.”

Carl just walked away not wanting to fight with her again
so early in the day. He went to work but all he could do
was think of his wife and her strange almost hostile
behavior recently.

Carl decided to take off from work early so could take
his wife out to dinner. Maybe they could talk about their
marriage problems over a little wine and roast duck. Carl
arrived at Debbie’s office intending to surprise her, but
Debbie wasn’t there. So as he left the building he looked
in the parking lot for her car and saw that it was there.
But Stan’s car was gone. Carl went home wondering if he
was being unfair thinking that something was going on
between Debbie and her Boss. No that just couldn’t be.
Not his wife.

But when he got home Ross’ car was in their driveway.
Carl parked his car down the street a little ways and
walked up his house. When he opened the door silently, he
heard his wife moaning loudly, “YESS FUCK ME!” she said,

Yeah! Take it all baby!” He heard Stan say.

“C’mon baby give it to me! I want all of it in my tight
pussy.” Debbie yelled.

Stan groaned, “Ohh yes I’m cumming!” And Carl knew that
Stan was shooting his hot cum into his wife’s wet pussy.

“Please Stan, don’t stop, give me more,” Debbie screamed,
“I need your big black love muscle really bad, keep
fucking me HARDER!”

Then after a few moments they quieted down. All Carl
could hear was their panting breath as they lay there.
Then he heard Stan ask, “What of your husband?”

“Oh fuck him,” Debbie said, “His cock is so little, and
he’s never satisfied me in bed like you do.”

Then Debbie saw Carl standing in the doorway. “Well, if
it isn’t mister small dick!” she laughed. “It’s about
time you knew about Stan,” she said, “I’ve been fucking
him for months now and he’s a much better lover than you
ever were. So you’ll just have to get use to the idea, or
get out. I’m his now,” she told Carl. “But you can stay
and watch us if you want.” Debbie took Stan’s cock in her

Then she looked up at her husband with a sly look in her
eyes and said, “Why don’t you come lick Stan’s cum out of
my pussy before I get pregnant.”

Carl just stood there looked at them.

Stan took hold of Debbie and put her on her stomach and
pushed his big swollen cock into her ass. “Oh yes!”
Debbie yelled, “Fuck my white ass, it belongs to you

Carl had to leave before he killed them both; he looked
at the tape recorder in his hand that he’d just shut off.
He went to a bar and had several drinks and thought about
what Debbie had said. She had said that he was a weak
man. He went to a motel because she was probably still
fucking her black stud and he didn’t think he could take
watching any more of that. Finally he fell asleep.

He did go to work the next day but he was doing things
other than working, he was getting ready for a
confrontation. During his lunch break that day he went to
the bank and took his wife’s name off every document that
pertained to their house and funds. He canceled her
credit cards for which she used to buy dinners and
clothes, and probably motel rooms to fuck her lover.

Then Carl went to his lawyer and he played the tape he
had made and the papers were drawn up. He arrived home to
find Debbie dressed in a t-shirt and nothing else. Stan
was sitting in Carl’s chair drinking a beer. Stan’s cock
was still hard and wet looking, like they’d just had sex.

Carl clicked on his tape recorder and walked into the
house. His wife said, “You little prick!” and she slapped
him. Carl felt the sting of it.

Stan stood up and walked up to Carl, “Hey boy,” he said,
“Why don’t you clean my cock up. Your wife got it all
slimy. I fucked her hard all day. You know I think I
might have given her a baby today. C’mon little prick,
suck my cock it’s the only way you’ll ever get any sex
around here.”

Carl turned and walked out of the house without saying a
word. “Go on leave,” Debbie said, “You worthless piece of
shit. Why did I ever marry you in the first place?” she
said and threw her ring at his retreating back.

Carl was at work when Debbie came, to see him and she
said her credit card had been canceled. “Oh really?” Carl
said with a smile, “Well that’s just too bad.”
Carl turned and left his office for a meeting leaving
Debbie standing there with her mouth hanging open.

Debbie quickly turned when she heard a man clearing his
throat. She thought Carl had come back, but it was a
well-dressed man. He gave her some papers.

“What’s this?” she asked.

He just said, “Read it.” And then he left.

Debbie opened the papers and was shocked, they was
divorce papers. How could Carl do this to her, she
thought. He didn’t have the nerve to do this to her, did

Debbie went to Stan and showed him the papers he said
that he’d fix everything, and that made Debbie feel a
little better.

Then their day in court came. Carl sat in his chair and
watched his wife and her attorney come in. He knew what
was in store for her when the tapes were played. She’d be
toast, and at this stage in the game that was just fine
with him.

Debbie was in total shock as she heard the tapes being
played by Carl’s attorney. Every word shook her. Carl sat
and listened to the judge as he gave his verdict. Then he
walked out of the courtroom with a small, satisfied smile
on his thin face.

Debbie grabbed his arm, “I don’t have anything, you took
everything,” she said.

“Oh well,” Carl said walked out to his car. As he drove
up to the house he smiled with satisfaction as he noticed
all of Debbie’s belongings piled up on the sidewalk. And
as an added bonus it was starting to rain.

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