A Guest of Celeste

Wow. You guys won’t believe what happened to me last month. I posted this completely made-up piece about how I’d imagined that Celeste kept a mountain hideaway somewhere, a time-share condo, let’s say, where she went to get away from it all and to get time to write her reviews. From time to time (I

Filipina Internet Wife

My friends were quite envious when I brought back of my stunning Filipina bride, Jasmine. I guess the fact that she was twenty years younger than me and the sexiest woman I had ever met may have had something to do with it… Jasmine is very petite, standing 5’1″ tall and extremely well-proportioned with round

You ain’t really lived, until another man fucks you

Hi my names’ Chris, but my friends just call me C, and I’m straight… Naw! I know what you’re thinking , he just thinks he is, he hasn’t found himself yet, or In denial, and all that crap, but I really love women, really!… Lets just say though that something has happened to me that

Please Pee in My Mouth

– – apeegirl@fetish wrote: – – – – – – I’LL BE YOUR PERSONAL TOILET SLUT! – – – – – – Call me now at 1-800-838-0226 – – – – – – I’M FOR REAL!!!!! – – – – – – Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m 23, 5’5″, blonde – – – shoulder

Sister in shower

In July following my junior year in high school, my sister and I reached a new plateau in our physical relationship. I bought or borrowed porno magazines on occasion, from curiosity or for jacking off to, and I knew Alex studied them too. Not that she made a secret of it — we had no