I was amused by my husband’s swelling cock

I’m convinced that there are two types of women in the world: those whom practice female domination and those who haven’t tried it yet! For years my husband begged to have me to dominate him, but I’d always thought it was too “kinky.” However, after twelve years of marriage we needed something to spice up

Cathy’s Fantasy

The True Part: My name is Cathy. I have been married to the same man since I was nineteen, and I now have four c******n. I am pretty much the normal monogamous soccer mom except for one thing . . . I get off on exhibitionism and so does my husband. I first found this

Bush babes and swapping

This story is base loosly on an experience my boyfriend and I enjoyed a few years ago. He sent it to me as his thoughts and I edited and virtually re-wrote it – his version was pretty basic. My girlfriend and I were walking through a nearby national park. We were by a river and

Pedicure with extras

Tommy decided he wanted to accompany to the mall. I didn’t mind really, although I wasn’t sure why he wanted to go. So, in my rather blunt fashion, I asked him. “I just want to see what you do there,” Tommy replied. I laughed to myself, because I don’t really *do* anything when I go,