Kevin’s foot fetish

Kevin called her to his office at 3 pm. He sat on his couch. His arm up across the back of it. A chair in front of him. ” Sit baby. ” He said tapping the chair. Bianca sat in his office chair in front of him. Her thighs together somehow she still needed to

Library of Love

For three days Rebecca had arrived at her isolated table in the huge campus library to find a single rose with a note attached. “Miss Rebecca… My lady of the Aisles of European Poetry… my love… it is so lovely to see you each day as you peer over the forgotten volumes and tomes of

My First Handjob by a Girl

When I was a eighteen a girl named Kathy Radnor lived over on the next street. Kathy was tall, perhaps 5’8″, her hair was dishwater blonde, cute green eyes and, as it turned out, she was very forward. She was a close friend of my sister, and until that day, I only knew about her

A white wife has a black lover

Carl Webber sat in his lawyer’s office, and he told the story of how his wife had left him for a black man. It all started about three months before, when his wife Debbie was working at her new job as an assistant at the Corbin Company. Her boss was a young black man, Stan