The adventure of Elastic woman and her lover

Sometimes my work takes me to the other side of the
country for a lengthy period. It makes me crazy to be
without my lover for long periods of time, but we
manage somehow.


Tell me again what you’ve got cooked up for me when I
get back, I smiled.

It will be a surprise, darling, don’t you worry,
you’ll be amazed, she told the telephone receiver,
I’ve really been exercising diligently. Seems the
more I stretch, the better I get. I’m really astounded
myself at my progress. Even things YOU couldn’t

Yeah, I’m sure… You just really enjoy the feeling of
being all stretched out… gawd, that one time you got
that stuff to work on my… you know…

Man missile? (I could feel that grin all the way
through the telephone line)

Right, I blushed, …well, too bad we couldn’t repeat
that, funny how it only worked the once. But oh, man,
that feeling… I’m so jealous of you sometimes.

(By this time, my lover had absent-mindedly been
winding her pliable legs in loops around the chair’s
legs as she had been speaking. Now her feet were
sitting in her lap, soles looking upward. She noticed
this, and propped her elbows atop these soles, leaning
forward into the phone, so as not to miss my soft

Mmmmm… But it’s never as nice as when you are
pulling me out of shape… I love the way you stretch

Mmmmm hmmm… I replied, feeling the bulge against my
left leg growing.

…And I really am missing those foot massages, she
purred, looking down at her long toes & giving them a
wave-like, anticipatory wiggle.

I laughed, Ha, it took me months to even get near
them! I swear, if your legs weren’t so rubbery, I
might have been hurt by your flailing– hell, some of
that did smart! I grinned to myself, and
simultaneously wincing from the thought of that bruise
on my chest.

Still, I wouldn’t have you any other way, she said.
And I could feel she meant it.

Ah; I have to go now darling, but while I have you,
there’s a packet of papers in my desk I’ve forgotten
that I need… could you courier them to me today? I’ll
make up for it when I get back.

Oh you!!! I swear, if your head wasn’t attached to
your shoulders.

And yours is? I chuckled.


After receiving instructions on the whereabouts to send
the package, and having hung up the phone, G began to
stretch out her arms, winding them around herself and
the chair, in a self indulgent hug, dreamily thinking
about pleasure past, pleasure to be, and her adoring
lover. She glanced down at her supple soles, and with
a surge of amour, squeezed her hands out of the tangled
wrapping that was her arms, and grasped her right
foot. Holding the heel with one hand and the toes with
the other, she pulled that foot out about 11 inches,
then began to twist it; the toes in one direction, the
heel in the other. After several winds, she had formed
it into a long phallus, and admiring it caused her
rubbery nipples to begin poking up through her rope
like arms, still wrapped in a delicious hug around her
torso. It looked funny as she tried wriggling the
toes, and the feeling of that foot, twisted around
itself, touching all the parts of itself, was both
strange and very erotic. She easily managed to slide
her new dildo up the leg of her shorts, and wiggled it
home to her moistness. I should have no trouble
hitting that G-spot, she giggled to herself, and began
pushing it in & out.

She opened her eyes, and pulling her neck away a bit,
thought, Hmm, this would make a good photo, as she
regarded her mushy form. Thinking about searching for
the camera, she determined that things were a trite
messy; if she wanted it, she would have to hunt. Wow,
we have really let things go this past week, and
feeling very determined, started to unwind her tangled
limbs. She began grabbing things with her hands and
feet, quickly stretching her arms and legs, depositing
clothes back into the bedroom; dirty dishes into the
kitchen; newspapers to the recycle pile.

Ah, now I’ve ruined the effect– whew, never thought
I’d get so much exercise done without leaving my
chair, she grinned to herself, now giving up on her
photographic plans. Well, I’m inspired; now to get
down to some real body work. She found that it took
a little while to untangle her stringy limbs, which had
now stretched to every room in the house. She pulled
herself back up into normal form, and then started
pushing the living room furniture towards the walls.
Then, sitting down on the middle of the carpet, she
removed her clothes and lay down, letting the feeling
of soft plush warm her tired back. Closing her eyes,
she began to focus very intently; I am like this

Little by little, G began to flatten herself out,
imagining her body becoming flatter than it had ever
been before. She giggled as her breasts began to
stretch out wide and compress into her body, her arm &
legs becoming wider and flatter; the whole of the body
tingling with stretch as she became as one with the
large carpet in her sumptuous living room. Hmmm, now
I’m like box board; let’s see if I can make to paper!
So she squeezed her carpet-like form even further, the
edges of her body beginning to slide up over the
furniture and curl up at the edges as it reached the

Hmmm, now I have a delicious idea… if I’m like a
carpet, and with that, she began to curl over the
left edge of her body, essentially rolling her thin
form up the way a carpet would be rolled. Wheeee! she
shouted as the momentum of her rolling turned her shape
into a very long, thin tube. This was going to be
quite fun, and she indulged herself, first rolling up
from one direction, then unrolling while seeing if it
would help stretch her sides out even more; then
starting from her head, began to do curl up her
stretchy form down towards her feet. It was a little
bit harder curling up from her toes, but as she
continued, becoming a tube from this way and that, it
became just that much easier. This frightened the cat,
who was already not very excited by his co-habitant’s
elastic ways, and he took off to the bedroom. G
giggled and became lost in the thought of her
aerobics, until a knock at the door suddenly
shattered her pleasured concentration. Fuck, she
said, and with a snap that almost knocked over a
couple of lamps, she pulled herself back into shape
(thank goodness the curtains were drawn!) and grabbed
for her clothing, which thanks to her practised
limberness, she was able to put on quickly.

G concealed her annoyance and opened the door to find
the postman, smiling pleasantly, and holding a large
package. ‘Afternoon; seems I’ve got an important
parcel from your mate. A generous sort, he is. She
glanced at the return address label, Victoria’s
Secret, and her mood softened some. Ah, yes… well
he’d better appreciate me! The things I have to do for
him… Say, speaking of parcels, I’ve got to courier a
package to him today; don’t suppose you could help me
out with that? I don’t think I can make it to the post
office in time. Ah, yes, well, not really something
I usually do, but… after my routes finished, I suppose
I could stop by with an express envelope before I check
in… don’t happen to have one handy just now. Say, an
hour or so?

A light bulb went off over my lover’s head; Ah, great!
I, uh, won’t be here, she said abruptly, but I’ll
leave it just outside the door with some cash attached
for the postage. She hurriedly closed the front door
on the baffled postman and made a dash for the computer
room to find those bloody papers of his. Geez, I
really hope that I can pull this off, won’t that be a

Now for the true test of her nearly unimaginable
escapade. She decided that it had been a while since
she had doused herself in lotion, so that would be the
first order of business. Grabbing a very large funnel
from the kitchen, she retrieved the African elasticity
potion from the bedroom, and holding a finger over the
bottom hole, poured a reasonable amount of the lotion
into it. Then, taking a cast iron tripod that used to
be a lamp, she found it would make a suitable frame for
her next purpose. She stripped, and then plunged
herself into the top of the funnel, head first,
allowing her squeezey form to be completely coated in
lotion, almost down to the very molecules of her skin,
and in no time, her body had moved through the funnel
becoming a spaghetti-like pile of G on the floor
beneath the tripod. Although she really wanted to
bask in the glow that the lotion offered her and the
incredible surge of intense stretching out it would
afford, she gathered herself back up once again into
her womanly shape, and lay back down on the carpet to
perform her next trick.

Flattening out her body was now even more facile and at
the same time more erotic than before, and she quickly
squeezed her body out paper-thin. Now to square off
the edges, so as to make the next step possible. It
was almost as if she could manage her body like a
living liquid, and tentatively, since she had never
tried it before, curled up her left side, but instead
of rolling up into a tube, allowed the left side of her
body to slide over itself until it met the right side
of her body. She was literally folded in half now, and
feeling very happy about it. She repeated the process,
but this time, folded herself up from her feet, sliding
the bottom half up to the top of her head. Whoo hoo!
This just might work, and she enthusiastically
continued folding herself up like a letter, over & over
again, for the large envelope she had left near the
door. She found she had to keep stretching herself out
flatter between folds, in order to accommodate the next
fold. What an incredible feeling, the feeling of
folding in on one’s self, it was hard to determine
where one part of her body really began, and the next
ended, as everything seemed to touch everything else.

Eventually, she determined that she should be just
about the right size to be able to fit in the envelope,
and exhibiting a last gasp of frivolity, managed to
curl up into a tube and roll over to the envelope lying
flap open by the door. The papers were already inside
(she also had the foresight to tear off one of the
corners to let in air), and found that by wiggling she
could move her compacted, rectangular form into the
envelope. Hmm…. imagine that, it would be like a
small doormat coming to life; taking off to see the
world! she thought. Now to get it closed…

It was then that she realized that she could not quite
figure out exactly where any of her appendages was in
this folded up mass of G. And not keeping track of
time while she was turning herself into a rubbery pack
of papers, the postman might be arriving any second.

And she was behind a locked door! No, I’ve got to
relax; the solution will come to me. Gathering up her
full concentration, she determined that the closest
thing to the world outside her envelope was the little
toe of her right foot. Good, that’s my best one; at
least it is now! She wiggled it and squirmed it and
eventually she could feel it lengthening out into the
cool air of the apartment. Ah ha, free, suddenly,
she felt something furry brushing against her
lengthened toe, oh no! The cat’s come out of hiding!

And before she could think to react, felt a painful
bite as kitty chomped down on her flesh… fortunately,
the cat’s teeth could not break the skin because of her
rubbery constitution, but it smart nonetheless. Oh!
Oh! Next kitty was pulling, stretching her toe; this
was no time to be a cat toy. G pulled back fiercely,
and felt herself and the envelope sliding across the
floor as well… then the toe, which was flailing madly,
grabbed onto something that felt like a small ledge.
Huh? What could this… of course, the cat door! And
the solution was found. With effort, she could pull
herself, as the express package, through the pet door,
and it landed outside with a decisive thud’. Just in
time too, she could hear footsteps…

Ahh, this must be the thing, she heard, then a grunt
as the postman lifted up G’s folded matter, What’s she
sending him, lead? She could feel his hand push down
the pressure sensitive envelope flap against her, and
it tickled, as did the feeling of biro writing the
return address on one of the corners, which she
neglected to do in her haste. And thus, she settled
back & relaxed, to avoid giggling, and to slip into
meditation, to dream of the long journey that would be


I was feeling a little miserable, already having
delayed my presentation because of the reports I had
forgotten to bring. I watched the door nervously, and
just as I was about to look again at my watch, the mail
clerk rapped on the door, and startled I shouted, Come
in!! Gawd, he said, straining, I don’t know what
the missus has sent you, but I swear there’s a dead
body in this package!! and he heaved the oversized
courier envelope onto my desk. I glared at it for a
moment, wondering if my lover had sent the whole
contents of my files, just to try to make some kind of
subtle point. After a moment, I got up and went to
close the door, and as it latched, I was startled to
hear rustling behind me. Whipping around, I could see
the package moving, as if it were alive. I froze,
thinking, Oh no, I shouldn’t have watched that X-files
last night; I’m hallucinating…. Then, from a tear in
one of the corners, a finger emerged. Then another.
Then there were two whole hands, and eventually a
spaghetti string, which formed into the face of my
beautiful lover. They stretched over, from my desk to
me, the hands encircled the back of my head, and her
face placed a perfect, warm kiss on my shocked lips.

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