A widower is surprised

I’m a widower and have been for 10 years.

I got a call from my friend, Red, asking me to come
over Thursday night. He said that he had a new porno
and some fresh pot, and that he might have a surprise
for me.

Red, his wife Deb and I have known each other for
years. We are in our late fifties and early sixties.
About 5 years ago Red approached me asking if I would
consider having a threesome with him and Deb.

I was pleasantly shocked at the question, but readily
agreed because I had had the hots for Deb since we had
first met in our early thirties. I was married when we
met and the four of us got together socially quite
often over the next two decades, but there was never
any thing sexual about our get-togethers. So. Like I
said, I was surprised at the suggestion after all those

That first time had been great. Red and I took care of
Deb and she took care of us. The sight of Red fucking
Deb was a big turn-on for me. We had some wine and some
good smoke so I was feeling no pain when Deb asked me
to eat her pussy after Red had fucked her. Earlier I
had eaten her pussy while she sucked Reds cock and she
had sucked my cock while Red was fucking her. She said
that she liked the way I had sucked her before and
wanted to cum on my mouth because Red had shot his load
before she could get off.

I knew that she would taste different this time but,
like I said, I was feeling no pain and eagerly dove
into her snatch. She tasted different all right � she
was delicious. Her juices were flowing and washing all
of Reds cum into my mouth. Her smell and taste were so
exciting that I began rubbing my whole face in her
cunt; spreading their juices from my chin to my nose.
After a while I could tell that I had cleaned all of
Reds cum so I began to suck on her clit. Deb is a
squirter and in no time I was rewarded with a piss like
stream of her cum. Emmm… Delicious!

After her cum, she pushed my face away and bent down to
kiss me. I shared her taste with her. I looked over at
Red and noticed that he was hard again and that his
cock was still covered with the combined juices of
their fuck. Without really thinking about it, I moved
over to Red and took his cock into my mouth, cleaning
it of all their juices. Some had drained down over his
balls and puddle in his asshole. The next thing I
remember is
licking his big balls and then swiping my tongue over
his asshole.

“My God!” Deb said. “Having you suck my husband’s cum
out of my pussy was an unbelievable turn on, but seeing
you lick his asshole is really hot! I didn’t know that
you were into guys.”

“I’ve never really thought about getting it on with a
guy before.” I said, “but the heat of the moment kind
of guided my actions.”

“I’ve never made it with a guy, either,” Red was slowly
stroking his cock, “but that sure felt good.

After we had relaxed for a while and smoked another
doobie we started talking about what we had just done.
Deb wanted to know what I thought about the taste of
cum. I told her that I always ate my own cum when I
jacked off, and used to always suck my wife’s pussy
after we had fucked. I told her that my wife had turned
me on to the taste.

Before we were even married, she would give me a
blowjob and then kiss me, sharing my cum with me. She
said that if I expected her to eat my cum, I should be
willing too. I couldn’t argue with her logic, besides,
I discovered that I really like the taste.

Then Deb wanted to know if I had ever tasted another
guys cum before.

I told her that I had sucked off my brother when he was
18 and I was 12, but had not sucked a cock since then.
I had tasted another guys cum before though. I had once
told my wife that I would like to suck her pussy after
she had fucked another guy. She had laughed at the idea
at the time, but one night when I had to work late she
had gone to a party.

She was still out when I got home so I went on to bed.
When she got home, about an hour later, she was a
little tipsy; I was awake and watched her as she got
undressed for bed. She handed her panties to me and
said, “Smell these.” The crotch was soaking wet and the
aroma immediately got my cock hard.

“You know how you’ve always wanted to suck my cunt
after another guy fucked me?” She asked. “Well, now’s
your chance.” She crawled into bed and immediately sat
on my face.

She was delicious! She was so full that I had to
swallow constantly to keep up with the flow. “My God,’
I said, “How big were this guys balls? He really filled
you up.”

She smiled at me and said, “Actually, you’re tasting
three guys. They all pumped me full.”

I continued sucking for another 15 minutes before she
got off me. She came twice in the mean time.

As we lay next to each other she asked if I was mad at
her for letting someone else fuck her. I told her that
I wasn’t but was a little upset that she did it with
out me being there.

I also told her that I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to
do it again, but I didn’t think that she should make a
habit of it. I said that I would like her to try and
see if the guy would be willing to have me watch, but
it would be okay if he didn’t, as long as she told me
about and didn’t try to hide it from me. She promised
that, if it ever happened again and I wasn’t there, she
would tell me all about it while I cleaned her up. I
kissed her and told her how much I loved her. She then
asked if I had enough.

“I don’t think that I could ever get enough of your
sweet tasting pussy,” I said, “but I don’t think you
have any more cum left in you. I’m sure that I got it

“You got all of the cum in my pussy,” she said as she
got on all fours beside me, “but two other guys also
fucked me in my ass. It’s full of cum, too. Do you want
it?” She reached back with both hands and spread her
cheeks for me.

I got behind her and looked at her hole. Her normally
tight, pink hole was red, wet and swollen from the
pounding it had received. She flexed her ass and a drop
of pearly liquid began to ooze from her hole. I dove in
and began to tongue fuck her hole. As soon as she felt
my tongue, her asshole opened up and I was rewarded
with a constant flow of cum and her ass lube.

At that point Deb interrupted my story. “Damn,” she
said, “you really sucked some strangers cum from her
asshole? That’s so firkin’ hot. Why the hell didn’t Red
and I know about this back when she was still alive, we
could have been having fun together for years?”

“Well, we thought about asking you guys; even discussed
it several times, but you know how it goes. It’s
sometimes hard to get up the nerve to talk about things
like that, even with close friends. How long have you
and Red been thinking about asking me? Why did you wait
until now?

Red said, “You’re right. We thought about asking the
both of you before, but could never get up the nerve
either. The only reason that we asked now is because we
both know that you haven’t been with a woman since she
died and we thought, what the hell, it won’t hurt to
ask. We didn’t know if you would want to, or not, but
we didn’t think that you’d hate us for asking.

Like I said, all of this happened over 5 years ago and
Red, Deb and I have gotten together at least once a
month since then. At least up until about a year ago.
That’s when Deb began to have “woman problems.” For the
last year it’s just been Red and me getting together
for some suck and fuck action.

We usually get together when Deb isn’t home and it’s
usually on a Thursday when she is at her weekly Bingo
game. We hadn’t been together for about a month. Red
had to have surgery on his hand and I had gotten the
flu, so when he called about this Thursday, I was

I had to leave work early on Thursday; every time I
thought about the coming evening I would get a
noticeable hard on. They live about an hour from me and
I was hard for the entire trip over. I kept thinking
about the “surprise” Red had mentioned.

When I got to their house, I noticed that Red’s
restored 50 Ford pick-up was in the drive and that Debs
car was gone. There was another car that I didn’t
recognize parked in my usual spot in front of their
house. I had to park down the block. As I walked up to
the house, my hard-on went down; I was hoping that who
ever was there wouldn’t be staying long. I was hot for
some man-to-man with Red.

I walked in without knocking, as usual, “Hey Red,” I
called out, “where are you?”

“In the den, come on back,” he replied.

I walked into the den and saw Red, sitting at his
computer. He was naked and stroking his cock. There was
a video on the TV, three guys having a daisy-chain cock

I started to strip down when I saw another guy walk in
from the kitchen. He was nude, too.

“Jay, this is my nephew Tim, from Vegas. He had his
wife are visiting for the week. She’s with Deb, so the
three of us have about 4 hours to have some fun.”

“Hi, Jay,” Tim held out his hand, “Nice to meet you
finally. Red’s been telling me about some of the things
you guys like to do and I’m looking forward to

“Nice to meet you, Tim.” I shook his hand with my right
and reached out with my left and wrapped it around his
cock, “Nice cock! Red and I have always wanted to find
a third guy to join us, but he never said anything
about you.”

“That’s because I never knew that Tim was into guys. I
found out the other night when he and I went to the
Jacuzzi and Sauna. When we stripped down in the Sauna
and when I saw his cock I grabbed for it with out
thinking. He reached for mine and we ended up sucking
each other off right there.’ Red explained.

Tim was gorgeous! He was in his mid twenties with a
buff bod and a cock and set of balls that would put a
horse to shame. I couldn’t wait to feel it in my ass.
My cock is fairly big, but it was nothing compared to
his. Reds cock is smaller than mine (one of the reasons
that Deb always enjoyed having me fuck her back when we
would all get together) and I knew that Tim was going
to get a lot of action tonight.

Red suggested that Tim and I get friendly while he set
up the movie camera. Red and I always filmed our fun,
but the camera was always on a tripod and the quality
of the films left a lot to be desired.

“With three guys here, we can finally get some in focus
close ups of the action,” Red suggested.

The three of us had some fantastic sex that night. We
were still at it when the ladies returned home. Tim’s
wife, Tish, is a twenty year old department store
clothes model for the newspaper ads.

As soon as she saw what the three of us were doing, she
began to strip and asked if she could join in.

Just remembering what happened the rest of that night
has got me so hard I’m going to continue this at a
later date. Right now I’ve got to jack-off.