A wife’s exhibitionist lifestyle

A while back, I sent you “Volume I” of my experiences.
In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a copy:

I guess I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I can
remember the thrill I got in high school whenever I
realized that a boy was trying to look up my skirt. I
also remember that on such occasions, I was careful not
to ruin his view.

In college, I got a daily rush as I walked to class past
the fire station, as the firefighters enjoyed my hot
pants and halter-top combinations (needless to say, my
male classmates and a few professors also enjoyed the
shows). Luckily, I married a wonderful guy who not only
tolerates my fantasies, but has led me to new heights.

It all started one day when we were shopping. I was
looking for a new pair of shoes and John (my Husband)
was off looking at electronics. As a really cute
salesman helped me try on a pair of shoes, I realized my
skirt was riding up rather high on my legs, giving him a
good view.

The rush of excitement started to fill me and I casually
managed to brush the hem even higher, until I was sure
he could see my black bikini panties. I tried on several
pairs of shoes after that, getting hornier with each
show. It wasn’t until I got up to leave that I saw John
standing about 20 feet away, staring at me! As I
approached, he asked if I was enjoying myself.

I started to stammer out a reply, but he angrily cut me
off. “It’s obvious that you were exposing yourself on
purpose. Do I bore you so much that you have to get your
jollies like this?” With that, he walked away.

After I caught up with him, we went out to our car and
had a long talk. I managed to convince him of my love
for him and confessed to my long-standing exhibitionism.

To my surprise, he looked me in the eye and offered me a
proposition: “If you mean everything you’ve said, I
think we can work something out. Are you willing?”

Of course, I had no choice but to say yes. “OK,” he
continued, “We’re going to have some fun. Since you like
to show off so much, I’m going to let you–but, you’re
going to do exactly as I say. Understand?”

I inhaled deeply and nodded my head.

“All right, then, take off your pantyhose and panties,”
he ordered.

“W-What?” I stuttered.

“Listen, you little slut,” he said, “If you’re going to
show off, you’re going to do it right! You will do
exactly as I say, and you will show your pussy where and
when I tell you. Now get your fucking panties off!”

Shock and lust mingled as did as I was told. John had
never used language like that around me and now he was
ordering me around like a whore. As my panties and
pantyhose slid off, He ordered, “Now your bra.”

Without questioning him further I unhooked my bra,
setting my 35c tits free.

“OK,” he said, “Let’s go shopping.”

The rush of the air across my naked pussy turned me on
even more as we walked to the mall. Our first stop was
Frederick’s of Hollywood, where John picked out a black
miniskirt, a sheer white blouse, and a garter belt and
stockings. He then ordered me into a restroom to change
into my “whore clothes.”

As I left the restroom, I felt like every eye in the
mall was on me. The miniskirt barely covered the tops of
the stockings, and the sheer blouse did little to hide
the fact that I was braless. As I walked, I could feel
my nipples hardening and pressing against the thin

“How do you feel,” John asked.

“Scared, horny, and confused.” I replied.

“Good,” he smiled. “You know, those shoes don’t match
your new outfit. Why don’t you go in this shoe store and
buy a pair of black spike heels. And, don’t even think
about leaving until the salesman has had a good look at
your cunt.” The tone of his voice made it clear that I
was expected to obey, so I did.

For the next 15 minutes, I tried on shoes, allowing my
skirt to ride up my thighs. The poor salesboy nearly
swallowed his tongue with excitement, and the bulge in
his pants proved he was getting the view John had
commanded. Finally, I made my selection and walked out
of the store to John. “Now how do you feel” he asked.

“Now, I’m just horny.” I replied.

“That makes two of us,” he said, “let’s go out to the
car so you can blow me.”

Again, it was clear I had no choice, so I dutifully
followed him to the car and sucked him dry in the
parking lot. He then drove home where he gave me the
absolute best fucking I’ve ever had. As we lay in bed, I
couldn’t help asking if he’d like me to continue the
slut role. Smiling deeply, he suggested that I agree to
be his whore whenever he asked.

In return, he would promise to fulfill all of my
exhibitionist fantasies and that I would be fucked as
much as I could stand. In response, I dove under the
sheets and sucked greedily on his cock, stopping only to
say, “Your wish is my command, Master.”

Since that day, my Master has taken me on many shopping
trips, always showing my cunt to strangers, and always
fucking me fantastically afterwards. On our third such
trip, I was really getting into teasing a cute young
clerk. He was so turned on, he had trouble talking. As I
left the store, John met me and walked me to a nearby

“I think that poor boy needs relief,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I think that you should go back in there, follow him
into the stockroom, and offer to suck his cock.”

I did as he said, thoroughly enjoying the ten seconds it
took to drain the poor boy’s cock. Recently, he took me
even farther, bringing home two gorgeous hunks to fuck
me while he videotaped the action. I can’t tell you how
thrilling it was to have a cock in my mouth while
another stud pounded into my pussy, knowing that John
was watching and filming every stroke. And, last night
we had our greatest adventure ever. Let me tell you
about it:

As usual on a Saturday, I was dressed in my whore
outfit. As I pranced around the house, I couldn’t help
getting wetter and wetter in anticipation of whatever
plan my husband had for me.

As usual, I spent a large part of the day looking in the
mirror, admiring my outfit. My black micromini skirt
just reached the end of my garters–any time I leaned
over or sat down, it rose to show my thighs above the
stockings. My blouse was all but transparent, and my
hard nipples were clearly visible. But, what brought the
outfit together was the set of 4-1/2 inch spike heels on
which I had to balance.

My husband had told me that in this outfit I was the
most beautiful slut he had ever seen and that he
constantly wanted to fuck me. Luckily, he usually went
with his desires, and Saturdays were often one fuck
after another.

Late in the afternoon, we took our weekly shopping trip,
where I flashed my pussy and tits to at least ten lucky
guys. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t ordered
to deliver a blowjob to one of them, but John assured me
that I would have my fun later. This, he said, was just
a warm-up.

At about 7:00, John ordered me to collect my “toys” (a
few dildos and vibrators I keep to entertain John and
myself with) and get into the car. He then drove me to
the home of one of our friends, Steve.

Steve is a truckdriver who has fucked me several times
during our games. He has a huge cock and is always good
for a great fucking, so I started to get eager as we
pulled into his drive. It was then I noticed four other
cars parked in the drive. As we entered the house, I saw
that Steve had set up a card table where he and five
other guys were playing poker.

Smiling, he greeted us, telling the other players, “Our
waitress is here.”

All of the guys immediately started placing orders for
drinks, which I dutifully filled. As I served the
drinks, each of the guys fondled my ass, tits and pussy
for as long as they could. I snuck a look at John and
saw him smiling like a Cheshire cat. Again following
orders, I returned to the kitchen and picked up a tray
of snacks, which I also served.

All six guys enjoyed my assets, with several managing to
finger-fuck me as I served the guy next to them. John
motioned me to follow him into the kitchen and I did so,
barely able to control my lust. John immediately removed
my skirt and blouse, kissed me, and told me that before
the night was over I would be fucked better than I had
ever dreamt, but first I needed to tease the guys until
they were ready to burst. He then handed me an ice
bucket and told me to see if anybody’s drinks needed

Reaching into the bucket, I pulled out an ice cube,
which I rubbed on my already hard nipples, until they
were nearly as stiff as the cocks in the next room.
Then, clad only in a garter belt, stockings and heels, I
took a deep breath, walked into the living room and
asked, “Anybody need ice?”

The reaction from the men was great. I heard several
gasps, one moan and the sound of one poor guy dropping
his glass. As I refilled their glasses, it was obvious
that all barriers were down. My tits, ass and pussy were
caressed, pinched, kissed and sucked as I fought to push
them away (of course, I didn’t fight too hard).

As I watched the game resume, Steve won a big pot, so I
walked over and slid onto his lap. “Since you just won,
you won’t mind sitting out a hand will you?” I purred.

“Not at all,” he answered.

During the next hand, Steve and I kissed and talked. He
also took advantage of the time to finger-fuck me almost
to an orgasm. Unfortunately, before I could come, the
hand ended. The winner this time was Bob, a tall thin
blond, who had caught my eye from the beginning of the
evening. Eagerly, I moved to his lap, and sucked his
tongue deeply into my mouth.

I could feel his cock straining against his pants as I
asked, “What’s your favorite position for sex?”

He managed to stammer that he liked to fuck doggy style.

“Oooh,” I responded, “that’s neat– I love getting
fucked from behind.” The effect was just what I
expected: Bob had to fight to keep from creaming his
jeans right there.

The next hand ended with Ron, a huge black guy winning
the pot–and a lap warmer. As we kissed and he fondled
my tits, I asked, “Are black cocks really as big as they

“Mine is,” he answered.

Reaching down, I stroked his dick through his pants and
sighed deeply. Before I could go further, the hand
ended, with Steve winning again. Moving to his lap, I
said, “I know what you like,” and straddled his legs,
putting my now soaked pussy against the bulge in his

As the poker game went on, I slid up and down his
trapped shaft. Steve sucked on my tits as I got hotter
and hotter. Again, just as I was about to come, the hand
ended and I had to change laps. This continued for
almost an hour, with each winner enjoying all the
attention I could give him.

Several times, the guys started to undo their pants and
free their suffering dicks, but I made it clear that the
fun would continue only as long as everyone kept his
cock in his pants. Finally, Steve mentioned that he
needed another beer.

As I walked into the kitchen, John grabbed me, kissing
me deeply. “You’re fantastic!” was all he could say. He
then handed me my bag of toys and indicated that it was
time to break up the card game for a little show. A cold
wave of fear struck me as I heard his words.

It had taken me months to work up enough courage to
allow my husband to watch me masturbate. Now, he was
ordering me to put on a similar show for 6 other men, 5
of whom I barely knew. Could I do it? As the wave of
fear swept down my body, a strange thing happened: it
collided with a wave of heat and lust which was rising
from my pussy. I literally felt my stomach churning as
the two powers fought for control of my body.

Finally, I could feel my nipples start to harden and my
face begin to redden as the heat of my passion overcame
my fears and one thought f****d itself to the front of
my mind. Responding to that thought, I asked, “Am I
allowed to have an orgasm?”

Smiling, John replied, “Allowed? I want you to have an
orgasm! But, take your time and make it good. After
that, you are allowed to do anything you want. You’ll
have 6 horny guys to take care of, but I know you can do

Taking the bag of toys, I confidently walked to the
table and announced, “OK, boys, the card game is over.
It’s time for me play a little.”

With that, I climbed onto the table and pulled out my
largest dildo. Lying back, I slid the head of the rubber
cock between my labia. This particular dildo is 13
inches long and about 2 inches in diameter, so it had
always been a struggle to use it in the past. But, after
all the preliminaries, I was so wet that the head popped
into my pussy with no effort at all.

Soon, I was slamming 10 inches of rock-hard rubber in
and out of my cunt like a jackhammer. Opening my eyes, I
saw 6 cocks at attention with every one of the guys
taking matters into his own hands. That’s all it took
for me to explode into the biggest orgasm I had ever
had. Waves of pleasure washed over me for what seemed
like forever. As I came to my senses, I could see
Steve’s beautiful cock inches from my face.

Looking him in the eyes, I managed to whisper, “Please,
I need the real thing. Please, please fuck me.”

Steve needed no further encouragement; grasping my leg,
he spun me around and pulled me to the edge of the
table. With one thrust, he drove his cock into my
sopping pussy, slamming his balls against my ass. As I
looked around, I marvelled at the thought that I was
getting fucked while 6 guys (including my husband)

My brain told me I should be embarrassed or ashamed, but
the rest of my body disagreed. I was thrilled to be
doing what I was doing and I loved the way every eye in
the room was fixed on my pussy. Suddenly, I focused on
Ron’s cock. As he had promised, it was huge.

To my amazement, it looked even bigger than the dildo I
had been using minutes before. Reaching out, I grabbed
the monster and pulled it to my mouth. The contrast
between my white fingers, bright red fingernails, and
the huge black shaft was the most erotic thing I had
ever seen. I could barely fit the cock head into my
mouth, but I was determined to give Ron the best blow
job he had ever had. Luckily, he understood how
difficult it was to suck something that big, and allowed
me to adjust and slowly slide more of his meat into my
hungry mouth.

I was vaguely aware of Steve screaming as he shot his
load into my pussy, and I felt someone else take his
place and start fucking me, but I was concentrating on
the biggest dick I had ever seen which was now pushing
against the back of my throat. Accompanied by the cheers
of the audience, I continued to work on sucking Ron’s
cock deeper and deeper. Suddenly, I could feel him
tensing; his hands grasped the back of my head. I knew
he was getting close and I knew I couldn’t expect him to
stay patient. Desperately, I tried to relax my throat
muscles and let him plunge even deeper.

Finally, I felt his balls pressing against my chin and I
knew I had done it! Reaching up, I stroked his balls
once, twice, three times, and was rewarded with a groan
and the familiar taste of hot, sweet cum washing down my
throat. He seemed to pump gallons of sperm into me;
despite my best efforts to swallow it all, some oozed
out of my mouth and dribbled down my neck. I’ve always
been proud of my cocksucking abilities, but never as
much as I was at that moment.

The rest of the night was a nymphomaniac’s paradise. I
got fucked in every conceivable position. Each of the
guys fucked my cunt and my mouth at least once. My
personal highlight was when I straddled Ron, riding his
huge cock, while Bob fucked my ass from behind.

Meanwhile, the other guys took turns feeding me their
cocks while I jerked off whoever wasn’t in my mouth. At
the end of the night, I knelt by the door with a dildo
in my pussy and another up my ass. As each of my new
friends left, I gently kissed his cock goodbye, thanked
him for fucking me, and told him how much I had enjoyed
being his whore.

When only John and Steve were left, they led me to the
sofa and had me tell them all about my favorite parts of
the evening, especially dwelling on how it felt to suck
Ron’s dick. Steve then walked over to a partially open
cupboard and pulled out a camcorder–they had secretly
videotaped the entire night! I actually got to watch as
that monster cock fucked my throat; what a treat.

John has since made it clear that last night was only a
beginning. He’s fascinated by my talent and my lust, and
says that watching me get gangbanged was the most
exciting thing he’s ever done. I have burned every pair
of panties, pantyhose and bra that I own, and have
promised to be his slut 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In return, I listened as he telephoned each of the guys
at the party to set up our next meeting.

He has already told me that at the end of the next party
I am going to offer myself to everyone in the room on a
permanent basis–I will be available to fuck or suck any
of them any time they want, as long as they agree that
we will videotape the action. I can only hope that they
all agree. I promise to let you know how it goes.

Proud to be a whore,


Now, here is “Volume II” of my story:

Hi Kristen,

As you probably know, in my last letter, I promised to
keep you informed about my continuing adventures now
that I’ve become a full-time sex toy for my husband,
John, and his friends. In my first letter, I told you
all about how I got into this position and how much John
and I enjoyed my first gangbang.

Since that night, it seems my life has become one
fantasy fuck after another. John’s imagination is
unlimited, and I have yet to refuse one of his orders.
Since I now spend most of my days nude, I have gone on a
diet, trimming my figure to 35c-25-35. John still thinks
my legs are my best asset (since I’m 5’8″ tall, I do
have nice long legs which are emphasized nicely by the
stiletto heels I now wear constantly).

In the weeks since I became a sex toy, John and I have
established a set of rules which I constantly obey.
These rules are:

1. I never, ever wear a bra, panties, pantyhose or any
type of pants, unless directed to by John.

2. Whenever I am in our house, I must be naked, except
that I am permitted to wear a garter belt, stockings and
high heels. John will make exceptions to this for
special occasions (for example, a visit from my mother),
but such exceptions are rare.

3. My legs and pussy must be perfectly shaved at all
times. I am not permitted to have any stubble or other
imperfections. I am permitted to retain a small triangle
of pubic hair above my pussy, but it must be neatly

4. My hair and makeup must be perfect at all times. My
hair (blonde) is worn long and loose around my
shoulders. My lipstick and fingernails are always to be
bright red, and must be perfectly maintained.

5. When I leave the house, I wear only miniskirts,
minidresses, or button-down-the front skirts or dresses
which must be unbuttoned to a point at least 18″ above
my knees. Blouses must be either sheer enough to see my
nipples, or must be unbuttoned to a point below my tits.

6. I am not permitted to use “cutesy” or “analytical”
terms such as “making love” or “vagina”. Instead, I must
use common terms like “fuck” and “cunt.”

7. I must fuck, suck, and/or display my body whenever
and wherever John orders. This includes fucking and
sucking any of the guys from my first gangbang whenever
they want. After all, they helped teach me the joy of
being a fuck toy, so they deserve “any time, any where”

8. I must obey any order John gives, even if it
conflicts with any of the above rules.

I realize that many women would find these rules
oppressive and unacceptable, especially in the “Equal
Rights” era we live in. However, I have no problem with
these rules. I know that John respects my mind and
believes me to be his equal in all non-sexual matters. I
trust him completely and know that he would never order
me to do anything, which might hurt me.

Our rules only provide a basis for a great sex life.
Before the rules we had a “normal” sex life–2 or 3
fucks a week, generally just before we both fell asleep.
Now, I get fucked 2 or 3 times a day and have
experienced thrills that other women merely dream of.
For example, let me tell you what I did this week:

On Monday, as usual, I got up an hour before John,
showered, shaved my legs and pussy, prepared my hair and
make-up, and woke John up with a blowjob. About 10:00
A.M., I got a phone call from Steve. As you may recall,
Steve is one of the guys who participated in my first
gangbang and to whom John has offered my body on an
“anytime” basis.

It seems Steve was going to be in town briefly and
wanted to fuck. I invited him over, called John at work
to report my situation, and set up our camcorder to
record the activity for John’s review. When Steve
arrived, I greeted him wearing only my stiletto heels
and a gold necklace. Since he was in a hurry, we didn’t
bother with games. Instead, he took me straight to bed,
fucking me with his normal level of passion.

After he filled my pussy with his cum, he allowed me to
fuck myself to an orgasm with a dildo while he watched.
Since this made him hard again, he had me suck his cock,
choosing to shoot his load all over my face. After he
left, I had just enough time to get cleaned up before
John came home for lunch. While John watched the video
of Steve fucking me, I sat between his legs, sucking his
dick. Eventually, John rewarded me by bending me over
the sofa and fucking me up the ass.

The afternoon was relatively uneventful, although one
door-to-door salesman got quite an eyeful while trying
to convince me to buy an encyclopedia. Had he wanted to
fuck me, I would have called John to get permission
(which is almost always granted) and then would have
given him whatever he wanted. Unfortunately, he never
worked up the courage to ask.

On Mondays, we always have a “Monday Night Football”
party. John invited the usual gang over for the game,
and I filled the role of cocktail waitress (nude, of
course). I also provided the halftime entertainment,
putting on a show with my dildo collection.

During the game, John runs a pool — whoever guesses
closest to the final score gets to fuck the waitress.
This week, the winner was Ron, a black stud with the
biggest cock I have ever seen. As the others watched,
Bob fucked me for almost an hour, coming twice in my
cunt and once in my mouth. I must admit, I always
secretly hope that Ron will win the pool.

I always enjoy getting fucked in front of an audience,
but it’s even better with a well-hung stud like Ron. No
matter how often I do it, there is nothing that turns me
on as much as swallowing his 12″ dick and feeling his
big balls slap my chin while the others “ooh and ahh”
over my cocksucking abilities. I know it also turns on
John, because he never fails to fuck me like mad on
nights after Ron wins the pool.

On Tuesdays, I am permitted to sleep in because of
Monday’s late night activities. Thus, John was already
at work when the phone rang, waking me up. This time, it
was Joe calling. Joe is one of our Monday night
regulars, but isn’t one of my “anytime” fuckers. He also
has yet to be lucky enough to win the pool, and
therefore has never gotten to fuck me. He said that he
hadn’t been able to sleep since watching Ron and me and
desperately needed to see me. He asked me to meet him at
a local restaurant for lunch and “some fun”.

After getting approval from John, I showered, shaved and
dressed for lunch. I wore a tiny, white knit minidress,
which barely covered my ass. Because it was so short, I
couldn’t wear any stockings, and so was completely nude
underneath. Putting on my 4″ white high heels, I went
out the door, confident that Joe would enjoy seeing me.

Every eye in the room watched me as I walked over to
Joe’s booth. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as
he made room for me to sit down. He kept his left hand
on my pussy during the entire meal, letting me know my
choice of clothing was perfect. Throughout the meal, I
did my best to keep him aroused, sensuously licking my
silverware, and making a point of talking about how much
I enjoy Monday night football.

After finishing lunch, we then went out to his car,
where I asked if he wanted a blowjob or a fuck. “God,”
he moaned, “I’m dying to fuck your mouth!”

Stripping off my dress, I slid to the floor and freed
his cock. Needless to say, he was already rock hard and
ready for action. His cock was tiny compared to Ron’s,
but was a nicely shaped 6″ and so eager looking, so he
had nothing to be ashamed of. I could tell his blowjob
was not going to take long from the moment I touched his
quivering dick. The head was already coated with pre-cum
from all my teasing in the restaurant, and he moaned
softly as I kissed the tip and licked off the delicious

Slowly, I lowered my head, sucking slightly as his cock
slid over my tongue. After a few strokes, I paused to
tell him how good he tasted and how glad I was he had
called me.

As I slid him back into my hot mouth, I saw him close
his eyes and clench his mouth, and knew he was fighting
to keep from coming. I also knew that when a man is in
my mouth, the only one who can control his cock is me,
and I was not going to let him wait. Sucking deeply, I
fed his dick down my throat, humming softly as I did so.
At the same time, I gently squeezed his balls,
encouraging his orgasm.

As I expected, he erupted in my mouth, unleashing spurt
after spurt of my favorite after-dinner drink. As his
orgasm subsided, I continued to suck and lick his cock,
managing to maintain his rigid condition. Once I was
sure he was going to stay hard, I slid back onto the
seat and pulled his face to mine. As we kissed, I
managed to let a few drops of his cum (which I had held
in my mouth) dribble onto his tongue.

“How do you like the taste of your sperm?” I asked.

“I-I’m not sure,” he stuttered, “Th-that’s the first
time I’ve tasted it.”

“Well,” I suggested, “How would you like to taste a load
of your cum as it drips out of my pussy? If you’re
willing, I’ll let you fuck me right now to find out how
it tastes.”

Without hesitation, he kissed me again and said, “Yes,
Yes–anything you want!”

“Do you want me right here where anybody can see us?” I

“I don’t care who sees us, I have to fuck that beautiful
cunt!” he nearly shouted.

I immediately slid onto his lap and buried his cock in
my pussy. As I rode him like a bucking bronco, I
whispered encouragement into his ear: “Come on baby,
fuck me good. Pound the cock into my tight little pussy.
You like that, don’t you? Yes, that’s it, fuck me hard.
You know I like it when a man abuses my cunt. Oh God,
you do like fucking me don’t you? Oh, I can’t wait to
tell John what a terrific fuck you gave me. Oh, baby
stick it to me… I love your prick… oh, you’re going
to make me cum… come on sugar, give it to me… cum
with me, Joe…make me your fuck toy… fuck me, FUCK

Between the squeezing of my cunt muscles and the begging
in his ear, Joe was going wild: “Yes, yes, ride my cock,
bitch…God, I love your pussy…you are so fucking
beautiful… oh, oh, I’m coming!”

He shot his second load in ten minutes, splashing my
insides with his seed. As he collapsed in exhaustion, I
guided him onto his back across the front seat. As he
gasped for air, I quickly slid off of his softening
prick and moved up to straddle his face. He opened his
eyes to see my shaved pussy inches from his mouth.

“Wait,” he started to say.

“No way, sugar,” I replied, “You promised to eat your
cum out of my pussy, and now it’s time to pay the

I lowered myself onto his mouth and relaxed my cunt
muscles, letting his load pour out of me and onto his
face. Gasping for air, Joe knew he had no choice but to
swallow his own cum. Surrendering, he swallowed and
licked me clean, bringing me to an orgasm as he did.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked.

“I guess not,” he answered, “Besides, that fuck was
worth it.”

I couldn’t help but giggle as Joe struggled to get his
pants back up and I slid back into my dress. For once,
the fuck toy had taken control and been the boss. What a
thrill it was to force a man to do what I wanted! Not
that I was about to give up my whore status with John
(and lose the chance for all this great sex), but it was
fun to be in charge for a change… I’d almost forgotten
how easy it is to control a man through his penis.

After kissing Joe goodbye (and getting one more taste of
his cum-coated lips), I hurried home. I had just enough
time to shower and freshen up before John came home form
work. I couldn’t wait to tell him about my adventure
with Joe, and after hearing my story, John couldn’t wait
to fuck me.

Unlike Joe, John managed to keep his cock from a quick
explosion, and slowly worked me to orgasm after orgasm.
Finally, he rolled me over and spread my ass cheeks.

“Since your mouth and cunt have already been creamed
today, I think it’s time to fuck your other hole.” he

“Just what I was hoping you’d say!” I answered. “Come on
honey, fuck my ass. I’ve been a bad girl, fucking poor
Joe like that… teach my ass a lesson with that big
cock of yours!”

That was all the encouragement John needed. Within
seconds, he was pounding into my ass, grunting with each
stroke and muttering between gasps: “You fucking
whore… you slut… take this, bitch… I’m going to
fuck your ass until you can’t sit for a week!”

Losing control myself, I heard my voice moaning in
response: “Yes, Yes, fuck my ass… come on baby…
nobody fucks me like you… Oh, God, I’m such a whore…
fuck me, use me, cum in my ass, anything you want,
baby… oh, yes…”

John’s cock exploded, gushing what seemed like a quart
of cum into my ass. Totally spent, we collapsed into
bed, cuddling together in exhaustion. As I fell asleep,
my last thoughts were how lucky I was to be John’s whore
and how much I loved my new lifestyle.

Wednesday started like most days: I got up early,
showered put on my makeup, and returned to bed to
deliver John’s wake-up blowjob. As I cleaned the house
after John had left for work, I couldn’t help thinking
about my sex life and fantasizing about what adventure I
would have next.

I imagined the doorbell ringing and answering the door
to find two hunks who said they had been hired by John
to work on a plumbing problem at our house. Needless to
say, before long my fantasy men were working on my
plumbing with their favorite tools.

Unfortunately, my fantasies remained just that, with the
afternoon passing uneventfully (yes, there are some days
when I don’t get fucked by one of John’s friends). As a
result, by the time John got home, I was uncontrollably

When he found out that I hadn’t been fucked all day,
John smiled and said, “Well, I bet your in the mood for
some fun, then. How about a shopping trip?”

As you know, I love going shopping and showing off my
body, but right then I had something more satisfying in
mind. “I’d rather go upstairs and fuck you until you
pass out.” I answered.

Laughing, John said, “Don’t worry, you’re going to get
fucked. But first, I feel like reminding you that you’re
my sex toy. After all, it’s been 24 hours since any of
my friends fucked you! Why don’t you go upstairs and put
on one of your flashing outfits for me?”

Even though he phrased it as a question, I knew it was
an order, so I went upstairs, put on a garter belt,
stockings, and a cute little red dress we had gotten at
Frederick’s of Hollywood. It was one of my longer
dresses, coming down to about 4″ above my knees, but it
had two zippers in the front; one ran from the hemline
up to the waist and the other ran from the neckline down
to the waist.

When both were completely unzipped, there was about 2″
of material between them and my pussy and tits were
fully exposed. I carefully adjusted the zippers so that
I could limit how much was showing (most, but not all,
of my tits and just a slight view of the tops of my
stockings), put on my red spike heels, and walked down

“Good choice!” John exclaimed. “You look great! I
guarantee that every guy who sees you will want to fuck

“That’s fair,” I answered, “I’m so horny, I’m going to
want to fuck every guy I see!”

We went out the door and got into the car. To my
surprise, John drove past the mall where we usually

When I asked why, he only smiled and said, “I have a
better idea for tonight. Since you’re such a horny
bitch, I thought we’d try something special.” He refused
to say anything else, but continued to drive until we
reached an adult bookstore.

The signs outside advertised adult books ,videos, toys,
and live peep shows. Despite my sexual appetite, I had
never been inside to check out their supplies. As I
looked at John for guidance, he said, “Just follow my
lead…I think you’ll enjoy this.”

As we entered the store I looked around and saw that
there were two men shopping; one was checking out the
video selection and another was looking over a selection
of porn magazines featuring women with huge tits. The
clerk, a cute guy who looked barely old enough t be in
the store sat behind a counter looking bored. At the
sound of the door closing, the clerk glanced our way and
immediately lost his bored look. As he flatly stared at
me, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

It was obvious that they got very few female customers,
and even less who were dressed like me. As we walked
around the store, John made a point of squeezing my ass
and stroking my hair and arms. We discussed the toys on
the shelves and John pointed out several items, on the
bottom shelves, knowing that I would have to either bend
over, displaying my ass to those behind me or squat,
which would cause my dress to ride up and expose my
pussy to those in front of me.

As usual, I knew that every eye in the room was
following my every move, and as I bent and squatted to
reach the bottom shelves and stretched to teach the top
shelves, I got hornier and hornier. Eventually, the
other two customers made their choices and checked out,
leaving us alone with the clerk. Picking up a couple of
large dildos, John asked the clerk if they were

Obviously confused and embarrassed by the question, the
clerk shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know–
nobody has ever returned one.”

Chuckling, John remarked that I might have to try them
on before we purchased any. He then asked about the peep
shows advertised outside. The clerk explained that they
were short of girls and, as a result, didn’t have anyone
on duty at the moment. Putting on a disappointed look,
John remarked that he had really been looking forward to
a show. He then asked if the store was looking for

“We’re always looking,” the clerk replied.

“Well,” John said, “My wife might be able to use a part-
time job. Can she have a try out?”

The clerk’s eyes bulged as he looked quickly at me. For
a second, I thought he was going to pass out, but he
finally managed to say, “The, the manager isn’t here
right now, but I’m sure he’d be willing to see her—I
mean, he’d be willing to interview her.”

John looked at me, winked, and turned back to the clerk.
“Why don’t you just see her and report to your manager
what you think? Should she go into one of your back
rooms or would you prefer to conduct the interview
here?” Gulping, the clerk said, “I, I can’t leave the
register…I have to stay here.”

John continued to press the issue, “What do your girls
generally do? Do they just strip, or do they put on more
explicit shows?”

“Well, generally they just strip and talk to the
customers through the glass wall, but if a customer
gives them a big enough tip, they sometimes get, well,
more intimate.”

“Well, suppose we pretend that you just gave Lynda here
a really big tip. Honey, show him how intimate you can

Taking my cue, I walked behind the counter and slowly
unzipped my dress the rest of the way. Shrugging my
shoulders, I let it slip off and fall to the floor. As I
stood naked in front of this young clerk, I felt my
pussy getting damp and lust taking over my body. My
hands wandered over my body, pinching my nipples,
stroking my pussy, and rubbing my stockings.

Turning away from the clerk, I bent over, spreading my
legs to give him a view of my ass and pussy. I
straightened up and walked toward him, saying, “I want
you to know these tits are natural, not silicon. Would
you like to feel them?”

Nodding, he reached out and cupped each of my tits, his
eyes getting even wider. As I backed away, I noticed the
dildos John had carried to the counter. Grabbing the
largest one, I licked it suggestively, keeping my eyes
on the clerk. Hopping onto the counter, I spread my legs
and started to stroke my pussy. “Do your girls fuck
themselves for the customers?” I asked.

“I, I don’t really know,” he whispered.

“Well, if I’m hired, you’ll know I’m willing to do
whatever it takes to please the customers.” I cooed. I
then started to slide the dildo between my pussy lips.
“Don’t be afraid,” I continued, “Take out your cock and
rub it… that’s what your customers do isn’t it?”

As I slid the rubber cock deeper into my steamy twat,
his zipper came down and his dick came out. The sight of
that young pecker got me even more excited. I drove the
dildo into my cunt, fucking myself harder and harder.
Soon I was gasping with every stroke, as I felt myself
losing control.

Becoming more vocal, I started babbling, “That’s it
baby, stroke your cock… look at my cunt… see how
deep this dildo is going…I wish it was your hot young
dick fucking me… oh, how I’d love that… I bet you’d
like to fuck me wouldn’t you? How about fucking my
mouth, would you like that? I love to suck cock and I
love to fuck… oh, baby you look like you’re ready to
cum… wait for me, I want to cum with you… pretend
this is your cock in my cunt… oh, yeah, fuck me
baby… shoot your cum all over me… I’m going to
cum… come on, baby shoot with me… oh, God… now,
honey, now…”

As if on cue, my young spectator obeyed, pointing his
cock at me and sending a huge gob of semen splashing
onto my tits. The second wad caught me in the face,
splashing on my forehead and running down my cheek. As I
surrendered to my own orgasm, I managed to reach out
with my tongue and catch some of the sperm running down
my face. This caused my young stud to send another spurt
through the air, this one landing on my stomach and on
the hand pumping the dildo into my pussy.

“YES!” I screamed. “Shower me with your cum… come on,
baby, give it all to me…I want to wear your cum home!”

Taking my hand from the dildo, I rubbed his cum all over
my face and body. As I did, he continued to cum, shaking
with every blast. I swear, he must have been saving up
for a month… he spurted load after load onto my body
and onto the counter.

Finally, his cock quivered and started to soften. Diving
to my knees, I kissed and sucked his shriveled dick,
telling him how delicious his cum was and how much I
enjoyed cumming with him. After we both calmed down, I
cooly reached over and picked up my dress, smiled, and
asked “Do you think I can get the job?”

As we rode home, John couldn’t compliment my performance
enough. “You were spectacular,” he said, “You were born
to be a whore…I love watching you perform. Believe me
when we get home I’m going to give you the fucking you
deserve. You are going to get fucked until you can’t cum

When we got home, that’s exactly what happened– John
fucked me longer and harder than ever before. By the
time we collapsed into each other’s arms, I had decided
that we would have to make the book store a permanent
part of our sex games. Who knows, maybe I really could
get a job there–I bet that would drive John mad with
lust! Oooh would that be fun!

After Thursday morning’s blowjob (which took quite a
while, since John had spent so much energy and cum the
night before), I relaxed around the house, thinking
about how lucky I am. After all, I have a well-hung
husband who’s not only terrific in bed, but who enjoys
letting me have all the sex I want. More miraculously,
he understands my desires even better than I do.

I would never have thought of the circumstances he
created on Wednesday night, but once he put me in them,
it was great… fucking myself in front of a nice young
cock, getting fresh young sperm shot all over my face
and body…then going home and getting fucked out of my
mind… Before I realized it, my fingers were buried in
my pussy and I was moving towards an orgasm as I
replayed last night over and over in my mind.

My masturbation was interrupted by the telephone
ringing. “Oh,” I thought, “Please be someone wanting to
fuck me!”

The voice on the phone was John’s: “Hi sugar, what are
you up to?” Truthful to a fault, I told him I was
finger-fucking myself while daydreaming about the night
before. Chuckling, John asked if I was interested in
some live action instead of fantasy replays.

“You know I am,” was my reply.

“OK, here’s the story,” he explained. “You remember me
mentioning I had a meeting with Pat Wilson this morning?
Pat’s the CEO of one of our biggest customers, and is
used to special treatment as a result. Well, during
lunch, Pat was hinting about being horny and needing a
whore to relieve the stress of travel. After a little
small talk, the conversation kept coming back to whether
or not I knew any whores. Since you’re the hottest slut
I know, I ended up recommending you.”

He stopped and looked at her intently. Then after a
moment she cleared his throat and continyed; “Pat’s
thrilled, and wants to get together with you right now,
so you’d better get ready. There are a few things you
should know though. First, Pat thinks you’re a whore,
not my wife, so play it like you’re a pro. Who knows,
Pat may even “tip” you. Second, Pat is into lingerie, so
put on some clothes. I was thinking your “Merry Widow”
and G-string outfit would be perfect. Finally, make sure
you turn on the hidden camera in the bedroom–I don’t
want to miss this!”

After a little more conversation, we hung up and I ran
upstairs to get ready. I dug my Merry Widow outfit out
of the drawer and pulled it on. This outfit is a black
and red bustier; it leaves my tits exposed and ends just
above my pubic hair. Long garters lead to black nylon
stockings. As John had suggested, I also put on a tiny
black G-string; the outfit is topped with a sheer red
nylon “jacket” which sort of covers my tits.

As I put on my highest spike heels, the doorbell rang.
“God,” I thought, “this Pat didn’t waste any time.” I
rushed over to the hidden camcorder, turned it on and
ran to answer the door. Putting on my sexiest smile, I
opened the door.

Instead of a horny stud, there stood a tall, pretty
brunette in a well-tailored blue pinstripe suit. “Oops,”
I thought, “Wrong doorbell. Well, at least I’m sort of
dressed; after all, a few minutes ago I would have
answered the door nude.” As I started to ask if I could
help this stranger at my door, she spoke, “You must be
Lynda; I’m Patty.” My surprise must have showed on my
face because she immediately added, “Didn’t John call
you? He said he would let you know I was coming.”

Fighting to regain control of my senses, I managed to
say, “Oh, yes, he called. It’s just that when he said
‘Pat’ I assumed he meant ‘Patrick’. I guess I was just a
little surprised.”

“Is this a problem?” she asked. “I’ll understand if…”

“Hell yes it’s a problem. I’ve never even thought about
fucking another woman and now I have some damn lesbian
bitch knocking on my door expecting me to dive into her
cunt!” I thought to myself. Fortunately, though, I was
able to control myself and answered sweetly, “No, it’s
not a problem… I, I just need a second. Please, come

As I closed the door and turned to face her, she stepped
closer and kissed me. Her kiss was different than
anything I have ever felt. At once soft and gentle, but
at the same time forceful and passionate. As her tongue
caressed my lips and teeth, I found myself responding,
sliding my tongue into her mouth almost automatically.
Her hands caressed my ass and moved up to my tits.

To my surprise, my pussy started to dampen almost
immediately. “Let’s, let’s go upstairs.” I suggested.

“Lead on.” she agreed. As we reached the top of the
stairs, we paused outside the bedroom door. “You have a
beautiful ass,” Patty murmured as she kissed me again.
“I can’t wait to taste it.”

Taking her hand, I led her into the bedroom, positioning
her where the camera would have the best view. As she
slid my jacket off, she whistled softly, “Your breasts
are as lovely as your ass–this is going to be fun.”
Taking a deep breath, I f****d myself forward. Kissing
her deeply, I used my hands to explore her body. After
peeling her jacket off, I unbuttoned her blouse and
pulled it off. Opening the front closure of her bra
freed a pair of huge tits; they had to be at least 38d’s
I thought.

No wonder John wanted this on film! My hands then found
the snap and zipper for her skirt. As it dropped to the
floor, she moaned softly and stepped back. I was
surprised to see that she wore a garter belt also; I
would have thought a business woman like this would wear
pantyhose. As if in a dream, I knew I was expected to
remove her panties. Reaching down, I found the thin
nylon and slid them down over her ass. Again she moaned
as the panties hit the floor. before I could move, she
pulled me to her.

As our tits ground together she french-kissed me and
whispered in my ear, “Now it’s my turn.” Pushing me onto
the bed, she bent over me, unknowingly exposing her ass
and cunt to the hidden camera. I could feel her breath
on my stomach as she gently removed my G-string. “OH!”
she groaned, “You shave your pussy, too! I love that!
Darling you are everything John said and then some.” She
crawled onto the bed, pressing her huge tits into mine.

The feel of her nylon encased legs against mine was
great, and I could feel the heat from her pussy
radiating against mine. As she started kissing me, I
adjusted to the feeling and started to accept my
excitement. Slowly the kisses changed to tiny bites,
turning me on even more. As she got more excited, Pat
began to kiss and bite her way down my neck and chest.
As she reached my tits, she stopped, paying extra
attention to each of my nipples.

She slowly and carefully sucked, kissed and bit each of
my nipples, using her hands to fondle whichever tit she
wasn’t sucking at the moment. No man had ever made my
tits feel so alive; I could feel an orgasm approaching
just from her suckling. Finally, she renewed her
downward travels, leaving my aching nipples for a taste
of my stomach.

As she approached my pussy, I tensed, waiting for the
touch of her mouth. Instead, I felt her hot breath pass
over my cunt and just a brush of her cheek as she
instead started kissing my thigh. To my surprise, she
ignored my pussy, and continued to kiss, bite and suck
her way down my right leg. As she reached my foot, she
sensuously tongued my foot and sucked on the heel of my
shoe as though it was a cock. Moving to my left foot,
she repeated the performance, working her way up my leg.

By the time she reached the top of my thigh, I was on
fire–my pussy was dripping and I ached for relief. As
she lowered her head toward my pussy, my hips thrust in
the air to meet her. The first touch of her tongue on my
clit was like a bolt of lightening–an explosion of
energy flashed from my burning cunt down to my toes and
up through my tits to my brain!

As the orgasm engulfed me, all I could do was moan: “Oh
God, Yes! Oh my cunt…my tits…oh God, suck my clit
…eat me… oh… I’m coming again!”

As I finally regained my senses, I realized that Pat had
turned to better suck my pussy, placing per hips only
inches from my face. Without hesitation, I knew I had to
make her experience what I had just felt. Rolling on my
side, I buried my face in her soaking wet cunt. I did my
best to repeat the things she had done to my pussy,
sucking her clit while my tongue knifed deep into her

Her squirming and gasping proved I was doing it right,
so I plunged ahead, tongue-fucking her twat as fast as I
could. As she exploded into her own orgasm, my eyes fell
on the drawer of the nightstand where I keep my dildos.
Reaching over, I opened the drawer and pulled out the
first dildo I got my hands on. Plunging it into Pat’s
cunt, I fucked her as if my life depended upon it.
Sucking her clit, I drove the rubber cock into her

Now it was her turn to lose control: “Yes, oh yes…fuck
me..I’m a whore, just like you…oh, fuck me…eat
me…make me co-o-o-o-ome!”

With that she reached another shattering orgasm. For the
next hour, we stroked, licked and kissed each other from
head to toe. Our pussies became willing receptacles for
all of my dildos as sucked and massaged each other’s
tits. Pat even mamaged to fuck my pussy with one of her
rock-hard nipples (which I, of course, sucked clean when
she was done). We were like a couple of schoolgirls
discovering sex for the first time.

Even our shower turned into a mini-orgy as we ended up
69-ing in the tub. As we dressed afterwards, Patty
complimented me on my body one more time and then shyly
asked, “Would it be OK if we traded panties? I’d love to
spend the rest of the day wearing your G-string.”

A tremendously exciting thought struck me, and I
answered, “On one condition–when you go back to work,
you have to spread your legs and show John what you’re
wearing and tell him where you got them. I want him to
know how much you enjoyed his recommendation.” Smiling
broadly, she said, “It’s a deal.”

As she was leaving, Pat reached into her purse and
pulled out a $100 bill. “This seems like so little for
what you’ve done. I hope it’s OK.”

“It’s fine,” I responded, “Besides I enjoyed myself as
much as you.”

Looking into her purse once more, Pat said, “I know–do
you like rap music? One of my contacts gave me two
tickets to this concert tomorrow night and I’ll be back
in Chicago. Would you like them?”

“Sure,” I said, “that’s one of my favorite groups–
they’re very sexual, you know.”

“Not as sexual as you, honey,” she said, kissing me one
more time as she left.

Needless to say, John hurried home after work to watch
the tape of the days activities. As I anticipated, he
loved the candid shots of Pat’s ass and cunt.

However, he was even more fascinated by the sight of me
diving into her pussy like a love-starved lesbian. I
tried to explain the excitement I felt servicing this
beautiful, powerful woman, but couldn’t put it into
words. I guess it was best explained as we were falling
asleep after I had drained John’s cock for the third
time. In answer to his question about our parting words,
I told him that I had made sure that Pat knew I loved
every inch of her body and that she was invited back to
use me anytime she is in town.


Friday dawned bright and clear, and my pussy was still
tingling from the feel of Pat’s tongue as I delivered
John’s morning blowjob. I looked forward to the concert,
but had no idea just how exciting it would actually be.
The day passed quietly; somehow none of John’s friends
seemed to need fucked.

When John got home from work, we changed into our
concert clothes. At John’s command, I put on a white
lycra minidress. It was short enough and tight enough
that I had to be naked underneath. My white spike heels
completed the outfit.

Pat’s friend must have been very important–the tickets
she had given me were front row, center, the best seats
I had ever seen. I’d rather not name the group, but it’s
safe to say that they are known as one of the rawest rap
groups around. Their lyrics are blatantly sexual and
cannot be played on most radio stations because of their
constant use of the word “fuck.” nevertheless, they have
always appealed to me, perhaps because the thought of
three well-hung black studs who clearly want just one
thing from a woman is such a turn-on.

As usual, partway through the concert, the group
announced that they needed some scantily-clad background
dancers and asked for volunteers. Prompted by John,
I,like every other woman in the crowd, raised my hand.
“Ray”, the bass voice, made his selection first, picking
a rather large black woman on the left side of the
stage. “I like a nice big ass!” he joked. “Jay”, the
tenor, picked next, taking a tiny, young black girl. “I
like firm little titties!” was his comment.

Finally, “Mack”, the baritone, was to make his choice. I
nearly died as he pointed at me and announced, “I don’t
get many white chicks…get your ass up here!” Before
the concert continued, they reminded us that we had to
be “scantily-clad”. Approaching “Big Ass”, they asked if
she was willing to take off her bra and panties. When
she shook her head no, they asked if she would take off
her dress.

Nodding yes, she pulled it off and stood there in her
underwear to the audience’s approval. Miss “Little Tits”
was next, and, to the group’s (and audience’s) delight,
agreed to also remove her bra. Standing on stage in just
a tiny pair of red bikini panties, she looked completely
flustered. As the group approached me, my mind raced. I
was naked beneath my dress! I couldn’t refuse to take it
off; that meant I would soon be naked in front of at
least 10,000 people!

Swallowing hard, I figured I might as well play it for
all it was worth. When they asked if I was willing to
remove my panties, I answered truthfully, “I can’t do
that.” When they asked if I would remove my bra, I gave
the same response. When they asked if I would remove my
dress, I asked innocently, “Do I have to get off the
stage if I don’t?”

“Fuckin’ right you do, white bitch.” Smiling sweetly, I
said, “Then I guess I’ll take it off. Would you mind
unzipping me?”

After Mack pulled down my zipper, I started to peel the
dress from my shoulders. As my tits bounced free, the
audience roared and Mack shouted, “Ladies and Gentlemen,
we have white tit!” Slowly I peeled the lycra down past
my waist. As I got it over my hips, I let go, allowing
it to fall to the stage.

The cheers from the audience were deafening, and Mack
gleefully shouted, “PUSSY! We have naked white PUSSY!”
For the rest of the concert, the “three chorus girls”
danced and swayed to the groups music. As often as
possible, band members fondled the three of us, much to
the crowd’s delight.

The feeling of being naked in front of such a crowd was
electric, and by the end of the concert my cunt was
dripping from the fondling and ogling I was receiving.
As the group finished their last number, they picked up
the clothing from the stage and announced, “If you
bitches want your dresses, come on back to our dressing
rooms–you can get them and a lot more!”

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted my dress
back–but not as much as I wanted the “whole lot more.”
I wanted at least one, and hopefully all three, of those
black cocks and I wasn’t leaving without being fucked!
Once back stage, I found Mack’s dressing room.

As I stood outside, I thought about what I was about to
do. Pat’s gentle exploration of my body had been fun,
but right now I was in the mood for a just the
oppposite–I needed to convince Mack to fuck me hard and
rough! Thinking about his macho onstage manner, I
entered without knocking. He was drinking a beer and
immediately smiled at me. “Baby,” he grinned, “You are
just about the best dancer we’ve had in a long time!”

My answer was quick and to the point–“Fuck Me.”

Sputtering, Mack asked, “What?”

“Fuck Me.” I repeated. “I’ve been standing naked in
front of 10,000 people while you and your friends felt
me up. Everyone out there thinks I’m a either a whore or
a part of your show or both, my husband is waiting for
me to come back to my seat, and I’m as horny as hell.
Now FUCK ME!!”

That’s all the explanation it took–Mack dropped his
beer, ripped off his clothes, threw me onto the floor.
“Bitch, you are going to learn to watch your mouth
around a real man. I’ll fuck you OK–I’ll fuck you like
the slut who stood out there naked deserves!”

He covered my mouth with his, forcing his tongue down my
throat and slammed his cock into my cunt. The contrast
between yesterday’s gentleness and this all out attack
was mind-boggling. This bastard wasn’t just fucking me,
he was intent on treating me like some kind of animal!
Well, that was just the game I was hoping for, and I
fought back just like an animal– I dug my fingernails
into his back, bucked my hips like a bronco, and bit
into his shoulder.

Growling with rage, he slammed me hard against the floor
and sunk his cock into me to the hilt. We rolled around
the floor, crashing into tables, knocking over lamps,
and smashing anything in our way. All the while, we
remained locked together, grinding our genitals into
each other.

“Come on, faggot,” I managed to gasp, “Is that all the
harder you can fuck?”

“Bitch,” he screamed, “Take this!” He slapped me,
bouncing my head off the floor. The violence renewed his
vigor and he started pounding into my pussy even harder.
Each stroke lifted my ass off the floor and drove me
backwards. Eventually, I was backed into a corner, and
could slide no further. To my amazement, Mack started to
stand up! With my cunt still impaled on his cock, I slid
up the wall as he stood. My legs were draped over his
shoulders and his hands supported my ass as he continued
to slam me into the wall with each stroke of his dick.

Realizing an earth-shattering orgasm was on its way, I
decided to try and talk him into coming also. Sticking
with a “reverse psychology” approach, I started begging
him not to cum, “All right, you’ve proved you can fuck,
just please don’t cum in my pussy! Please make sure you
pull out before you come… please…”

As I expected, Mack screamed back, “Fuck you, you blonde
bitch! You asked for this and you’re going to get it!
I’m fucking you my way and that means your cunt is going
to be full of cum. You know you want it–if you’re lucky
you’ll even get pregnant from my cum. You want that
don’t you? You want to feel my cum make you pregnant,
don’t you?”

Gasping now, trying to hold off my orgasm, I managed to
spit out, “Yes! Fuck me all you want… cum in my hot
little pussy… go on, make me have your bastard
baby…fuck me…make me your pregnant blonde whore…
give it to me… Ple-e-e-e-e-ase!”

An orgasm ripped through my body, and at the same moment
I felt Mack shiver and explode. Wave after wave of his
semen splashed into my cunt, filling me completely and
forcing its way out around his cock.

Exhausted, we slowly slid down the wall to the floor.
Kissing me once more, he rolled off of me. As he did, I
realized for the first time that Ray and Jay were
standing just inside the doorway watching. The screaming
and crashing had no doubt caught their attention and I
had been far too involved to hear them enter the room.

As I lay helpless in the corner, Mack’s cum dripping
from my pussy, they approached. I heard Mack tell them,
“Go ahead guys, enjoy the fucking blonde slut. She is
one wild little fuck, but remember, her cunt belongs to

“No sweat, man,” Ray said as he dropped his pants, “This
bitch has plenty of holes to go around!” As he
approached, I watched his cock grow and harden. It
wasn’t as thick as my friend Ron’s, but it was at least
as long. Grabbing my hair, he pulled me to my knees.

Dragging me from the corner, he growled, “Suck this,
bitch!” and shoved his cock toward my mouth. Little did
he know I was dying to do just that. Locking my lips
around his tool, I sucked deeply and started bobbing up
and down on his beautiful shaft. “Jesus,” he whistled,
“This broad means business. Come on, blondie, suck it
down…take it all!”

My concentration on the 12″ dick in my mouth was broken
by the realization that Jay had shoved his cock up my
ass. Judging by the feel, his was the smallest of the
three pricks in the room, but it was still plenty large
enough to fill my asshole. Groaning, I tied to establish
a rhythm, sliding back and forth on the two cocks. As I
moved forward onto Ray’s monster in my mouth, Jay’s cock
slid out of my ass. As I slid back off of Ray’s beauty,
I drove Jay’s dick deeply into my ass.

All the while, I was aware of Mack egging all three of
us on: “That’s it, fuck the bitch good. You like that
don’t you whore? We’ll teach you something about
fucking–you’ll never go back to your lilly-white
boyfriends after we’re done with you. Come on, fuck her

As the tempo increased, I could feel both cocks starting
to twitch and knew they would be coming any second. Jay
came first, sending a wad of hot cum into my ass. As I
rocked forward onto Ray’s prick, however, Jay arched his
back to shoot again and popped out of my ass. As he
grabbed for his dick, cum shot everywhere–on my ass, on
my back, and down my legs. Giving up on re-entry, Jay
continued to pump his cock with his hand, squirting me
with load after load of his cum. The sight was too much
for Ray, who also started to cum. As his first load shot
down my throat, he too pulled out of me.

“Looks like it’s shower the slut time!” he shouted as
his second load hit me in the forehead. As the cum ran
down my right cheek onto my neck, he turned my head and
shot his third load onto my left cheek. Jerking his cock
off, he then pushed me back and emptied his balls onto
my tits.

Collapsing, I saw Mack approach, stiff prick in his
hand. “One more load for your cunt, bitch!” he said as
he plunged into me. Fucking me with all his might, Mack
was soon coming again. Like his friends, he allowed the
first spurt to come inside me, then pulled out.
Straddling my prone body, he then shot his second spurt
onto my stomach and pubic hair.

His third and final wad came as he stood over me, and
landed squarely on the top of my head. Backing off, he
looked around and asked “Anybody want another turn?”
When neither Ray or Jay accepted, Mack turned back to me
and ordered, “OK, blondie, we’re done–get your ass out
of here.”

As I struggled to my feet, I caught a glimpse of my
reflection in the dressing room mirror. What I saw
shocked even me. A red welt was forming on my face where
mack had slapped me. My hair, which had been so
perfectly prepared at the start of the concert, was now
twisted, knotted, and matted with a combination of sweat
and cum. Semen dripped from my face and tits, glistened
in my pubic hair, and leaked from my pussy and ass,
running down my legs. In short, I looked (and felt) as
if I had been fucked by an army. As I reached for my
dress, mack grabbed it.

Walking to the door, he opened it and threw my dress as
far down the hall as he could. “I said get out, cunt!
We’re not waiting for you to get dressed–go show your
husband what a well- fucked bitch looks like!” As I
started out the door, I couldn’t resist one more tease.
Pausing, I looked back clearly wanting to ask a
question. “Well?” Mack demanded.

“I… I… I just wondered,” I started.

“Wondered what, bitch?”

“I just wanted to know if you’d fuck me again the next
time you’re in town!” Spinning on my heels, I walked out
of the room, leaving three gaping mouths in the room.

Looking down the hall, I saw my dress lying on the
floor–right at John’s feet! As I approached, his eyes
traveled up and down my cum-soaked body. “It looks like
you got all you could want,” he said.

“Almost,” I answered, “I haven’t had you yet.”

John helped me into my dress and drove me home where he
soon added his cum to Mack’s. After we finished, I
started for the bathroom, remarking that I needed a

“No,” John barked.

“Get back here! You fucked your way into that condition,
and you’re going to stay that way until morning.” Thus,
I spent the rest of the night marinating in the semen of
four men. To tell the truth, I was almost sorry to lose
it all when I did shower the next morning; luckily I’ll
always have my memories.

After my Saturday morning shower, I started to think
about what would happen later in the day. Since John is
off, Saturdays are always a big treat for his sex toy.
However, as I moved around the house, I started to
realize that the previous night’s fucking had taken its
toll on me. The bouncing and slamming along the floor
had left my ass, back and legs awfully sore. There were
no bruises, but I was definitely in no condition to get
wild and crazy.

I tried to hide my stiffness from John, but he is pretty
observant and sensitive, and therefore picked up on it
right away. After a short discussion, he made it clear
that today would be spent relaxing. I did stay nude the
entire day, and, as usual on a Saturday, John fucked me
several times.

However, he took great care to ensure that each of the
fuckings was gentle and warm. He massaged and caressed
me much as he had seen Pat do, and, in short, used the
entire day as a physical and mental therapy to soothe my
aches and pains. I repeatedly told him how guilty I
felt, especially since we were already scheduled to
visit my mother on Sunday. That meant that we would be
unable to enjoy any fantasies all weekend.

It just didn’t seem fair that I should fuck like a wild
woman all week and then be too sore and too busy to
satisfy my man on the weekend. As I said earlier,
though, John loves and respects me, which is what makes
our arrangements possible. He responded to my fears and
frustration by explaining how much he does love me and
by making sure I knew that being his fuck toy is just a
part of our relationship, not the center of it.

Thanking him as much as I could, I promised that next
weekend would be really special and that his fuck toy
would take him to new heights of pleasure. I’m still not
sure which of us is looking forward to those heights the

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