A wife, relaxing on her first day off in months, is interrupted by her husband and his co-workers

It was my first weekend off in 3 months. Recently my
company had assigned me to a huge project. Between the
weekends with family obligations and some last minute
assignments, I was looking forward to the peace and
quiet. I shipped the kids off to grandma’s and prepared
to do nothing.

I was relaxing in the living room when the doorbell
rang. My husband came bounding down the stairs to open
the door. I heard voices coming my way. I wondered who
it could be, then thought, dammit, I look like a slob.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bad to look at. I’m 35 years
old, 5’5″ 135, I keep myself fairly toned and I have
pretty hair, but at that point I had no make up on, I
was wearing a white ribbed wife beater, a pair of loose
workout shorts that I pulled off my bedroom floor, and
my hair was barely brushed.

My husband walked in the room with 4 guys. I knew 2 were
guys he worked with. I did not know the other 2. I felt
embarrassed when they walked in. I was not expecting
anyone. I was not dressed for anyone, and I did not want
anyone there.

I looked up and said hi. I realized I had to stand up. I
stood up and looking quizzically at my husband and went
to get introduced. I had no idea why they were here. I
was actually a little pissed that they were.

As I stood up I saw all the guys look at me. Ok, I
realized I was seriously being checked out. It was kind
of creepy. Then I realized I was not wearing a bra and
my thin wife beater clung tightly to every curve. I am
maybe a 36C but all of that 36C was on display. My shirt
stopped above my navel and my shorts started 2″ below
showing a good expanse of belly. Now, I was even more
pissed. I really could not run and cover myself and I
still had no idea why they were here. Wryly, I realized
the good news is no one noticed my lack of makeup.

My husband just said, “Hi babe, did not see you there.
The guys came over to watch the game.”

In my mind I was strangling him. This was my only do
nothing day for the next few weeks. I did not want to
“do nothing” with his friends, especially guys I really
did not know.

Instead of strangling him, I held out my hand and
introduced myself. The 2 guys I had met before were Bob
and Paul, both worked with my husband. They were average
looking guys, both in their 30s. Nothing great, nothing
bad. I seemed to remembered Paul was married. The other
2 I had not met. They were from out of town. They were
on the same team as my husband and they were working on
a project together.

One was Gary, kind of the same mold, cute nothing
special. The last guy was Tom. Tom was older. I found
out later he was 45. It was obvious he was the leader in
the group. You could tell just by the way they all
looked expectantly at me as he was introduced. I don’t
know what reaction they expected. Maybe I was supposed
to genuflect? He was tall, handsome, and had a great
smile. He did not ogle me like the other 3. He did give
me an appreciative look and then stayed with my eyes. If
I had not been so mad at my husband, I would have
enjoyed meeting this man.

Since I was mad at my husband, I was not enjoying
meeting anyone. I needed to deal with him. I looked at
him and said, “Honey, I did not know we were having

He told me Gary had just called him so he invited them
over. I don’t know if there was a good response to my
statement but that was certainly not it. Then to make it
better he said, “You said you did not want to go out, so
I figured they could come here.”

He did this sort of thing a lot. We had discussed it

I glared at him but he was oblivious. He might not have
noticed but Tom did. Tom quickly said he thought they
might be intruding and maybe they should head to a local
bar to watch the game. I thought, great idea.

My husband said, That’s dumb, we have a huge TV, plenty
of beer and Jill can make some sandwiches.”

That was it. I knew I was going to k**l him as he slept
that night.

I, in the most gracious voice I could find, said,
“Please, it’s no big deal. Come on in.”

The guys came in and I started to pick up around me. As
I bent over to pick up a pillow I heard a soft gasp. I
realized that my shorts were pretty short and loose and
they must have seen a great deal of my ass as I bent
over. Dammit, now I was really mad. His friends are all
ogling me, taking up my day, and they want sandwiches. I
did have an evil thought. My husband has a bit of a
jealous streak. He had not caught on to me being checked
out, but I knew once he did he would be mad.

I figured a little irritation would be good for him. I
told them to sit down, and I would get the beer. I went
to the kitchen, grabbed 6 bottles and held the cold wet
bottles against my chest. My nipples reacted to the
cold. The condensation made the shirt stick to my skin
and become a little transparent. I pushed my shorts a
bit further down on my hips and brought the beers in. As
I served them I made sure I bent over each one and gave
them a beer.

They tried very hard to pretend they were not looking at
my tits. I kept my ass towards my husband and whoever
was near him, so he could see the shorts slide up and
show my ass cheeks as I bent over. I handed Tom his
beer. He smiled, looked me in the eyes, and said thank
you. I was beginning to like him.

I finally handed my husband the last beer. He saw my
top, he realized what everyone had been seeing. I could
see him get tense.

Not wanting to make a scene, he just said, “Thank you
babe. Do you want to change?”

I stood up. I was where everyone could see me. I
stretched my back really showing off my tits. I said, “I
wasn’t planning to. I can if you want.”

He glanced at me and at his friends who were mostly
ogling me, and said he thought I should.

I went upstairs laughing at myself. He could be such a
jerk. Tom popped to mind. He seemed nice.

I got to my room and turned to think if what to wear.
Dammit, I was comfortable. Why did have to change? I
really did not want to change. I only had to change
because he ruined my day.

On the other hand I am a girl and do like to look good.
I was still annoyed at my husband. An evil thought came
to mind. I went in and brushed out my hair and put
makeup on. Not a lot, just my usual fresh face look. I
went and grabbed the clothes I thought I would wear.

I grabbed a summer outfit. It had a bustier style crop
top with shoulder straps and 4 buttons down the front.
It definitely pushed up and showed what I had. By
undoing the top button, I showed even more. The outfit
came with a short matching denim layered skirt. The
skirt sat low on my hips and landed at most half way
down my thigh. Between my top and skirt my belly was
exposed from ribcage to hip bone.

I grabbed my flirtiest thong panties. They were tiny,
pink and white with ruffles around the edges. I ended
the outfit with a strappy pair of sandals with a slight
heel. I looked in the mirror. I looked good. In fact, I
looked hot. Not slutty hot, but girl next door hot.
Perfect. Just to be on the mean side I bent over to
check my cleavage. No nipples. One more button they
would be on display. I checked my backside. Well, what
lady bends over straight legged from the waist anyway. I
was ready to go.

As I walked down the stairs Tom saw me first. He gave me
an appreciative look, a thumbs up, and a smile. I smiled
back. The other guys saw Tom and turned to look. All
their faces lit up except for my husband’s. He had a
definite scowl.

I just said, “Anyone need another beer?”

As I walked through the room towards the kitchen and
counting who wants beers, I may have swung my hips a bit
more than usual. I certainly did not have to bend over
and pick up that bottle, but I did. I stood up. Again I
saw my husband’s scowl, 3 guys looking shocked, and Tom
with an amused smile. It was as if he got the joke.

My husband followed me in. He was mad. He spoke to me in
an angry whisper. “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting beers.”

“I mean, what are you wearing?” He said raising his
voice a bit.

I pouted and said, “Don’t you like it?”

He then said the words he’d come to regret. He said,
“You look like a slut.”

I turned, looked at him, got my face in his face and
went off on him, “First you bring a bunch of strangers
home on the only day off I have in months. Then when I
am nice enough to not say anything, and get you snacks,
you call me a SLUT? Really? A slut? You don’t even know
what a slut is.”

He now knew I was angry. He stammered a response turned
and huffed out of the room.

I was now really mad. I mean, he was right, I was
dressed to tease, but screw him. I was comfortable
before all his friends showed up. I gathered up the
beers put them on a tray and thinking, I’ll show him
slut, as I walked in serving beers off the tray.

I bent over and offered the tray to each guest making
sure my ass was facing his other guests. I am sure a bit
of my ass cheeks showed. The guys just gawked silently.
Tom took his beer, thanked me, and said they were lucky
to have such a beautiful hostess. He had class.

I blushed a bit and said thank you. I got to my husband.
He scowled and his eyes burned through me. I handed him
his beer and then bent over more exposing more of my ass
to his guests.

I whispered to him, “Is that slutty enough?”

I smirked at him, turned and walked away. I was starting
to have fun.

At the kitchen door I stopped twisted looked over my
shoulder and said, “Are you ready to eat?”

Turning like that really showed off my legs.

My husband said nothing, just scowled. The guys were not
sure what to say. Tom, again the gentleman, said,
“Please, don’t put yourself out. We can order snacks.
You should not have to wait on us.”

I smiled. I was definitely liking this guy.

I softened and said, “I don’t mind, be right back.”

My husband again followed me into the kitchen. In an
angry whisper, probably a bit louder than he intended,
he said, “You’re embarrassing the fuck out of me. Stop
acting like such a fucking slut.”

I was about to scream at him and start throwing things.
Tom saved him. Tom walked in the kitchen. He’d obviously
heard what was said. He put his arm on my husband’s
shoulder and said, “Back off. We interrupted her day and
Jill is being very accommodating.”

My husband started to say something but I guess Tom
really was in charge, he just stopped. Tom said to my
husband, “Go sit down. I will take over here.”

Take over? What did that mean? My husband gave me a
look, turned to Tom, sighed, and went back to his seat.

Tom smiled at me and said, “We obviously interrupted
your day.”

I brushed it off and said it was no big deal. Tom put
his hand on my arm and told me he was sorry they
interrupted my day, but not sorry he got to meet me. It
was a sincere compliment and given my day, a complement
was appreciated.

I became fully aware of his hand on my arm. I looked at
him. Again I noticed how handsome he was. I felt a
little self conscious under his gaze I looked down, but
did not move.

He put his finger under my chin and pulled my head up
and said, “I think you are beautiful. I don’t think you
are a slut.” I smiled. He then added, “But I bet if you
wanted, you would be an amazing slut.”

My mouth dropped open, but he had a smile on his lips
and a twinkle in his eye. I punched him in the arm
laughed and said, “You’d like that wouldn’t you.” I
pointed to the counter and said, “Let’s makes snacks.”

I turned to walk away, he gave me a playful swat on the
ass and said, “But yes, yes I would.”

I looked at him, stuck my tongue out, wiggled my ass,
and said, “Snack time.”

He laughed. I then got the double entendre. I blushed,
laughed and said very slowly, as if speaking to an
idiot, “Time to MAKE the snacks.”

He feigned innocence, and with faked hurt in his voice
said, “Of course, that’s what I meant.”

I went to the fridge to get some cheese and salami. It
was in the bottom fresh drawer. I thought what the hell.
I bent straight over from the hip to get it. I am sure
most of my ass was on display. Tom stepped up to me and
I reached back and I handed him the cheese and salami. I
stood up and smiling said, “The knife is over there.”

Tom went to cutting, I got out the crackers. I’ll show
him who’s in charge. I was still mad at my husband, but
Tom was making it better.

I brought the crackers and a plate over and started
arranging them on a tray. Tom stood next to me and put
his hand in the small of my back. Actually a bit lower.
I think he was at least touching the waist of my skirt.
I stiffened up. I could not remember the last time a man
other than my husband touched me there. I looked at Tom.
He had that confident smile. I realized I liked his
touch. I smiled and finished the platter. I pointed to
the door.

He said, “Ladies first.”

I walked to the door, stopped, wiggled my ass, and
brought out the snacks.

I grabbed a beer and sat down to watch the game. My
husband was in his chair. The couch was full. The only
chair was in a spot to the side. I sat down. As I did my
skirt slid up. I noticed it. Everyone noticed it. My
husband’s face turned a little red. Obviously not happy.
The other guys pretended not to look.

Tom looked, he looked me in the eye, nodded approvingly,
and smiled. I was enjoying it all. I liked seeing my
husband mad and nothing he can do about it. I liked the
guys trying to look and trying not to get caught, and I
was really enjoying this good looking, confident man’s

I was on my second beer. My husband was trying to avoid
looking at me. Pretending he was ignoring me. Tom,
looked at my legs and then my eyes and nodded his head
upward. Really? He wanted me to show more leg? What the
hell. I was feeling flirty. I had nice legs.

Why not. I put my beer down and pretended to adjust my
skirt. I actually lifted up the hem enough so Tom could
see my panties. I dropped the hem so far up my lap that
my panties were obviously showing.

My husband noticed and started to say something.

He got “Jill” out, when Tom said, “Leave her alone.”

My husband started to say something, but just sat back
in his chair and opened another beer. It was pretty
clear who was in charge. The other guys kept trying not
to get caught looking. Tom looked, and nodded

After 2 beers his approval was starting to make me
horny. I gave him a flirty smile and this time gave my
skirt a very obviously tug up. There was no question I
was showing off. My husband was stewing in his chair.

Tom’s control was exciting me. My husband was an OK
lover. He was always in charge during sex but it was
always about him. I managed to cum most of the time, but
I was definitely responsible for my own orgasm. Tom was
teasing me. He was taking control, but it was not about
him. It was about me. He made me feel sexy. He made me
feel like responding.

We needed more beer. They were in the garage. I got up
to get them. Tom offered to help. The thought made me a
little wet. I was going to be alone with him. As we
entered the garage

Tom put his hands on my hips pulled me up against him
and said, “I see there is a bit of a slut in there.”

I was very aware of his hands on my hips and his breathe
on my neck. I should have pulled away, instead I leaned
my ass into him.

He kissed my ear and said, “I like it.”

He grabbed a six pack and headed back in. I stood there
for a minute catching my breath. Standing there I
realized I was sorry he had not tried something. I
sighed and went back with another six pack.

When I walked in the room I started to head for my
chair. Tom said to Gary, “Why don’t you sit over there
so Jill can sit next to me.”

My husband’s head whipped around. Tom just gave him a
look. My husband turned to the TV again. Gary did what
he was told. I walked over to the couch. Tom reached
out, grabbed the hem of my skirt, and pulled me into the
couch. I knew when he pulled me back my entire ass was
exposed to him.

When I landed on the couch my skirt was not under me in
back and the front was high enough to again show my
panties. My husband looked at me, then at Tom, he sighed
and turned his head back to the game.

Me? I was starting to get horny. Between the beer, my
husband, Tom’s attention, and the three guys trying not
to get caught, but paying more attention to me than the
game, I was definitely turned on. Tom, put an arm around
me. It landed on my bare shoulder.

He looked at my Halter top and said, “Is that supposed
to be worn that way? I know someone who has one just
like it. It looks like you have too many buttons done.”

I looked down. It had 4 buttons, I had buttoned 3. One
more and from his angle my nipples would definitely be
showing. I said, “I don’t think so.”

He responded, “Let’s see.”

He reached over and undid a button. Again my husband
started to say something but a look from Tom shut him
up. I wondered how Tom had so much control over my
husband. I then realized he also had control over me,
and I was liking it. In fact he was in charge of the
whole room.

He undid the button and looked down my top. He said.
“You have very pretty nipples.”

I blushed. I did not know how to answer. He then said to
my husband, “Your wife has beautiful breasts.”

My husband meekly replied, “Yes.”

Tom said, “What?”

My husband in a louder voice said, “Yes, my wife has
beautiful breasts.”

It felt surreal sitting here listening to them talk
about my breasts, but I liked it. I couldn’t believe my
husband was not trying to k**l this man, but he just sat

Tom reached, over slid his hand in my top, and felt
them. My nipples instantly became hard. All the guys,
including my husband, were watching. My husband no
longer looked angry, just resigned. Tom stood up. He
took my hand, pulled me up, and led me to the kitchen.
He put his strong hands on my hips and set me on the
table. He pushed my skirt up to my waist. He unbuttoned
the next two buttons on my top.

Except for my panties I was completely exposed to him. I
looked at him and said, “Are you going to fuck me now?”

He kissed my breast and sucked on my nipples. His hand
slid up to the crotch of my panties. He slid his finger
inside and felt how wet I was.

He kissed me lightly on the lips, pulled back, and said,
“Not yet.”

Not yet? I’m here on the table, legs spread, his fingers
inside me, and he says not yet? I said it out loud.
Meekly but I said it. “Not yet?”

He said, No, you have not yet discovered your potential
inner slut.”

Inner slut, I thought. I’m sitting half naked on a
table, with my husband and three other men in the other
room and he wants me to be sluttier! The thought scared
me, but also excited me. I was not sure what was next,
but I was enjoying the ride so far.

He said we should go back in the other room. I started
button my top. He stopped me and said, “Let’s go.”

I don’t know why I was letting him do this. Part of it I
was still mad at my husband, after all, he called me a
slut, but I knew that was not the real reason. I was
enjoying this. I was enjoying giving up control. I was
liking the idea of being a slut.

I walked back in the other room. Everybody looked. It
was obvious my top was undone. Tom walked in behind me.
He said, “Jill, you don’t need that top anymore.”

All eyes were on me. I was enjoying being on display. I
shrugged the top off, and was going to let it drop to
the ground. Tom stopped me and told me to hand it to my
husband. I walked over and gave it to him. He meekly
took it from me and stared at it.

As I stood there, Tom came up behind me and put his arms
around my waist. He pulled me close and looked at my

He said, “It was obvious when we got here that Jill did
not want us here. It was also clear you were not paying
attention to her. Since we are here I am going to make
sure that this is the best day of her life.”

He turned me around and kiss me hard. His hands slid my
skirt and he pushed it down to the ground. I was
standing there in just a thong in front of my husband
and 4 strangers. My panties so wet I was getting
uncomfortable. He broke the kiss.

I looked in his eyes and said, “Now? ”

He took me by the hand and led me back to the couch. He
sat down and pulled me down kneeling in front of him. I
was ready. I unbuckled his belt and reached for his
zipper. I pulled out his cock. It was semi hard. I held
it in my hand. Even semi hard I could tell he was bigger
and thicker than normal. Not a freak show but certainly
bigger than I’d seen.

He looked at me and said, “Suck it.”

I had sucked cock before. My husband, a couple of
boyfriends in college, I’ve done it before but I was no
expert. Even with my husband it was just something to
get through till we could get to the sex. This time was
different. This time I wanted to be good.

I knew Tom had experience. I wanted to be his best
experience. I took the head in my mouth and slowly took
as much in as possible. My hands circled the base of his
shaft. I pumped his shaft while my mouth went up-and-
down on his cock. It felt good. I thought about the men
watching me. I tried to put on a show. I made sure my
ass was on display.

Tom stopped me. I was mad. I did not want to let go of
his cock. He put me on the couch and switched positions
with me. He looked me in the eyes and slid my panties
down my legs. My pussy was now totally on display.

He lowered his tongue to my pussy and expertly started
licking me. My husband had gone down on me before, but
again, it was usually quick, not about me, and just to
get to the sex. This was different. This was good. This
was a man who had done this before.

This was a man who knew what he was doing. I closed my
eyes and shut out everything around me but the fantastic
feeling in my pussy. It hit me. I came. I normally have
orgasms. Not like this. Between his expertise and the
situation around me, I had the most intense orgasm I
ever had.

Tom stopped. He looked me in the eye and said, “Hoe was

The only words out of my mouth were, “Fucking amazing.”

Then, he looked at the three other guys. “What are you
guys still doing dressed. We have a woman to fuck.”

They looked at my husband, shrugged their shoulders, and
got undressed. In the back of my mind I wondered why I
was going to let these men fuck me. I knew it was
because Tom wanted me to and I was going to the the best
fuck they ever had.

Tom lay down the floor and pulled my mouth back onto his
cock. My ass was in the air. One of the guys started
eating my pussy. I realized I did not even know which
one. I came immediately. He kept going and I had at
least two more orgasms. Tom pointed to one of the other
guys. I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth.

I wanted to show them all what a good cock sucker I was.
Tom got behind me. I knew the moment was here. I had not
had a strange cock in me for at least 10 years. Now I
had one in my mouth and was about to be fucked by one. I
felt the head of his cock spread my lips. Slowly he sank
all the way into me.

I felt full. I felt wonderful. I attacked the cock in my
mouth with renewed vigor. Tom started pumping his cock
in and out of me. I could feel it along every nerve
ending. The two other guys sat next to the one I was
sucking. I reached my hands out and started stroking
both of them. I could feel the cock in my mouth start to
pulsate. I knew he was about to cum. I wrapped my hand
around it and pulled my mouth off.

Tom said. “No, swallow every drop.”

I had never let somebody come in my mouth before. This
time I wanted to do it. The cock in my mouth exploded. I
started swallowing as fast as I could. I got almost all
of it but some dripped down my chin.

Tom said, “Good girl.”

The praise felt wonderful. I immediately reached for the
next hard cock. I went after it with a passion. I loved
the feeling of cum exploding in my mouth. I wanted to
make it happen again. All this time I was fully aware of
Tom’s cock fucking me. Just as I started to get the
rhythm of sucking the second cock while Tom was fucking

I was overcome with another orgasm. This one hit me so
hard I forgot what I was doing on both ends. I caught my
breath and took the cock back in my mouth.

Now Tom started fucking me harder. He coaxed me on.
“Come on baby. Suck that cock. Show me what a good slut
you can be.”

The words brought me to another raging orgasm. I knew he
was almost ready to come. I pushed my ass back up
against him. I looked at my husband.

When I did I noticed he was rubbing his cock through his
pants. I stopped. Tom turned to see what I was looking

He laughed and said, “Take it out. Show her how sexy you
think she is.”

My husband hesitated and then unzipped his pants, pulled
his cock out, and started stroking it.

I watched for a minute and then went back to seriously
fucking Tom and and sucking cock. I looked back to see
my husband again. The sight of him stroking himself
while I was being so slutty made me come again. Just as
I caught my breath I could feel Tom’s cock start to get

Looking my husband in the eyes I said, Come on Tom, fill
up my pussy. Make me your slut. Give me all your cum in
front of my husband.”

I could feel Tom’s hot cum hit the walls of my pussy. I
came again. I could feel Tom go soft and as his cock
slipped out of me some cum dripped out of me too.

I thought to myself, two down two to go. The last guy
got behind me. I could not believe he was going to fuck
my cum filled pussy. He was not as big as Tom but he
felt good. The feeling of being fucked with a load of
cum already in me made me feel slutty. The thought
brought me to another orgasm. As I continued to fuck his
cock I looked at the guy whose cock I was sucking. I
realized I had forgotten his name. The thought that I
was sucking the cock of a guy whose name I did not know
made me cum again. I lost count.

I looked him in the eyes, licked my lips, and asked
where he wanted to cum.

He said, “On my tits.”

I let the cock in me slide out and rolled over on my
back. I reached down and guided him back in me. Then I
grabbed the other cock.

Before I stuck it back in my mouth I said, “Cum on baby,
my tits are all yours.”

I could feel the orgasm building inside him. I looked at
him and whispered, “Cum for me.”

His first jet hit me in the mouth. A second jet on my
face and neck. He continued to gush all over my tits and
belly. As soon as his cum hit my tits I came again. I
could no longer remember how many orgasms I’d had. I was
still being fucked and now was just having wave after
wave of small orgasms.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore I felt the
cock inside of me start to go. I could feel the hot jets
but I could also feel them against the load already
inside me. That was it. I had thought I had had orgasms
before. I was wrong. This feeling took me from head to
toe. I could not think. I could not breathe. I felt wave
and wave overtake me. Somewhere in the distance I felt
the cock slip out of me.

When I opened my eyes Tom was sitting on the couch. He
said, Let’s get a picture.”

He told the three guys to go sit in the chair across the
room. One sat in the chair the other two sat on the
arms. He told me to go lay down in front of them. I did.
He told them to put their arms around each other’s
shoulder and a hand on each other’s leg. They thought it
was a funny shot. Tom took the picture.

He then told them it was time to go. As they were
getting dressed said to them, “You can talk about this
on the car ride to the hotel. After that I never want to
hear about this day again .”

He told them that if he ever heard of it again or if he
heard somebody else heard about it they would
immediately be fired. He said if there were any
repercussions against my husband they would also be
fired. He promised if they were fired they would never
work in the industry again. He showed them the picture.
He took it above me.

I was not in the picture. It was just the three of them
naked in a chair holding each other. He said if they
ever went to another company and did talk about this
that the picture would find its way to their customers,
colleagues and management.

He beckoned me over to the couch. He made me kneel in
front of him and take his cock in my mouth. As I was
sucking him he addressed all of them. “I know none of
you have checked your email. When you do you’ll find out
that I have been promoted to CEO.”

He told them that it meant there would be openings all
along the management chain. He looked up at my husband
and told him he had already been chosen to manage this
group and that he would be promoted tomorrow. He made it
clear that it had nothing to do with today. It had
already been decided.

He looked at the other three guys and told them that my
husband was now their boss. He made it clear that my
husband could fire them anytime he wanted. He told them
that if my husband fired them it was the same as if he
fired them and he would make sure they did not work in
the industry again.

He then looked at my husband. He told him that he could
fire this team but it was a very effective team. He
said, “Frankly, you’re a bit of a dick. This team is
part of why you’re successful. If you fire them I do not
believe you will succeed.”

All this time I was sucking his cock. He looked at me
and told me if I wanted I could have a job in his
company any time I wanted. He told me it was a real job
and there were no strings attached.

The three guys had left. It was only Tom, me, and my
husband. First Tom asked me how my day went. I kissed
the tip of his cock and told him it was the most amazing
day ever.

Tom looked at my husband and told him he had one more
decision to make. He said after today he was pretty sure
that I was ready to leave and move on. He looked at me.
I did not disagree.

He told my husband that if he wanted to keep me now was
the time to show me how much he loved me. I was still
sucking Tom’s cock. Tom pointed to my pussy, then he
looked at the door. I saw my husband think. Then he got
undressed. His cock was rock hard. He got behind me and
pushed his cock into my cum filled pussy. I knew he
could feel the other loads inside me.

Tom asked him if he had anything to say to me.

My husband grabbed my hips, shoved his cock into me all
the way into me and said, “I love you.””

All I said was, “Show me with your cum. Show me that you
still love your slutty little wife. Show me that you
still want her cum filled pussy.”

He came, he came hard. At the same time I had my last
orgasm of the day.

Tom got up, got dressed, and said, “Time for me to go.”

As he left my husband swept my cum soaked body into his
arms and held me.

It’s now been six months. My husband’s team is kicking
ass at work. At home he has become much more attentive
to me. Our lovemaking has become much more mutual and
more satisfying. We still have our issues. He can still
be a bit arrogant, but I have also become more
confident. Between us we have struck a good balance. He
has been better to me, and as he is better to me, I am
better to him.

He does not bring company home without asking. When he
does ask, I always say yes.

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