A young black woman and the white boss woman

Jasmine watched the older white woman who ran the
company walk away. The bitch, she thought. Just because
she was a student aide at this plant, it was no way to
treat her. She had just chewed her out for some
misspelled words on a document she had given her to
type and send out. If she don’t like it, she thought,
she should type her own crap.

Jasmine was 21 years old in her third year of college
working here for the summer. She thought of herself as
an extremely well developed black girl who could get a
stare from any of the boys at school. The only problem
was money to complete her education was always hard to
come by these days since her mother had divorced and
was working a minimum paid job. Grants were her only
hope to complete her education.

She had completed her work for the day and decided to
browse the net for awhile. Why not check up on Miss
Good shoes, she thought. Maybe the bitch had a prison
record of something. As she pondered, she found several
papers the woman had written for this or that and then
while goggling she found something she never suspected.

It was an ad at a B&D web site of a white woman looking
for a Black Domme to serve. The picture was definitely
Mary her boss totally nude with a dildo shoved up her
big hairy cunt. She wasn’t that bad looking for a woman
in her mid 40s Jasmine thought as she drooled over her
find. This could be her ticket out of this job to
better things.

Quickly, she printed the picture ad out and attached it
to a plain white letterhead with only the words “white
slut” typed below. She got up and headed to her office
and knocked.

“Come in Jas,” Mary Johnson said looking up from her
large wooden desk. “Make it quick, I ready to go home
for tonight and I don’t have time for any foolishness.”

“No problem.” Jasmine replied walking over and dropping
the letter down on her desk.

Jasmine watched as the woman eyes got large staring at
the picture.

“I took the liberty of preparing copies to send to all
the employees and shareholders.” Jasmine said enjoying
every minute of the woman facial expression. “I sure
they would enjoy it as much as I did.”

Mary looked up in fear at the younger black girl.

“Jas I’m sure we can work something out to prevent this
from getting out.” Mary tried to say. “It was only a

“I sure we can too,” Jasmine replied smiling. “As a
matter of fact, I am going to enjoy having an older
white bitch like you tending to my every needs. My
pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. You do
like to lick a black lady pussy don’t you?”

Jasmine watched as Mary leaned back in the chair. She
could see the fear and defeat in her eyes.

“Jas, surely you can’t mean…..” Mary started to say.

“Yes I do.” Jasmine yelled out. “Get your big white ass
off that chair and get on your knees in front of me

Jasmine thought she wasn’t going to obey as both women
just stared at each other for several minutes. Finally,
she got the reaction she wanted. Mary got off the chair
and got down on her knees beside it. Jasmine took the
time to close and lock the door and then walking over
and sitting down in Mary’s chair.

“First, we have to get the rules straight,” Jasmine
spoke. “You will never speak to me unless I give you
“Jess, this is ridi…” Mary started to say as she felt
a slap to her face.

“You will serve me in whatever way I desire without
question. You will be punished as I see fit and I plan
to move into your house so you can serve me daily after
work. I know your daughter is away for school this
summer and you’re unmarried so that shouldn’t be a
problem. Is all that understood slut or do I have to
repeat myself?”

Jasmine glance over to see Mary still on her knees and
her face turning all shades of red.

“Yes Jas,” Mary finally replied meekly.

“That’s yes mistress from now on.” Jasmine pressed on.

“Yes mistress,” Mary replied keeping her face down
looking at the floor.

“Good.” Jasmine said. “I think we should start off by
you standing up and undressing for me. It’s what you
always wanted slut. I can’t wait to see those big white
udders of yours.”

Slowly Mary got up and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“In front of me slut. Hurry up before I loose my
patience.” Jasmine beamed.

Mary turned around facing Jasmine and removed her
blouse completely letting it drop to the floor. She
reached back unhooking her bra and release it to fall
on its on. She started to cover her large tits which
popped out exposed to the young girl view but a finger
by Jasmine and she knew better. She then started
unzipping her skirt and let it drop on the floor.

“Hurry up slut! Can’t you follow instructions
properly.” Jasmine yelled.

Mary pulled down her pantyhose and stocking at the same
time and worked her feet out of them. She stood up
facing Jasmine trying not to look at the girl staring
eyes on her nakedness.

“Much too hair for your pussy. Makes it look very
dirty.” Jasmine said as Mary’s face deepened a farther

“But I can’t wait to play with those big cow tits of
yours. Come here and kneel on the floor so I can enjoy

Jasmine could see Mary’s nipples harden as she got down
in front of her and knew despite her humiliation that
she was getting excited. She reached out and grabbed
both of her boobs in her hand and started stroking
them. Mary’s eyes were close as she knew she was
enjoying the rubbing.


Jasmine had pinched her nipples hard.

“From now on, you will never close your eyes in front
of me.” Jasmine exclaimed pulling and pinching the
nipples again. Is that understood my white slut?”

“Yes mistress,” Mary yelled out in pain her face

Jasmine started rubbing the nipples till they were
fully extended and then grabbing the whole boob in her
hand started pulling up and down on them like she was
milking her. Mary’s eyes were grazed and she knew the
older slut was getting off on her abuse of her large
tits so she finally let go.

“Turn around and bend over so I can inspect your big
white ass.” Jasmine yelled pulling and pinching each
nipple one more time as Mary moaned in pain.

Mary hesitated and didn’t move. Jasmine knew she was
debating if she wanted to disobey and cut her loses.


“You heard me slut. Turn around and bend over. Do I
have to tell you everything twice?” Jasmine yelled
louder making sure to stress her control over the older

Jasmine could see the red print she left on her face as
Mary quickly turned around and bent over with her head
to the floor.

“My, my what a big white ass you have here.” Jasmine
spoke enjoying the woman humiliation. “And look at that
nasty brown hole in there. You haven’t used the
bathroom today have you slut?”

“No mistress,” Mary replied meekly.

“Good slut.” Jasmine said. “I expect your nasty hole to
be clean at all times in my presence just in case I
want to stuff something in it. You don’t mind do you?”

“No mistress,” Mary replied feeling Jasmine’s hands
roaming over her ass cheeks in back and groping them
every so often.

“I bet you haven’t even been fuck in that nasty hole
yet. Have you bitch?” Jasmine pressed on.

“No mistress.” Mary meekly reply.

“As a matter of fact, where is that pen you was waving
in my face earlier today? Jasmine asked.

“On the desk mistress.” Mary replied.

Jasmine stood up and picked up the pen from the desktop
and returned to her seat.

“Anytime you wave a pen to my face again, I’m am going
to show you where you can shove it.” Jasmine said
pushing the pen at the entrance to Mary’s brown hole and
shoving it in nearly all the way.

Mary was moaning on the floor as her asshole finally
relax and then tighten on the pen end.

“Thank you mistress.” Mary replied catching her breath.

“And now I think your big white ass should be punished
for talking to me the way it did earlier. Don’t you
think so slut?” Jasmine asked.

“Yes mistress.” Mary replied meekly.

Slap, slap, slap.


Slap, slap, slap.

Jasmine started slapping Mary’s big ass quickly as her
big globes were turning a nice shade of pink and trying
to remain in her commanded position. The slaps were
becoming more and more frequent as Mary finally broke
down and started wailing.

“Please mistress, no more. God it hurts.” Mary yelled.

“Get use to it bitch.” Jasmine yelled down at her.
“Your ass is going to be spanked a lot in the future.
Especially with that fat mouth of yours. Take that you
old fat bitch.”

Mary’s ass was now wiggling wildly in back trying to
dodge the slaps being delivered. She was now yelping
with each swat and weeping in between. Her ass was
turning red as Jasmine finally quit.

Jasmine looked down admiring her handiwork on the woman
big ass and reached to her pants and rubbed her clit.
The beating had really made her horny and she needed
some relief. The big red ass open to her pleasure was
more than she had ever anticipated. She watched her
butt wiggle in back trying to get some relief.

“Crawl up under the my desk slut and stick your head
out.” She commanded Mary.

As Mary started getting in position, she unzipped her
pants and removed them. She started to remove her
panties and decided why not let the bitch do it. She
got up in front of Mary’s face jutting out from
underneath the desk and stood in front of her with her
cunt only inches from her face.

“Remove my panties with your mouth.” She commanded.

Janice watched as Mary’s face buried itself in the hem
of her panties and then the tugging down her thighs.
As they reached her feet, she stepped out of them and
slowly moved her chair up to the desk and sat down. She
could see Mary’s face staring at her wet cunt as she
opened her legs wide to give her a better view and to
provide access.

“Now get that flappy tongue of yours in my cunt and get
me off bitch.” She demanded.

She watched Mary’s tongue dive to her clit and then the
swiping around it. She leaned back enjoying the thrill
of her ex-boss licking her clitty up and down. Reaching
down, she grabbed her thick black hair driving her face
flushed against her cunt and started moving her tongue
where she wanted it. Soon it was deep in her cunt
driving in and out as she climax on her face rubbing
her cunt all over her nose. She pushed her head back
enjoying the sight of her cum smeared all over her
mouth along with her lipstick.

“Next time I expect you to do better.” She scorned her.
“Now be still cunt face.”

She reached on the desk and found just what she wanted.
A black magic marker.

“Keep you face still,” she commanded her opening the
marker and then reaching down starting writing the
words Jasmine slut on her right face cheek.

“Just for everyone will know who you belong to when we
go to your apartment.” She laughed. “Wouldn’t want you
to get raped would we. Especially, since you won’t have
any panties on. I suspect they’ll smell your old smelly
cunt for miles the way you’re dripping.”

She laid the marker back on the desk and grabbing
Mary’s hair starting pulling the older white woman out
from underneath it crawling.

“I think its time you showed your mistress the proper
way to greet her superior.” Jasmine laughed. She leaned
over the desk edge and wiggle her ass in back. “Come on
slut. Lick you mistress superior asshole lick the fat
pig you are. Don’t keep me waiting or I’ll get the
ruler next time.”

Jasmine felt a tongue on her butt hole in back and then
the feeling of it trying to snake its way inside. She
relax her ass muscles as the tongue started plowing in
freely and she leaned over more and relaxed enjoying
the rimming in back. This was going to be so much fun
as she let the old fart tongue her ass for a good ten
minutes before finally deciding she had enough. She
turned around smiling down at her humiliated boss.

“Get use to the taste sugar.” She told her. “Your
tongue is going to be in there a lot in the future.”

“Bend forward.” She commanded.

As Mary leaned forward. Jasmine straddle her head to
her surprise and started rubbing her clit on her blond

“My pussy is still wet so I just as well wipe it with
your mop up here.” She told her. “You don’t mind do you

“No mistress.” Mary replied weeping softy. “Clean your
pussy on my mop mistress.”

Jasmine continued rubbing her clit all over her hair,
squatting down every so often to make sure she felt the
wetness on her scalp before getting off.

“Now get your ass dressed.” She said. “I can’t wait to
see my new apartment. Just the shirt and blouse bitch
and throw the panties in the waste basket. The janitor
might get a kick out of smelling your old rotten pussy.
Hurry up.”

Jasmine slapped her ass as Mary tried to get the blouse
and skirt on as fast as she could.

“Here.” Jasmine said holding up a rubber band. “Tie
your hair back in a ponytail with this in case I want
to put your dirty old face where it belongs.

Mary quickly did as told. Her cunt was dripping all
over her skirt. She knew she was owned now but her
sexual peak denied any thought of resisting. She felt
Jasmine grabbing her right ass cheek in her palm
leading her out of the office like a child. Her pussy
was quivering in excitement. Jasmine made her carry
both purses as they walked out to the elevator. She
hoped no one else was in the building as they got
outside with her ass being goosed all the time.

Outside, Jasmine took her key and opened the door
patting her ass as she got in. She knew her new
Mercedes was going to be ruin as her wet cunt sat on
the fine seat without question. She stayed still
through the whole ride as they drove up to Mary’s
condominium and Mary saw the neighbor outside working
her flowers.

“Please mistress.” She begged. “Don’t let Carol see me
this way. Can’t we just go to the back. I promise to do
anything you want.”

“You will anyway slut.” Jasmine shouted. Now get your
ass out.”

Mary slowly got out the car as she noticed Carol was
now looking at her. She knew her clothes must be a
mess. She just stood for a moment trying to hide her
shame of how she looked when she felt her skirt being
lifted up in back and a hard slap applied to her ass.

“Now get your big butt moving slut.” Jasmine demanded.
“I’ll just hold your skirt up a little higher like this
to give the old lady a thrill. Ain’t I’m nice?”

Mary started walking trying to avoid looking over at
Carol. She knew what she must look like but her wetness
was running down her thighs as she made her way to the
door with her big ass swaying from side to side.
Jasmine was giving it light taps as they walked to add
to her humiliation. She opened the door as fast as she
could stumbling with her keys and cursing the whole
time as Jasmine kept slapping her ass demanding she
hurry up. Finally, it opened as she made her way inside
and Jasmine followed closing it behind her. It was such
a relief to be in the safety of her own home despite
being dominated by the younger girl.

“Strip bitch while I go look around.” Jasmine warned
her. “When I get back, I expect you to be naked with
your hands behind your back and feet spread.”

Mary started removing her clothes again. She assumed
the position demanded and waited. It seemed like hours
before the young mistress returned. She wanted to rub
her clit so bad she would fuck a horse right now for
some relief. Finally, she noticed her coming back to
the living area. Jasmine was dress in one of her see
through nightee she used to tease the bosses in order
to move up the ladder. She had to admit her mouth was
creaming in lust watching her sway around in it just
like she knew her prior lovers must have felt seeing
her in it.

“You like my new nightee?” Jasmine asked rubbing her
nipples in front of her. “It looks a lot better on me
than your old saggy body doesn’t it?”

“Yes mistress.” Mary replied panting. “It’s yours
mistress. You look so beautiful. Please may I lick your
pussy mistress.”

“Maybe later.” Jasmine replied giving her large tit’s a
light slap and turning around. She bent back rubbing
her butt on Mary’s crotch as the woman just stared down
in lust at it and tried to rub her twat on her mounds.
She knew the old bitch was trying to get off. Finally,
she turned back and gave her a light tap on the face

“Make me a drink while I lay on my new sofa bitch.”
Jasmine demanded. “Now hurry up and don’t keep mistress

Mary walked as fast as she could to make the drink. She
had to get her face in her cunt as soon as possible.
The thought of licking that creamy pussy again was
driving her mad in excitement. Quickly, she made it and
returned to find Jasmine all spawned out on her
expensive sofa rubbing her clit slowly in the gown. She
got down on her knees in front of her holding the drink
as Jasmine took it from her hand hoping she would
command her to lick her again.

“I know an old slut like you must have a dildo or two
in this house with a cunt as wet as yours.” Jasmine
said. “Go fetch them for me bitch.”

Mary did indeed have a dildo and a butt plug hidden in
her closet. She had used them once on an old rich bitch
in the company once she learned the woman was lesbian
and enjoyed being dominated. She blackmailed her later
to move above her and then promoting her down to a
lesser office. She got up and ran up the stairs,
fletching them and returned back with both items in her
hand. Her cunt was on fire hoping Jess would shove the
dildo up her hot pussy.

“My, my. My slut really has been bad.” Jasmine smiled
taking the toys and examining them. “Rub my clit with
the dildo and shove this one in your big hairy ass.”

Mary did as requested. She turned on the vibrator and
started rubbing Jasmine’s wet clit. Reaching back, she
started working the large butt plug in her asshole till
it was firmly inserted. She had never had it in her own
ass and was surprised at how easy it had inserted. She
was enjoying the feeling of it while she continue
stoking her mistress clit with the vibrator.

“Now put my new cock in my pussy and fuck it slow while
you lick it.” Jasmine told her grabbing her ponytail in
back and gliding her head down to her crotch. “I’m
going to cum all over your sofa bitch and your nasty

Mary was in heaven at the thought as she started
lapping the young black pussy and working her dildo up
inside her creamy thighs. She took her time enjoying
every moment of it as she felt her cum as she tried to
catch all of it in her mouth.

“Now clean my dildo bitch.” Jasmine told her as Mary
removed the dildo and started licking it up and down
and then down inside her mouth.

“Poor little bitch.” Jasmine teased her. “She wants to
cum but she doesn’t have a dildo anymore to play with.
Do you have a carrot in your frig bitch? Or a

“Just a cucumber mistress.” Mary replied panting for

“Well I feel like being nice for a moment.” Jasmine
smiled at her. “Go get your cucumber toy and come back
here. I want you to stand with your legs wide and fuck
yourself with it in front of me like the slut you are.”

“Thank you mistress.” Mary replied. Cucumber or
anything. She had to get something up her cunt soon.
She practically ran to the frig and grabbed the first
one she could find and brought it back and getting into
position in front of her mistress started working it in
her soaking wet cunt. Spreading her legs as far as
possible, she quickly started shoving the cucumber up
her wet cunt. When it was as far as she could get it,
she started shoving it in and out.

“Don’t forget to play with those cow jugs of yours
too.” Jasmine laughed. “Oh by the way, I didn’t say you
could cum so I suggest you don’t.”

Mary gasped in horror and disappointment while grabbing
her large boobs and rubbing them madly. She was on the
verge of exploding and she wasn’t allow to. She tried
to fight the feelings in her body but her cunt betrayed
her as she started shaking all over cumming on the
cucumber below. She was still shoving it in and out as
she heard her young mistress.

“Bitch, I told you that you were allowed to cum didn’t
I?” Jasmine screamed.

Mary was still shaking from her orgasm. Fear was no
longer in her mind as she wanted to cum again so bad.
She watch Jasmine get up and approached hoping she was
going to slap her again but then watched her reach down
grabbing the cucumber and pulling it out of her cunt to
her disappointment. The cucumber was held right in
front of her face.

“Open up bitch.” Jasmine warned her. “For that, you are
just going to have to hold it in your mouth till I feel
you’ve been punished enough.”

Mary opened her mouth as Jasmine crammed half of the
cucumber inside as she gasped for air through her nose.
Her mouth was totally stuffed and her tongue was pinned
completely. She could taste her own cum flowing down
her throat.

“Now bend your big fat ass over.” Jasmine demanded.
“I’m going to spank that plug fat ass of yours for
cumming without permission. Don’t spit the cucumber out
unless you want a lot worst bitch.”

Mary bent down as the first slap came down on the plug
deeply embedded in her asshole. She wanted to yell out
in pain but fought it back as the next landed. The
slaps were driving the plug totally inside as she was
screaming silently inside with each whack not daring to
drop the cucumber. Only once did it almost slip out as
her head was shaking wildly from the pain of the plug
in her butt. Finally her horrible ordeal was over as
she panted for relief.

Jasmine was laughing in back.

“That plug is so embedded in your butt, you’re going to
need a pair of piers to pull it out.” She laughed.
“Guess you’ll have to wear it for awhile.”

Mary was still panting from the soreness in her asshole
as Jasmine walked around in front of her and pulled the
cucumber out of her mouth dropping it on her new carpet

“Get down bitch and pick it up. Throw it in the garbage
and hurry up.” Jasmine demanded.

Mary slowly worked her way down as the plug was doing a
job on her asshole and picked it up. She knew she must
looked very strange walking with her ass shifting from
side to side because of the plug but she didn’t care.
She pitched the cucumber in the garbage and returned
hoping to please her mistress again and maybe get
another chance to get off. Her cunt was still on fire
and needed more relief.

She found Jasmine in the study room sitting at her

“Is this all your bank records slut?” Jasmine asked.

“Yes mistress..” Mary replied worried for once.

“Get down on your knees slut.” Jasmine commanded. “I’m
going to tell you how its going to be and you are going
to kiss my cunt for each item.”

Mary immediately got down on her knees. Her face was
inches from Jasmine’s cunt wishing she could lick it

“Since I need a larger income, I think your salary
should do for present and you can have mine since you
won’t need to buy many clothes anymore since you will
always be naked at home. Don’t you agree bitch? Jasmine
commanded spreading her legs wide and pointing to her

Mary grimace and then kiss her cunt.

“Yes mistress.” She replied.

“And I think I should have your car since I will be
driving your sorry ass to work and you won’t need it
for anything else. Am I right bitch.” Jasmine

“Yes mistress.” Mary replied kissing her clit again.

“And from now on, your bank account will be transferred
to my name so I can ensure you don’t piss it away and I
can continue my education the way it should be while
you continue your slutty way of being my personal maid
except for when you are working” Jasmine smiled.

“Yes mistress.” Mary replied kissing the tasty cunt at
her mouth again.

“Your ass will belong to me to use in any way I want or
anybody else that I give it to.” Jasmine pressed on
knowing the woman was lusting to lick her cunt.

“Yes mistress. Anyone.” Mary begged kissing her cunt
again much longer this time.

“Come cunt.” Jasmine told her getting up from the desk
and walking out the room towards the front door. Mary
followed behind lusting at her ass wiggling in front of

Jasmine stopped at the door and opened it slightly.

“I noticed that slut of a neighbor of yours has been
looking at our apartment since we arrived. I think I
could use an old slut like her to grow us a nice garden
in back. I always enjoy flowers. Turn around and bend
over slut. Spread that big white ass as wide as you can
and wiggle it for me.”

Mary didn’t know what was going on but did as she was
commanded. She felt a rush of air hit her behind and
knew Jasmine must have opened the door wide open but
she continued to sway her butt and keep it spread.

“I think the old bitch just peed in her panties.”
Jasmine laughed. “She holding her crotch area and
starting at your whore ass as if it is the greatest
show in town.

Mary’s head dropped in shame but she kept swaying her
butt. She heard the door shut behind her.

“That should give her enough to play with her old clit
tonight.” Jasmine laughed. “We’ll see her tomorrow, I’m
sure. Now slut prepare me a bath. I’m tired. If you’re
lucky, I may let you lick my ass till I fall asleep”

Mary released her ass cheeks and ran upstairs. She had
to hurry and prepare the bath before mistress changed
her mind. The thought of tonguing her ass was turning
her on so much she was dripping all the way up.