Grandpa and his goodgirl

My world was turned upside down. Grandma and Grandpa were here for the week, and I had to stay at home to spend quality time with them. It’s tough when your teen to take time out from your busy and important teenage duties. My parents decided to take a couple of days off just for

The Computer Lady

My name’s Monique Yates, and I teach programming at a local computer store. What follows is a little personal story about me. It’s very private, and definitely X-rated! If that bothers you, don’t go any further. Erase this file and forget you ever saw it, and no harm is done. Some how, women in the


I grew up in what would most likely be called a disadvantaged home. My father was a laborer and my mother was a house keeper. You see, were came to the US from Mexico illegally and had to pretty much stay under the radar. I had an uneventful chood, my family was close and my

Diane And The Lawn Guy

Diane was lying in her tub with the water pick gently spraying her open cunt. She was older but still good looking and was thinking of her last young boy. She knew that young boys had powerful hormones and, if you didn’t scare them away, they were fucking machines. She was lonely now that the