The Doctor’s Exam

Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors and felt uncomfortable even though this was just a routine sports physical for school. The appointment was for 2:00pm and here it was almost 3:00, making him wait seemed like cruel and unusual punishment! Just then the door flew

A mother finds out that her daughter really loves her when she shares her boyfriend with her

I’ve always had great relationship with my daughter; she’s my confidant and my best friend. She always was, since she could talk. My husband died tragically several years ago. This brought Sally and I even closer together, and I thanked God for the strength we gave each other. Sally was only 14 when her father

A woman decides to show a young bag boy at her local supermarket what sex is all about before he departs for college

I love going out wearing my jogging outfit, mid-calf black Speedos stretched tight against my vulva; showing a deep crease. Sometimes, I’ll see guys, (and gals) walking past me with their eyes glued to my crotch as I run by, and I enjoy seeing them “getting a rise” over it. I was wearing just such