A young submissive female meets her new Master

The little one stands before Him for the first time. As
instructed she stands in the middle of the hotel room
and keeps the eye contact her Master demands. She waits,
lost in her thoughts with the tension of the moment
making her entire being scream inside.

Master’s instructions for dress were specific and the
girl made sure she did as ordered. She is wearing a
white button down blouse, dress jeans, a red bra and
panties. The outfit extenuates her shapely curves and
perfect B cup breast. Her chestnut hair is down to her
shoulders flowing in a partial curl. Her skin is the
color of cream and radiates the soft texture of her
youth. Her blue eyes blink as she continues to make the
eye contact demanded.

Silently the girl stands with her hands at her side
waiting nervously for what is to come next. Master
senses her nervousness and says, “You have nothing to
fear, little one,” and gives her a quick smile. The
sound of His baritone voice is firm but non-threatening
and she knows she has nothing to dread. Despite what her
brain tells her, the sexual tension is electric.

She remembers their first aborted meeting, and how empty
that experience left her, and she suspects Master felt
the same disappointment. At the last moment she fled the
restaurant before He arrived, fear gripping her beyond
her tolerance.

They had chatted on IM and the phone for several weeks
before she would agree to meet and then she lost her
nerve. Feeling certain that she had blown any chance of
being his “little one” she ignored his contacts. He
persisted, however, being an experienced Dom and
understanding the sometimes-fickle nature of a
submissive new to the lifestyle.

After a three more weeks of chatting on the IM her
courage returned and she agreed to meet Him. They had
lunch. He was polite, kind and very gentle, but she also
sensed an aura around him as one not to be trifled with.
A professional man accustomed to using power but with an
intelligence that drew Him to her.

Standing now in front of Him she remembers their drive
after lunch, the trip to Priscella’s Adult Store. She
remembers how He kept His “no play” rules for the first
meeting (even though she remembers thinking at the time
how much she wanted to submit to Him then and there).
She remembers their parting, and how He kissed her
softly, and allowed the kiss to linger, and his hand
brushed over her perfect breasts and she felt a shiver
go down her back anticipating things to come.

She was startled from her daydreaming by Master’s voice.
“Turn around, slowly for me” he said. As instructed, she
slowly began to turn in place. “Stop,” he says, and the
slave freezes in her tracks.

“Bend over,” was the command, and she did as instructed,
realizing her bottom was now facing Master, and she was
sure he was getting a good first look at her; that
pleased her.

She stayed in that position for a long moment until she
heard “Stand straight, and turn to face me. Keep eye
contact.” She did as directed.

Her eyes meet Master’s, and she observed Him sitting in
the corner chair. She realized now the lights were low,
but candles were burning, giving the room a soft glow.
She saw Master sitting in His black shirt, black shorts,
while cotton socks. A bag was next to Him, and a glass
by a side table next to His chair. He stared intently,
to examine her up and down, and His eyes seem to pierce
right through her body.

While watching her, he picked up the glass and slowly
took a drink, of what she didn’t know. She remembered
his “no drinking during play” rules, so assumed it
wasn’t liquor. The eyes were locked together with an
intense stare, and she felt herself getting very wet.
She was also starting to shake.

He sat the glass back down, and returned His gaze.
“Unbutton your blouse, pulling it from underneath your
skirt, and allow it to drape on your breasts,” was His
order, said softly, but most directly.

The blouse pulled easily from underneath the jeans, and
her fingers were shaking slightly as she unbuttoned the
blouse, starting from the top of the blouse, and working
down. After a moment of fumbling (to which Master made
no comment; she saw the patience in His eyes) the blouse
fell open, but draped against the inside of her breasts,
so nothing was really exposed … yet. She stood, eyes
locked, feeling her nipples become rock hard, and her
pussy gushing wetness.

She could tell He was admiring the soft and clear skin
of her stomach and upper chest, her creamy skin against
the contrast of the red bra and white blouse made a very
appealing sight to Master, she thought.

Master stared intently at her in a manner that made her
very nervous. She thought about speaking, asking if
something was wrong, but then remembered His
instructions at the beginning, “You are to remain
silent, unless spoken to first. You are to maintain eye
contact at all times. You may only speak first to use
your safe word. Do you understand?” She remembers
nodding “Yes.”

“Come over to me,” He said, and she cautiously begins to
walk toward His corner chair. She stops in front of Him.
He reaches up, takes the fingers on her right hand, and
pulls on them downward, saying “Kneel down, here, in
front of me.” She finds herself instantly dropping to
her knees, realizing she is between Master’s knees,
directly in front of Him. Their faces are inches apart,
and maintaining eye contact becomes difficult. She
starts to look away, and quickly feels a hand pulling
her hair hard. “Maintain eye contact I said,” were
Master’s words, not harsh, but firm. Her head smarted
from the hair pulling, but she found herself feeling
drenched in arousal at this experience.

His hands cupped her face, and she feels Him intently
touching her face, neck, hair, ears… everything about
her. His fingers traced a line down her neck to the top
of her chest, and followed the outline of her bra, down
to the V.

He ran the back of His fingers across the top of her
breasts, and she sees him smile slightly at the
sensation. He looks up at her and their eyes meet again.
She starts to smile nervously but sees only His intense
gaze in return, and quickly drops the smile. She begins
to wonder if He doesn’t like what He is seeing.

He looks down at her bra as His hands move to her sides,
under the blouse. She feels Him begin to caress her skin
with His palms, slowly, stopping to squeeze the skin
periodically. His hands move around her back, pulling
her forward slightly, but she keeps balanced. She feels
His hands move up her back, over her bra, and to her
shoulders. The blouse is pulling open at the front, and
she feels a blush of self-consciences as her bra-covered
breasts become exposed to Him.

“Stand,” He says, removing His hands from her body. She
does so quickly, not wishing to disappoint.

“Remove your blouse,” and at the command she pulls the
garment from her shoulders and allows it to drop at her

“Come,” He says, and motions her forward, and down. She
returns to her previous position of being on her knees
between His knees.

“Turn,” was his next order, and she turns around, with
her back to Him. This struck her as being rude to
Master, but it was Master’s order. She feels Master’s
eyes on her back for a long time. She feels His hands
running through her hair, and moving some hair to His
nose, and he enjoys the aroma of her hair with its
delightful smell.

His hands move to her shoulders, and she feels him
kneading her skin, touching it in different ways, first
firmly, them softly, almost a tickle. Hands move slowly
down her arms, going from full palm to just His
fingertips, returning to her shoulders.

Master’s hands continue to explore, touching the slave’s
back in the same manner as her arms. He stops and she
feels him pushing together the skin and “Ouch!” she
says, as without warning she realizes he has popped a
zit. “Quite,” comes the stern command in return. She
bows her head.

His hands continue to the inspection, moving to her
sides, and up under her arms. “Raise your arms,” he
instructs, and she does, feeling his fingertips move
into her armpit. The slut begins to laugh, for it
tickles. “Hmm,” Master says, “I have found something to
use,” as He continues to tickle her. She giggles
involuntarily moving her arms down.

She hears Master chuckle, and knows she has pleased Him,
causing her to smile inside. “Raise your arms!” comes
the command, and she, as always, obeys. Master’s
fingertips return to under her arms, and he begins a
delicious touch of her skin.

“Control yourself, wench,” he says, and even though it
tickles, the slave uses all of her concentration to hold
her arms up, and keeps from laughing, although the
muffled giggle is inevitable, and she thinks He likes

The tormenting stops and He allows that she may lower
her arms. She feels His fingertips return to the top of
her shoulders, then tracing a line down her shoulder
blades, until he reaches the bra strap. With His right
fingers alone, she feels the bra material at the hasp
being pulled together, and then released.

The tension from her bra strap is immediately released,
and the slave feels the garment become loose, but
continuing to hang on her body. She thinks this is an
especially erotic sensation, having her bra hanging on
her breasts, from her shoulders, but having nothing yet
exposed to her Dom.

His hands and fingers begin to caress her entire back,
and she feels His finger nails lightly scratching her
full back. She begins to lean forward, curving her back
ever so slightly, and Master makes no comments. The back
scratch feels good on her skin. She closes her eyes,
enjoying so this attention and these delightful

The back scratching stops with His command “Turn to face
me,” and she does so instantly, feeling very vulnerable
with her bra hanging so loosely from her body, in front
of Master.

“Remove your bra, slowly, pulling the bra strap off your
shoulders from arms crossing your chest.” She has to
think for a second what He means, and then realizes that
He wants the straps pulled down, and her beautiful cups
revealed slowly and a bit teasingly.

The wench does as directed, crossing her arms with
fingers on the opposite bra strap, and pulls the strap
down her arms. She slowly moves her arms away from her
body, and her breasts with rock hard nipples become

She observes Master looking at her naked body, with an
admiring look in his eyes at the perfect breasts of His
pet. He reaches out with His right hand and His
fingertips brush across the naked skin, sending new
shivers down the slave’s back. He makes a circular
motion with His fingers, moving from the side of her
left breast, around the top, to the right side, the
bottom, then back to the side. She feels the back of His
fingers brush across her nipple, and the rock hard turns
even harder, as if they are going to burst.

Both of Master’s hands then move to her chest, and she
feels the delicious warmth of His hands cupping both
tits at once. He squeezes them, gently, then a little
harder, with His palm grinding against her nipples,
exciting them even more.

She feels the palm of His hands push against her breast
from the nipples, and His palms turn slightly as he
pushes in, then releasing the pushing tension and
allowing His hands and fingers to again capture these
beautiful prizes.

He continues this attention for what seems like hours
but it was only minutes. The slave is becoming so wet
and she can literally feel herself dripping into her
panties. All the while, He continues to stare into her
eyes, while enjoying the feeling of her body, a body
that now belongs to Him.

His left thumb and index finger move to her lips. “Open
your mouth, and wet my fingers,” He says, and her mouth
opens, the tongue protrudes slightly, and she feels His
fingers slide inside her mouth, becoming very wet. He
removes His fingers, moving toward her right nipple, and
begins to run His wet fingers against the nipple.

He moves His fingers back to her mouth, and the sequence
repeats, several times. He then wets fingers from both
hands at once, and begins to tease both nipples.

His attention to the slave’s nipples start in a gentle
manner but as the attention continues, His fingers begin
to pinch slightly, and then pull, the nipples. He then
begins to pinch, pull and slightly twist the nipples,
while pinching harder. At first this begins to hurt,
slightly, but the pinching feeling is replaced by warmth
across her body, that causes her pussy to gush.

He then takes her nipples and pulls on them harder,
causing her body to move forward. The slave’s face is
almost touching Master’s, and she feels him give her a
very soft, wet and sexy kiss, and then release her

Master sits back, takes another drink, and looks again
at His pet. Before returning the glass to the table, he
moves the cold glass across each nipple, leaving it wet
and chilled, ever so slightly.

The Dom sits up straight in His chain, moves forward
toward her, with their faces again almost touching. She
feels His hands move to the snap on her jeans, and she
can feel the snap being released, and the zipper moved
down. She feels even more vulnerable, with her jeans
hanging unsnapped and unzipped, exposing the top of her

While continuing to look her straight in the eye, she
feels His hand move under her jeans and down the lower
portion of her stomach. He clit is throbbing and she
yearns for the touch of Master’s fingertips. She feels
His fingertips and palm continue to explore, but stop
before He reaches her very hard clit and wet cunt. His
hand moves back and forth, under the waistband of her

He removes His hands, sits back and orders “Stand.” She
does. “Move back to the center of the room,” is the next
order, and she obeys, as always.

“Master wishes for the slave to remove her jeans,” He
says. She stands staring at Him, knowing that she is
progressing to full exposing her body to this man, this
man who she has grown to trust, and very much wanting to
take her.

She slips the jeans off her hips, and allows them to
fall down her legs. She removes first one leg, then the
other. She had worn no socks, so was standing completely
naked, except for the very skimpy red panties.

“Turn,” he said, and the slave slowly begins a 180
degree turn, being inspected. She stops when she is
again facing Master.

“Come,” he says, and motions her forward. She comes
before Him, and kneels, without being told.

“Very good,” says Master, “you are learning your role
well. I am pleased. Now, sit back with your butt against
your calf, and place your hands on your thighs, palm
up.” She does so.

“This is your submissive position. This is how you are
to greet me.” She says nothing, having not been asked a

“Do you understand?” was His first question of the
session. “Yes, Master,” was her reply.

Master reaches into His bag and pulls out a black
device, placing it around her neck and securing it.

“This is your training collar,” he tells her. “It
represents My possession of you. As your training
progresses, I will gift to you a new one that we’ll pick
out together.” The slave feels warmth of comfort having
the collar around her neck.

“You may touch it,” He says, and her fingers feel the
course material of the collar, and the steel of the hasp
and D ring. It feels like a dog collar.

“You will wear this when we are together,” He says. It
was an order, not a request.

Master reaches into the bag and removes a chain with a
leather handle on one end, and a hasp on the other. The
chain is made of chain-linked steel. He attaches the
hasp to the D ring on her collar.

“This leash represents the bond between U/us. It is a
symbol of our connection. Your offering me the leash is
your gift of submission, my accepting it is my gift of
Dominance to you.”

He then stands for the first time, steps over the slut
and says, “Get on your hands and knees.” She does so,
and then feels a tug on the leash. “Come,” says Master.

She finds herself being lead by the leash, on her hands
and knees, walking across the room. She wonders if He
will want to do this publicly also, but decides to worry
about that later. Instantly, she wonders where He is
leading her; out of the room, in only her panties?

Suddenly her fear is realized, as He leads her past the
bed, and toward the door. She freezes inside, while at
the same time feeling exhilaration. He stops at the
hotel room door, opens the door, and begins to lead them
through. She follows.

Without explanation, He turns and leads them back into
the room, without her ever having to leave. As He
continues to lead her he says “Very well done,” and she
knows that He is pleased with her willingness to follow,
but that was not in His plan for today. Or at least this

They stop at the bed. “Jump up on the bed from your
hands and knees little one,” comes the order, and she
does, putting her hands on the bed like a dog might do,
coiling her lower body slightly then jumping up. She
feels His hand give her a light swat on the butt as she
jumps. This is all very new and strange, but very

She “stands” on the bed, on her hands and knees, with
her leash firmly in Master’s hand. “Sit down,” He says,
and she sits, Indian style, not being sure what He
wants. He gazes at her again, and begins to walk around
the bed. She tries as best she can to maintain her eye
contact with Master.

When he reaches the other side of the bed, he tugs on
the leash toward the head of the bed and says “Lay down,
on your stomach,” and she immediately does so, arms at
her side. She feels the leash fall to the bed cover, as
Master walks to the foot of the bed.

He takes her by the ankles, and she feels he body being
dragged, until her knees dangle from the foot of the
bed. He sits next to her, His hands roaming over her
panty-covered ass, when suddenly SWAT! His hand is on
her bottom, and the swat stings through her panties. She
jumps a little, but holds her tongue. “Very good,” is
all He says.

She feels Him take the waistband of the panties, and
begin to pull them off her hips� slowly. They move down
her thighs, over her calves, and finally off her feet.
She is now laying face down, and completely naked.
Vulnerable describes how she feels.

He swats her butt again, more playfully than anything
and says “Back up on the bed,” He says, and she

He lies next to her, with His head even with her torso,
and His hand begins to explore her bottom, roaming over
the cheeks, squeezing, brushing his fingernails across
the skin. His hands move to the inside of her thighs,
and he spreads her legs apart more. She feels the air
reach her very wet pussy.

His index finger traces a line, starting at the top of
her bottom, down between her cheeks, slowly. When he
reaches her ass, he stops, and presses slightly, while
separating her cheeks with the fingers of His other
hand. This sensation is pleasant to the slave, and she
involuntarily spreads her legs further apart to allow
Him access, while at the same time closing her pelvic
muscles, a natural reaction to repel an invader.

He continues to caress, moving he fingers to her inner
thigh, and tracing His fingers across the lower portion
of her pussy’s outer lips, being careful not to use the
finger that was touching her ass.

She next feels His hand on her waist, pulling her over
to roll on her back. She thinks that this is it, to be
totally exposed. It happens in an instant, and the
feeling is electrifying. She lies on her back, collared,
next to her Master, completely naked, and dripping wet.

“Spread your legs apart,” He orders and she does so. He
gazes at her hairless almost perfect beauty. The cool
room air against her private inner skin causes her to
shiver for an instant. She feels His hands and fingers
trace around the outside of her outer lips, top around
the side to the bottom and back to the top. His finger
touches her clit hood, and she shakes, feeling even more
wetness appear, if that would be possible.

His finger traces the slit between her outer lips, and
parts them ever so slightly while doing so. He continues
this up and down motion, each time pressing in a little
more and opening her up even more.

“Open your pussy with your fingers, little one,” says
Master. Her hands quickly move to her groin and open her
outer lips to allow a closer inspection by her Owner. He
takes her inner lips between His fingers, and pulls on
them slightly, then takes one finger, and slides it in
between the inner lips of his slave.

His finger glides inside her, and she feels the fucking
motion of His one long finger, sliding in and out, but
only for a moment, and then He stops.

Master scoots up in the bed so that He is lying next to
the slave. She feels His one leg go under her body, and
wrap around the opposite leg, so as to pin it down. His
other leg rolls on top of her right leg, in such manner
that Master’s legs are pinning hers. He lifts himself up
so that her right arm is under His body, with His arm
around her neck, holding the other arm. In an instant
she finds herself pinned.

His free hand returns to her pussy, this time rubbing
her clit while gathering moistness from the pussy and
spreading it over her clit. This is making a wonderful
sensation and she cannot help but to moan.

“Do not cum without permission,” is His stern warning.
“You may ask, however,” and she nods in understanding.

She feels a powerful orgasm building, and asks “May I
cum, Sir?” and He answers, “Not Yet!” She tries to hold
back, and He continues to touch her clit in a magical
way. “Please Sir,” she says, a bit more desperately.
“No,” was his only response. After just a few moments
she moans, “PLEASE MAY I CUM?” and he replies, “Yes,”
then yelling at her, “CUM, SLUT, CUM FOR MASTER. CUM
NOW!” and she erupts into a powerful orgasm, her entire
body shaking, fighting against the pinning of her arms
and legs, although not successfully.

As she starts to cool down from her orgasm, she realizes
that He continues to play with her very swollen, and
very sensitive, clit. She starts to involuntarily fight,
but finds Him restraining her, making her unable to

The continual stimulation begins to torment her, almost
unbearably. “Stop!” she screams, and his hand, for an
instant, moves from her pussy to a light slap across the
face. “Ouch!” she says, but feels His hand return and
continue to rub her clit and pussy.

Her head flails back and forth, her hips buck to fight
Him, but He is in control. She is His property to enjoy
this night.

She feels another orgasm begin to build, and
inexplicably, finds herself cumming, without permission.
She is overwhelmed by the sensation, yet He continues to
touch her, without any interruption to His task.

The harder she fights Him, the more He restrains her.
Her breathing becomes fast and shallow, and she begins
to feel light headed, when suddenly His touching slows,
until she feels his fingers between her legs, but no

Her breathing slows and she begins to recover. After a
few moments of relief she feels His touch again as He
begins to rub her clit and the cycle begins, yet again.

She has several more orgasms. The endless torment of her
clit and pussy is interrupted only by moments of
respite, and she begins to understand that Master is
monitoring her, and allowing her to cool down and catch
her breath before continuing His play.

After her fourth orgasm, He releases her, and turns her
to face Him. She curls up into a ball, a fetal position,
as she feels His arms take her and pull her close to
Him. After a moment, she feels him grab the edge of the
bedspread, and pull it around them. The warmth feels
good to her, as does the warmth of Master.

They lay there for a long time, Him stroking her hair,
lightly rubbing her back, and holding her close. She
falls asleep in His arms, feeling a warmth and release
she has never before experienced.

When she awakens, she is lying as before, and Master
continues to comfort her. He pulls her face to His, and
kisses her. She likes that very much and smiles at
Master, and He returns that wry grin she knows that she
will become accustomed to.

Master sits ups, removes His shirt and shorts, and the
girl sees Him naked, for the first time. He rolls her
back, and takes his cock in his hand, and begins to rub
the tip across her nipple. She looks in his eyes, seeing
the pleasure in His face, and then watches as His hard
cock uses her nipple for pleasure. She sees Him gaze
down her body, and he takes her left hand, places it by
His balls, and says, “Stoke them for me,” and she does.

After a few moments watching him stroke his cock she
sees it drenched in his own pre-cum. Her nipple is
slippery, and in a moment, she sees Him erupt with a
powerful orgasm, spilling His cum all over her breasts.
He takes a bit of His cum on the index finger, and
places it at the wench’s mouth. She opens her tongue,
and takes it. While she normally does not like the
taste, she finds Master’s not at all objectionable.

He is kneeling next to her, His still hard cock in his
hand, as she continues to stroke His balls. In a moment,
He lays down next to her. “Go get a warm wet wash cloth
and towel. Do so on your hands and knees.” The slut
jumps off the bed, travels to the bathroom on hands and
knees, gets the wash cloth after bathing it in warm
water, and grabs a towel. The wench puts the items in
her teeth, and returns to the bed, jumping up from hands
and knees.

“Wash me first,” He says, and she carefully washes
Master then cleans herself.

Throwing the towels to the floor, Master pulls the slave
down to the bed, wrapping them both under the cover.
They drift off to sleep feeling very, very satisfied.

As she drifts off, she is thinking about what lay ahead.
“How else will He want to use me?” she wonders to
herself. She expects that in the future she will take
his load directly in her mouth, and take it deep in her
pussy while he has sex with her. The thought of those
things makes her feel warm. She snuggles closer to
Master, feeling warm and very safe.

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