Naughty Games – The Frustrated Teacher

It was Friday afternoon and Miss Edwards was packing her things to go home for the weekend. It was nearly 4:00 PM and Miss Edwards was tired after the week’s worth of teaching. The 22 year old Miss Edwards was in the second year of her first job, teaching, since graduating with her degree in

Amanda’s Internet Affair

Amanda is 42 years old, her 20 year marriage had recently failed and she is now divorced and living with her 17 year old daughter Laura. Amanda has recently discovered an internet dating site and has been corresponding with a dominant male. Their on line relationship has developed into one of master and slave. The

Mrs. Claus’s Predicament

It was Christmas time again, and everyone was very joyful at the North Pole. Toys were being made on every table, hot chocolate was brewing and smiles abound. It was a beautiful holiday scene, with the exception of Dear old St. Nick being mysteriously absent. Which made one person very unhappy. Mrs. Claus… Mrs. Claus

Sleep well, little slut

He led her into the small room with her hands cuffed behind her back, a blindfold around her eyes, and a leash attached to the chain that looped between her nipple clamps. A ball gag was in her mouth. She teetered on the very high, very thin stiletto heels she wore. He looped her leash


She entered the room softly on bare feet, midnight blue silk of her robe skimming her curves and fluttering around her thighs with the gentle sway of her hips. She saw him sitting in the chair, candlelight glinting off the silk of his black robe. He held a crop in one hand, tapping it into

Night with my Exhibitionist Girlfriend

Let me give y’all a bit of backstory in case you don’t already know me. My name is Brian, and I’m dating this girl named Ashley. We’ve been together for a few years now. Ashley is a very… outgoing person. She’s not shy at all, and in fact, she’s a bit of an open book,