A story about a retreat that caters to the rich and powerful to satisfy their perverted urges

This story is about a place and not about a person. It involves persons of great power and influence and must be kept confidential. If you can’t keep this confidence then stop reading now and go elsewhere. The Chateau is located in Luxembourg, and tucked away between Belgium, France and Germany. It is in a

BDSM Fantasy

One July, Saturday afternoon, the white, 18 – y/o friends, George and Dylan, had barely departed a video – game parlor before the wind blew a magazine, “The Dungeon Files”, in their direction. George it picked up, with the youngsters leafing through it until they asaw a woman s nude picture showing her pretty face,

Nipple Torture

I am an attractive 29 year old professional woman with a reasonably good income. I live in New York City in a nice apartment near Washington Square. About four years ago I started having an insatiable craving for sex. That’s a pretty dramatic way to start this little story but I might as well get