There’s a casting couch, a beautiful friend, the friend’s handsome dad, the friend’s friend and a wife with a fetish

Sunny loved to masturbate. She had her hand inside her jeans underneath her panties, and she was finger fucking herself good. It was Saturday night; she was watching an Orlando Bloom movie on HBO. “Ahhhh yeah,” she moaned as Orlando kissed his leading lady. Sunny’s finger jiggled in her tight cunt. She loved to bring

A Long Kinky Story

Betty and I both work for the same firm. She works in another building, so we never really met until the company picnic. The heat was almost unbearable, the sun was bearing down and the humidity was high. The volleyball teams were chosen and Betty ended up next to me. After losing the first game,

Jess, a black counselor

Jess watch as the four white women entered the room and took seats. She always enjoyed watching new faces enter her class on race relations not knowing what they were getting into. Her class was a non-profit class for white women who had trouble coping with black women at work and was all voluntarily to