A female executive decides to try out a bar recommended by her sex-secretary

Joan was an executive lady at the age of 42 and never been married. She was totally successful in her business life but at a cost of social life. She had no sex life at all. Her young secretary Lucy said she was always too tight and gave an address to a nightclub she said

There’s a casting couch, a beautiful friend, the friend’s handsome dad, the friend’s friend and a wife with a fetish

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Two sexually frustrated wives on a camping trip with their neglectful husbands

Sandi’s beautiful long legs straddled the trunk of a fallen oak tree. “Man, I wish I had brought my vibrator out here with me,” she told her best friend Mandy who sat across from her out in the wilderness of the forest. “Tell me about it,” Mandy said. “I thought this was going to be