Naughty Games – The Frustrated Teacher

It was Friday afternoon and Miss Edwards was packing her things to go home for the weekend. It was nearly 4:00 PM and Miss Edwards was tired after the week’s worth of teaching. The 22 year old Miss Edwards was in the second year of her first job, teaching, since graduating with her degree in

A young submissive female meets her new Master

The little one stands before Him for the first time. As instructed she stands in the middle of the hotel room and keeps the eye contact her Master demands. She waits, lost in her thoughts with the tension of the moment making her entire being scream inside. Master’s instructions for dress were specific and the

Nipple T*****e

I am an attractive 29 year old professional woman with a reasonably good income. I live in New York City in a nice apartment near Washington Square. About four years ago I started having an insatiable craving for sex. That’s a pretty dramatic way to start this little story but I might as well get