Alexei, the Recycled Trophy Wife

Alexei, the wife of Dmitry, a high-ranking Russian
politician, has aged to the point where most
politicians divorce their first wives and marry
younger trophy wives. But Dmitry loves his wife and
believes in “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. With the
help of his lusty mother-in-law, Alexei is transformed
into a hot 18-year-old again.

The big corporate jet-copter touched down gently and
the stairs lowered out of the side of the fuselage.
Alexei and her mother Milena descended onto the
helipad of the exclusive women’s spa as their luggage
was retrieved by the staff. Both women were dressed
and bejeweled very elegantly, as would befit the wife
of a high-ranking Russian politician and the widow to
the head of a major Russian trade union respectively.

The difference was, at 35 and after raising two
c******n, Alexei was no longer the six-foot svelte
blonde girl her husband had married. She still had a
beautiful face with more than a few wrinkles, and a
matronly look to her; her skin was pale, her breasts
had begun to sag, her legs had lost their muscular
definition, and her butt had gotten noticeably larger
from cellulite.

In contrast, at 51 after raising 2 c******n Milena
looked like a woman of 35. The few wrinkles on her
beautiful face were seldom noticed as the rest of her
looked much younger, turning men’s heads everywhere
she traveled. At 5’4″, her tanned and toned legs and
tiny trim figure were expertly showcased by the
designer suits and dresses she wore, with a tempting
hint of cleavage always displayed in an appropriately
tasteful fashion.

Alexei was struck by the incredible views of the
surrounding South Ural mountain landscape. “Oh,
Mother, look how beautiful!” she exclaimed, stopping
at the edge of the helipad to marvel at the sight. “I
wish Dmitry were here!”

“Well, you deserve a good rest now that your c******n
are away to college,” Milena responded. “I do too, now
that your hell-raising baby brother Vasiliy has
finally moved out on his own. Having you at 17 was a
lot different than having him at 34, I tell you.”

Alexei looked down at her mother. “I’ve always thought
it odd you waited so long to have my brother. Why was
that?” Milena just smiled, kissed Alexei on the cheek
and said “I’ll tell you later, dear. Let’s go get a
massage to unwind after that long trip”

At the spa, they undressed and put on fluffy white
robes. Walking into the massage room, they put their
robes on the small leather-covered loveseat and
climbed on to the massage tables. Covering themselves
with warm flannel blankets, they lay down on their
stomachs, their faces on the headrests. The lights
were dim, scented candles were burning and soothing
music was playing.

Two masseurs came in wearing speedo swimsuits, with
muscled arms and legs that showed a lot of time spent
bodybuilding in the gym. Oiling their hands, they
began their muscle relaxation regimen on the two
women. Alexei closed her eyes and began to relax,
listening to her mother’s voice telling the masseur
all about how she and her daughter were finally having
a girls-only week at the spa because their family
members were finally out of the house. Alexei’s
shoulder and neck muscles were loosening, responding
to the massage, and she felt herself dozing off….

When she awoke, Alexei found herself still face down
on the table, but her hands and ankles were now held
in restraints. A wide leather strap over her back held
her so she couldn’t roll off. The soothing music was
still playing in the background, but not so soothing
was the sounds of sex.

Lifting her head, Alexei looked over and saw her
mother’s tanned and oiled body sprawled forward over
one arm of the leather loveseat. The masseur pumping
her pussy from behind was holding her legs up by her
ankles. Her moans were muffled by the other masseur’s
cock in her mouth. He sat, leaning back against the
other arm of the sofa, her face in his lap as his
hands squeezed her tits.

After a few seconds they turned Milena around so she
was now being fucked from behind by the man positioned
on the loveseat, and sucking off the man standing next
to it. She seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.

Alexei was so mesmerized by the sight of her mother’s
brazen fucking she didn’t realize there was anyone
standing behind her until she felt the sting of a
hypodermic needle in her upper arm. She quickly
slipped into unconsciousness.


When she came to, Alexei was lying in a hospital bed
wearing a hospital gown, her wrists and ankles
restrained. Fully dressed, her mother sat by the
bedside reading a fashion magazine.

“M-m-m-om?” she croaked. Milena looked up and smiled.
“Oh, sweetie, you’re awake. Here, let me get you some
water, you must be so thirsty.” Picking up a water
pitcher from a nearby tray, she poured some in a
glass, and stuck a straw in it. She held it to
Alexei’s lips, and the woman guzzled it greedily,
never tasting the dose of lorazepam added to it. After
she was done drinking, Milena kissed her daughter on
the forehead.

“I’m sure this is all very confusing to you, but I’ll
explain. You’re a big strong girl, so we felt it was
prudent to restrain you for now. You’re in a special
wing of this facility that’s dedicated to helping
people improve themselves. Dmitry has asked me to
watch over you while you’re here.”

“Improve?” she asked, “What is that supposed to mean?
Mother, let me out of these restraints!” Alexei was
getting angry now, and pulled at her restraining
cuffs. “I demand to know what this is about! Let me

Milena stood up and gave her daughter a sharp slap on
the face, and spoke firmly. “Stop it! Do you want to
be sedated again?” Opening up a drawer in the
nightstand next to the bed, she removed a small ball
gag and pushed it into her struggling daughter’s
mouth, closing the straps firmly behind her head.
Defeated and crying now, Alexei hung her head, tears
running down her face.

Smiling again, Milena responded, “There, that’s
better, my good girl. Now, as I was saying, you’re
here for a specific reason. Your husband is 44. This
is a dangerous age, Alexei. Most men of Dmitry’s
prominent stature in their 40s divorce their wives and
marry a hot young trophy wife. But not Dmitry. He
loves you, Alexei, in spite of your piousness that
makes him so miserable. The reason you’re here is that
Dmitry doesn’t want to divorce you and get remarried
to some young money-grubbing slut.

“He wants you to be a trophy wife that he can take
out, where every man who sees you will envy him. He
wants you to be the stunning girl he married again.
You were very hot when you first got married, except
at 19 you were too nave and in love to notice the
stares of other men. We’ll need to get you into shape
physically, and also change your mind-set about
fucking. Being versatile in sex is an important thing
for trophy wives, Alexei, you have to really like it
and I know you don’t. You were raised to think sex is
something shameful.”

Alexei’s eyes got wide, her face flushed red.

Milena held up her hand. “If you’re wondering how I
know all this, let’s just say I have a very good
relationship with your husband. We know each other
well, and were very close because we have many common
interests, you being at the top of the list. We both
love you very much.”

“A lot of this fault lies with your father. I never
wanted to send you to that convent school in Zurich,
it was your religion-crazy father who insisted we send
you. I guess to make up for all the backstabbing and
dirty tricks he pulled as he rose in the union, so he
wanted his c******n to be pure and innocent. The
sisters certainly did a thorough job of training your
mind in the arts and sciences.

“They kind of overdid being pious and holy at all
times; you were always so pure and innocent, a virgin
when you married unfortunately with a refrigerator
for a cunt. All the nuns could teach you about being a
wife was to pray, be modest and obedient. They also
taught you that sex was a duty, not a pleasure. And
unfortunately for your poor husband, you took those
lessons to heart.”

“You have always been extremely virtuous, dearest
daughter, but sometimes a husband needs his wife to be
anything but pious and holy. When you married Dmitry
you were an innocent virgin, but when I married your
father Fredrik at 16 he had already known my body
intimately; you were in my womb, well on your way into
the world.

“After we were married, every night I lay with him I
made sure there was part of him in me. Finger, tongue,
or cock, it made no difference, I just wanted him to
know I desired him constantly. Being pregnant or on my
period, it made no difference. That’s how I managed to
keep him happy and in our bed all these years.”

“Your husband is a highly attractive and a very
sensual man, Alexei. You’ve been a good wife, loyal
and loving, and you’ve done your duty by bearing him
three beautiful c******n. What those nuns never taught
you was that a real man doesn’t want a wife kneeling
and saying prayers every single night, only dutifully
spreading your legs when asked to.

“A real man wants a slut in the bedroom every night.
You stopped providing sex as soon as you found out you
were pregnant with the twins, but Dmitry’s sexual
desires didn’t stop. Since your belly was so huge, he
was crazy with lust. With no parents to confide in he
came to me, his loving mother-in-law.

“In addition to unburdening his soul I also helped him
unburden his balls. The poor man was so miserable, I
couldn’t help myself. It was quite spontaneous and,
due to my age, I figured the chances of getting
pregnant were pretty low, so I had long since stopped
taking birth control. So now you know you know how
your little brother was born 22 years after you were.”

“By the way, you may wonder if your father was ever
suspicious, but at 51 he was so overjoyed about my
pregnancy that he never asked any questions. I have to
tell you, Alexei, those were the best 9 months of my
life. I never felt so desirable; the bigger I got, the
more both men wanted me. Dmitry was wild with desire;
he would have fucked you until you couldn’t walk – if
you had allowed him. Your loss was my gain.”

“Between your father fucking me at night and your
husband sneaking in during the mornings to fuck me on
his way to the office, there were days when I was so
exhausted I barely had the strength to get out of bed
to pee. This was not gentle love making, both men were
like beasts. My tits were sore and bruised, my pussy
was tender, and my legs were so shaky the servants
usually had to bring my meals to my bedroom.

“They felt sorry that my pregnancy was making me so
weak, never suspecting it was the continuous fucking
that was the cause. I never had so many orgasms in my
life! In fact when my water broke, Dmitry was taking
my pussy from behind and just about to cum. It was a
huge wet mess, but that didn’t stop him from finishing
before calling the ambulance to take me to the

“After I had the baby, my pussy was out of commission
for a few weeks, but my mouth wasn’t. During your
hospital visits, while you went down to the chapel for
your afternoon prayers, I was in my maternity bed
sucking Dmitry’s cock while his son sucked at my
breast. With all the stimulation, I was actually able
to orgasm a few times like this.

“By the way, orgasms actually help a vagina contract
more quickly after giving birth, did you know that?
I’m guessing probably not. Anyway, when your father
would visit in the evenings I’d do the same thing with
him. I always went to sleep with my stomach full of
sperm, it was wonderful.”

“When sex with you was normal normal for you, anyway
– Dmitry stopped seeing me. But then you got pregnant
with Halina and cut him off again, so he started
coming back around for those nine months. This time,
though, I had planned ahead and gotten on the pill, so
there was no danger of another ‘miracle’ baby.”

Red-faced, Alexei pulled against her restraints and
uttering a string of unintelligible angry words behind
the gag, glared at her mother. “Don’t look at me that
way. I did you a favor. Unlike you, I LOVE sex, and by
keeping Dmitry occupied I prevented him from looking
elsewhere. Not to mention the bonus of your baby
brother, who brought your father such joy.”

Alexei moaned, then grunted a few times, and looked at
her mother imploringly. “Oh, darling, you’ve been tied
up a while. I’ll bet you have to relieve yourself.
Shall I get your bedpan?”

Embarrassed, Alexei lowered her head and nodded.
Milena pulled down the sheet, removed the hospital
gown, and slid the bed pan into place under her
daughter. After Alexei was done, her mother took the
pan and emptied it in the room’s toilet, then came
back with a warm wet washcloth, and began to clean her
daughter up. Smiling, she gently wiped the moist pussy
lips with gentle strokes.

“It’s been many years since I did this for you. Does
it feel good?” Eyes closed, Alexei’s head gave a small
nod. Milena’s fingers gently manipulated her
daughter’s cunt lips and clit, and Alexei groaned in
pleasure. “Yes, good girl,” her mother said. “Forget
what the nuns told you touching your pussy is a good

Reaching once more in the nightstand drawer, Milena
brought out a small battery-powered vibrator, clipped
it to her finger above the first joint, and turned it
on. Lowering it between Alexei’s pussy lips, she
stroked it over the woman’s now-throbbing clit, before
slipping it into her pussy entrance. Milena’s other
hand reached up and played with Alexei’s nipples.

Behind the gag Alexei squealed, and her nostrils
flared as her breathing became more rapid. Soon her
thighs began to shudder with an impending climax, and
as she came her whole body strained against the
restraints before going limp, eyes closed now from
exhaustion. As her daughter’s orgasm tremors subsided
Milena calmly took off d the vibrator, then removed
the ball gag. She held up the straw to her daughter’s
lips, and Alexei obediently guzzled more of the d**g-
laced water, her willpower vanishing.

Milena took the straw away and replaced it with her
finger, still wet from exploring Alexei’s cunt. As the
lorazepam began to take full effect, Alexei’s eyelids
began to droop, and Milena’s voice became hypnotic. As
her mother worked the finger into her mouth she did
not resist. Alexei wrapped her lips around the digit
and began to suck.

Her mother leaned over and spoke softly now, making
more subliminal suggestions as she continued to play
with Alexei’s nipples. Tiny ripples of pleasure were
travelling throughout the woman’s body now as her
mother continued her verbal programming.

“You’ve always been such a good little girl, Alexei. I
want to take those awful restraints off, but I can’t
unless you promise me you’re going to obey me and do
everything Mommy tells you now. You’re 17, Alexei,
engaged to Dmitry, and Mommy has a lot to teach you.
You’re going to try very hard to learn everything, so
you’ll be able to please your new husband. Will you
promise me?”

Her mind regressing to a younger age, Alexei was now
wiggling her hips, unconsciously thrusting her pussy
in search of a hand that was no longer there. “Yes,
Mommy,” she responded in a little-girl voice, “I’ll
try very hard, I promise.”

Milena took her hand away and leaned over to kiss her
daughter on the lips, the tip of her tongue trailing
across them. She unbuckled one of the wrist restraints
as she did so. Alexei’s hand immediately went to the
top button of her mother’s blouse.

“Mommy,” she said in a tiny pleading voice, reaching
up to unbutton her mother’s blouse, “can you…”

Milena’s pulse began to quicken with excitement, “Can
I what, little girl?”

“Can you touch me some more?” Milena smiled and
finished removing her top, exposing her tanned
breasts. She held one nipple up to her daughter’s
mouth, and Alexei began to lick and suck like a greedy
infant, spreading her legs, straining against the
ankle restraints. Exposing her pussy as much as she
could, Alexei began thrusting her pubic mound against
her mother’s caressing hand. Milena slid three fingers
in the moist hole, and this time finger-fucked the
bound woman roughly. She didn’t have to do this very
long, as Alexei’s orgasm came within moments, more
intense and violent this time, as her body shaking the
whole bed now.

Milena held her wet fingers up to her daughter’s mouth
and this time, Alexei automatically opened her mouth
to take them in and began to suck. “Your pussy juice
tastes good, doesn’t it Alexei?” Her daughter nodded
her head as she worked her tongue between the fingers.
“Now you can try mine to see if we taste the same.
Won’t that be nice?” She gently took her hand away.

“Yes Mommy,” Alexei whispered, “I want to taste your
pussy. That would be very nice.” Milena undid the
other wrist restraint and lowered the bed to a flat
position, then removed her skirt. She was naked
beneath it, and quickly straddled Alexei’s mouth,
facing the foot of the bed. The warm tongue coated her
vaginal opening, and she lustfully ground her pussy
into her daughter’s face.

“Ooooh, yes, baby,” she urged, “that’s it. Lick Mommy
all over.” Alexei used her freed hands to pull her
mother’s ass cheeks apart, and used her tongue to
bathe her pussy, her perineum, and even her pink
asshole. Milena threw her head back in pleasure, her
hands now rubbing her daughter’s pussy again, bringing
them to a simultaneous climax.


Alexei’s life took on a daily regimen After she
awoke, she spent two hours in the gym with a male
professional trainer, and her body began to tone up as
her muscle definition returned. She then spent an hour
and a half doing yoga, with her female instructor
emphasizing stretches which made her pelvic region
feel more sensitive; it also made her orgasms more
intense when she masturbated after consuming her low-
fat lunch. Her mother provided her dildos of various
shapes and sizes, coaching her daughter as she used a
different one each day to learn about pleasure. After
masturbation, she was allowed an hour nap.

When she awoke from her nap, she was required to put
on a bikini and swim laps in the spa’s Olympic sized
pool for an hour. Other younger, regular spa visitors
would stare at her, jealous of her long legs and now-
great figure.

“Mommy,” she whispered to her mother one day as she
was toweling off, “Why are those pretty ladies staring
at me like that? Are they mad at me?” “No dear,”
Milena assured her, “those old bitches are just
jealous of you because they’re not as pretty as you.”
Alexei giggled, “I’m glad! I like being prettier than
them, but I’ll never be as pretty as you.” Milena
looked up at the towering beauty and gave her a hug.
“Thank you, dear,” she said.

After swimming, Milena took Alexei back to her room to
undress her and insert a lubed anal plug. The first
time Alexei resisted saying “No, Mommy, please I don’t
like it,” until Milena pushed her face down on the bed
and spanked her until she was crying and begging for
the plug. It was uncomfortable at first even with a
small one, but every day it got easier, and every week
a larger plug was put in.

After the plug insertion, her mother led the naked
Alexei by the hand to a small indoor cinema where she
and one other girl who was undergoing similar
conditioning would watch porn films for an hour. The
other girl’s name was Irina, and she was 15 but small
for her age, red-haired, less than 5′ tall and tiny
buds for tits. The tiny Irina and tall Alexei became
fast friends, and they would sit watching the films
and giggling like virgins. As the two watched,
subliminal messages were played over the sound system
telling them the things they were seeing were what
they’d be expected to do for a man.

Once a week, Alexei was taken for a quick electro-
shock therapy session with the spa doctor, but after
waking up never remembered anything about it
afterwards. The memories of her old life were soon

One day Irina was wiggling because her latest butt
plug was making her uncomfortable. Alexei took the
smaller girl into her lap. “Don’t worry, Irina, I’ll
make you feel better,” she assured her friend, began
rubbing her pussy for her and playing with her

Irina moaned and turned her body so she was facing
Alexei, and began kissing her as her friend’s fingers
continued exploring. The tall woman laid the tiny girl
down on the carpeted floor. Spreading the girl’s legs,
she lowered her face to the moist pink lips and began
licking and teasing the clit, sliding her fingers in
the girl’s pussy, gently at first then more roughly as
the girl began to passionately buck her hips.

Sensing how close Irina was to climax, Alexei sucked
her clit completely between her lips like a tiny
popsicle. As the girl’s body stiffened from her
orgasm, Alexei pulled the butt plug out, and the
little girl’s cries of passion escalated to a scream
of ultimate pleasure.

As they lay in a sweaty heap, Alexei whispered,
“Irina, you want to see what a dirty slut I am?” The
exhausted nymphet could only nod. Lifting the butt
plug to her lips, Alexei took it into her mouth and
cleaned it, then kissed Irina, her tongue slipping
into the girl’s mouth. Positioning her pussy over
Irina’s, she began to hump the smaller girl like they
had seen demonstrated in the porn movies.

As Irina felt Alexei approach her climax, she reached
around and pulled out the tall girl’s butt plug as she
came, and Alexei let out her own scream of intense
pleasure. Irina now took Alexei’s plug into her mouth,
cleaned it, then pulled Alexei’s lips onto hers for
more deep kisses.

“I think you mean what dirty sluts WE are,” the small
girl whispered, moving down to position her mouth on
Alexei’s wet pussy.


Bedecked in a $2000 tailored suit, complete with silk
shirt and a tie, Dmitry was waiting on a leather sofa
sipping on a vodka and tonic when Milena, wearing a
fashionable suit with a thigh-length skirt, walked in
and took a seat in the chair opposite him.

“Good morning, Milena, you’re looking lovely as
always. It’s been eight weeks now, how is my darling
Alexei doing? When can I have her back?”

“Dmitry, darling, your wait is over. Alexei will be
here momentarily and you’ll be so pleased when you see
her. Her treatment is complete, and she looks like a
new woman, or more accurately, like the girl you
married. She’s in great shape, physically. The plastic
surgeon has made her face look young, her ass and
boobs are once again perky, and he’s also given her a
vaginal tuck so her pussy is tight. The shock
treatments have altered her short-term memory so she
believes she’s 18 and the two of you are engaged. I’ve
even fitted her with a wedding gown.

“She believes your three c******n are from a previous
marriage, and will be her stepchildren that she will
love as her own. Today before you leave the two of you
will have a brief ceremony then you can begin your
honeymoon on a nice Black Sea beach resort, I’ve made
all the arrangements. And yes, Dmitry, she has been
trained well and will fuck your brains out. Pussy,
ass, or mouth, you can put your cock anywhere, any
time, and she will love it. ”

“Will she now be as fuckable as you?” he asked
teasingly. Milena got up and moved over to sit next to
her son-in-law, and unzipped his pants. He was
becoming hard as she reached into his boxer shorts and
freed his cock.

“She will be better than me, Dmitry,” she assured him,
“but I will always be available for you.” Her hands
began manipulating him as she leaned over his crotch.
“The best news, dear boy, is that she’s still
relatively young and we’ve given her shots to ensure
she’s very fertile. I know you’ll want to have some
time to show her off, but when you feel the time is
right you can easily knock her up. This time around
she won’t cut you off. You’ll be able to fuck her
until she’s on the delivery table like you did with
me.” Milena lowered her head and took his cock into
her mouth.

Dmitry groaned with pleasure. “It would be fun to
knock you both up at the same time,” he said in a low
voice, “impregnation just before menopause has been
known to happen.” Milena looked up at Dmitry, a string
of pre-cum dripping off her chin. “I dare you to try,”
she whispered, then took him deep into her throat.

Dmitry pulled her off his hardness and removed his
shoes and pants. “Take off your skirt and turn
around,” he ordered. Milena did as she was told. She
was wearing no panties, and her pussy lips were wet
and waiting. “Now down on all fours.” Dmitry moved
behind her and pushed his cock in her waiting pussy,
and began to fuck her roughly. She moaned, and pushed
her ass back to meet his thrusts.

Today Milena had a surprise for her son-in-law -using
her kegel-strengthened pelvic muscles, she expertly
milked his cock as he fucked her and, unable to
maintain control, he came quickly. Once he was spent,
she stood up and put her skirt back on, primly
smoothing out the wrinkles.

Still half erect, his wet cock dripping, Dmitry
jokingly moaned, “Damn you, witch woman, has Alexei
learn to do that too?”

“Oh, no, darling, I have to keep some things secret to
myself so I can keep your interest,” she cooed. There
was a knock at the door. “Ah. Your bride has arrived,
would you like to straighten up before I let her in?”

Dmitry slumped back onto the couch and straightened
his tie, naked from the waist down. “No, let her see
me as I am,” he replied, a devilish grin on his face.
“I want to test her reactions.”


Milena opened the door and Alexei walked in. She was
wearing a white dress with a skirt that stopped just
above her knees, highlighting her long newly-slimmed
legs. The top was low cut and showed plenty of
cleavage, held up by thin spaghetti straps. Her long
blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and
pinned to her hair was a short white wedding veil that
went from the top of her head backwards to the base of
her neck. Her shoes were 3″ platforms with a 4″ heel,
making her look even taller and more stunning.

Dmitry’s cock began to get hard at the sight of her.
“Darling, you look wonderful! I was just getting
dressed to go to the chapel,” he explained, “I’m sorry
I was delayed. Your mother came in and she was so hot
that I had to fuck her. That took more time than I had

Alexei looked at her mother, and noticed two trails of
cum making their way down the inside of Milena’s
thighs. A stunned look momentarily crossed Alexei’s
face as her now young girls’ fogged mind processed
this information, and then it became calm again. “Is
this true, Mommy?” she asked in her little girl voice.

Milena smiled at her daughter. “Yes, Alexei, it’s
true. Your fianc is quite an expert at fucking.”

Alexei then turned towards her husband. “Did you enjoy
it, Dmitry?”

“Yes, Alexei, I did enjoy it a great deal, your mother
is a very beautiful and sexy woman.”

Alexei smiled, seemingly pleased with the answer. “Oh,
good I’m so glad. I want my Mommy and my new husband
to both be happy.”

Dmitry spoke up, gesturing at his new hardness.
“Alexei, before I get dressed, I’d like you to suck
your Mommy’s juices off my cock, and then I want to
cum in your mouth. But I want you to drink it all,
because I don’t want cum stains on your dress before
the wedding. Will you do that?”

Alexei took off her veil and handed it to Milena, then
knelt obediently in front of Dmitry, taking his cock
into her hands. “Of course I will, Dmitry, if it makes
you happy. I love you and my Mommy more than anything,
and I want to make you both happy.” She paused,
however, before taking him into her mouth. Her face
now had a concerned expression.

Dmitry looked down at his new trophy wife. “Is there
anything wrong, my love?”

Alexei looked up at Dmitry. “No, I want to suck your
cock very much, but I wanted to ask a favor first.”

Her childlike voice only made him harder. His cock
began to ache for her attention. “Anything for my
adoring new wife,” he answered. “What is it you want?”

“I wanted to know if my new friend Irina could be my
maid of honor. She’s a couple of years younger than I
am, but we’ve become ever such good friends. I love
her so much, and she’s cute and sweet and ever so

Dmitry arched his eyebrows and looked at Milena. The
older woman explained, “Irina is 14 and belongs to a
Russian mobster, Oleg Ivanov, who sent her here for
training. She and Alexei have become quite close, in
more ways than one. I took the liberty of inquiring
about her price. Three million rubles, he says. Plus
the cost of her stay at the clinic.”

Dmitry looked in the blue eyes of his beautiful slutty
trophy wife, positioned with her lips over the head of
his hardness. “Then Irina shall be my wedding gift to
you, my love. But what about our honeymoon? Where will
she go while we are gone?”

Alexei thought for a second, then her eyes got wide
and she smiled as an idea entered her young girl
brain. “I know! She could come with us! That way she
wouldn’t be alone! And she could even sleep in our
bed, so she won’t be lonesome and we don’t have to pay
for another room! Can she, Dmitry? Please, please,

Shaking his head in amusement, Dmitry could not
believe his ears. “Well, OK my love, she can come, if
it makes you happy. But what if I accidentally fuck
her in the night instead of you?”

An overjoyed Alexei had begun to suck his dick, and he
groaned with pleasure. She paused for a moment and
gasped, “Oh she won’t mind, and I can even suck her
titties and play with her butt plug while you do.
We’ll all be so happy together!”

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