The Violation Of Princess Leia

The storm trooper was searching for a young woman and found her; crouching in back in a small, dark alcove, a small, shivering figure clad in flowing white hugged the back of the recess. Overconfident, he never saw the energy pistol she had held out of sight behind her came up and around as she

Torturing Slave Allie’s Asshole

Greg gave the rope that tied his sweet slave Allie’s hands behind her back one more good pull just to make sure the bindings where secure. The young, blond woman was bent over in bed, a stack of old towels supporting her so she could comfortably lie with her ass in the air, Allie was

Isabella and Ingrid in the Dog House

Isabella and Ingrid followed their tour guide through the Dog House facility. The two had booked a week to relax after exams. Isabella’s friend Madeleine had arranged the contact. How she knew about the place, neither girl would ever know. Maddy hadn’t mentioned anything beyond saying cryptically she went for a true vacation every so