Very good, my pet !

Your Mistress has let herself into your house and is waiting in your living room for you when you come home from work. As you close the door behind you, she steps out from the shadows. She is wearing a long black evening dress that accentuates her every curve. The gown goes to the floor,

Oral and Anal

I’m Terri, named after my father Terrance. He was 62 when I was born, my mother 33; I guess that’s why I find older men so attractive. It wasn’t until I was 19 or 20 that I first began to realize I wasn’t as ugly as I had always felt. Throughout grade school and junior

Garden Party Huntress

I step out of my bath, drying myself in a large, soft towel. It is wrapped around my shoulders, my hands clasping the top corners as I dry myself; my cheeks, my neck, down the swell of my breasts and under them, my armpits and then sides. I run my hands down my torso, holding

Peeping the neighbour milf

It felt so… naughty. Does this make me a pervert? Does it mean I’m depraved? The muscles of my belly were tense and I barely breathed. My family moved into a new house, about six months ago. After I had settled into my new room, I had discovered that from my window I can see

Rough Sex

I originally intended to go to the tanning bed but then I remembered I forgot to put on a thong under my sundress. I wear a thong when I lie in the bed because I like the way the white lines accentuate my hips and make my legs look longer. I also put one of