Kind of a Guy Thing

The Company Christmas Party is always at Gutheries. We have dinner in one of the private rooms out back and then move to the bar to see which one of the guys is going to make a fool of himself. This year it was my husband. I saw him standing next to her and wondered

The Kinky Secretary

There is a secretary at work that is somewhat of a ‘shared girl’, meaning that her secretarial services are split, or shared, between a couple of offices at my end of the building. She is probably almost 10 or 15 years older than me, making her to be about in her mid to late 50’s.

Creampie Hypnosis

“Ngh! Ngh! Nggggggh!” he grunted. Karen could feel Clem’s ejaculate spewing into her wet hole, even though he was buried deeply inside her. The realization that he was going to be momentarily sucking it out of her brought her that much closer to her own orgasm. She waited until he stopped trembling, and she felt