Alice and the Sherrif

I knew I was in trouble the minute the flashing lights showed up

behind my car. I have two dui’s already and a third would be a

disaster. Alice has been bitching about my drinking for almost

a year. She says I’ve lost my sex drive and I’m no fun anymore.

Let her do my job and see how much fun she has.

Oh shit, it’s the county sherrif, Alex Cooper. He’s become a real

bastard about dui’s since his wife was run down by a drunk.

I watched Alex run the computer and then get out of his cruiser.

I knew he had me dead to rights.

“Good evening, Sir. May I see your license and registration please”.

“Hello Sheriff, remember me, I’m Joe Johnson from the lodge.”

“Mr Johnson, I clocked you at 70 in a 55 zone. Please step out of

your car.”

I got out of the car and saw from the look in his eyes that he could

smell the booze on my breath. Shit, what was I going to do? I didn’t

dare let him write me a ticket.

“Sheriff, I know I’ve screwed up but I just can’t afford to get another

ticket. Isn’t there anything else we can do to fix this?”

Alex looked into the Johnson car. Alice sat with her hands in

her lap, her eyes down, too angry to watch the byplay. Her short

skirt revealed nice looking legs. Her sweater was loose enough

to hide her tits but Alex remembered she had nice tits. Alex

continued to stare at Alice until Johnson realized what was going on.

“Jesus, are you serious?”

“Do you want another dui?”

“Shit, Alice will k**l me if I even suggest anything.”

“That’s up to you Mr Johnson. Just make a decision.”

I asked the sheriff for a few minutes and he stepped back.

When Alice heard that I wanted her to have sex with the sheriff

so I could avoid a dui she exploded.

“You fucking bastard. You want me to screw that giant black

asshole just so you don’t go to jail. I ought to let you fry. Well fine,

Mr. shithead. Just what does he expect of me. I mean it – you find

out exactly what he wants, in detail, and then you tell me.”

Oh man, Alice was more than pissed this time. I had never

asked her to fuck a man for me.

“Sheriff, Alice wants to know exactly what you expect.”

“Ok, you tell your wife that I want a blow job and I want her to

swallow all my cum. If she swallows all my cum without spilling

a drop you get to go free and there will be no ticket. If she

can’t then I get to do what I want to do with her for two hours,

anything I want to do. Is that clear enough?”

“Uh yeah, I guess so.”

I told Alice and all I got was a glare that I took to mean ok.

The sheriff put us both in his car and drove us about five

miles into the woods, to a small cabin. It was neat inside.

There was a big bed, a small bathroom and not much else.

It was warm enough with the small heater in the corner.

“Johnson, I don’t want you getting crazy on me in the

middle of this, so strip.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get naked man.”

I heard Alice chuckle but I couldn’t see any way out of it

so I stripped. Then the sheriff shackled my ankle to a

ring in the floor at the foot of the bed. He told me I could

watch but not touch and under no circumstances could

I make a sound. I agreed. He told Alice she could stay

dressed if she wanted. Alice glared at him but said nothing.

Then he got naked. He was about six feet tall and in

very good shape. His back was to me and Alice as he

stripped. When he turned around all I could do was

stare. Alice gulped and said

“Shit, it’s longer than your’s and it’s still soft, oh shit.”

The sheriff just grinned and got on the bed. He told Alice

she was to get on her hands and knees with her ass

by his chest and suck his cock. Alice crawled up on

the bed slowly, not looking at the sheriff or me. She

was staring at the fat black cock with the purple head

that looked like a large wrinkled prune.

The sheriff just lay there, doing nothing, waiting for

my wife to suck his cock. I wish I had let him write the

ticket now but there was nothing I could do.

Alice moved forward on the bed until her head was just

above his cock. She reached out a hand and lifted it

and it filled her hand. His balls were huge. Alice opened

her mouth and put it around the purple cock head.

Oh man, it filled her mouth and it wasn’t hard yet.

She sucked on the head of his cock a little, sort of

tasting it. I saw her hand move from the shaft as it started

to stiffen. She cupped one of his balls and gently

squeezed it. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was

getting. It was at least twice the size of mine and longer

by at least four inches. Shit, what if he wanted to fuck

Alice. What would he do to her pussy?

Alice jerked on the bed. Now I could see it. He put a

hand under the back of her skirt and was stroking her

thighs. Alice pulled her legs together, trying to keep him

out. He just stroked her pussy lips through her panties.

She jerked her head off of his cock, wow – was it big.

“I hope you’re happy, you dumb asshole” she screamed

at me, “I see you’re enjoying this little show you caused.”

I glanced down, my own cock was stiff and leaking.

The sheriff slid his hand under Alice’s panties and teased

her pussy lips. She groaned and went back to sucking

his cock. This time I could tell she was trying to get more

of it in her mouth. Shit, she was spreading her legs,

letting more of his hand into her pussy. I leaned over

to see better. He put two, no, three fingers into her cunt

and his thumb was rubbing her clit. Alice was sucking his

cock harder and using one hand on the shaft to hold

herself up while the other stroked his balls. Her hips

started to wiggle up and down a little.

Was she trying to get more of his hand in her cunt?

What was he doing with his other hand? Now it was

under her panties and, oh shit, he was pushing a long

black finger into her ass. Alice jerked but she didn’t stop

sucking his cock and she didn’t try to move away from

the hands that were probing her ass and cunt. In fact, she

was pushing her ass against his hand and her mouth

sucking his cock even harder. I quit watching his hands

and watched Alice suck his cock. She let it slip out of

her mouth for a second, turned her head and sucked

on the fold of skin just below the head, a very sensitive

spot. Man, his cock was huge. The head was swollen

and smooth, dark purple, and so big. The dark black

shaft was rippling with veins and his balls were swollen

to what looked like larger than golf balls. Alice moved

her head up and down, licking his shaft on all sides.

I can’t believe she’s getting into this. Alice is not a sex fiend.

She likes to fuck but is not very adventurous. Holy shit, she

is trying to wedge that swollen cock head back into her

mouth. Her face was all puffed out but Alice did it. Now

she is squeezing both his balls, her upper body

supported by the big cock in her mouth. I’ve never seen

my wife do things like this. Shit, my balls hurt. I wish this

had never happened but I want to fuck Alice so bad.

That slish, slish sound his hand is making as it goes in

and out of her cunt is driving me crazy.

Oh, his hips are moving. He’s going to cum, I can feel it.

Sweet mercy, he’s filling my wifes face with cum. She

can’t hold it all. Cum spilled from her lips and flowed

down his cock. Shit, she’s still trying to swallow his cum.

The sheriff pulled his hands from Alice’s pussy and

ass and waited. She sucked and licked his cockhead

long after he finished cumming.She raised her head

and looked directly at me.

“I’m going to fuck him now you son of a bitch. I’m going

to fuck him until that big black cock of his is all the way

up my cunt. Then I’m going to eat my pussy juice from

the end of his cock. Are you happy now – asshole.”

With that my wife climbed off the bed and stripped. I

could see the sheriff watching with as much interest

as me. Alice is slender, small tits, tight ass, firm belly

and thighs. She likes to jog. God, she looked good

standing there nude, fire in her eyes, hands on her

hips, watching the sheriff laying on the bed.

“I didn’t swallow all your cum. Are you ready to fuck

me with that big black pole?”

“It isn’t exactly what I planned but you go right ahead

Mrs Johnson.”

“I think you can call me Alice. I still have your cum

coating my mouth.”

Shit, I’ve never heard my wife talk like that. The sheriff

must have liked it too. His cock was starting to stiffen

again. Alice climbed back on the bed and slowly

crawled on the sheriff’s body starting at his legs and

dragging her taut nipples across his crotch, then his

belly and his chest until her cunt was rubbing on his

growing cock. She wiggled her cunt back and forth

on his cock and it grew and grew. She stood up,

straddling his crotch, and squatted down until her

pussy lips were just above his cock. She reached

down and pulled it up until it was lodged just inside

the outer lips of her cunt. She seemed to sway a

little as she pushed her cunt down on that huge

purple head. She had made sure her ass was

toward me and I could see everything as his

cockhead pushed past the outer lips of her cunt

and started into her hole.

Alice moaned and squatted down some more,

pushing her pussy down on that huge black cock.

The sheriff just lay there watching Alice fuck

her cunt down on his cock. It seemed like a long

time before Alice was sitting on his pubic hair.

Her moans had continually increased as each

inch spread her pussy wider and wider. It was

obscene, that big black pole spreading my wife’s

little pussy so wide I thought it would split. Her

ass rested on his ball sack.

Alice didn’t move, just squatted there with that

fat cock in her pussy, balanced on his cock.

“Oh man, I can feel your cock clear up in my

chest. I can’t believe it’s all in me. I’ve never

had a cock so far up my cunt. Unhghnnnnn

don’t flex it like that. Oohhhhh unghungh I’m

cumming, ahhhhhhghhhh.”

I watched as my wife had an orgasm just sitting

on the sheriff’s dick. Alice rolled forward until

she was laying on his chest. That obscene

cock was stuffed so far in her cunt. Now he

was moving, pushing his cock back and forth

in her cunt. Alice was groaning again, in time

with each stroke that fucked into her pussy. He

grabbed her hips and held her tight as he

slammed his cock into her body. She whipped

back and forth on his chest, begging him

to be gentle but not stopping his savage fucking

of her cunt. Then she screamed another orgasm

and collapsed on his chest. He rolled her over

and got on his knees, grabbed Alice’ ass and

raised her hips until he could get his cock into

her cunt doggy style. Then he really pounded it

to her. Alice screamed and grunted with each

thrust, cursing and begging for mercy. Then she

screamed and had another orgasm, her third in

less than ten minutes. He never slowed, just

continued fucking her from orgasm to orgasm.

After what seemed like an hour they lay still on

the bed, bathed in sweat, my wife softly moaning.

I had never seen her get so hot and I had never

seen anyone fuck like the sheriff. I must have looked

foolish, standing there at the end of the bed, my

dick stiff and leaking while my wife lay like a dead

person on the biggest, blackest cock I had ever

seen. His cum juice was everywhere on her.

He rolled over and pulled out of her pussy with

a soft plop. Alice looked over at me and I did the

dumbest thing I have ever done.

“You enjoyed that – you slut.”

Alice grinned but it wasn’t a nice grin.

“You know what sheriff, I think my husband is a

real big asshole. So there should be plenty of

room for you. But before you fuck that asshole I

want to see him clean my pussy juice off of your


The sherriff grinned, rolled over and brought his

crotch to the edge of the bed. I tried to back up

but the leg clamp wouldn’t move. I tried begging

but they both laughed and not friendly.

I looked down at that big black cock and knew I

was going to have to suck it. I bent over and put

my head down and the closer I got to his cock the

more I could smell their sex.

Alice moved off the bed but I didn’t see where

she had gone until she grabbed my balls from behind.

“Put that black cock in your mouth asshole, or I’ll crush

your dumbass nuts.” She gave my balls a squeeze

to make her point and I had the sheriff’s cockhead

in my mouth. I tried not to take in too much but Alice

squeezed my nuts again and I opened wider. I had

about five inches of black cock meat in my mouth

and it was growing. Shit, Alice was stroking my cock

and it was turning me on. I couldn’t help it, I started

sucking on that black cock and moving my tongue

around the head. The sheriff just lay back and

enjoyed it.

Alice kept whispering in my ear while she stroked

my cock – “See asshole, sex is good, much better

when you’re sober, suck that dick, that’s right, suck

it faster, good boy, do you like that black dick in your

mouth, wait until it fills your ass you fucking bastard.”

With that she jerked my cock as hard and fast as

she could. I kept sucking the sheriff’s cock as fast

as I could and I could feel the head swelling. When

the first jet of cum hit the back of my mouth I almost

froze but my wife kept jerking my cock faster and

harder and I swallowed instead of screaming, and

I kept on swallowing. When there was no more cum

pouring into my mouth I stood up. Alice grabbed my

head and pulled it to her, sticking her tongue in my

mouth and slurping on the cum coating the sheriff

left me. Then Alice backed up, gave me an evil

grin, and said,

“Now, my loving husband, who started this little

fun evening – I’m going to get the sheriff’s cock

hard and he’s going to fuck your ass off and

you’re going to eat my pussy while he’s doing it.”

“Alice, please don’t do this” I begged.

Alice just chuckled and went back to the bed.

She took the sheriff’s cock in her hands again

and stroked it until it began to harden. Then

she climbed up on the bed and put his cock back

in her pussy. When she had it stiff and lubricated

by her cunt juices she got off and leered at me.

“Did you think I forgot you just because this big

black cock feels better than anything I’ve ever

fucked. Oh no. You get to feel it now. And while

he’s fucking your ass you will lick my pussy.

It’s still full of his cum juice.”

I tried to back away but that damn floor lock

wouldn’t let me move. The sheriff patted me

on the ass as he moved behind me and I almost

screamed in terror. Alice moved down to the end

of the bed and spread her legs. The sheriff

pushed me forward and down until my face was

close to her cunt. Alice grabbed my hair and

pulled my face into her pussy. I started to lick

her, hoping the sheriff wouldn’t really put that

huge cock in my ass. Hoping didn’t work.

When the head pushed against my asshole I

tried to move away but Alice just f****d my face

into her cunt and kept me from moving. I screamed

into Alice’ cunt when the head popped through

my asshole. It felt like he had ripped my butt apart.

Alice brought her legs up and wrapped them around

my head, forcing me back onto the sheriff’s cock.

A little more moved up my ass.

Oh god, hurt hurt, please..but it didn’t matter.

Every time I moved a little more of that giant cock

went up my ass. Alice started humping her wet

pussy on my face. Finally I stuck my tongue out and

started to lap at her steamy cunt. It was full of his

thick cum, salty and sticky. Alice chuckled and

ground her pussy against my mouth, telling me

how to eat her cunt and how good it must taste,

eating the sheriffs’ cum and her pussy juice.

Every time I thought it couldn’t hurt in my ass the

sheriff pushed a little more cock in me and I would

grunt and be f****d to fill my face with Alice pussy.

Ahhhghghghghg shit – my ass was so full and

Alice kept grinding her cum filled pussy into my

face. It felt like I was being fucked by a baseball

bat and it took forever.

Finally the sheriff filled my ass with cum and I wasn’t

too surprised to see Alice cum on my face. I bit

her clit real hard as she came to get even but it

only seemed to make her cum harder. When the

sheriff pulled out of my ass I grabbed Alice’ legs

and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I rammed

my cock into her cunt and fucked her as hard and

fast as I could. I didn’t last long but it felt good

to fuck Alice. We all lay on that bed panting for breath.

Alice got up first, looked at me and told the sheriff

“You are welcome in our home anytime and it would be

nice if anytime was soon. My pussy already misses you.”

I knew enough not to argue.