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The phone rang at the security desk. Bill put down his newspaper and looked at the clock. It was 8:10; everyone should have been gone by now. He picked up a pencil to log the call, then answered the phone. “Security desk, Bill speaking.” “Hi Bill.” The woman’s voice was soft and smooth. “It’s Jayde.

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As Hannah was sitting on the bench waiting for the #7 train to arrive, she noticed how crowed the subway looked tonight. Knowing that the train cars would be packed full she signed as the she saw the train arriving at the station. She figured that once again she would be standing cramed packed in

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You see, it is a small village we live in. A new community of newly build houses. If you open any gay app here, you will find noone that realy makes you’re dick twitch. Me and my husband just moved into our own small bungalow here. Just enough room for us two. Since we won’t

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Jerry and Sam came down some hours later, I had fallen asleep having now cum, a few times. It was only 6pm but Jerry apologised for them both that they had plans for the evening but that they would like to continue the next day. Jerry also had an idea, coming from a boast that

Chat room slut gets real

I’ve been playing online in adult chat rooms since before I got married and here I am 29 and never accepted a meeting invite, if I am honest it was just a way to masturbate and I never had any intention of meeting anyone. My husband knew and knows little of this secret life. Overtime