My First Black Girl

I have known Dana for a number of years and never really gave our relationship much thought. We have been good friends, but I never really thought of her sexually. Possibly because she had never expressed an overt interest in myself, and possibly because I’m white and she’s black. I always thought she was an

Black Cock for Tina

My wife Tina and I have been married for three years now and we have been very happy. She is twenty four years old, but is a very small woman, only 4′ 11″ and weighs 90 pounds. She looks very young, like a fifteen or sixteen fourteen year old girl. She loves sex and is

Fucking with a homeless

My beautiful, sexy, 38D-25-36, twenty-one-year-old wife and I are devout exhibitionists. We love to fuck anyhere, but especially in public, and preferably in broad daylight. We’ve screwed inside all-night supermarkets, drive-in theaters, shopping center parking lots, in hallways and on balconies of hotels, in park, and even on a school’s playground. Anyway, the best was

Cheating with my afro ex

This is my third story about Grace, my Ethiopian girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). If you’ve read the previous two stories, you’ll know that Grace is tall, slim and absolutely beautiful with the perfect body and the most amazing round ass. This story is from Thanksgiving 2017. Grace and I had actually broken up earlier in the

Fuck my ass again

Sunday we always did the cleaning. As morning moved towards the afternoon the house heated up, and clothing began to disappear until the women were in panties and I had on light cotton boxer shorts. No one was being subtle about still being horny. I walked into the kitchen and found Val leaning against the

Take my black ass, please !

Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend, her sister was in the chair by the window, we were relaxing with an old movie on the TV. Now, my girlfriend Karen was from Kenya, and we had just gotten the money together to send for her sister a month ago. Karen was