Allison’s First Time part 1.

“Alison Chapman!” Sandi Cooper exclaimed with surprise,
“Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin! That’s just
crazy! I don’t believe it! You’re eighteen years old,
for God’s sake.”

“Oh, come on,” Alison retorted defensively. “Lot’s of
girls my age are still virgins. Not all of us play
around with sex like you do.”

“Yeah, I do like to screw,” Sandi said with a knowing
smile. “I can’t imagine living without a good fuck
every couple of nights. It’s just that you clearly like
boys, you’re good looking, and you’re not stupid. I
really figured you were sleeping with someone and
keeping everyone from knowing.”

Sandi and Alison were standing by themselves on the
yard in front of their high school. They had known each
other for about a year, but had been close friends for
only six months or so. Sandi was a senior and Alison
just a sophomore. Normally, the two groups didn’t mix
socially, but Sandi was notorious for doing shocking

“That’s just the trouble,” Alison said, with a pout
that brought a ruby tinge to her full lips. “You can’t
keep people from knowing, and this is such a small-
minded school, I’d be dissed if anyone found out. I
don’t think my family would be shocked particularly;
they’ve always been very open about sex, but I think
even they might be disappointed if I didn’t have a
permanent relationship, and that’s not what I’m after.”
She looked up into Sandi’s icy blue eyes. “I’ve decided
I want to try out some guys sexually before settling
down with just one.” She stuck her hands in the pockets
of her letter jacket, her challenge made.

“Well, I can agree with that,” Sandi said, nodding.
“But things will work out eventually. You’ve been
dating for a while. Find a guy you like and sleep with
him. Why bring this up now?”

“Because my folks are talking about moving to
California next month. I’ve been thinking about it ever
since. I don’t want to lose my cherry in the back seat
of some guy’s car; I want it to be planned and special,
and I want to enjoy it from the first. And now I’ll
probably never even see any of the kids here again, so
if I do get a rep, I’ll be gone. I figure if I can do
something now, in the next month or so, I can find out
what fucking’s all about, and it won’t matter if anyone

Sandi looked at her, thinking. Finally she asked, “Are
you sure you really want to do that?” Alison nodded.
“You’re positive this isn’t just a reaction to some boy
dropping you?” Alison shook her head with scorn. “Hmmm.
It does sound like a great chance for fun.” Sandi
looked up meditatively. She returned her eyes to
Alison. “I assume you’ve come to me for help.”

Alison sighed with relief. She had been holding her
breath. “You’ve got that right. I don’t know anything
about actually fucking. Oh, I know the mechanics,
thanks to the films they show us here at school, but I
want it to be real special and my first time to be as
perfect as possible. You’ve told us all how much you
like fucking and how good you are at it. Well, here’s
your chance to prove it.” Alison rocked up on her toes
in anticipation.

Sandi studied her friend. “Why not?” she thought to
herself, watching fear, hope and embarrassment reflect
on Alison’s pretty face. Live a fantasy’create a
fantasy! Introduce a virgin to lovemaking! Certainly
there were any number of men who would be willing to
help. If she chose carefully, and planned things right,
she could enjoy the experience also!

She looked down at Alison. She saw a pretty girl, who
might one day be beautiful. Alison’s hair was full and
a deep reddish-gold. Her skin was tanned almost bronze
as a result of her tennis, and it glowed with good
health. Her shoulders were a trifle wide, and her
breasts were amazingly full for one so young, but her
hips were slim and her legs were sleek and long. She
was limber and strong, thanks to her athletic pursuits.

Sandi could tell that Alison was serious. Alison’s
large brown eyes were returning Sandi’s stare directly
and honestly. As far as Sandi knew Alison didn’t play
practical jokes. And, even in the few months that she
had been a real friend to the younger girl, Sandi had
learned that Alison could keep her mouth shut.

Sandi’s jaw set. She leaned forward and put her arm
across Alison’s shoulders. “No problem, k*d,” she said
with a conspiratorial smile and a wink. “I know just
what to do. Come on over to my house after school
today, and we’ll get you started. Just you leave
everything to me…”


Late that afternoon, after tennis practice, Alison took
the bus across town. As she walked up Sandi’s block,
she admired the neighborhood: tall trees fronting
large, stately homes; much more impressive than
Alison’s modest street. There were no cars parked at
the curb at all. Two Mercedes and a Porsche passed her
as she walked up the sidewalk. Even with the traffic,
the air was strangely quiet. She turned in front of
Sandi’s house, walked up some brick steps onto the
flagstone porch. She wondered if a butler would answer
her ring, but it was a handsome blond woman who opened
the door.

“Hi. I’m Alison Chapman, is Sandi home?”

“Yes, for a change,” the woman answered with an
exasperated laugh, as she brushed errant strands of
ash-blond hair off of her high forehead with a well-
manicured hand. “Please come in. I’m her mother.”
Alison could see who Sandi got her patrician good looks

The woman turned, motioning Alison to follow. Alison
noted the smooth flow of the dress over her body and
the way it hung perfectly as she moved. It reminded her
of a dress she had seen in the window of the finest
clothing store in town. “I knew Sandi’s family was
rich,” she thought to herself, remembering the price,
“but I didn’t realize they were that rich.”

“She’s in her room listening to music. She mentioned
that you would be over. Care for a soft drink?” Sandi’s
mother asked as they walked down the hall.

“No, ma’am, thanks,” Alison replied.

“That’s Sandi’s room, at the head of the stairs.” She
gestured to a closed dark oak door at the top of a
curving walnut staircase. The doorknob shone.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Alison bounded up the steps two at
a time. She knocked.

Sandi opened the door. She scanned Alison from head to
toe, then grinned. “Come on in. I wasn’t sure you’d
really show up.”

“Told you I was serious,” said Alison, defiantly. Sandi
nodded at her.

“OK, put your stuff there.” Sandi tipped her head
toward a dresser, “and let’s get started.” She turned
the music down, but still high enough to cover any
noise they might make.

“You’re the boss,” Alison said, as she put her purse
and letter sweater down and walked back to where Sandi
was standing. She stood still before her, a little
soldier at attention, with her hands at her sides and
her chin up. Sandi shut the bedroom door.

“Now, like anything else that’s complex and worth
doing, you can’t possibly hope to enjoy sex without the
right information, preparation and practice. That was a
mistake I made when I started, but I’ve been at this a
while, and I won’t let you fall into that same trap.
I’ll tell you everything you need to know and show you
what you need to do. Come over here.” She put her arm
around Alison’s shoulders and walked her over until
they could see themselves in the mirrored doors on the

They were a study in silver and gold. Alison saw Sandi
as a tall, slender aristocrat, a classic ash blond.
Sandi loved to wear silver, gray and black and had a
reputation at school for being something of a tyrant.
Her fair skin was almost translucent, but, despite her
appearance of delicacy, Alison knew Sandi had a core of
steel. Those gray eyes always seemed to be looking into
you, as if to wring out the truth in what they were was

Sandi might be willowy, but she was tough. Her skin
might be striking in its purity, but Alison knew that
Sandi was no princess. She was willing to try anything
just for the thrill of it. Alison admired that in her,
but she knew enough not to put all of her trust in her
friend. Sandi could be foolish, despite her
intelligence and high society background. Alison
believed she had chosen wisely though. She felt she
could trust Sandi where sex was concerned.

Sandi eyed Alison in return. She saw a small buttercup
of a girl, just over five feet tall, with heavy red-
golden hair that fell in a sparkling cascade down her
back. Alison’s brown eyes were lustrous, gleaming with
a passion for life. Her face was round and plump and
would have been pixyish if not for a gamin glint of
awareness from those wide eyes. Alison’s eyes were
fascinating. For all of their innocence, they sought to
be wise. They were anxious to see all that life and the
world had to offer.

Alison’s body was sturdy, but moved smoothly. Her
strength came from tennis, and her lithesome grace from
gymnastics. She smiled at her reflection tentatively
and drew a deep breath. She licked her plump lips, and
a momentary flash of sensuousness on Alison’s face
stunned Sandi. There was something in Alison Chapman
was willing to go beyond just doing what was normal.
Sandi suspected that, like herself, Alison was capable
of making her own decisions about sex and how she used
her body.

Indeed, Sandi sensed that here was a person who could
get totally involved in physical pleasure, and the use
of sex to achieve it. The set of Alison’s shoulders was
direct, almost anxiously confrontational. Even so,
Sandi knew she would have to be careful to make things
work right. Despite Alison’s strength and capable
demeanor, she was naturally a shy and deliberate
person, and wouldn’t jump into an unknown area if there
were a chance of failure. Alison glanced up to Sandi’s
face and moved her hands nervously.

They turned to face each other. “Now what?” Alison

“OK,” Sandi said, “let’s begin. First I need to know
how experienced you actually are. For instance, have
you ever played with your clit before?”

“Played with it?” Alison said, surprised, her arms
swinging at her sides. “Well, yes, of course,
sometimes. I tried masturbating once.”

“Just won…? Oh. Good. In fact, excellent. Did you

“I’m not real sure.” Sandi met this reply with a silent
stare. Alison blushed. She had learned early in their
relationship that Sandi demanded complete honesty.

“Let’s see,” Alison continued quickly, chewing at her
lower lip, “it was a warm day last summer. My folks
were gone and my brother and sister were at their
friends’. I was reading one of my mother’s novels and
got to a part where a woman was being made love to by a
handsome man.

“The author described these great sensations. I thought
I’d see if I could make them happen to me, so I used my
finger,” Alison held up her forefinger, “and stuck it a
little way inside me. It hurt at first, but I moved it
back and forth and it felt better. Finally, I got a
warm feeling and a tingling between my legs, but it
didn’t last very long. I was breathing hard afterwards
and was a little sweaty, but it hardly seemed worth the

“That’s good,” Sandi said with a look of satisfaction.
“Then you do know a little about sex, and what it’s
like. Real sex is like that but much more pleasurable.
You’ll shiver all over, and the muscles of your insides
will convulse with rhythmic pleasure. You’ll feel
flushed and tingly at the same time and so extremely
good that you’ll be totally happy. Don’t worry about a
thing. You’re going to do fine.

“Now, take off your panties, and sit on the bed.”

Alison’s jaw dropped. Sandi waved her toward the rather
hard-looking queen-size bed with shiny white sheets and
a turned-down blue bedspread. Alison closed her mouth,
walked slowly over to bed, and, still facing away from
Sandi, lifted her skirt and slipped her panties down to
her ankles and off. She was never embarrassed when she
undressed in front of other girls in the locker room at
school, but she found that this time, as the object
under consideration, she was too shy to undress while
she could see Sandi looking at her. Her mouth was dry
as she turned back to her friend.

Allison was wearing a skirt, but no panty hose, and a
blouse, but no bra. Her breasts were a little too large
to not wear a bra, but it was Friday, and she sometimes
went without one on the weekend.

Alison backed up and sat down on the bed with her skirt
spread demurely around her. The satin sheets were cool
under her bare legs. Sandi knelt down and took Alison’s
shoes and socks off. Alison shivered a little and
clapped her fists together in rising anticipation. “Now
we’re getting somewhere,” she thought.

“Hide your panties under the pillow there, in case my
Mom barges in,” cautioned Sandi. “I don’t think she
will because I’m not in here with a guy, but you can
never tell. If she does show up, just try to act as
natural as you can.”

“Wow, sex is sure hard to learn about in this society,”
Alison commented conspiratorially as she stuffed her
panties under Sandi’s pillow. She leaned forward a
little and whispered. “OK, now what?”

“Spread your knees apart and put the bottoms of your
feet together. Here, pull your skirt back so you can

“Oh… Well, all right,” Alison said haltingly as she
drew her feet up onto the bed, put them together and
spread her knees to the side, her skirt still primly
covering her lap. She felt her cunt open as the muscles
of her inner thighs stretched. Reluctantly, she rolled
her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. Her
body was now bare from her belly button down. She
blushed again to find herself so fully exposed.

Trying to ignore the fact that Sandi was standing there
staring at her, Alison peered down at her spread legs.
She could see the tan line defined by her tennis shorts
on her thighs. She normally shaved her legs regularly,
but noticed the golden hairs on her inner thighs, and
thought to herself that she would have to shave again
soon. She looked at her feet. They were strong feet,
with a high arch and short toes. Her ankles were a
continuous curve from her feet to her leg. She
remembered one time at a party being complimented on
how pretty her ankles were. Her calves curved smoothly
up to her knees, which were not knobby any more,
although they had been when she was younger.

Finally, she f****d herself to bring her eyes back to
look at the area where her thighs met her slightly
rounded belly, with its small triangular bush of
darkish blond pubic hair, pointing like an arrowhead
toward her wide open cunt. “So you are a real blond,”
Sandi said with a grin. Alison blushed, but found
herself getting interested despite her embarrassment.
The silky fuzz of her pubic hair interfered with her
view, so she reached down with her fingers to tease it
out of the way.

“The men who wrote the medical books thought a woman’s
vulva looked like a mouth, and compared the skin around
it to lips,” said Sandi. “That’s why they’re called
labia. Actually, they look more flower-like to me, bud-
shaped and beautiful. Spread them apart. That’s it.
Those lacy-looking things are your labia minora. They
are very sensitive and are a prime source of pleasure
during sex. Down at the bottom is your vagina. That’s
where you’ll get fucked, just below the place where you
pee. Here,” she said, leaning a small mirror against
Alison’s heels and handing her a flashlight, “spread
the labia apart and look at your vagina.”

Alison was surprised that she could actually see what
Sandi was talking about, but her body had always been
very flexible, thanks to her gymnastics. She haltingly
lowered her hand to her groin, and cautiously spread
the labia farther apart, exposing the rosy inner

“This is the entrance to your vagina,” Sandi put her
finger on the edge of Alison’s vaginal opening. Alison
started and giggled at the intimate contact. “You can’t
feel all the way up it now, because your hymen is still
in the way. After you’ve been fucked, and your hymen
has been broken, you’ll be able to feel all the way up
to your cervix, or the opening to your uterus. You know
about that, right?”

“Sure, that’s where the egg grows when you have a

“Right. Which reminds me, what are you using for birth

“I went to the clinic two weeks ago and got some pills.
I told them that I was sleeping with my boyfriend, and
he wouldn’t use a condom.”

“Good, they should be effective by now. Now, do you see
that knob at the top, under that little hood of skin?
That’s your clitoris. That’s what I want you to
stimulate to learn about sex. Rub it and stroke it and
press on it the right way, and you’ll have an orgasm.”

“Like when I masturbated?” Alison asked, looking up
into Sandi’s face.

“Better than that, k*d, I’ll show you how to do it much
better.” Sandi responded, reassuringly. “Most girls
don’t masturbate nearly enough. The more you do it, the
better it feels, just like sex by the way. And I truly
believe the more you cum, the easier you’ll be able to
cum. Besides, you have to learn what you like, so you
can tell your boyfriends what to do.”

“You mean they won’t know?”

“Hey, think about it. Boys our age can screw three,
four or even five times a night, but they don’t have
enough experience to understand how to really give a
girl pleasure; besides, every woman’s different. You’ll
have learn what you like him to do, and learn how to
tell him what you like, and show him by moving your
body. That’s why I generally have sex with older men.
Nothing really substitutes for experience. I’ll pick
the best for you, but you’ll still have to learn what
turns you on, so the boys you’ll fuck later will know
what you need. Now, let’s try it. Use your fingers and
stroke your clit.”

Alison looked up at Sandi and frowned. She looked back
down at her widespread legs and the pink tissues
peaking out. Her initial embarrassment was
disappearing, but she didn’t know if she was really
ready to go this far this fast. Sandi, however, didn’t
seem to be bothered at all by her reluctance, so Alison
decided she could continue for a little while. The
situation felt really strange, but she wasn’t scared,
just unsure if what she was doing was right. Gingerly,
she reached down and touched her tender clitoris with
her thumb and forefinger. She winced a little at the

“Lick your fingers, first,” Sandi suggested. “Keep
licking them if the rubbing gets rough. Pretty soon,
I’ll show you a better place to get moisture.”

Alison raised her hand to her mouth, licked her thumb
and forefinger and returned her hand to her cunt. She
spread the saliva around and touched and squeezed her
clit. “Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel good at first,”
Sandi said supportively, “it’ll get better fast.”

As Alison proceeded to play with her innocent little
clitoris, she soon found that she liked to pull on it,
rather than stroke it toward her. Her fingers slid past
it, rubbing her labia. She began to get warm all over,
as she did when doing her gymnastic exercises. Then she
started trembling, and she pressed her clit softly up
against her body until she calmed down.

“Don’t let up so soon,” Sandi chided. “You’re safe with
me. Let yourself go. That’s what good sex is all about.
You need to let your body carry you along instead of
you controlling it.

“Reach up with your other hand and feel your breasts.
Keep rubbing around your clit, though.”

With a guilty smile, Alison resumed rubbing her now-
swollen clitoris. She put her other hand inside her
blouse and caressed her breasts and nipples lightly.
She relaxed. As she gave herself over to the strange
new sensations, her nipples got hard and pointy, and
her labia started to swell. Her clit felt large and
stiff, her breasts flushed and full.

“That’s it,” Sandi said calmly, noting the changes.
“Now let your finger slip below your clit and into your
vagina. Pick up some moisture and work it onto your

Alison moved her hand down and cautiously slipped one
then another of her small fingers into her vagina. A
silky slickness met her touch. She rubbed it into her
soft inner tissues, and they tingled. She moved her now
wet fingers back to her clit and continued rubbing,
then dipped down again and picked up more of that
slithery moisture.

Alison found herself falling into a rhythm, stroke
twice, slip down and around her vaginal opening, stroke
twice and press. She did this over and over, getting
warmer and wetter with each repetition. She felt tight
and awake and flushed down below, but her head was
light and hazy. Her mind slipped away into a rosy world
of softness and warmth and moving muscles and the sweet
smell of sex.

“Don’t worry, the first few take a while,” Sandi
whispered. Alison nodded. Her eyelids drooped and she
bit her lip. She covered her cunt with her hand as the
room faded from view. She was floating on a lake of
liquid pleasure. She felt a warm flush under her
breasts and wondered what that meant, when suddenly it
was as though a water balloon had burst in her lower
belly! She began to shake, her hips and bottom moving
as if with a life of their own!

She had long since fallen back on the bed, and she
began to make little whimpering noises, and soft sounds
in the back of her throat something like barks. Her
hips jerked as waves of pleasure flowed between them.

She pressed her clit firmly as the warmth rose from her
hips up her belly and under her breasts, then on up to
flush her face, the muscles in her cunt twitching in
the same rhythm that her stroking had been. She thought
she was going to pee, but the feeling passed, as she
threw her knees wide and pressed her clit more tightly.
She was panting and crying softly.

As she rolled her lower body back and forth on the bed,
she could hear herself cry, “Oh yes, oh yes!”, but she
said it softly, so Sandi’s mother couldn’t hear,
because she didn’t want to be disturbed, and she didn’t
want it to end. If only it would go on forever!

* * *

“Oh, you’re going to be a good one,” Sandi said,
hugging her friend as they lay together on the bed. She
kissed Alison’s cheek and waited while her friend’s
body calmed down. “Feeling better now?”

Alison nodded. “I feel like I’ll never feel that good

“Sure you will, and it’s even better with a man.” Sandi
held Alison while she recovered her breath. “Normally,
I’d let you take a nap now, but we don’t have the time,
you’re due home soon. So sit up, put your feet together
again and take another look at your vulva.”

Alison sat up slowly, exhausted. She grabbed her
ankles, rocked back, put her feet together as she had
before, and rolled her skirt up again. She let her head
drop toward her lap and looked at the area between her
legs. “Ohh, ugh,” she said, “it looks all wet and

“Not nearly as wet and sticky as it’ll be after you’ve
been fucked. Did you notice how much bigger it got when
you masturbated?”

Alison looked up. “Yeah, it got all bulgy around the

“And real slick, right?”

“Right, really slippery.”

“That’s how you tell when you’re ready for cock. Since
this is your first time, it may be a little painful
anyway. Don’t let the boy put it in until you’re
thoroughly ready, as you were then.”

“But will I be able to feel him inside me if I’m that
slick?” Alison asked, looking down at herself again.
“What if he just slips in, fucks me, and leaves?”

“Don’t worry, I’m picking your first partners
carefully. They’ll be big enough that you’ll feel them,
but not so big that they’ll hurt you. And I’ll tell
each of them how I want you fucked. They’re all
talented at lovemaking. I’ll personally choose the ones
that will be best for you. They’ll do a good job.”

Alison’s head snapped up, her cheeks flushed, her eyes
wide. “Them! You… You mean there will be more than
one! God, Sandi. I hadn’t bargained on that!” The
thought shocked Alison fully awake. She chewed her lip

“Now, look. You put me in charge, didn’t you? If you do
as I tell you everything will work out fine. There’re
lots of advantages in gang-fucking, and I know how to
do it right. It won’t be anything you can’t handle, and
your chances for pleasure will be much greater,
although from the look of things I don’t think you’ll
have any problems. Now listen to me.

“When you are good and ready, not before, you let the
guy put his cock on your belly. Then have him raise his
hips, while you raise your knees and tip your cunt up
toward him. I want you to reach down and take his cock
in your hand. Don’t let him do it. Then lower it down
and move it around until it gets good and wet from your
pussy juice. Hold it there until you’re ready, then
release it and let him stick it in; he’ll do the rest.”

“Gosh,” said Alison, “that’s a lot to think of at
once.” She wasn’t really confused; she was just still
distracted by the idea of fucking more than one guy;
but, as she thought it over, the possibility excited
her. Her clit tingled, and she felt a surge of strength
shoot through her body. Surely Sandi knew what she was
talking about. She was always so organized and well
prepared. Alison looked up at her friend anxiously.
“But… how will it work? Where will we do it? When?
What do you need from me? Should I get some rubbers?
How will it happen?”

“Calm down, calm down. I’ve taken care of everything.
My family owns a cabin up in the woods. It’ll be
perfect. We’ll drive up there next Saturday after lunch
and stay the night. My mom won’t worry because you’ll
be along, and your folks won’t worry because you’re
with me.

“As to the men, you’re very lucky you came to me. I’ve
told you and the other girls about some of the guys
I’ve slept with, but actually I lead a much more active
sex life than you know about. Over the past couple of
years I’ve met a bunch of men I really like, and we’ve
formed a little sex commune. We all like sex, we’re
sensible, and we know how to make love very well.

“Since we all like our sex natural and safe, we don’t
use condoms. But we’re very careful about our sex
partners, and we always get tested after sleeping with
someone outside the group. We don’t fuck anyone in the
group until we are sure we are clean.

“I’m picking your partners from that bunch. The birth
control pills will be adequate to protect you from
pregnancy, and I can guarantee that you won’t catch any
venereal diseases.

“What I want from you between now and then is to get
yourself sexually and mentally ready. That means
masturbating as often as possible, eating well and
getting enough sleep. I know you’ll get enough
exercise. I want you to do what you just did,
masturbate to a climax, at least once a day, more if
you can. We only have four days for you to get ready
for this, and I want you to be as thoroughly familiar
with your body and the way it responds as possible.
I’ll work with you this week to get you mentally
prepared. Believe me, this is going to be a first class
operation. It will be everything you’re hoping for.

“I suppose so,” Alison said, half to herself. “This may
be my only chance.” She slid off of the bed, reached
for her panties, put them on, and returned her other
garments to order. She squirmed a little at the feeling
of wetness between her thighs, but as the moisture
warmed she got more comfortable.

“Just do as I tell you, and everything will be fine.
Here’s some stretching and toning exercises I want you
to do to strengthen your inner thighs and here’s a
little device that I want you to use, following these
instructions, to strengthen the muscles around your
cunt. We’ll talk some more tomorrow. Now, my dear, it’s
time I drove you home.”


Alison woke the next Saturday with the same feeling of
anticipation she always had on Christmas morning: a
great joy and the knowledge that something wonderful
was about to occur. Just after lunch today she and
Sandi would leave for the cabin. Tonight it would
happen. By this time tomorrow morning, she would know
what it was like to have fucked!

“Alison, pay attention!” her mother said at breakfast.
Apologetically, Alison took the plate of pancakes her
mother was handing her and helped herself to six. “My,
you’re hungry today,” her father said, “You must have
something big planned for the weekend.”

‘More than one big something!’ Alison thought to
herself with a smile as she nodded to her father while
chewing avidly. ‘Golly,” she thought, “I wonder how
many more than one, and how big?’ She reflected a bit
worriedly, squirming in her chair.

That afternoon, Sandi arrived in a four-wheel drive
Jeep, and Alison and her father loaded her stuff in the
back. “You two have fun now,” her father said. Alison
looked at Sandi and grinned.

“We will,” she replied.

The trip was easy: two-lane blacktop most of the way,
and the dirt road to the rustic cabin was dry and
smooth. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm, and
the pine trees scented the air with spice. Alison’s
nervousness subsided as the vibration from the road
massaged her thighs and bottom and relaxed her. She
sighed wistfully to herself and leaned back in the
seat. It seemed like only moments before they pulled up
in front of the cabin.

“Your room is there,” Sandi said, as she swung the
cabin door wide. Alison carried her suitcase through
the door just off the living room. She saw a double
bed, bare but for a folded and bagged mattress pad.
Alison opened the door at the rear to a large tiled
bathroom with sink, toilet and a big shower. As she
hung up the towels she had brought and turned to start
making the bed, she experienced an icy touch of fear.
Was this really what she wanted? “Of course it is,” she
answered herself with a shake of her head, her long
hair flying around her face. She smacked the mattress
and pillows as she pulled the sheets and pillowcases
on. “I’m ready now, and this is the perfect chance.”

She finished making the bed and went to join Sandi in
the kitchen. Sandi was putting out the sandwiches and
salad they had brought for dinner. Alison noticed two
bottles of wine on the table. “Are those for us?” She
asked. “We’ll be drunk by bedtime.”

“No, we won’t,” Sandi replied. “I’m not going to let
you drink too much, just get lightly buzzed so tonight
will be that much more fun. Here,” she said as she
poured two glasses. “Have you been doing your

“Yes, and I can feel myself getting stronger down
here,” Alison said as she rubbed the inside of her
thighs through her tight jean shorts. “I’ve also gotten
to where I cum more easily and quickly now then when I
started to masturbate… Maybe we don’t need the guys
after all!” she said with a nervous laugh.

“You won’t say that after tonight,” Sandi replied,
taking a sip of wine and looking at Alison over the rim
of her wine glass. “Trust me. I know what good for

They spent the afternoon hiking in the woods, and
watching the birds and the clouds from the porch swing
and talking.

“Men get more excited and cum much more easily than
women do,” Sandi explained. “That one difference
probably leads to more sexual problems than any other.
Men can get aroused by seeing a pretty girl or a sexy
picture or sometimes from just hearing a dirty joke.
They also find sexual excitement in violent events like
football or boxing, while women, who do sometimes get
excited by those things, too, tend to want quiet and
comfort with their sex. That’s partly because,
physically, women don’t usually feel sexually aroused
without some deliberate preparation and direct

“So women naturally feel that they’re more in control.
When the man starts to get frenzied early in the
lovemaking, women feel rushed, or threatened. Unless
they’re already in the mood or can quickly get in the
mood, it can spoil the whole event for them.

“The answer is for you to always keep the physiological
differences in mind. Boys our age don’t usually need
any help getting aroused. A girl needs to train herself
to keep up with them as best she can. Fucking can be
just about the most fun thing there is to do, but only
if you’re body is ready for it. That’s why I want you
to continue masturbating. You can never know too much
about your body and its needs and responses.

“And stay ready to respond to the boy’s needs too.
Sometimes, males can really surprise you. I had one guy
start cumming just as he was taking his cock out of his
pants. Fortunately I was sitting on the bed in front of
him and was able to get it in my mouth before he made a
big mess. That was his first time with me, and he was
still real inexperienced. He has developed into one of
my best lovers since, though.”

“You mean, you ate him?” Alison gaped. “What was it
like? Some of the girls say it’s icky, and they don’t
like it.”

“You have to learn to like it, I admit,” Sandi
considered. “It’s nice in a way, and the guys really
dig it, but it’ll never replace fucking.”

“Will I be eating any of the guys tonight? I’ve had
enough wine; I’d be willing to give it a try.”

“Maybe. We’ll see. You’ve got a lot of fucking to do
first. Just be patient, everything comes in time.”

As the air turned still and the birds sang their
evening songs, Sandi and Alison’s talk moved to
lifestyle choices.

“Our society is totally wrong when it imposes sexual
abstinence on teenagers.” Sandi said contemptuously. “I
support your decision entirely. Youth is the time
nature gives you to experiment with potential mates,
get to know them, and find out what you like. If
American society allowed open teenage sexual freedom,
there would be a lot less domestic violence and crime,
marriages would last longer, and there would be fewer
kids living with divorced parents. Part of the problem
is Puritanism, but part is the natural refusal by
parents to let their kids go.”

“But what about teenage pregnancies? And AIDS? That’s a
problem now.”

“Not really. The real problem is that kids sneak sex
without planning carefully enough. With open sexuality,
teenagers wouldn’t have to fuck each other without
taking precautions.”

Later, Sandi and Alison talked about relationships.

“Many a teenage girl is so happy to have a guy say he
loves her, that she becomes a slave to him. If more
girls realized that teenage guys are really still
c******n, and only think of themselves most of the
time, they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to tie ourselves
down with one guy.”

“But all the girls say that if you don’t have a steady
guy, that means you’re not attractive,” Alison replied.
“I tend to agree about the immaturity, but in order to
be socially accepted, you have to have a steady date.
You can’t go to a dance or the movies alone.”

“Of course you can. I do. Guys do all those things by
themselves all the time. I’ve gone to dances by myself
and had a real good time. If you act friendly and
confident, you’ll be fine. Most teenage guys are too
shy to even talk to a girl. If you break the ice, and
can keep the conversation going, they’ll love you for
that alone.

“And don’t limit yourself just to guys you consider
handsome. I try to be nice to everyone no matter what
they look like. Many of my best men friends are plain

“Now, I admit, I don’t like to be bored. If a guy is
just too dopey, meaning he tells lies and hurts people
because he’s still just a k*d, I act nice to him, but I
stay away. Give him a couple of years to grow up, I
say. But when I find a guy who interests me,
intellectually and sexually, who’s honest and kind, I
make it as easy as possible for him to get to me.
Things work out.

“But remember, the first time you let the man take
charge of your life you’re in trouble. Besides, at our
age, if you really want a boy, and you’re comfortable
sexually, he’ll be so happy that you’ll let him fuck
you that he’ll do anything you want.”

“I wish I could feel as confident as you,” Alison
volunteered. “I still get nervous when I’m with boys I
don’t know.”

“Part of that is sexual tension. Once you get used to
fucking and being close to males both physically and
sexually you’ll feel a lot more at ease. Usually kids’
hormones, even girls’, are raging, even though they
don’t know it, and they can’t think straight. Once you
get used to your body, and the feeling of sexual
tension and release, you’ll be able to think more
clearly. That’s another reason I agreed to this
weekend. I think you are truly ready to handle life as
a sexually active and aware person, and I think you’ll
be happier and more comfortable for it.”

The sun had gone down; the forest was still. The stars
shone clearly in the sky, untainted by city lights. The
girls yawned, both from the wine they’d drunk and from
the fresh mountain air. Behind the house Alison thought
she could hear the quiet purr of a car. Sandi noticed
it too. “They’re here,” she said. Sandi walked Alison
to the bedroom.

She hugged her friend at the door. “Don’t be afraid,
I’ve taken care of everything.”

Alison raised her hands to Sandi’s shoulders and looked
her in the eye. “Oh, Sandi, I’m not afraid. This night
happens to every girl. I’m looking forward to it, and,
Sandi, I want to thank you, no matter what, for being
here with me.” Alison, stood on her tiptoes, kissed
Sandi’s cheek and swung the door closed as her friend
went off to make the arrangements.


Alison leaned back against the bedroom door, trying to
catch her breath. “Here goes,” she thought, “Time to
get ready.” She walked over and stood in front of the
mirror, and slowly took off her blouse and jeans,
laying them on the dresser.

“Nice body,” she said to her reflection. As an athlete,
she often looked at herself critically like this. She
saw a slim, healthy young girl with a narrow waist,
tight hips, wide shoulders and strong legs. Her skin
was unblemished and smooth. Her large eyes and petite
nose gave her a look of innocence but her rosy lips and
wide mouth seemed to promise more. She shivered,
although the room was comfortably warm. Her forehead
knit with worry. This was a big step in her life. “This
is your decision,” she said to her image. Then she
grinned at herself. “And pay attention. There is only
one first time.”

She unclipped her bra. With a shake of her shoulders,
her breasts swung free. She rubbed under them with her
thumbs, savoring the feeling of release, and willed
herself to relax. She lifted her large bosoms, juggling
them in her hands. Her fingers spread, the forefingers
toying with her nipples, which hardened.

She ran her hands down to her hips, undulated them
provocatively, grasped her panties and lowered them to
the floor, kicking them over to the dresser. She stood
up and looked at herself again, now fully naked. Sandi
had told her to spend some time looking at herself and
anticipating what would happen to her. “Make a little
ritual out of it,” Sandi had said. “It will make the
event more real, and you will enjoy it more.”

She stretched her arms above her head, lifted her thick
hair and looked down at her untouched, golden, still
virgin body. Under her gaze, she could feel it
anticipating that tonight it would change. Her dark-
aureoled nipples turned taunt and hard. Her sex
dampened spontaneously in anticipation.

She threw her head back, ran her hands voluptuously
through her hair and slid them down her sides again,
past her hips and muscular thighs, trying to alleviate
the tightness that seemed to rule her from her waist
down. She touched herself just below her belly button
and spread her fingers across her lower abdomen,
through her fine pubic hair. Her middle finger found
her cunt and naturally slipped in alongside her clit.
She probed her vaginal opening with the tip.

“Soon, I’ll have a man in there.” She shivered at the
thought. She had always kept herself alone, aloof,
untouched. It was partly the pride of being an athlete,
partly her shyness, partly her desire to be in total
control of her body. “For only a short while longer,”
she murmured to herself, “will I still be a virgin. My
body has never had anything penetrate it, never felt
the invasion of a foreign object or other human flesh.
Soon, it will be entered, stretched and plumbed deeply
by a male sexual organ. It will be altered forever.”
She felt her fear return.

“A piece of me, my hymen, will be torn by that organ,
and I will no longer be a girl, but will have become a
woman.” She chewed her lip nervously. “A part of
another human body being will actually be inside me, as
close and intimate as two people can get. That stuff
that Sandi calls ‘cum’, and that I have never seen,
will be injected into me, to stay behind when the man
leaves. The sperm in it will swim through my cervical
opening and up into my body, searching for an egg, and
all those foreign male sex cells will be absorbed and
become a permanent part of me.

“Am I ready?” She had spent eighteen years doing little
girl things. Now she was going to transform her life
and the way she related to other human beings. She
soberly considered the responsibilities that she was
imposing on herself. She was embarking on a whole new
phase of her life. There would be pleasure and pain,
concern and comfort, and it would all start tonight.
Was she ready?

“Yes!” she exclaimed to the image in the mirror. She
threw her head back and raised her chin. “This is how I
want it to be. It’s my choice. The time is now.” With a
courageous look, and a pace backward, she stepped away
from her girlhood.

She went to the door and switched out the lights.
Hoping that the darkness didn’t embody her future, she
felt her way back to the bed, pulled the bedclothes
down and crawled between the cool sheets.

Her mind went back to what Sandi has said earlier that
day. “Most girls act shy and reluctant, and that turns
sex from a loving act to an act of r**e. Don’t play
those games. Never get the guy’s macho up. If you don’t
make him have to fuck you, but you reach out and fuck
him, you’ll both have a real good time.”


Alison didn’t have long to wait. A few minutes after
she turned out the lights, and was drifting into a
slight slumber, she heard the sound of voices outside
the bedroom door. She followed the footsteps, the light
ones of Sandi and the heavier ones of the boy, or maybe
man, that Sandi was leading to her; the one who was
going to help her over the line, the one who would take
her virginity, tonight.

She huddled in the bed, imagining him. The area between
her legs was warm and puffy, and she imagined that his
cock was already entering her, slipping deeply inside
her and filling her clean, untouched body with its
maleness. Her knees came up defensively. She squirmed
around and looked fearfully at the door. Her hand went
to her mouth. She could see little in the starlight,
but it looked as though Sandi opened the door, and the
man stepped in.

He loomed tall before her, a dark shape in the gloom.
His shoulders were wide and his waist narrow; she could
see that much as he pulled his shirt over his head. He
slipped out of his shoes by stepping on the heel of one
with the toe of the other, and then let his pants drop
with a jangle of coins and clank of belt buckle. She
tried to see what his genitals were like, but they were
hidden in shadow. He leaned over her and pulled the
covers back.

“My name’s Al,” he said in a deep and resonant voice,
“and you’re Alison. How appropriate, almost like Adam
and Eve.” She couldn’t bring herself to speak; her
throat was too dry. “I know this is your first time,”
he said, “so don’t worry. I’ll be very slow and

She stiffened, as he laid his lean body down beside
hers and touched her bare skin with his own. This was
it. She could feel his heat. He leaned on his elbow,
putting his other hand on the other side of her head.
He frightened her as he towered over her, so she lifted
her hands to his chest. Her palms encountered hard
muscles and curly hair and she drew back, but then she
laid her hands softly on him. She realized how big he
was and a wave of helpless swept through her, but, with
a shake of her head, she brought herself back to earth.
She was not a little c***d.

She was an active participant who had asked for this to
happen. ‘But I really don’t know what to do next!’ the
little girl in her said. ‘OK,’ the real Alison replied,
‘so just be ready for anything.’ She purposely ran her
hands across his chest and brushed at his thick pelt of
hair. She hadn’t realized men were so hairy! She
reached around to hug his large body to her, thinking
that was what she was supposed to do. He bent down and
kissed her softly on the lips. Her nipples hardened.

She kissed him back, tentatively, unsure of her
technique. His breath was neither sweet not musky, but
dry and very male. It felt soft and animal on her face.
His lips were full, and more caressing than her
parents’ lips were when she kissed them goodnight, or
than those of the few nervous boyfriends that she had
quickly kissed before. She felt the light stubble of
whiskers against her tender cheek as he rubbed his face
against hers. “He must be much older than I am,” she
thought and was somehow comforted. She kissed his
stubbly cheek, and let her small hands tickle through
the silky hairs on his back.

“Do you touch a lot in your family?” he asked, looking
down at her. His voice rumbled under her hands.

“Uh, quite a bit,” she replied, in a voice that sounded
too loud and squeaky. She cleared her throat. “I get
hugs in the morning before I leave, and I always kiss
both of my parents good night at bedtime.”

“Good,” he growled, lowering himself onto her breasts,
pressing her down with his chest and kissing the place
where her neck and shoulder met. “Then you’re doing
this because you want to, not because you’re short of
affection.” She was momentarily insulted, but held her
temper. His body felt too good against hers to let his
attitude bother her. She allowed her hands play again
across his back again, like two small birds looking for
a place to rest. He nibbled her ear lightly. She
reached up and ran her fingers through his long hair.

He then proceeded to taste her whole body, loving it
with his lips, sucking and kissing her neck and
shoulders and licking under her breasts. He nibbled
lightly on her hardened nipples, and they tingled in
response. He kissed and tongued her armpits and elbows,
which made her giggle, and sucked each finger, one-by-

Her hands fell to her sides, and she began to feel
languid, not at all aroused. She stretched sensuously
under his touch. Her arms and legs were heavy. ‘Did I
drink too much wine?’ she asked herself, but she was no
longer nervous, and Al continued to take his time.

He kissed down her firm stomach. His whiskers tickled
her skin and made her giggle again. She was still shy
about her nakedness, although the darkness helped, so
she held her legs tightly together, hiding her sex. She
nervously caught her breath when he kissed her high on
each inner thigh, brushing her pubic hair with his
cheek. “Is he going to eat me?” she wondered, looking
down to where his head and shoulders gleamed in the
moonlight, but he didn’t pause.

He continued kissing down her long legs to her feet,
where he nibbled her toes and made her laugh a fourth
time. She realized she was thoroughly enjoying this. He
began to press the soles of her feet with his fingers
in a special way, and little zings of pleasure shot up
each leg. He rubbed the area where the top of her foot
met her calf and pinched behind her Achilles’ tendon.
She felt truly weird. His touch was doing something
strange to her. Her nerves tingled and her cunt
moistened. It was like when she masturbated, but it
seemed to be coming from inside her.

As his fingers continued to probe sensitive spots on
her feet and ankles, she experienced the same melting
sensation that her masturbation produced. She let her
head fall back onto the soft pillow and put her hands
on the tops of her thighs, as she had at the mirror,
because the tension was returning. She stretched her
legs stiffly toward Al and spread them slightly,
opening herself to him involuntarily.

Al continued to stroke and touch her feet in that
special way. A feverish heat grew in her groin. Her
labia started to swell. The heat f****d her to spread
her legs even farther apart. Her heart was pounding and
her head felt too big, as though she had a fever. She
moved her arms nervously, finally putting her hands
behind her head.

Al moved away from her feet. He held his nose up in the
air in a gesture that reminded Alison of nothing so
much as a dog that detects an interesting smell on the
wind. He started kissing her up the inside of her leg.

“I’ve never eaten a virgin pussy before,” he said, “Do
you mind?”

She looked down at his shadowed image, swallowed, shook
her head and heard herself say: “Not at all.”

He went very slowly. First, he spread her legs wide
apart and moved his head between them, his cheeks
resting on her inner thighs. His whiskers scratched her
legs, making them even more sensitive. With his tongue
he pushed her swelling labia apart and lifted her

“Don’t bite it!” She said with alarm and reached out
one hand, bending down toward him, thinking of how
close his teeth were to her tender appendage.

“I won’t,” was his muffled reply. She was wide-awake
now, resting on her elbows and looking down at him.

Instead he took her swelling bud between his lips and
proceeded to lick, stroke and suck it, pulling it
softly away from her just as she herself had been doing
all week with her fingers. But she wasn’t doing this to
herself, someone else was doing it to her, and it felt
ten times as good. “Oh, that’s lovely,” she told him.

The heat in her genitals became a core of white fire
inside her, glowing brighter and brighter. She leaned
back, staring at the ceiling, panting quietly with
excitement, pulled along without any effort on her
part. Her hips pumped upward toward him gently in
response to the sucking and nibbling of his mouth. She
felt his tongue dive down into her hole and lick up her
moisture, mixing it with his saliva. He ran his tongue
all around her sex, over and between her swollen labia,
then he stuck the tip into her hole again and worked it

“Ohhh, uuuhhh,” she moaned and gasped in pleasure. She
lay back and hugged herself, cradling her breasts with
her arms. His nose was pressing against her clit, again
just like her fingers did when she masturbated, but his
warm breath and the fact that he was another
individual, here with her, worked like a magic carpet,
raising her excitement higher and higher.

“Ach…” She felt the lips of her cunt ripple
responsively as he embraced them with his mouth. The
warmth and lovely lapping of his tongue increased the
tension between her legs, so she spread them wider

He slid his arms and shoulders down under her thighs.
“What, what are you doing?” she said in confusion. “Oh,
my, oh.” He lifted her thighs with his arms, tipped her
lower body up and buried his face in the exposed saucer
of her upturned cunt. “Oh, oh, yes!” she said as she he
began to move his face around between her legs, licking
and sucking her labia and clit. He sloshed his face in
her wetness. She put her hands on his head and held him
to her as he gobbled her up.

“You taste luscious,” he announced to her between
slurps. “So sweet and clean.”

Licking and sucking, he consumed her greedily. She
couldn’t believe what was happening to her. The
pleasure from his mouth spread out to the rest of her
body like ripples on a lake, suffusing her with joy.
Her legs now stuck straight out to the side, supported
by his shoulders and upper arms. She looked down and
could see only the hair of his head moving in the
darkness. “You… You’re wonderful,” she said to his
hair. She caressed his pleasure-giving head as a randy
desire started to take over her lower body.

“Oh, yes, yes,” she whispered to him, and, as the area
between her legs flashed hotter and wetter, she raised
her voice. “Oh, lovely. Oh, yes!” She shouted out to
him; there was no reason to hide her cries now. The
tension spread into her lower belly and hips, as though
her skin was too tight.

She clinched her asshole and f****d her strong, slim
legs as wide apart as they would go, giving him maximum
access to her sex. He sucked her clitoris strongly and
stroked it with his tongue. She felt the tension climb
higher and higher, past her navel to her chest, buoyed
by the lapping licking on her clit. She started
thrashing her upper body from side to side, losing
control of her muscles. “God, God, God, God…” she
heard herself say. Her vision narrowed and dimmed. She
closed her eyes and screamed out and called to him. Her
words became meaningless.

The sexual pleasure he was providing consumed her. It
was an intensity she had never experienced before, and
she felt as though she might faint. “Yes! Yes!” she
cried softly. She was poised high, at the top of a
waterfall, hanging suspended, about to wash over. She
grasped the rumpled sheet with her hands, trying to
hold on. She couldn’t help herself.

Finally, fantastically, she climaxed, ecstasy sweeping
through her with the rush and crash of a huge wave! She
felt herself dropping over the edge. “Aghhhhh!” she
screamed loudly as she fell. She grabbed at the sheets
more tightly. Her vagina started pulsing and spurting
like a fountain! This was nothing like she had ever
felt before in her life!

The rush of her release opened up in her a greedy
desire to ride those crashing waves of joy. She rolled
and bucked her hips against Al’s mouth, a little girl
riding a surfboard, moving with the rhythm of the sea.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she pleaded, realizing that
these words were the same as those that had been sung
by women to men millions of times over eons of years,
since human beings first lived on the earth, and slept
in a shared bed.

He heard her and stayed with her. As the contractions
of her climax racked her body, he continued to greedily
lick and suck her clit. He pushed her feet all the way
over her head so that her body was bent double over on
itself, and he licked and kissed her asshole, which
pushed her rush to extremes.

“Do me! Rub me! Lick me! Love me!” She couldn’t help
yelling, crying and gasping. Finally she peaked.
“Ahhhhhgh!” she screamed, as loud as she could. Her
muscles collapsed. Her climax slowed. Her body had done
all it could. She couldn’t move. Al still had his soft
mouth between her legs, lapping up the liquid that
seeped and spilled from between her swollen tissues.
Her cunt continued to cum softly again and again but
she gave of herself gladly, as small shakes and
shudders swept through her. She was a vessel delivering
nourishment to man. She wanted to feed the world.

Al lowered her hips back down onto the bed. She puffed,
sobbed and stared at the ceiling, licking her lips,
ruffling his hair with her hands. Her mind slowly
stopped spinning, and she returned to earth.

She looked down at that wonderful head between her
legs. Al was still licking up her remaining pussy
juice. Her cunt felt numb, but the rest of her body
shimmered with happiness. She smiled widely and sighed.
She didn’t feel in the least violated or used. She had
decided to do this, and now was fully ready, even
anxious, to carry on to the next level. She thought of
this lovely person who was to be her first man. She
loved him for the pleasure he had just given her, and
wanted to give him all she could in return.

He was still supporting her lower body, his hands
cupping the globes of her small ass. He had his lips on
her cunt and was licking and sucking it with sounds of
obvious pleasure and satisfaction. The light from the
stars gleamed on his skin, outlining the muscles of his
bare arms and shoulders. She reached down and lifted
his head, blew him a kiss and pulled him toward her.
With a final slurp of pleasure, he looked up at her and
mopped his mouth on her pubic hair.

“Now I’m going to put my cock into you,” his deep voice
said as he raised himself up. She could only smile and
nod, dazedly. She was as limp as a sleeping cat. He
crawled slowly up her small body until he was lying on
top of her, his head next to hers, his legs between her
legs. His weight pressed down on her. As the warmth
from his hard body radiated onto her breasts, stomach
and the inside of her wet thighs, her knees turned out
to welcome him. She was no longer modest or shy. His
lovemaking had opened her up.

He moved his body higher until his chest was over her
face. His hard cock touched her still-trembling clit,
and she jumped, then it moved up to rest red hot on her
lower stomach, nestled in her soft pubic hair. He slid
it back down again, stroking her clit with its length.

She savored the feeling of his long hardness fitting
like a plump sausage into the steaming bun of her slit.
Everything seemed eminently correct somehow, as though
life was supposed to be this way. He moved higher,
lifting her clit as he did so and stroking upward with
the length of his heavy cock until his scrotum warmly
covered her sex. His testicles rested like two eggs in
the nest of her upturned opening. He raised himself on
his elbows and reached down. She realized her time had
come. “Let me,” she said.

He snorted, and tensed with surprise at her
forwardness, but then he smiled and nodded. She ran her
hands lazily down his ribs to his hips, purring to
herself, letting her fingers play against his hard
muscles. She reached between their bodies and wrapped
her small hands around his rigid rod. She gasped with
astonishment as its steely hardness pressed against her
palms. She hadn’t known his cock would be so strong and
eager. She let her hands linger on it, savoring its
silky strength. She thought of the wand she used during
her gymnastic warm ups and pictured herself holding a
cock in her hands while she did her calisthenics at
school. She smiled.

She lifted her knees, welcoming him. “Yes,” he said and
raised his hips. She guided his cock head down through
her pubic hair, over her mound until it just split the
lips of her cunt. She sighed.

She moved it around and around, wetting it as Sandi had
told her to do. Al kissed the top of her head and hid
his face in her hair. He hugged her as if she were a
little doll under him, pressing the sides of her small
body with his forearms. He was in no hurry. He was
anticipating the exquisite pleasure of taking her
virginity and wanted to enjoy it to the utmost.

Alison held him steady just outside her, his tip barely
parting her swollen pussy lips. She tasted him with her
cunt, paying full attention to her sensations. His cock
was hard, smooth and warm. She pulled it in a little
more until the head was fully surrounded by the wet
mouth of her sex. She moved him around, stirring him
like a spoon into the warm soup of her cunt bowl. His
cock head slid slickly against her tissues. The contact
caused her b***d-flushed sexual membranes to tingle.
The numbness faded and tension began to build again in
her lower body. “My god!” she whispered softly,
surprised by her response. He chuckled.

“Can you feel me there?” he asked her. She nodded. Her
cunt felt like it was sucking on a round lollipop.
After her climax, she had thought that her body
couldn’t get excited again so soon, but he was good. He
tantalized her, moving his cock just barely in and out
of her in short jerks, rocking up against her clit,
giving her cunt mouth little tastes of him.

Her body got tight and swollen again. She flashed on
the roasting hen her mother had served for dinner the
night before. She imagined Al’s hard tool skewering
into the tight casing of her small body, injecting its
rich gravy into her while letting the steamy liquid
inside seep out. She started getting even wetter just
thinking about it, and realized that he would have hurt
her if he had just thrust himself in. Even as wet as
she had been, she had still been too dry deep inside.

He hunched his head down and nibbled her face, kissing
her cheeks and lips. She took her hand away, giving
herself to him.

As Al moved carefully in and out, his taut male member
piercing slightly deeper with each probe, she felt her
body rise to a sexual simmer. She tipped her bottom up
and pulled down on his hips, attempting to slide more
of herself around his intruding cock. “Oh,” she heard
herself say, “Yes. Please… Do me… Take me… Give
me… Let me…” He was opening her like an envelope,
spreading her narrow slit further apart and inserting
his cock a little deeper with each thrust. She found
herself wanting him in there. It was a new hunger, not
the need for pleasure that she had before, but an
exquisite pain. She wanted him to fill her utterly, a
completeness that seemed fated. She raised her bottom
up off of the bed, grasping at him and trying to give
him a better angle.

He pushed farther into her until he reached her hymen.
He felt the resistance of her flesh and stopped. They
dropped back down to the bed. His cock was now half
inside her, stretching her widely but still leaving her
unfulfilled. She felt more pain as he pushed against
her hymeneal membrane, and she cried out, but she
wasn’t going to let him stop there.

A melting sensation washed over her and her hunger for
him got stronger. Her body was preparing itself for its
first man. She put her small hands on his ass and
tugged him to her, whispering, “Please, please.” He
looked down into her eyes and saw permission there.
“Yeeessss,” he said as he drew back slightly and with a
low moan drove himself sharply, fully, deeply into her.

“Achhh!” She jerked and cried out as his rock-hard
manhood tore through her virginal barrier. His thrust
had carried him in all the way, burying the entire
length of his cock in her. She gasped. Tears formed in
her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She savored the pain
of the moment. His cock spasmed once and her insides
jerked in response. After that, she was even warmer and
wetter than before.

He drew back slowly, very slowly, trying to minimize
any pain she might feel, then carefully returned his
hard cock all the way into her now fully slick love
canal. “Oh, finally, finally…” she moaned as he
filled her totally. He pulled out and slid back into
her again, and she imagined a wad of stuffing being
inserted into a turkey, filling it full, but she loved
the feeling. She was packed full of him.

He had good control. He would slide back smoothly
almost all the way out, hold there a second, moving the
tip of his cock in and out of her pouting cunt lips and
then slide smoothly all the way in, staying there a
long time, moving the root of his cock against her
tender clit. He did this again and again, invading her,
investigating her, sending shivers through her small
body with each stroke.

“Oh, that’s nice. Yes, yes… No!” She cried out in
alarm when she thought he had pulled back too far, and
might leave her, but he caught himself just in time,
with the head of his cock just barely splitting her.
“Don’t, don’t go! No!” she cried, feeling a cold
emptiness inside. She clinched the muscles of her ass
and cunt and tried to grab him and nibble his cock back
down into her. He held himself just at her entrance
until she cried out in frustration. Then he slid all
the way in again, pushing out her vaginal walls.

He smiled down at her in the darkness and she could see
his white teeth. “You are gloriously tight,” he said.
She knew he was right. She could feel her vagina
stretch over and around his cock with each entry and
close around him again when he left. He buried himself
fully inside her and held himself still. She felt like
a balloon ready to burst.

She loved the feeling of his flesh filling her. She had
spent all week doing the exercises Sandi had shown her,
training the muscles of her cunt to grasp closely
around the root of his cock, and she did this once. He
smiled wider and seemed to swell even larger inside
her. He was really big. She gulped but continued to nip
at the base of his cock, again and again, playing with
him, gobbling him up. She laughed out loud at the fun
she was having and thrust her hips up tightly against
him, folding her legs behind his back to hold him
close, rubbing his broad shoulders with her hands and
kissing and biting his neck. He rumbled with

He kissed her warmly, holding her small head in his
hands, moving her face around under his lips. She
closed her eyes and kissed him back. He tried to force
his tongue between her teeth. At first she resisted,
put off by the thought of his saliva mixing with hers,
but then she thought of the far more serious mixing
that would soon occur down below and let his tongue in.
She even extended a little of her tongue into his
mouth. She sucked on his tongue with her mouth as she
sucked on his cock with her cunt.

She continued to clutch the base of his cock in
rhythmic pulses. The heat built again inside her. Soon
she was no longer playing with him. This was serious.
She started to sweat. She kissed him, passionately this
time, licking his face and forcing her tongue fully
into his mouth. She wanted to get into him, as he was
getting into her. She wanted to mix with him, become
one with him.

He responded enthusiastically, sticking his tongue
again into her small mouth. They battled with their
tongues, like swords, until they broke up with
laughter. Her breasts were swelling with warmth from
the friction of his chest against her nipples. She felt
soft and damp, like a fertile field. Her eyelids were
heavy; she was charmed all over. She reached up and
pulled him to her.

They looked deeply into each other’s eyes, not moving,
his cock stationary inside her. Her vagina formed
tightly around him, as though she were some thick
viscous syrup flowing around his hardness. She felt a
moment of intense closeness with him and knew their
time had come. He blew her a kiss and nodded his head
solemnly. She nodded back her assent. She could feel
the sweat run down the sides of her face and her
heartbeat in her temples.

He pulled his erection slowly out of her and then
inserted it again, one last time, as deeply as it could
get, the ultimate thrust, until his tight scrotum
pillowed itself on her ass crack. She trembled as the
tip lifted a bit, way up inside her body. Then it
jerked sharply, and he began to cum. “Ugh,” she grunted
with surprise as the initial pulse shook her deeply,
and he started filling her with his piping hot fluid.
The walls of her vagina spasmed in answer to the
throbbing of his cock and the heat of her loins rose in
response to the warmth of the semen he was shooting
into her.

“It’s so…, it’s so beautiful!” she whispered, her
face buried in his chest. Her head drummed with beats:
the striving, pounding beat of her heart; the pulsing
beat of her climax as her inner organs grasped and
clutched around him and the third gushing, pumping beat
of Al’s deep, intruding, erupting cock.

Her own climax grew as he continued to pump away,
anointing the space inside her with warm jets of spray.
As he filled the core of her being, she held him
tighter, gasping and panting. He continued to fill her
full, and fuller, and fill her some more. She came and
came around him, kneading his cock with her vagina,
moving her slim hips in and out, relishing the seed he
was shooting into her, her body suffused in a ruddy
heat. He seemed to pump for a very long time. He
finished at last, leaving a hot pool in her center and
a warm glow all over her. “I did it,” she thought. “I
have shared myself with a man.”

He stayed hard in her. “I love the feel of you in me,”
she told him, between nuzzles and kisses.

“And I love being in you,” he responded, saying each
word slowly and clearly. They paused a second then
broke out laughing again, realizing that they had never
met before this night and knew absolutely nothing about
each other. She loved to laugh with his cock inside
her; it sent thumps of pleasure through her body.

They laughed some more on purpose and kissed and
tongued each other, and she nibbled his cock with her
cunt, but eventually he began to soften. He shrank and
slipped back to her entrance, then fell out with a pop.
Liquid seeped slowly down to her ass crack. Al lifted
himself off, and, with a little press of a kiss from
his soft cock on the lips of her wet cunt, it said

“I should go now.” he whispered, “Are you all right? I
could tell them…”

“No, that’s OK,” she said with a sigh. Sandi had told
her she should not stop at just one. Although she was
weary, she trusted her friend.

He stood in the dark next to the bed and put on his
clothes. Before he walked away, he knelt down and
kissed her on her soft, slightly swollen lips, gently
but deeply, a kiss very unlike their first.


She looked toward the door contentedly as Al left, and
saw the shadow of another man step in to the room. As
she lay limp and relaxed in the starlight, her body
curled up on the disordered bed, this new boy-man
walked over to the chair and took off his clothes. She
followed him with her eyes, wondering what would happen
next. Without a word, he slid in beside her. She
smelled his smoky maleness over the acrid aroma of sex.
He put his arm under her head and cradled her cheek
against his hard chest.

“Was it good?” he asked quietly, looking down at her
and kissing her hair.

“Oh, yes, very,” she sighed, turning her face into his
chest and nuzzling him.

“Well, we don’t want to quit now,” he whispered as he
cuddled down beside her and rolled her away from him,
so that the front of his body was pressed against her

“That’s nice,” she thought to herself sleepily as his
body hugged hers from behind. His hands held her full
breasts and his thumbs played lightly over her tender
nipples. Her knees were drawn up and his legs fit
perfectly behind them. She remembered with a rosy glow
the warm wetness of Al’s semen filling her, and felt
the warm lump of the new man’s hardening cock in the
damp crack of her ass. She settled back against him.

“I’m going to show you another way to fuck,” he said
into her ear. “This is good when you are tired and
don’t want to work too hard.”

“Fine with me,” she replied with a yawn.

He lifted her upper leg with his hand and pressed his
rapidly stiffening member against the area between her
cunt and asshole. Alison couldn’t be sure, but his cock
seemed longer and thinner than Al’s. She closed her
legs on his long, hard pole and reached down to feel
the head sticking out from between her thighs. She
milked it slightly with her small hand. “What is your
name?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

“We don’t need names,” he replied as he kissed her
cheek. She turned away.

He had her lift her knee again, her foot resting
against her lower leg. He then began to move his hips
back and forth, rubbing his now-hard cock against her
tender tissues from the rear. His breathing grew
louder. He reached down with his hand and pressed his
stiffening shaft up close to her so that the tip caught
her clit as it passed by.

At first, it was just a soothing stroking of her
exhausted private parts but soon she found herself
getting slightly horny. He was so excited, and so
agitated, that her ardor rose in response. She moved
back against him, bringing her wet pussy lips down to
lick the length of his cock as it slid by and resting
her ass cheeks in the warm depression of his loins. He
pressed against her passionately. His building zeal
flowed into her, and she began to pant. Soon she was
squirming with desire.

He moved his other hand around her so that his palm was
covering both his cock head and her hot cunt. He pulled
her lips apart with his fingers as he stroked once
more, only this time, instead of catching her clit, he
bent his cock up farther and it went in. The tip pushed
against the front of her vagina as he slipped quickly
way up inside her, lubricated by Al’s semen. Her
vaginal tube expanded willingly around his gristly
hardness. “You’re strong…” she started to say, but he
shushed her with a hiss.

His cock wasn’t as big around as Al’s, but it still
fully filled her springy young cunt. She began to
notice other differences. His body was not as massive
as Al’s had been. He had firm, sinewy arms that hugged
her like a rope. His skin was not as rough. His voice
was higher and more melodious. She realized that she
could be eternally fascinated by the physical and
sexual differences in men. She looked forward to
learning as much as she could throughout her life.

He gently but firmly pushed her shoulders away from
him, so that his long cock could enter more deeply into
her. The muscles of her buttocks stretched wide as she
bent forward and her ass spread naturally apart,
allowing him a deeper plunge.

She thought of the picture that the curves of her
smooth young body must be making in the starlight, like
an artistic photograph, all highlights and shadows. His
thrusts increased in speed and he began to penetrate
very deeply, into areas that hadn’t been touched

He rubbed his hands over her back, following her spine,
then grabbed her slim hips and moved her back and forth
against him, driving his cock harder and harder. His
cock was really working her novice cunt, but she was
relaxed enough, and slick enough from the load that Al
had already given her, that it didn’t hurt. He put his
hands on her rump, caressing her bottom with his
fingers, spreading her buttocks apart, brushing the
edge of her cunt opening with his thumbs, guiding her
onto him. She pushed back against him, seeking to
increase the great feeling of having him inside.

She began to feel very comfortable with his cock
penetrating her, as though there was a natural void
inside her that needed cock. She thought of him coming
and filling her even higher than Al had, adding his
provisions to what she had taken in already. The idea
excited her, and she imagined the warmth she would soon
feel. She moved one hand to caress her tender belly,
that new repository of hard cocks and sperm, and moved
her other hand to her mouth, biting her knuckle,
thinking only of the cock attacking her insides, and
the way it shook her with each thrust.

Suddenly he stopped thrusting. He hugged her body back
to him, and she thought “Oh, my, now he’s going to cum
inside me,” and she smiled in anticipation, but instead
he rolled over until he was on top of her, forcing the
front of her body down onto the bed. His long cock was
still firmly pinning her, his haunches pressing flatly
on her bottom. His weight held her immobile and,
momentarily, took her breath away.

He braced himself with one hand to the bed and reached
the other arm under her slim hips. He shifted to a
kneeling position, raising her bottom as he did so. She
followed him up, ending on her elbows and bent knees,
her ass in the air, her face buried in the sheet. “So
this is the way doggies do it,” she thought with a
smile as he began to pound himself solidly into her
again, smacking his lower belly against her ass and
delving deeply with each thrust.

His pounding shook her all over; her ass cheeks
rippled; her breasts swayed back and forth. She cradled
her face in her hands, enjoying the hard shocks to her
genitals. He seemed to want his body to be totally
engulfed in hers; he was trying so hard to get so deep.
And she could tell he was growing longer and going
deeper. The head of his cock probed farther down inside
her. It awakened a craving in her. She started moving
her bottom in response.

She raised her head, turned and looked back up at him.
His eyes had rolled up, and she could see the whites in
the starlight. She herself was panting and rocking and
answering his every thrust. She felt so very good, and
he seemed to want her so much in this pleasantly
violent way. “Yes!” she called to him, “Do that to me.

Each pound vibrated her clitoris. She flashed back to
when she had seen some monkeys fuck in a cage once on a
trip the family had taken to the zoo. The male money
had held the female’s hipbones, just like this man held
hers. She recalled her shock at the sight of the fleshy
pink penis cleaving the female monkey’s furry bottom.
She thought of all the creatures, all over the world,
joining with each other at this very moment. Why, she
thought, there must be millions, maybe billions of
creatures doing right now what she and this man were
doing. The universality and naturalness of the act
calmed her mind and brought her back to the present.
She moved her bottom around, finding the rhythm,
experimenting with angles, seeking new sensations.

The smooth skin of the man’s scrotum rubbed against her
sex. He still held her hips, moving her up, down and
around as he drove himself into her. She matched his
cadence and moved with him, catching his thrown cock in
the velvet glove of her cunt. He sped up. His energy
seemed infinite. Her cunt was hot as fire.

He slid his hands up her back to her shoulders and
pulled her body tightly against him, pushing his member
in as far as it could go. She felt it touch still
virgin areas inside her, poking at her womb with its
tip. He was wonderfully long. He held her motionless
for several seconds, then, with a yell, he came,
pounding and pulsing, blossoming beautifully deeply
inside her. She felt him pump away, and her cunt began
to contract rhythmically around his throbbing cock, as
though drinking in that spurting hot semen. She rolled
her stomach muscles so she could feel the full length
of it in her vaginal tube, squeezing it, forcing out
every drop of that wonderful hot liquid that she could

She raised her head again and looked up, her teeth in
the rictus of a grin, as she felt the flush of her
climax sweep over her chest and head. She threw her
head back and her long hair fell softly over her
shoulders and upper arms, caressing them. Her lips
writhed and she screamed, “Aghhhhhhhhh!” at the top of
her voice. The noise of her scream added to her
pleasure and her vaginal walls undulated even more
strongly against his pumping cock. She received him
into her, like a calf sucking on a milky nipple,
consuming his slippery essence.

She lowered her head into her hands, panting and
swearing, her greedy vagina still sucking him in. “Oh,
God! Oh, God, that’s so…delicious!” She felt his
pumping slow, and she pressed hard back against him. He
thumped inside her a couple more times, and her vagina
answered with more waves of pleasure. She couldn’t tell
if her contractions were spontaneous or sympathetic.
She milked his cock with her cunt.

He fell down over her back, burying his face in her
long hair, kissing her on her ears and neck. She
collapsed down onto the bed and he followed her, laying
his thin body over her back, his thighs keeping her
legs spread widely apart. His depleted cock slipped
slowly back up her vagina and fell out. She rolled over
and looked up to him, her arms outstretched, as he
stepped off onto the floor with one foot, then stood
up. He staggered a little as he began to put on his
pants. She rose up. “You can’t stay?” she asked

“Not tonight. That’s enough for now,” he replied with a
sad smile.

She lay back, her legs spread, leaning on her elbows,
feeling abandoned. She missed the feel of warm flesh
against her flesh, the heat of passion and the flush of
desire. Her hair framed the sides of her face, limiting
her vision. She looked down at herself petulantly and
avoided looking over at the man as he dressed and left
the room.

As the door closed, she fell back onto the bed. Her
tummy was so full of fiery fluid that it ached. The
area between her legs was sore from the pounding it had
taken, and she was so tired she was slightly sick, but
she still craved a warm body that she could hug, and
she sniffled in self-pity. Moving one hand to soothe
her aching belly and the other to comfort her ravaged
cunt, the poor girl fell into a slight sleep.


She was awakened by the smell of coffee! She opened her
eyes and sat up. Sandi stood beside her with a cup in
her hand. The lights were on. Alison took the cup and
drank it gratefully while watching Sandi. Neither said
a word.

Alison stood up off of the bed and staggered to the
bathroom. She sat on the toilet and urinated strongly,
amazed at how much better she felt. As she used the
toilet paper, she touched herself gently. “Uhummm,” she
said. Her sex tissues were still a little tender, but
as she felt for sore spots, she touched her clit, which
began to tingle again with excitement. “God, what a
little sexpot I’m becoming,” she thought with a grin.
She finished wiping, flushed, washed her hands and went
back into the room.

Sandi was sitting naked on the bed, her willowy body
shining like ivory in the room light. Her small breasts
were barely visible, two pink-nosed rabbits peeking out
from between her arms. Alison was shocked to see her
friend naked, but suddenly she felt safer, as though
they were now in this together. “I think it’s about
time that you found out what’s been getting into you,”
Sandi said with a wink, looking back beside the door to
the bathroom. Alison turned and saw a naked young man,
about six feet tall, with wide muscular shoulders and a
thick chest.

Her first impulse was to cover her own nakedness, but
she quickly realized how ridiculous that would seem.
She lowered her arms bravely and looked closely at the
man. His skin was tanned very dark and was quite hairy
on his shoulders and broad chest. His stomach was
ridged with muscle, and his ruddy brown cock hung down
a good seven inches from his bush of dark pubic hair.
His tan lines revealed that he wore bikini shorts. The
whiter skin emphasized his impressive sexual equipment.

Alison looked up to his face. He had beautiful soft,
curly hair, blue eyes, and round, slightly pocked-
marked cheeks. His nose was too broad and his face too
square for him to be classically handsome, but he
smiled widely at her and her nervousness disappeared.
There was no danger here.

Sandi called her over to sit on the bed, then motioned
to the man. “Come, Derek. Alison, Derek has volunteered
to be your teaching dummy this evening.” Derek walked
over and stood squarely in front of the two girls, his
hands on his hips. “Now, Allison, I want you to inspect
Derek’s penis closely.”

Alison had seen her brother and her father naked
before, but never up close or for very long. Although
she had just fucked twice, she had never had a chance
to closely inspect a mature male’s equipment. Shyly,
curious but not knowing quite what to expect, she
reached out and took Derek’s flaccid member gingerly in
her hand. She looked up at his face to gauge his
reaction, but he only smiled more widely.

His cock felt warm, loose and smooth, like satin.
Although it looked limp, it pulsed with life. She
lifted it and inspected its underside. Suddenly, it
twitched a little upward, and Alison gave a start.
Derek grinned. Alison gazed in wonder. As if by magic
Derek’s cock was growing larger and firmer in her hand!
Its wrinkled and, Alison acknowledged, somewhat ugly
skin began to take on a smooth muscular sheen against
the striated background of his scrotum and his bristly
dark pubic hair.

“Derek is bigger than the cocks you have had so far,”
Sandi said. “But size doesn’t make a lot of difference
in the pleasure you’ll get from fucking. Before you
leave I’ll show you some sex tricks that will make any
man a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Alison was barely following what her friend was saying.
She was fascinated by the changes occurring in front of
her eyes. Derek’s cock was growing thicker and longer
as she watched. It flushed a vivid dark red as it
gained an inch, then another. The now-hard organ began
to rise, as though ignoring gravity. It rose from her
palm, and she moved her small hand up eagerly to follow

Derek was breathing hard, looking down at her. He
seemed to be saluting her with his now-stiff shaft. It
stuck out horizontal and rigid, in honor of her warmth
and presence. She looked up at him in amazement.

“Now, Alison,” Sandi broke into her friend’s reverie,
“Pay attention. In order to get maximum sexual
pleasure, you need to know all you can about a man’s
phallus, that is, his cock and balls. Pull the cover
back from the head.”

Derek was not circumcised, so his cock head was covered
with foreskin except for the very tip. Alison reached
up and pulled it back, revealing the glans in its red,
swollen beauty. “That is what the man gets most of his
sensations from,” Sandi said. “Give it a lick.”

“What?” Alison looked over at Sandi, a shocked
expression on her innocent face, but, under the frank
honesty of Sandi’s calm gaze, she lowered her eyes and
felt constrained to comply. She turned back to Derek’s
cock, took a breath and delicately extended her small
pink tongue, touching it lightly to Derek’s bare cock
head. Derek began to breathe harder and looked a little
flushed. Sandi frowned at him. She turned back to
Alison who was beginning to more enthusiastically lick
at Derek’s cock. Now that she had given herself
permission, she found that she was actually enjoying
it. She kissed the tip and licked around the opening.
“He also can feel it when something slides along the

Aware that she was now fully committed, Alison ran her
tongue from the tip down the underside of its length to
the top of his big scrotum, lifting his stiff cock as
she did so. She licked back up to the tip and kissed it
again, this time sucking slightly. She was trying to
identify the tastes she was getting from the various
parts of Derek’s genitals. She licked down his shaft
again, and buried her face in the joint between his
cock and bag, kissing and sniffling.

As his pubic hair tickled her nose, she smelled a
musky, masculine scent. She turned her attention to his
scrotum, kissing and tasting the skin, then gently
balancing a testicle on her tongue. She opened her
mouth, and tried to suck the ball inside, but Derek
groaned, and she backed off quickly, thinking that she
had caused him pain. She could see, under his large,
heavy cock, Derek’s balls begin to draw up next to his
body. She looked over at Sandi.

“Men can stay hard and keep from coming for a long time
if they fuck often. If a guy cums too soon, that
usually means he hasn’t been getting enough sex. That’s
one of the advantages of a gangbang. There are always
more cocks if you need them.

“So, when a man gets ready to cum, his balls draw up
like that, and his bag gets tight and round.” As if it
were listening, Derek’s scrotum pulled itself into a
round ball, misshapen slightly by his two large
testicles. His cock seemed to get even bigger in her
hand, and Alison could see some clear liquid leaking
from the tip.

“That pre-cum is the reason withdrawal doesn’t work for
birth control,” Sandi continued. “It sometimes contains
sperm and can make you pregnant, even if the man
doesn’t cum inside you. Taste it, if you like, but you
don’t have to.”

Deliberately, Alison pulled back the foreskin again and
sipped the light liquid coming out of the hole in the
end of Derek’s cock. It didn’t taste like much, rather
watery and soft, but again she got a whiff of Derek’s
male smell. She quite liked it.

“Now stroke his cock until he comes, and you’ll see
what feels so good when it’s spurting inside you.”

Alison readied herself. Squaring her shoulders, she
formed her fingers into a circle and began to stroke
Derek’s long cock with her hand, rolling the foreskin
back and stroking down the cylindrical length of the
shaft to where it nested in his soft pubic hair. As she
stroked, more liquid seeped out.

Derek’s cock felt smooth as chamois initially but as
she continued the stroking it began to roughen. She was
getting lightheaded from the smell. Her nipples felt
tight and tender. “Does that hurt?” she asked him.
Derek shook his head breathlessly. His cock got hotter
in her hand.

“OK, Derek,” Sandi said. “Now, Alison, this is what cum
looks like.” After a few more strokes, Alison felt a
pulse spread her fingers. Derek’s cock jerked in her
hand, and, from the slit in the tip, white foamy cum
shot over her arm and onto her breasts.

Alison looked up fascinated at Derek’s spurting penis,
as streamer after streamer of white, gluey stuff formed
in the air and sailed down to hit her. It ran down her
bosoms and began to drip off of her nipples. She was
being bathed in a shower of spurting semen! She reached
up to wipe it off.

“No. Don’t. Leave it,” Sandi said. After a few more
seconds, she took Derek’s pumping cock from Alison and,
in one smooth movement, sucked the whole length of it
down her throat. As Alison watched, her young friend
began to swallow, not moving her lips a bit from where
they circled the root of Derek’s long cock.

“Wow!” Alison exclaimed. She watched in amazement as
Sandi engulfed nearly nine inches of hard meat and
swallowed pulse after pulse of delivered cum. Sandi
swallowed effortlessly, as though the long cock was no
problem at all for her to handle.

After Derek finished, Sandi sucked the length of his
cock and licked it clean. Derek walked over to the
dresser, put on his clothes, and left the room.

“You can taste it, if you like,” Sandi said, indicating
the cum still running down and dripping off of Alison’s

“I don’t think so.” Alison shook her head,
breathlessly, still stunned by what had just happened.

“Fine,” said Sandi. “Lie back.”

Alison obediently put her hands behind her head and lay
back on the bed, her legs bent over the edge of the
mattress. Sandi reached over and started to massage
Derek’s cum onto Alison’s breasts. “This is the best
skin conditioner I know,” Sandi said. She rubbed it
onto Alison’s stomach and carried some of the white
foam down to Alison’s lower belly and thighs. Sandi got
up off of the bed and kneeled between Alison’s legs.
She nudged Allison’s knees apart and rubbed Derek’s cum
carefully into her friend’s labia and inner thighs.
Alison sighed.

Sandi could feel Allison’s cunt lips absorb Derek’s cum
and begin to flush, thicken and become very slick.
“Good,” she said to herself. She gazed at the beautiful
view: Alison’s slim, smooth thighs meeting in her rosy,
shining labia, surrounded by her silky blond pubic
hair; her brown, puckered anus below, framed by two
round, smooth globes of tender young flesh; her flat
belly, crowned by a cute navel, her well defined
ribcage supporting spectacular full breasts, still
bouncy and perkily upright even though she was lying
down, and finally, in the distance, Alison’s beautiful
face, pillowed in her disordered mass of golden hair,
with an enraptured look as she gazed down at Sandi from
between half-lowered eyelids.

Alison was in a haze. The smell from Derek’s cock and
balls had made her head swim. The feel of Sandi’s hands
rubbing Derek’s cum into the skin of her breasts and
stomach made her want to melt into the bed. Her whole
body was relaxed except the area between her legs. She
felt the ache build in her again and realized that if
she could have just one more orgasm, things would be

She heard a low whistle from Sandi and dimly saw
another man walk into the room and remove his clothes.
His cock stood out stiffly, pointing slightly upward.
Sandi reached out to Alison and grasped her under her
arms. Tenderly, she helped her glassy-eyed friend stand

The new man moved around them and lay down on the bed
on his back. He held his cock straight up. Sandi turned
Alison a little and helped her back on the bed until
she had one knee on each side of the man’s hips. Alison
looked down and saw the man’s hard shaft between her
thighs, pointing straight up at her. The helmet-shaped
glans moved slightly back and forth as the man jacked
the shaft with his fingers. She turned her face up to
Sandi with a confused look that seemed to say, “What do
I do now?”

With Sandi’s help, she lowered her body until the tip
just split the lips of her distended cunt. Sandi kissed
her on the forehead and let her go.

Alison gasped. The new man moved his cock in a circle,
spreading her swollen cunt lips wider. Suddenly they
stretched welcomingly, and she slid down onto the new
cock. She shut her eyes tight as the first few inches
went into her. “Oh! Oh, my God!” she whispered. Her
young body shivered with anticipation.

Her insides relaxed slowly as this, the third hard cock
of the evening, insinuated itself into her. This was
what she wanted! The need to have a cock in her empty
vagina was being filled beautifully!

She opened her eyes and looked down at the new man who
was entering her. His eyes were closed, and a look of
blissful happiness shone on his face. He had heavy
eyebrows and a wide mouth that was now stretched into a

She was pouring wetness down his cock as more and more
of him steadily slid up into her. Finally, she glided
down all the way so that her ass and legs were pressed
flat against the man’s stomach and thighs, with his
entire length inside her.

She felt very full, but natural, as though she were
protecting that great length of cock by storing it in
her belly. She reached down and rubbed her stomach. He
was so very long, she thought she might be able to
detect him pushing out against her skin.

He opened his eyes. She leaned forward with him still
fully enclosed in her, put her hands on either side of
his head, and looked down at his face. His dark blond
hair was very curly, and glowed now with perspiration.
His gray eyes were half closed with the pleasure of
having her around him. His freckled skin was shiny and
smooth. She leaned down and kissed him as she raised
her hips and lifted off of him slowly, against the
suction of their joining, until she could just feel the
tip of his cock between her cunt lips. More swiftly
this time, she slid down onto him, returning him
securely inside her, impaling herself on that wonderful
hard shaft. The muscles of her vagina caressed tightly
around his rod.

Her clit hit the man’s stomach with a thump. A thrill
went through her. She lifted herself up and slid down
again, pounding her clit, getting the rhythm, welcoming
the motion and varying her movements to increase her
pleasure. She moved smoothly up and down on his cock,
and looked up to find Sandi smiling and nodding her

Alison shifted her body more upright. She put her hands
on her hips, and, using the power of her gymnastic-
trained legs, lifted herself straight up and slid
straight down onto the man’s cock, rubbing the tip
against the front of her vaginal passage. With each
squat she felt the presence of his legs under her ass
and the pressure of his pubic bone on her clit.

With him again safely ensconced, she moved her hips
back and forth, tickling her swollen clit against his
bristly pubic thatch. God, his cock was huge! Bigger
than any that she had held so far. If she had not been
on top and able to control the speed and degree of
penetration, she was sure he would have hurt her.

She leaned forward on her hands again and kissed him,
fully and passionately on the mouth. Their tongues met.
Her pendant breasts brushed his chest and her nipples
tightened. She felt the pressure inside her grow. She
had cum three times already this evening, but Sandi had
prepared her well, and Alison was ready to experience
the ultimate yet again. She lifted her round bottom
very high and rocked rapidly up and down on his slick
smooth cock, stroking the front of his shaft with her
clitoris, feeling it tingle and lengthen.

Soon she was going crazy, throwing her head back and
forth and side to side, whipping herself with her hair.
Faster, faster, up and down. Her need for him became a
craving, then an obsession. A wanton desire for
fulfillment took over her body. She began to scream,
“Oh, shit, that feels sooo… Fuck! What a
wonderful…help me, help me!”

She wanted to cum so badly, but she couldn’t quite
manage it. The man grasped her hips and began to move
them in a circular motion, the pressure of his cock
moving around in her vagina, stroking the tip along
first one side and then another of her inner cunt. Her
insides began to sing as his hard bow vibrated them.
The vibrations rose higher and higher.

“Yes, yes, help me! Help me!” she cried, and then she
screamed with pleasure as the whole lower part of her
body exploded in a violent climax! Wave after wave
washed through her. She sat up straight and slid down
until he was fully inside her, her vaginal muscles
rippling rhythmically against the entire length of his
shaft. She felt the warmth from her hips flow up to her
breasts and on over her head. Her bare skin flushed and
glowed. She was sweating streams down her face and
back. She could taste the salt as she bit her lips.

Her eyes were shut. She couldn’t take any additional
sensations into her brain. Holding her hands folded
over her heart, she focused internally, thinking only
of her sexual muscles, feeling them ripple and clamp
against his hardness.

She was still cumming against the man’s cock, but
beginning to slow, when he jumped inside her and went
off with an enormous pulse! It was as if a bomb had
detonated in there! She felt warmth radiate into her
and his pulsing seemed to transfer itself physically to
her vaginal muscles. They began to clamp again inside
her! “No, Oh, Jesus, God, no, it’s too much!” she
screamed, but immediately she was back to cumming,
lashing herself about and gyrating around and up and
down on his spurting weapon! Her body’s new climax
paced the man’s ejaculations. Each time he pulsed a hot
stream of semen into her, her vagina responded with a
small blast of pleasure and additional muscular
contractions. She felt his essence gushing into the
middle of her belly, filling her up. She was brimming
with pleasure.

Finally he ceased pumping, and her pulses slowed. They
sank together into a blissful stillness. Alison sat
motionless, his hard cock still inside her, her eyes
still tightly closed. She couldn’t move any part of her
body. She was so sated; she was numb. She sat in

Then, suddenly, she began to cry. Sitting there, filled
so full, a rush of exquisite happiness washed over her,
and her sweet body wracked itself with sobs. She
cradled her breasts in her arms as tears of joy ran
down her face, mixing with the sweat, her body
shuddering and shaking. She was so tired and so happy
that she couldn’t stop crying, thinking of the pleasure
she had just had, that this man had given her.

The sobs caused her inner muscles to contract around
that huge cock that still filled her so full. It
delighted her that she could still hug it, honoring
what it had done so marvelously. Then, to her
amazement, it seemed to swell bigger and longer. Yes,
it was. It was inflating fatly against her vaginal

Shaken and gasping, she felt it tighten inside her,
against the smoothness of her inner membranes and the
slickness of the semen, which was seeping out of her
and pooling stickily beneath her ass. Her hips began to
move slowly up and then down on the ballooning rod.

“No, no!” she sobbed, “Not again!” but her body
wouldn’t listen. It stroked more and more rapidly on
the stiffening glossy cock that pressed her so strongly
inside. She bounced faster up and down, like a rubber
ball. She just couldn’t stop. Her body was no longer
under her control. It was no longer answering a need
for pleasure. This was a primordial response, a core-
driven instinct that would go on until appeased. She
felt real fear. What was happening to her?

She groaned. She was no longer in charge of her body.
Her mind was like a rider on a runaway horse, holding
on for dear life. With no better option she pulled
herself back into her galloping body and fell to doing
what it was making her do anyway, and doing it well.
The warmth, stroking, sweat, and smell hit her like a
second wind. Immediately, she was in tune with her
actions, as she was on the days when she just couldn’t
lose her tennis matches. She readied herself for the

With a cry of relief, she felt him cum again, nearly as
strongly as the first time, and her body answered with
rolls of muscular contractions, and waves of heat, and
explosions of pleasure in her breasts and arms and
shoulders, but, mostly, in her quivering, exhausted,
satiated, well-fucked cunt.


Alison opened her eyes. She was lying on her back in
the bed, covered by a sheet. She could hear birds
singing and saw that the sun was shining brightly on
the trees outside her window. As she moved, she
stretched like a cat, raising her arms over her head,
spreading her legs apart and rubbing them against the
sheets. She felt as she did after a good aerobic
workout, tired, but really loose and relaxed.

She started to rub her hands over her skin and detected
a roughness. She lifted the sheets and looked down at
her bare body. It was a mess. Her ripe young breasts
were streaked with white from Derek’s cum and her own
sweat. Her nipples were still red and swollen from the
love bites and rubbing they had endured the evening
before. Her tummy was gritty, and her pubic bush was so
stiff with dried cum that it was bristly.

She spied little splotches of pink, mixed with the
chalky residue of cum, on her inner thighs and realized
that that was her cherry b***d. She had fucked so many
times last night that losing her virginity seemed like
an ancient dream. She reached down between her legs.
Her public hair was stuck down flat. Her cunt was
flaccid and lax, her inner labia exposed. Her ass crack
was crusty with b***d, cum and sweat. The sheets on
which she lay were stiff and crunchy.

She rolled awkwardly out of the bed and tottered over
to the bathroom. She collapsed into the shower and
turned the water on as hot as she could stand, but not
strong, so she could let it play softly over her tender
body, rolling in rivulets between her breasts, around
her stomach and down to the hairs of her pubis. She
found her shampoo and washed her hair, then scrubbed
herself thoroughly from head to toe.

She came out of the bathroom toweling her hair dry.
Sandi was standing in jeans and flannel shirt in the
middle of the room with her hands in her back pockets
and a smile of smug satisfaction on her face. “Well?”
she asked.

Dropping the towel, Alison ran over to Sandi and hugged
her with her damp, naked body. “Oh, Sandi, it was
incredible!” she said laughing. She jumped up and down
with excitement, her breasts bouncing. “I never knew a
body could hold so much pleasure! Everything was truly

“Oh, that was just the beginning,” Sandi responded
archly. “The best part about sex is you can do it again
and again, and it just gets better. We still have two
weekends until you leave, right?” Alison nodded. “So we
can do this two more times if you’re up to it.”

“If they’re like this time, you couldn’t fight me off.
I don’t remember feeling this good ever. It’s like a

“But fortunately not illegal,” Sandi responded. “OK. I
can’t possibly show you everything I’ve learned in the
short time we have left, but, when you leave, you’ll
know enough to keep out of trouble, and have a whole
lot of fun. Get dressed and come to breakfast.”

After breakfast, the two girls packed up and drove back
to town. Dropping Alison off at her house, Sandi
reminded her to watch what she said if she really
didn’t want her parents to know what she had done.
“Mothers, especially, seem to be able to see right
through you when you’ve started fucking. Act as normal
as possible. She may suspect, but she won’t know.”

“Don’t worry,” Alison replied. “I won’t do anything to
mess up next weekend.” With a sweet smile, she walked
jauntily up to her house, her suitcase over her

As she opened the front door, her dad looked out from
the study. “Have a good time?” he asked.

“It was great,” she replied. “Communing with nature is
very invigorating.”

“Well, it certainly seems to have worked with you. I
don’t know when I’ve ever seen such rosy cheeks. Put
your suitcase in the laundry room, this is my week to
do the wash.”

“That’s all right,” she replied, thinking of the sheets
she had fucked on last night, and realizing that she
would have to start being careful, “I’ll do them.”