An arrogant lady gets humiliated by the use of an enema – and discovers she enjoys it

Melanie was a really attractive woman. In her early
thirties, about five and a half feet tall. She was not
slim, but very shapely with a very full ass,
beautifully rounded, soft, shown off wonderfully in the
tight skirts she loved to wear. Melanie had been part
of our group for some time now, and Judy, my wife, and
I had both enjoyed some pretty vigorous love-making
with her at different times. She was one hot woman.

There was just one problem – if you can call it a
problem – she liked to be in charge, to run things.
Some would say she was haughty, adopting a superior
attitude at times to others. Within our network we
don’t mind people being dominant or submissive, but we
also expect everyone to be valued equally, we expect
everyone to receive the maximum amount of fulfilment in
whatever sexual activities we get up to. Too often with
Melanie she would be so strong and haughty she would
forget the fulfilment of the other person, and a few of
our group complained strongly about her attitude.

It was with this in mind that Judy and I had planned
the afternoon we were embarking on. We had agreed that
as well as sex, perhaps Melanie also needed some
humiliation, and it was with this in mind we had
planned what we should do.

Melanie had arrived an hour before and we had chatted.
Judy had told her how hot she was for a bit of
woman/woman sex, but that we had found a little toy
which would make Melanie’s fun all the better – a
little device which fitted in the anus and helped with
extra stimulation.

Melanie was more than happy to have a go at anything.
And now she was lying on top of Judy in a passionate
69, Judy holding Melanie’s head tightly with her legs
wrapped around here, and with her arms holding on to
Melanie’s legs. It was quite a sight which left me very
stiff, particularly seeing Melanie’s wonderful full ass
bobbing up and down.

Melanie was too involved in her love making to see what
I was doing. I had suspended the bag of water above the
bed, joined the tube to the bag, and was preparing for
the hardest bit – joining the tube to the toy the
unsuspecting Judy had put into her ass.

Surprisingly she hardly noticed me joining the tube, so
much was she wrapped up in Judy. After I had the tube
attached I simply stood aside and waited.

I only had to wait a few minutes as both of them were
moaning towards their orgasms, their bodies writhing up
and down together. As Melanie began to shake, I simply
turned on the tap, and the water poured into her ass.
Melanie screamed, but Judy held on tight, and indeed
Melanie’s body shook and writhed as the enema enhanced
the orgasm she was experiencing, which went on for a
couple of minutes, a chance for me to empty more of the
enema deep inside her.

As I allowed the water in and as her orgasm came to an
end, she struggled again, but then had an attack of
cramp which stopped her fighting too hard. I turned off
the tap briefly, and it allowed us to get Melanie over
Judy’s lap. I sat on her legs, Judy held onto her
shoulders so she couldn’t move, and as the grips went
away I turned the tap on again, and we simply let it
run into her until the bag was empty. She must have
taken 3 or 4 pints of warm water inside, so I put my
hand under her stomach and started massaging it,
allowing the water to circulate further and further
around her.

Melanie at last struggle to her feet, screaming at us
shouting “How dare you?” “You’ve violated me”. She
shouted “Let me out” as she moved towards the door to
find a toilet, but I stopped her, standing in front of
the door.

“You want to use something, you use that”. I pointed to
a plastic bowl we had put in the room earlier. “But you
will not use it for at least 10 minutes. You will not
use it until I tell you.”

Melanie screamed insults and curses, but I simply stood
my ground. Within seconds with the effect of the water
inside her she was begging for release. She couldn’t do
it in front of others. It was so degrading.

“Others?” I smiled. “Stand over the bowl. Do what I
tell you and I will let you go.” Reluctantly she did,
torn between the humiliation of desperately wanting to
relieve the enema inside her and the humiliation of
being seen emptying her bowels by others. She perhaps
thought I would let her relieve herself quickly. I told
her to stay there. I opened the door and perhaps 10
others from our network came into the bedroom.

“No!” screamed Melanie. “I can’t do it. Please let me
go to the toilet” Her embarrassment was too much for
her and she couldn’t release anything, as uncomfortable
as her stomach now was. It was clear she would do
anything to get away.

I stood beside her and ordered her to open her legs.
Again she did so thinking this would give her the
chance to escape. Instead I put my fingers between her
legs and rested on her clitoris, circling gently,
feeling her getting aroused. Again she begged, “Please
let me go.” Again I refused, my fingers still circling
on her slightly swollen clitoris. She was by now very
aroused, panting in short breaths, her face very, very

I sped up my circling, and suddenly she screamed out,
her body shaking as the orgasm took over her. As it did
she instinctively squatted over the bowl, her ass
relaxed, the liquid poured out of her ass filling the
bowl. The smell was overwhelming.

At last Melanie stood there, before two of our group
helped her to the bathroom, while two others took the
bowl away and cleaned it out As soon as she returned
from her shower, this time in tears of humiliation it
was clear that this had totally humbled her – yet at
the same time she had just had the biggest orgasm ever
for her.

It was Judy who spoke to her. “Melanie. We did that
because you thought you were more important than some
of us. You aren’t – you are as good as the rest of us.”
Melanie was crying. Judy continued. “We have all seen
you having an orgasm while you were disgraced. What do
you say?”

Melanie said nothing for several moments – it was
obvious she was trying to compose her thoughts. At last
she spoke with a new hesitation in her voice. “I’m
sorry for what I’ve been like. I’m sorry, and I do want
everyone to enjoy what we do. But I’ve also learnt – I
like being humiliated. I liked the enema. Please will
you do it to me again sometime?”

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