An older guy and his curvy wife enlists the help of a younger man only to be cuckold by him

The look on her face was a picture as I climbed out of
their pool, my shorts where of course wet and as the
water was warm my cock had not shrunk in size. It had
been outlined by the wet fabric showing its true size,
which is 7 inches or so when limp and thick.

Jane is one of my work mate’s wife and I was staying
with them while I worked in our UK office, it was
Saturday and all three of us where relaxing in their
indoor pool. At first I didn’t understand why she was
looking at me like that I thought my shorts had come
down or something but when I glanced down to check I
saw it was my cock she was looking at.

The poor woman went red-faced and looked away but she
would not look at me until I had sat down with my cock
out of sight. I was a little embarrassed too as she was
a lovely woman and had been so nice to me since I
arrived the perfect hostess. She must have been 40 with
blonde hair and a pretty face, pretty round face I
might add which went with her rather large body.

I hadn’t really looked at her body until she arrived at
the pool in her one piece swimsuit and although she had
a wrap around skirt thing there was no mistaken her
huge breasts and what looked like an arse as wide as a
door. She only got in the water when I had used the
toilet and stayed there until I was distracted again
slipping out and covering up once again not too proud
of her body I guessed.

Now that I knew she had been looking at my cock I
couldn’t help taken a closer look at her and found
myself imagining what she looked like naked, it had an
effect on me and I quickly changed my thoughts as for
one it was not cool she was my mates wife and two I
didn’t want my cock getting hard right now.

Robert didn’t notice the exchange between us and just
carried on his afternoon serving drinks and making
jokes, he was older than Jane by 15 years and
overweight himself with a large beer belly but he was
such good fun to be around you ignored his size.

I went to my room after that and had a nap before
dinner and when I woke up I had Jane on my mind and a
raging hard on, it took a long shower to get myself
under control. Jane and Robert where already downstairs
when I walked into the kitchen and as soon as I did
they stopped talking as if they had been talking about
me, paranoid I thought as I accepted another drink from

Jane looked at me funny too giving me little glances
and smile and even Robert was looking at me funny he
even asked how my love life was real casual like in
front of Jane, I told them it was good thanks but
didn’t elaborate. When Jane took off her apron I saw
she was wearing a knee length skirt that clung to her
body so unlike the fat girl dress she wore the night
before and her blouse was white and just see-through
enough to make out her lacy bra.

I could not help looking at her breasts whenever I
could they where so huge each one looked bigger then my
bloody head and once again I started imagining what
they would look like and feel like my cock twitching in
my jeans.

We managed to have a lovely diner with two bottles of
wine most of which Jane drank and we talked about every
thing and nothing until Robert said, “So why aren’t you
married John?”

It was by surprise and before I could answer Jane said,
“A good looking man like John, I’m sure he has lots of
pretty girls running after him.” She looked at me when
she said it with a big sexy smile on her face daring

“I have girlfriends sure, but you know, I like variety
and I do travel a lot,” I said by way of answer.

Robert looked like he wanted to say something a couple
of times but changed his mind then finally blurted out,
“Have you ever had a threesome, I mean like sex with
more than one person?” He looked embarrassed but
continued, “We’ve never done it, but we where just
talking about it earlier.” He looked at Jane who looked
even more embarrassed.

I laughed which seemed to make them relax and said,
“Sure lots of times.” They both leaned forward suddenly
interested, “Really?” said Robert as if I had just said
I fucked dogs or something.

“Yes really,” I replied smiling. It was no big deal but
I was wondering why he even asked me this he must have
been drunk.

“Two girls or two men?” asked Jane her face looking

I leaned back and looked at both of them, they where
like kids all excited at some adult conversation, “I’ve
had both. Men and women, but I prefer one woman and two
men,” I said.

Jane arched her eyebrows and asked, “Why’s that?”

I thought carefully about my answer then said, “Well,
men can have one orgasm where as women can have many,
so I prefer to see a woman having tons of orgasms and
prolong the sex as much as possible. With two men, a
woman can go nuts.”

Poor Jane squirmed in her seat, going red-faced again
and I saw Robert looking at her, there was a silence
after that and I thought I had offended them. “Have I
offended you both? I hope not but you did ask,” I said

It was Robert who spoke first, “Not at all John, it’s
just that threesomes had been a subject with us for a
long time.” He looked and sounded serious then added,
“I’m older than Jane and well, its not always easy for
a man of my age, you’ll see…” he laughed as if it was

Jane was looking at the table while her husband spoke.
“We’ve considered Jane taking a lover now and again,
but well… we’ve never actually done it, you

I nodded at them trying not to laugh. “Are you asking
if I’d consider having sex with your wife Robert?” They
both answered at the same time, Robert saying, “NO!”
and Jane saying, “YES!”

I chuckled as they shot each other glances then Robert
dropped his head and said “Well yes, but you don’t have
to do anything John, I know this is out of the blue.”
He looked so upset I had to help him out.

“Not at all Robert, how do you think threesomes are
arranged? Someone has to ask and it’s never easy to ask
it.” This was not exactly true, but it worked he looked
at me and smiled relaxing a little. I got up and went
into their sitting room leaving them alone to talk or
whatever and it was Jane that arrived first, she looked
at the floor first then at me as I sat. “I want you to
make love to me John please.”

It was so formal I almost laughed but I saw how hard it
was for her to say it. “Come over her and kiss me
first,” I said patting the sofa beside me, she nodded
an d sat next to me perched on the edge of the sofa
then leaned into me and pressed her lips to mine
kissing me softly at first.

Her kiss got harder and more passionate and then I felt
her arms around me pulling me closer to her. When we
broke away Robert was there watching looking a little
confused but saying nothing, Jane was flushed and
staring at me wanting more I could tell.

“Do you want to stay and watch Robert?” I asked. He
nodded his head quickly, so I pulled his wife to me
again and kissed her hard moving my hand up to cup her
enormous breast through her blouse, it felt so firm it
was hard to believe and she pressed herself into me.
“Take off your clothes Jane, let me see you.”

She was not comfortable with that, I presumed because
of her size so I reached over and started undoing her
blouse button by button exposing more and more flesh
her breasts where squeezed inside her bra spilling out
over the top white and truly huge, When I got all the
buttons open I pulled it off her shoulders and she
moved her arm around to cover her belly but I pulled it
away wanting to see everything.

Robert moved up behind her and unclasped her bra from
behind and they dropped down heavily when released
almost sitting on her lap, when he pulled her bra away
I held my breath I had never seen anything like them. I
took a breast in each hand and lifted them up feeling
just how heavy they where squeezing and mauling them in
my hands.

Jane had her eyes closed enjoying the attention as I
brushed her nipples and stroked her soft tits. She
moaned softly and placed her hand on my leg, “You want
to see my cock?” I took her hand and moved it to my
crotch. She opened her eyes as I pulled my jeans down –
my cock already semi hard from the sight of her tits. I
removed my jeans and shorts and then sat back so she
could see it for the first time.

Her eyes where large as she devoured it with them not
moving at first until I took her hand and placed it on
my semi erect member, she moaned just from touching it
and said in a soft voice, “Does it get bigger?”

I looked over at Robert who was staring on too with his
mouth open. “You’ll have to suck it to get it fully
hard,” I said.

Jane suddenly looked concerned. Robert spoke up for
her, “Jane doesn’t do that,” as if it was a rule.

I looked at her when I spoke next, “Jane, if you want
to have sex with me, the only way to get it up is to
suck it.” I took my cock in my hand and pulled it up
tugging the foreskin back to expose the purple head.

“You don’t understand John, she has never done that not
even for me,” said Robert shifting in his seat. I
chuckled and started pulling my jeans back up, but Jane
put her hand on my cock stopping me and said, “No,
wait, I can kiss it perhaps.” I laughed and said sure
go ahead.

The lady lowered her head to my cock and started
planting light kisses on the head and sides of my
shaft, it worked to some extent making my cock grow
slightly. I placed my hand on the back of her head and
moved her mouth up to the knob letting her continue
kissing it there then I pulled her head down some more
and felt my cock enter her mouth just a little.

Robert moved around to look and when he saw she had an
inch of cock in her mouth licking and kissing it he
looked a little pissed off. I pushed her head down more
and she didn’t fight it taken two more inches into her
mouth and actually sucked it.

I moaned and said, “Mmm, yeah! That’s it Jane, just
suck it gently like that you’ll see.” My cock started
growing as her warm wet mouth worked it. I felt her
sucking harder and then she surprised me by dropping
her head down and taken a good six inches of cock in
her mouth closing her lips around it and sucking.

“Ooh yeah Jane, suck my cock, look at how hard your
making it Ooh baby that’s real good,” I moaned letting
her do the work.

Robert was glued to the pair of us his mouth hanging
open as his wife sucked my cock it looked like he might
be regretting letting her go this far but it was a
little late now.

She let out a loud moan and she began to bob her head
up and down my shaft giving me a full-on blowjob now
taking a good portion of my cock in her mouth and
wrapping her pudgy hand around the base jerking me off
slowly. When she came up for air she had a string of
saliva from her lips to my cock. She looked like she
was enjoying herself, her eyes a little glazed over, my
cock looking huge in her small hand.

Then she dived back down and licked up and down both
sides, then she sucked me back into her mouth moaning
like a slut, “MMMmm… Oh John, is that good? Is that
what you wanted?” she asked between sucking.

“Yeah baby, that’s just fine. You think it’s hard
enough to fuck you with?” I asked.

She moaned, “No not yet,” then returned to sucking my

I looked over at Robert triumphantly and said, “Looks
like she likes sucking cock now Robert. He looked
pissed but said nothing.

After another couple of minutes of this she stopped and
looked at me, “How do you want to do this? Should we go
to bed or what?” She was still holding my cock jerking
me off slowly when she asked this.

“Take off you skirt and panties and just lay back on
the sofa,” I said. She stood up in front of Robert and
I and removed her skirt. She had to tug at it to get it
down over her huge hips and I saw she was wearing
stockings and suspenders under it and a pair of French
panties like shorts that covered her belly and pussy
mound. Her belly was really big hanging down heavily.
The woman once again looked embarrassed, but honestly I
found I was really turned on by her, and the whole
situation for that matter.

Robert still looked of two minds as to weather he was
on for this or not. I could see him glancing at my cock
as I jerked off slowly enjoying the strip show his wife
was putting on.

Then Jane bent forward and removed her knickers letting
her giant tits swing forward. They looked bigger still
and when she stood back up I still couldn’t see her
pussy with hanging belly. “Turn around slowly,” I said,
taking in her amazing body.

She was red-faced with embarrassment, but she turned
slowly so I could see her massive square shaped arse
with the suspender straps stretched across each cheek.
She then sat down beside me and lay back on the sofa.

I parted her heavy legs and there it was her pussy
lightly covered in brown hair and almost invisible
because of the thick fatty folds that where her lips. I
looked at Robert and said, “Are you going to join in,
or is it just a show you want?”

He gulped and replied, “I’m in mate, I’m in!”

“Good, then get down there and make sure she’s wet
enough for me,” I instructed. He looked at her and she
nodded yes, then he lowered his head between her open

I sat back and gently stroked my throbbing cock and
with my free hand I played with her nipples pulling
then and pinching them while poor Robert lapped away at
her pussy. He must have been doing a good job as her
eyes fluttered and she moaned softly stroking his hair
as he worked her, her nipples where like bullets now
standing up hard.

“You like that Jane? You like having your pussy eaten?”
I said. She just nodded and moaned again. Robert was
having fun too, I could tell, as he lapped away. “Push
your tongue right inside her Robert.”

He must have done as I said because she groaned and
trashed her head a little. He did her for about five
minutes until she pushed him away and panted, “I want
it now I’m ready now, please.” Her pussy was slick and
open, the inside now visible, pink and wet looking. She
held her belly up out of the way as I dropped down
between her open legs my cock resting on her mound, she
grabbed at it.

“How big is that thing?” said Robert, red-faced and
excited looking. He was removing his clothes as he
stared on at his wife who was about to get fucked by

“I don’t know buddy, big enough for her you think?” I
replied laughing. I placed the tip at her pussy and
pressed forward a little feeling her hot pussy engulf
my knob, she cried out with excitement buckling her
hips up off the sofa and taken another couple of

“Ooh God!! Robert he’s sooooo big!” She panted as I
gripped her meaty leg fat with both hands and then
drove my hard cock into her leaving a couple of inches
outside. She screamed out in what sounded like pain so
I pulled back but she grabbed me by the arms and pulled
me to her. “No, don’t stop! Give it to me now! Give to
me, NOW!” she cried.

I pushed back into her feeling just how tight she was,
I had thought she would have a pussy to match her body
but she was tight like a virgin her pussy stretching
open to accommodate my 10 inch cock.

“OOOooh fuck! Ooooh shit!!” she stammered panting
loudly. “SOOOoooo big!”

I pulled out slowly then f****d it back in getting
easier this time her pussy wet and hot. I pulled her
legs up higher so I could get at her and drove my whole
cock into her and this time it was pain but she held
onto me digging her fingernails into my arms.

Robert was right beside us naked now with his five inch
cock hard and standing out from his body as he watched
her tits flop up her body and her belly wobble while I
drove my cock in and out of her open wet pussy. She
came within ten hard strokes bucking and trashing about
like a wild thing cursing and screaming obscenities,
“Christ! Fuck me!! Ooh fuck yeah!! Ooh baby yeah, fuck
me! Make me come!!”

I felt her pussy twitch and squirt liquid onto my
driving cock and she came and came, Robert was still
right there staring on not touching his cock. I made
her come for two or three minutes banging her hard then
slow then hard again until I felt it pass, her pussy
was so wet now I could fuck my cock into her with ease
and she stopped bucking so I could lean upwards rubbing
her erect clit as I did.

I grabbed her belly and squeezed it like I would her
tits loving the way it moved in my fingers, I stuck a
finger into her belly button going knuckle deep like a
pussy. When she was a whimpering mess I pulled out and
leaned back to inspect my work, her pussy was stretched
open and her lips where swollen and red covered in
liquid. “Ok Robert, your turn. Fuck the slut, she’s hot
for it.” I wondered how he would react to my calling
his wife a slut but he didn’t care.

He almost knocked me over getting between her legs and
once there he wasted no time in ramming his cock into
her, she moaned and lifted her legs up for him holding
them there herself. I watched as he pounded into her
hard and fast then his ass clenched and I knew he was
pumping her full of come. He jerked and humped for a
couple of minutes as he emptied his balls into her and
she just lay back exhausted until he pulled out.

We both stared at her gapping hole as white spunk
leaked out dribbling down between her fatty folds to
her ass, the woman was fucked and just lay back spread
eagled not caring who looked at her now breathing
heavily. When she opened her eyes she looked at Robert
and asked in a horse voice, “Can he fuck me in the ass
Robert? I want to try it please!”

Robert looked concerned, “Baby, you said you’d never do

She laughed, “I said I’d never suck a penis either and
that I’d never have sex with another man, but look at
me now!”

He nodded then shrugged his shoulders, “Ok baby, as you
want, but his cock is fucking huge,” he warned.

She had that glazed look on her face when she answered,
“Yeah I know!” That was all she said then she rolled
her huge body over dropping her knees to the floor and
presenting us with her massive ass. She reached back
with both hands and pulled her ass apart for me so I
was looking at her slick puckered asshole and gapping
pussy still leaking spunk.

“Go easy with me please but hurry up,” she panted back
at me. This was too much, she was asking me to fuck her
ass for the first time with her husband right there,
she wanted to humiliate him a little it seemed which
amused me. Once behind her enormous ass I could see
just how wet she was, liquid from her pussy had leaked
all over her crack coating her brown ring with sticky
come. I pressed my cock between the thick folds then
squeezed her cheeks closed around it like a tit fuck
only with fleshy ass cheeks, she groaned out and pushed

When I held my cock to her tight hole she stopped
moving and gripped the sofa’s cushions anticipating
having her ass stretched open. Her tight brown hole was
actually twitching as my knob pressed into it and with
a little pressure my knob broke her ring forcing itself
inside her tight hole.

She sucked in air loudly and tensed up badly around my
knob “Just relax now, I’m in now! It will burn a little
but it will pass,” I assured her waiting a moment
before continuing. It must have been burning as it felt
like it to me. My cock was on fire as I pushed another
three inches into her amazing hole.

“Wait, wait! Please hang on,” she said urgently and I
stopped pushing and waited. Robert had his eyes glued
to her ass with his mouth hanging open catching flies
beside us. I pulled out a little and started rotating
my hips a little stretching her ass open some more and
feeling her relax, when I pushed back into her I gave
her another inch, which she took.

“Shit! Oooh shit! Oooh yeah,” she said in a drawn out
groan and I gave her my entire cock right after she
said it. “Oooh Robert, I’ve never been so full,” she
panted out.

I pulled out and trust in again a little harder and she
groaned again. “I’ve never been taken like this. Ooh
fuck yes!!” She continued pushing back slightly. I was
loving this, her ass was fucking great and the sight of
her enormous ass as I mauled it digging my fingers into
the soft warm flesh. I even leaned under cupping and
lifting her belly up mauling it too.

“Ooh take me! Take me! Fuck me!” She screamed, banging
back hard now impaling her ass on my whole cock.

I pulled out and slammed it back in repeating it a good
ten time before I realized she was coming, her ass
clenching my shaft and literally milking it as her
orgasm rocked her. Her ass muscles worked my cock like
a vice grips as I carried on pumping it in and out
while she came.

It was just after she started to calm down that I gave
her another ten hard fast strokes and she went nuts.
“Ooh yes! Fuck my ass! Make me come again! I love it!”
she screamed out. “Ooh I love your big cock! Christ
Robert, this is fucking!!”

I didn’t look at him not wanting to piss him off now
but I heard him grunt something before she continued,
“Do my pussy again please!” she demanded. I popped my
cock out and slipped it into her open pussy. She
grunted and started slamming her heavy ass back onto my
cock, she felt so slack after her tight ass but so dame
hot it felt great.

“Yes! Ooh yes baby, fuck me harder, use my pussy!!” she
screamed at me. I was now pounding her harder than ever
making her whole overweight body ripple and wobble
comically. Her huge round ass with the suspenders was
driving me nuts and she was getting filthy humiliating
poor Robert and getting off on it as much as me.

Robert was still there jerking off and taking the
punishment, he still looked like he wasn’t sure if he
liked this or not but his cock was still hard. I pulled
out of her at that moment exhausted and panting out of
breath, Jane stayed where she was facing me her ass
still open and her pussy a gapping mess. I could see
her belly hanging down lower under her pussy, which I
loved, man fat women are the best.

Robert jumped up and climbed up on the sofa wanting a
blowjob but when she saw what he was going for she
looked up and said, “No way Robert, I have never sucked
you and never will.”

I almost laughed thinking it was a joke but she was
dead serious. Poor Robert looked at her totally
confused now his little cock in his fist, “But…” was
all he managed.

“But I’ll let you watch me while I suck his,” she said
pointing at my cock in a teasing voice. He slumped back
on the sofa beside her and she moved getting up and
turning around so she was sitting on the edge of the
sofa with her legs open wide. “Let me suck that big
hard cock, come on my face and in my mouth,” she purred
at me then looked back at Robert “That’s what you
wanted to see Rob wasn’t it, me getting shagged and
used like a tramp?” she teased him “So how do you like
it? You wanna see him come on my face? Like in your

Jane looked at me then and smiled at me in control and
high with it. “I wanna feel every inch of you in my
mouth, now!!” she snarled, despite the fact that Robert
was her mate. He did seem like he had it coming and if
he didn’t like it he could leave the room.

I got up and presented her with my cock, she wrapped
her small hand around it and pulled it to her open
mouth. For the next five minutes I was given one of the
nicest and definitely the filthiest blow job of my
life, she sucked it so hard it hurt and when she wasn’t
jerking it off violently against her face or sucking it
she was pulling one ball after the other into her mouth
too sucking them too.

She was panting and slobbering all over it and I was
about to blast her now, I told her I was about to come
and she went nuts. “Yes give it to me, come in my
mouth! Come on my face! Tell him Robert, tell him to do
it!!” she screamed.

As his wife engulfed my shaft again Robert spoke in a
angry voice saying, “Go on, come on the whores face!
Cover her fucking slut face with your horse spunk,” he
was pissed, but I could see he was still beating off
like mad too. “Only a complete slut sucks cock after
it’s been up her ass. Go on buddy, fuck her in the

Jane moaned and groaned around my cock and that was it
for me, the first heavy wad went right down her troth.
The second hit her eye and nose as she held it before
her face and beat it off fast sending the remaining
spunk splashing all over her heaving tits and red shiny
face. Robert groaned too and came in his hand beside
us, it was over and I had loved it shit what a woman. I
didn’t hang around after and went to bed leaving them
to talk.

After that, things changed at home for Robert. He no
longer wore the pants in that home and judging from the
next time I meet them, he was no longer having sex with
his wife either.

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