Woman Of My Dreams

My divorce was finalized about 6 months later. After that I started dating a few women here and there. I was being rather picky in my pursuit of the ideal mate for me to spend the rest of my life with. I vowed that I would not settle for a woman that was not a

My BBW Landlady 2.

“But I love you” I exclaimed. “I know you do she replied but trust me this is the right thing to do I don’t want you to have any regrets.” I let my eyes travel down her naked body yes she was bigger than me, taller and plumper but not fat. Her C cup looked

I Love My Wife

My name is James Sampson and this is the sad story of how my life fell apart. In high school I had one long time girlfriend Elizabeth Moore. Liz was a big girl and when I say big I don’t mean chubby or plump I mean BIG. Liz weighed a good three hundred and fifty

My First Fat Pussy

Always one to date thin, tight-bodied girls, I was between girlfriends for a couple of weeks and was getting horny for pussy, any pussy. It’s proven I guess that as the night at the bar goes on the girls get prettier, they also get thinner as you drink more. When I arrived that night a

Black Army Wife

Being from a poor black family, after I finished college, I had to do four years in the Army to pay back what my ROTC scholarship didn’t cover. . I was commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned as a platoon leader in an infantry company. I had married LaShonda while in college and I lucked