Fat girl in the backyard

Linda carefully hung the sheets and clothes on the backyard line to dry. Of course she had a clothes dryer but it couldn’t match the fresh smell the summer breeze imparted to the clothes. Besides, hanging the laundry in her backyard was a pleasant, leisurely activity that she enjoyed on these warm mornings. The only

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“Oh grandmother, I still can’t believe it!” The young blonde haired woman exclaimed as she gushed with excitement. “Two days from now I’m going to be in Europe.” “Well its nothing that you don’t deserve.” The older woman smiled back. “I’m very proud of you, and all that you’ve accomplished.” “I don’t think Mother would

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Sunday we always did the cleaning. As morning moved towards the afternoon the house heated up, and clothing began to disappear until the women were in panties and I had on light cotton boxer shorts. No one was being subtle about still being horny. I walked into the kitchen and found Val leaning against the

Drunken Milf Teacher

Peter O’Malley was sulking in the dimly lit parking lot. The loud music blasting from the club continued to remind him of the fun he could be having if only…. “What a stupid law,” he fumed. “I can vote. I can be drafted into the army. But at 18 I can’t go into a place

A Close Friend’s Horny Daughter

I’d fantasized for a long time about fucking a young teenage girl or getting my dick sucked by one or fucking the tits of a 18 or 19 year old girl with huge oversized tits. God those tits look so fucking good. They almost look obscene on such a little girl’s frame. I’ve seen a