An unlikely Romance

This story began about two years ago. I lived with my wife and two sons 18 and 15, in an upper middle class neighborhood. Both my boys go the the same high school, my oldest u in marching band, and my youngest is in orchestra. I do a lot of volunteer work for the school, I chaperone dances and even band camp at the end of summer. As a parent I was well respected among the teachers and staff, and among the other parents for that matter. Events would unfold that would jeopardize all of it, and change my life forever.

It was the start of band camp, and like usual I was to chaperone. Most of the boys were like my own. We got along great, I was like the fun uncle where the other chaperone dads acted like they hated being there.

It was a typical band camp, we had a new aspect to this years pit. A new student Lindsey, was a brilliant violinist! This gir was amazing! Tiny little thing who would blow your mind with her violin talent. She was given a solo just to showcase her abilities! They even re wrote their routine around Lindsey’s spectacular playing.

It was the last night of practice and Lindsey had got up on a podium in the pit, when I realized how attractive she was! Normally I would have just ignored this fact but something about her made it impossible. It was like watching a masterpiece at work on a masterpiece! I caught myself starring and quickly broke my focus on her and waved to my son who was way in the back and there was no way he could have seen me.

That night after lights out, all I could think about was Lindsey! It wasn’t so much sexual, as it was how all around impressive she was! She had a grace that was well beyond her years. I barely slept a wink.

The next morning was the end of band camp. All the parents were here for a brief demo then it was time to say good by.

My boys went home with their mother, it was hard to get my wife to do anything that wasn’t directly in her favor, but this she did every year.

I was saying goodbye to the other parents and teachers when out of the corner of my eye, I spied Lindsey waiting by the pay phone. She looked upset. I asked the girls chaperone if something was wrong with Lindsey. “She hasn’t really connected with anyone here, she doesn’t hang out with the other girls, she just sits by her self and doesn’t really talk much.” Karen her groups chaperone said.

It was later in the afternoon and most of the people were gone, Karen and I were the last chaperones left, tha last of the school staff was leaving with the equipment truck. I glanced back at the pay phone and Lindsey was still there. Karen came up to me, “Lindsey’s dad is running late and I have to go, do you mind waiting with her?” She asked. “That’s fine, I don’t have anywhere to be soon.” I told her.

Karen walked Lindsey over, “this is Mr Anderson, he’s going to stay here with you till your dad gets here.” She nodded and held out her hand and introduced herself. “Hello Mr Anderson, my name is Lindsey.” She said shyly. “Well glad to meet you Lindsey!” I said trying to be up beat, she clearly wasn’t in a very happy mood. Karen pulled away and it was just the two of us.

I decided to strike up a conversation about what type of music she liked, I found most teenagers like to talk your ear off about their favorite music if you pretended to be interested. I just wanted to get her mind off of whatever had her upset.

I was surprised when she said that she didn’t listen to any of today’s music. She said it’s all the same and no one ever has anything meaningful to say. We continued our conversation about how today everyone just wants to be famous, everyone just wants to be the next YouTube star. I began to feel like I was just having a conversation with an adult my own age. This girl was ten times smarter than any of her classmates, my boys were A students, but were still boys when you talked to them. Lindsey was in a whole different language.

It was getting late, we had pretty much ran out of stuff to talk about, I gave her my cell to call her dad, he was hours late! Just then head lights were visible down the road to the camp.

Her dad pulled up and didn’t even get out to help with her luggage. I picked up her bag and loaded it into the trunk. “Thanks for waiting with me Mr Anderson.” Lindsey said holding her hand out to shake. “It was no trouble.” I said.

I walked around to the drivers window to introduce myself. The window was down and I smelled alcohol! I introduced my self to her father. He definitely wasn’t what I would have expected, for such a polite young lady, I would have expected at least the same from her parents. He didn’t shake my hand, and seemed to be in a hurry. He yelled, “get in the fucking car!” She look mortified when he screamed.

He seemed sober enough to me, but to be on the safe side I made sure to follow close.

The ride home went alright, he did drive a little fast through the mountain roads, but I followed them to their street and they made it home fine.

When I got home, my wife had gone out for the evening. I asked my oldest Josh if he knew Lindsey. “I know her, she’s a bit strange, she has no friends!” He said. “Strange how?” I asked. “I don’t know, she just doesn’t hang out with anyone. Even when she is invited.”

It was a shame, she was very well mannered and could be a positive influence.

The next two weeks the band practiced every other day, and every day the same, Lindsey would end up waiting till everyone else was gone before her mother or father would pick her up. They drove nice cars and were always nicely dressed, but just seemed too busy to be bothered by their own daughters activities. Every night I waited till she had a ride. We lived only three quarters of a mile from the school and my boys always just walked home.

One night I was locking up, I took my time putting things away, I didn’t want to give Lindsey the impression she was being a burden, so I made my self look busy till she got a ride. But this night was taking extra long. Lindsey looked exhausted, and I don’t think she would ever ask for a ride, so I offered to give her a ride. She graciously accepted.

I own a sixty seven chevelle, Lindsey has commented on it a couple of times now. We got in, and just to show off, I put my foot in it on the way out of the driveway. It was nine o’clock and the streets in this town are empty this time of night. Lindsey laughed and I think this was the first time I’ve ever seen her smile. She was adorable! We arrived at her house, both her parents were not home yet, she said her mother is a real estate attorney and her father is a CPA. They were almost never home. She thanked me for the ride, I told her if she ever needs a ride to let me know. She said ok and thank you, then went home.

The next week, regular school was in session. The football season was starting, that meant lots of marching band at games and competitions.

The first game of the season was an away game, our school district is very spread out, and it was a hour drive to this game. I was super busy with helping set up the band equipment, and getting the students into position. Usually all of the band parents make it to the first away game of the year, it’s just expected. Lindsey’s mom dropped her off, but after introducing her self to the parents she got in her car and left.

The band performance was fantastic, Lindsey got a standing ovation from both sides of the field! This was the second time I have ever seen her smile. She was an absolute beauty.

After the game my boys had helped me load the equipment truck. And they boarded the bus. And soon as the bus pulled away, there was Lindsey. Sitting on the curb next to her violin case. I asked why she didn’t get on the bus. “My mom is supposed to pick me up here.” She said. This wasn’t the best neighborhood. So I waited with her. The game had ended at ten, and it was midnight now. We had talked for an hour about her future. She was trying to get into Stanford, need more after school activities, she had a ballet class three nights a week and did community service at an old folks home.

It was obvious nobody was coming, I asked if she could call, but she would get in trouble if she pestered her parents. She had a cell but never used it. She complained about how hard it was to get her parents to drive her to her classes and community service. I gave her my cell, “if you ever need a ride, don’t be afraid to call.” I told her. She thanked me and gave me a hug. I didn’t know if it was just in my head, but it seemed like more than just a thank you hug. But I ignored my instincts.

On the way home she had scooted just a bit closer than the last time I gave her a ride. But it was an hour drive and I figured she was just more comfortable with me now. I didn’t think any more about it.

About twenty minutes into our drive it was silent in the car, and suddenly her head was on my shoulder! She had fallen asleep. I tried to wake her but she was out. I turned the radio on at a medium volume, she didn’t stir. I shook her just a bit to wake her. “Lindsey.” I said loud enough to wake her. “Oh! Sorry Mr Anderson.” She leaned over to the other side and went back to sleep, its not that I minded her head on my shoulder, it was just a little inappropriate. Ten minutes later she slumped back over on my shoulder, this time I tried to lift her back up, but she slipped her he’d fell in my lap! I said her name again. “Please Mr Anderson, I’m exhausted! Now I’m comfortable!” I felt bad, she was exhausted, and felt like she had little to no meaningful human contact in her life.

We arrived at her home, and I woke her up before we were in sight of her house, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for being “sweet.”

I had to admit that I enjoyed the affection my self, my wife and I had been growing apart for some time now, she was a stay at home mom, but never did the stay at home mom things, not to sound chauvinist, but I work long hours and do everything I can to help the boys with school and after school activities, and it’s rare that the boys don’t do all the house work and cooking. My wife is the least motivated person I’ve ever known. Thankfully my boys didn’t take after her. That made Lindsey’s affection that much more of welcome change.

The next football game, Lindsey’s father came up to me and thanked me for giving her a ride, “I hope she wasn’t too much trouble for you and your boys.” He said. “None at all! She is a very nice young lady.” I said. Did Lindsey lie about us being alone in the car for an hour? Would that have mattered? Did she think something more went on than just a car ride? That peck on the cheek was just a bit unexpected. My mind was racing, I couldn’t think straight, then as the band was lining up. Lindsey called my name, I looked over, and she gave me a big smile and a cute little wave. I spent the rest of the night convincing myself that it was all in my head.

Lindsey’s father sat by me in the stands, he tried to make conversation, asking about the routine. But soon as he started his phone rang and he was in a business call that lasted most of the night, getting his laptop out and going to work. When he was done, he asked if I minded picking Lindsey up Saturday morning and taking her to her violin lessons. I agreed and he gave me the address. “She needs to be there tomorrow at eight.” He said. “Thanks for helping us out with Lindsey, I know she can be a handful.” He said. I was shocked. Lindsey seemed to be unwilling to make anyone go out of their way to help her. And he acted like she was bothersome.

The next morning, I got to Lindsey’s house just a bit early. Her parents were gone for the day and Lindsey answered the door in just a towel. I quickly averted my eyes, and she asked me to wait in the living room.

She ran up stairs and got ready. She came down in a white top, plad skirt with suspenders and knee high white socks. Like something out of a school girl fantasy porn!

It was all I could do to keep my thoughts from going where they shouldn’t!

It was only a ten minutes drive to the class, but in that time Lindsey managed to scoot very close to me, to the point when I shifted into second or fourth I brushed her leg.

When we got there, I turned to say goodbye, and she planted a kiss right on my lips! She had intended to give me a peck on the cheek, but I turned last second. It took us both by surprise! She hurried off and I pretended like the incident was nothing.

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