Meeting Katie

I first met Katie at a party. My freshman year of high school had just ended, so I threw a big bash to celebrate the fact that my friends and I were now sophomores. All my friends came, they all brought their friends, and someone brought Katie. Katie was going to be a freshman the next year. I don’t even remember who she came with, but I’m glad that she did.

The moment she walked through the back gate, I was instantly smitten. This was the cutest girl I had ever seen. She was just a tiny little thing, didn’t even hit five feet tall, but absolutely adorable. She had short blonde hair, cut just above her shoulders. Big brown eyes. A beautiful smile that just lit up her face, lit up the whole place in fact, and the cutest dimples on those little chipmunk cheeks.

Although she was short, her body was perfect. She had nice little breasts, perhaps a bit small but then she was only a freshman. They were still perfect for her size. Katie was a diver, but had also been in gymnastics, and dance, and soccer. She was very active and so had a very tight and toned athletic little body. The little six pack on her was so sexy, not to mention that tight, hard little ass. The main point is, she didn’t really look “little”, she was sexy and beautiful and perfectly proportioned, just, short.

All of that was great, and enough to attract every guy in the place, but what really attracted me was her personality. After talking with her for a while, okay, flirting with her for a while, it was clear that she had the same sick, twisted, sarcastic sense of humor that I did. We just seemed to click on every level, and we both spent most of the afternoon just cracking each other up. I’m talking about some hard core flirting.

Needless to say, I spent as much time with her that day as I could. Anything we all did that required a partner, she was my first choice. If she wanted something to drink, I’d get that for her. If she needed to apply some suntan lotion, oh boy was I all over that! I would do anything to get my hands on her. Fortunately, she seemed to be more than a little interested in me as well and was enjoying the attention I was giving her all day.

After spending the day flirting and dancing around the obvious instant attraction between us, I told her “we definitely need to go out some time”

She told me that she can’t, her mother will not let her date.

“What? Are you kidding me?” I said.

She said “Nope, my mom is afraid I’m going to actually grow up, so I’m not allowed to date. It’s a bunch of bullshit”

She obviously wasn’t happy about it, neither was I. I had just met her and I already wanted to go out with her the next day!

I said “What about Homecoming? The freshman dance? The sophomore dance that I would definitely ask you to? What about the senior prom that I guarantee some senior is going to ask you to?”

She said ‘Yeah that’s what she’s afraid of, some senior might ask me out, she doesn’t want me to discover boys”

I said “Jeeez that just sucks”

She agreed. “Yeah tell me about it”

With that sly grin that I have, I asked her “So if your mom did let you date, would you want to go out with me???”

She laughed at me and said “Maybe once or twice, but I should really be dating seniors, obviously”

I laughed and said “Maybe your mom knows what she’s talking about after all”

Definitely not the naïve little thing she might appear to be.

We both laughed, but I was supremely disappointed by the whole exchange. I really wanted to see more of this girl. I needed to see more of this girl. I already couldn’t wait to see her again, and she hadn’t even left yet. I was going to have to throw a lot more parties!

2 – Getting Closer

After that day, I made every effort to see Katie any time I could. Any activity I knew she would be at, I would be there. Any event I didn’t know she’d be at, I’d hope she would show up. If there was a party, I would make sure somebody invited her. If we were all going to the beach, I made sure her and her friends all knew where we were going and when. If there was nothing going on, I’d invite all my friends over to swim and make sure Katie knew she was welcome, in fact encouraged, to join us. Of course I had to include her friends so her mom wouldn’t suspect she was coming just to see me. No mom, it’s not a date, we’re just going swimming, everyone is going.

We quickly became very close. Once school started I would see her in the halls all the time and greet her with a great big hug. We would all sit together at lunch when we could. We would meet up at football games and baseball games, any school event that would give us the opportunity to sit together, nice and close, to just talk and be together and have fun.

Katie started coming to all my gymnastics meets. I started going to all of her diving meets. She was GOOD! I loved watching her. I quickly became her biggest fan. I would yell and scream and cheer her on, and she would flash me that big beautiful smile. This of course drew her mom’s attention so eventually Katie introduced me. Her mom loved me of course, because I’m so damned charming. I didn’t tell mom that I just loved checking out her baby in that sexy skin tight swimsuit, but I’m guessing she knew that.

The odd part of all this, for me, is that even though I did love checking her out in her skintight lycra, or even less when she wore her bikinis at my house, I never made a move on her. I absolutely loved and lusted after her tiny little body, but somehow the “no dating” thing stuck in my head and equated with “no anything” and I became like her big brother. I somehow thought that since we wouldn’t be able to date, nothing was going to happen anyway. I was still dating a few other girls at the same time, so I was still getting laid. Between that and the no dating mandate, I was perfectly happy to just be best of friends.

Katie, on the other hand, wasn’t getting anything, poor girl. Most of her friends had boyfriends or at least the occasional date, but nothing for poor Katie. Seems most guys fell victim to the same mindset, no dating meant no anything, so they moved on. Then one evening, at one of our parties, Katie started drinking. Beer. I didn’t know she drank beer, and honestly that may very well have been her first. Of course she was only four eleven and weighed ninety pounds, so it seemed like two sips and she was already feeling the effects. Our usual flirting became much more aggressive that night. Katie was much more touchy feely and had her hands all over me, which I was enjoying very much. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on a couch and Katie was sitting across my lap with her arms wrapped around my neck. I was laughing at her and asking what she was doing when she just leaned forward and planted her lips on mine. Wow!

That one little kiss changed everything. It was like I suddenly realized, okay, her mom won’t let us date, that doesn’t mean we can’t do ANYthing. That kiss lasted only a few seconds, but the one after it was long and wet and sloppy. By the end of the night we were full on making out, tongue kissing on the couch, and it was glorious. For a girl who’d never dated, she could kiss. Her hands started wandering, my hands started wandering, I held her close and kissed her hard for the rest of the night. After that, every great big hug I ever got from her came with a sweet, perfect kiss. I was infatuated with her all over again, only this time it was a much more lusty infatuation.

3 – My flirty girl

From then on, any time we had the chance to be alone together, we would have lips everywhere. I loved to kiss her neck and nibble her ears. This drove her crazy. She would squirm and squeal and kiss me right back. Slowly, over the course of time, my hands would start to wander all over that tight little body. I loved touching her tummy, that tight little six pack, who ever would have expected that on her, but damn that was sexy!

Katie, for her part, couldn’t keep her hands off me either. She would caress my abs and massage my shoulders, and climb up on me straddling my lap every time. That was our usual position if we were at a party, on a sofa somewhere with her on my lap and making out like a couple of teenage kids. Every now and then we would claim the whole sofa, I would lie back and she would climb up on top of me. I loved that. Even better, I would pin her down on the sofa and climb on top of her, heh heh, there was no way she was getting away from me then. Not that she ever tried to.

Eventually, my hands found their way up that tummy and lightly across those perfect little titties. The first time my hand made its way over one of her breasts, her eyes went wide, her mouth gaped open and she sat like that for a moment just looking at me, shocked that I had touched her there. Not by accident, but purposely touched her there. I pulled my hand away, then just kissed her, then planted my hand firmly right back where it was, definitely on purpose.

Katie went wild. She leaned back and closed her eyes and let out the cutest little moans as I started rubbing and teasing, pinching and fondling. I could feel her nipples harden right through the shirt she was wearing, they were so sensitive. Never once did she try to stop me, until I tried to unbutton that shirt, she wasn’t quite ready for that yet. After that day, she loved when I touched her tits. She seemed so sweet and innocent, but Katie was one lusty, horny little girl. She would actually grab my hand and pull it right up to her chest. There wasn’t much there, but I lusted after them just the same.

Things continued like that until just after homecoming. Katie had a party at her house for the first time. I came alone, because all I wanted for the night was my little Katie. Her mom and dad welcomed everyone and kept a close eye on what was going on all night. They were patrolling and separating couples here and there. No make out sessions in the living room! Or anywhere else for that matter. Katie was getting quite a thrill flirting with me and teasing me all night, just being as naughty as she possibly could any time her parents left the room or looked the other way. We would be sitting across from her mom and she would come whisper in my ear how hard her nipples were right now. Such a naughty little vixen. It was just sexy as hell.

At one point, I was sitting on the couch, as usual, and Katie came and plopped down right next to me. Her parents were nowhere in sight for the moment so we seemed to have a few moments almost alone. She kept looking around to see who was watching us, and where her parents were. She was clearly up to something. She was wearing the cutest, and flimsiest little top, which just barely held her little tits in, and then just barely covered over her sexy little tummy. I don’t think her mom realized what she WASN’T wearing under it. As I sat there, Katie looked around again, didn’t see her parents anywhere, and then turned to me. Pssssst… I turned to her. She reaches her hand up, grabs her top, and pulled it to the side, exposing her breast to me!

I think my eyes damned near popped right out of my head! First of all, I couldn’t believe she just did that, but even more than that, I couldn’t believe she did that in her own house, when her parents could walk in any second. She laughed hysterically at my reaction, and covered herself up. I just sat there with my mouth open, I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Her nipples were perfect little pink circles. I wanted to just…

I said to her “I can’t believe you just did that!”

With an evil little grin she said “I do a lot of things you wouldn’t believe”. And then she did it again!

Once again I was filled with lust for this girl. I wanted to pin her down on the couch and just rip her clothes off, let her mom and dad watch for all I cared!

I told her “You better be careful doing that, someone might just attack you right here on the couch”

She looked at me, looked around again, and then pulled her top over exposing herself to me once again. As fast as I could, I dove head first right to her chest. Before she could even move I had my mouth on her nipple and my tongue sliding right over it. I felt her nipple grow even harder almost instantly, I grew harder instantly as well. She let out a little screech, pulled back from me, and covered herself up quickly. Looking around to see that no one was watching, or looking to see what the commotion was about.

Now it was her turn to sit there with her eyes big and her mouth open. I just smiled. “I told you so” I said. Her eyes stayed big, but slowly her gaping surprised mouth turned into a sexy, naughty smile. She looked around again, then, convinced no one was watching, slowly pulled her top aside again daring me to do something. I slowly leaned forward like I was going to kiss her, looked deep into her eyes, then leaned right down and put my mouth right on that nipple. I started to suck and lick and make sexy little love bites. Katie squealed and pulled my head tight to her chest. I continued to suck and lick and nibble. It felt like this went on for hours, but it was probably only a minute or two before she pushed me off and covered herself up again, looking around terrified that someone would see. I couldn’t believe she did that, and let ME do that, but I knew she sure as hell enjoyed it. Once again the sexual tension between us just shot through the roof for the rest of the evening. She wanted my mouth on her nipples. I wanted my mouth on her nipples. I wanted my mouth on every inch of her tiny little body.

I spent the rest of the night chasing her around and trying to get her alone and take her clothes off. She didn’t let me, of course, but I did manage to corner her in her room again at some point and get my mouth on both of those beautiful breasts again. As nervous as she was, Katie loved me paying attention to them. We almost got caught by her dad at least once but luckily heard him coming. It was just such a turn on talking with him and thinking, two seconds ago I was sucking your daughters tits, and she LOVED it, but yeah how bout them Yankees huh?

Movie Star

After that night, all I ever wanted was to get her naked, and she knew it. I was always trying to take her top off, at least anytime we were alone. She didn’t always let me, but she knew I was going to try. Any time I had a party at my house, Katie and I would disappear to my room, and she would have her top off before I could even lock the door behind us. I of course would then be all over her.

We would tumble onto my bed and the next thing we know she would just be wearing her bikini bottoms. I would be in my swim trunks. My cock would be trying to rocket out of my swimsuit, she got me so excited. I would kiss her all over. Her lips, her neck, her tits, down her tummy, but every time I started to get any farther she would stop me. Not quite ready for that yet, although she had no problem with my hands all over her perfect little ass. She was so fucking cute.

Her hands were always all over me as well. She would massage my shoulders and feel my abs and grab my ass every chance she got. Every once in a while, yes, those hands would slide over my stone hard cock. That would make me jump every time. I’d think, is she going to make her move now? But she never did. She HAD to feel that. Not to mention all the times she would be sitting on my lap, or laying right on top of me while we were making out. She had to feel how hard I was. I knew once I got her hand in my pants, I could get my hand in hers.

By now I had discovered that Katie was a risk junkie. She so loved the idea of me sitting there sucking on her nipples while her dad was in the next room, or climbing on top of her on her bed while mom was in the kitchen making sandwiches. It turned her on more than anything. So finally, an opportunity came up that I had to take advantage of.

Katie and I met at the movie theater one afternoon. We decided to see some movie that had been out for a while, since we really had no intention of watching it. We saw a lot of movies that year. Her parents thought she was always there with her friends. Her friends were there with their own boyfriends. We chose a seat way in the back, all the way to the wall, far away from everyone, and started making out as always.

After I while, I was feeling her up, enjoying how hard those nipples were and teasing them so that she was making little whimpering sounds, and giggling at the same time. I could tell she was horny and turned on just by how heavy she was breathing. Finally, I stopped and leaned back in my chair. I turned to her and smiled and asked “So, should I try the old popcorn trick?” Amazingly she had no idea what I was talking about. Doesn’t everyone know that one?

So I explained it to her. I go get some popcorn, and while you’re not looking I poke a hole in the bottom. Then I hold the tub in my lap, and when you reach in for some popcorn, you get a big surprise. I smiled the biggest stupidest grin at her. She still didn’t get it. I told her think about it for a minute. Poor Katie sat there thinking about it for entirely too long. I had to laugh at her. Katie is a super smart girl, straight A’s with ease, but she couldn’t work this one out. She said why would you put a hole in the box? I told her, “Keep thinking”. She still wasn’t getting it. I was cracking up. Finally I figured I’d have to show her. That was exactly what I wanted. This would be fun.

While she was thinking, I discretely unzipped and pulled my cock out of my pants. I was so hard I have no idea how she didn’t see this. Katie had never really rubbed it, or touched it, just accidently ran a hand over it or was laying on top of me, but still she had to know how hard she made me ALL the time. I had to go for broke. I needed her to touch my cock. I didn’t have a popcorn tub, but I didn’t need one.

I turned to look at her and I said “I buy a tub of popcorn, then I poke a hole in the bottom, and put it in my lap”…

I held her gaze to my eyes, It was too funny to see her mind working this through.

I took her hand, then pulled it toward my lap, “Then you reach for some popcorn from the tub”…

Again, you could see the smoke coming from her ears she was thinking so hard.

I said “but instead of popcorn, you find a hand full of…” and I pulled her hand down and wrapped it around my cock.

She pulled back and let out the biggest gasp. Her eyes went so wide they almost popped out of her head. Her mouth opened in to the biggest most perfect “O”.

“HOLY SHIT” she screamed out.

I grabbed her close, hushed her and said “Shhhhhh, that is definitely the best way to get caught”

Katie sat there looking around to see who was looking, then looking down at my cock, and saying “Oh my god I can’t believe you did that!”

I leaned over and kissed her, grabbed her hand again and wrapped it right around my cock again. I said “I’m not doing anything, YOU are” Then I wrapped her hand around my cock, put my hand over hers, and started to stroke it up and down.

Katie just sat there, stroking it, I was in heaven. Her tiny little hand wrapped around me made me feel so huge. I swear I almost shot all over the room the minute she touched it. Katie was whispering about how she couldn’t believe this, and oh my god, and it’s so hard, it’s so soft, it’s so hot, it’s so big, and oh someone’s going to catch us. I had my eyes closed enjoying her touch. We sat there in the dark and I taught my little Katie how to give a hand job. I so wanted her to bend over and put her mouth on it, but one step at a time, and this was a big one. She stroked me all the way until I came. Luckily I did grab some napkins, so I was able to avoid the mess.

When we left, Katie had the biggest grin on her face, and that grin stayed on her face all day. Her friends kept asking what the hell had happened but she just grinned. After that day, anytime we went to a movie Katie had her hand down my pants. I never objected to that. She got very good at it. Eventually I came right into her hand, and dared her to lick it off. Before you knew it she was swallowing handfuls of cum, and she loved every drop. Such a sexy little beast. Every time we got together I wanted to fuck this girl more and more.

Our Private Party

This went on for the rest of the school year. We continued to have a normal friendly relationship on the outside. At school everyone would think we were just friends. Her parents thought I was just a friend. A little friendly kiss on the cheek here or there. A great big bear hug when she did amazing at her diving meets. Right in front of her mom even, mom thought I was just a very enthusiastic friend. The fact that Morgan or Maya or some of the other girls would come along to the meets with me easily threw mom off the trail, considering I would be up in the stands kissing them and holding them close between Katie’s dives. We actually had a little entourage that would come and sit in the stands cheering Katie and her team on.

In private, Katie and I were animals. She would come to my house, we would sneak off to my room, and our clothes would be flying before the door closed. Katie couldn’t wait to get her hands on my cock. She loved to touch it and make it hard. It turned her on so much to see how big and hard she could make it grow. I would strip naked, lay on the bed, and Katie would be next to me in seconds pumping my cock with her hands.

On the night of the freshman dance, Katie didn’t go because, you guessed it her mom wouldn’t let her date. She could have gone alone with some of her friends, but they decided to have their own little party instead, at one of her friend’s house. Her mom asked her if I was going to the dance but, “no mom, Zane is a sophomore, he’s not going to the freshman dance” So they went to the party for the few of them who were not going to the dance. Most of the boyfriends and some single male friends met them there. I showed up a little later. The evening went about as you would think, lots of dancing and screaming and gossiping, lots of loud music, lots of flirting and making out. Katie and I didn’t make out in front of anyone anymore. We stopped doing that a while earlier because we didn’t want anyone to accidentally mention anything to mom. People knew we kissed and hugged, but what we really did was still mostly a secret. Some of her friends suspected that much more was going on, but none of them knew how much.

I saw Katie slip away and go talk for a few moments with her friend. Then she disappeared down the hall. I figured she was just going to the bathroom so I just sat down and waited. After a while, she still had not come back.

So, curious now, I asked her friend “Where did Katie go?”

“I dunno, she was here a minute ago” her friend answered.

I just took that as her twisted little signal to me, to go find her, and join her for some fun. I walked down the hall, checked the bathroom, no one there. The next room, nope, parents’ bedroom, no one there. Another room, nope. Finally all the way down the hall and around a corner, apparently her friend’s bedroom, there was Katie sitting at the computer.

I asked her “What are you doing?”

She turned to me and said “Waiting for you! It took you long enough”

I said “You could have just told me to come meet you here”

She said “Nah, better if no one knows where I went, besides, I wanted it to be a surprise”

This piqued my interest. “A surprise? What surprise?”

She said “I’ve been watching some videos on the internet at home, I wanna try something”

Katie shut the computer off, snapped it closed, and stood up. She grabbed me by the belt and started undoing it as she pushed me toward the bed. By the time I fell backwards on the bed my pants were around my ankles and Katie was stroking me to full attention. I just managed to kick my shoes and pants off when all of sudden, Katie’s mouth closed around my cock.

I sprang right to attention. I sat up to see Katie on her knees next to the bed taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. Right now that was fairly a lot, but as she continued and it grew bigger and bigger, she could only get a little more than the head in her mouth. It was still amazing. I put my hands on the sides of her head and just hung on. Apparently Katie had been watching porn clips at home. She started to do all the things you would see on the porn clips. She sucked on the head and what she couldn’t fit in her mouth, she stroked with her hands. She fondled and played with my balls and occasionally started sucking on those too. Oh my god she sucked so hard. I could feel the cum building in me. A couple of times she tried to get as much as she could down her throat, but just ended up gagging. I just laid back with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. For someone who had never sucked a cock before she was amazing.

She started sucking harder and harder, stroking me for all she was worth. When she sensed I was as close as I was going to get, she leaned down, took as much of me in her mouth as she could and just sucked hard for all she was worth. It was incredible. I could feel my cock pushing against the back of her throat. I wanted to push it further. The sight of my beautiful little Katie just swallowing my cock almost made me blow her head off. I grabbed the back of her head, held it firm and started to push. Just then, she grabbed my balls and I just exploded in her mouth. No warning. I could feel it going down her throat, and every time she swallowed it just pulled me farther down. It was also dribbling out the sides of her mouth around my cock. She swallowed what she could. I must have shot three or four times in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. It was intense.

She licked me clean. Any cum that had escaped anywhere, she found and gobbled down. Incredible.

I just lay there saying “Holy shit, that was amazing”.

She replied “it was, I didn’t know you would cum SO much”

I said “Yeah well you got me extra worked up”

She laid on the bed next to me, completely dressed while I had my pants off and my deflated dick hanging out. I turned to her and kissed her. Then I reached over and grabbed her pants. I started to unbutton them and said “Now it’s your turn!” She grabbed my hands and pulled them away.

“Not now” she said ”Sheri doesn’t even know we’re in here”.

I said “Good! We might get caught, you love that!”

“Sorry sexy, that’s enough for tonight” she answered.

Then, for the first time, I told her “I wanna fuck you so bad right now”

She flashed me her most evil grin, but put an end to it for that night and walked out of the room back to the party. I laid there for a moment reliving what had just happened. Then I got dressed and slipped back out to the party myself. This time I had the big grin on my face all night. I kept picturing her tiny little mouth sucking down my cock and swallowing every bit of cum I could give her. No one at the dance had more fun than I did that night!

For such a tiny girl…

This had been a long year for Katie and I. I was just as infatuated with her now as I had been when we first met almost a year ago. Even more so now. I really did want to just fuck her hard every time I saw her. My friends Kassidy and Alyssa were amazed that I was still just friends with this little cutie and hadn’t led her to my bed yet. I just told them, her mom doesn’t let her date. They pitied the poor girl. Lol. Katie actually became pretty good friends with them as well after all this time, so they would sit and sympathize with the poor girl about her lack of dates/boyfriends. Poor Katie.

In the meantime, it was summer again. Katie would come over to swim and, depending on who was there, she would wear the tiniest, sexiest little bikinis. Every time, without fail, I would be popping out of mine. It was like her body only got sexier since we met. And every time I would be saying “let’s go to my room and get naked” with my sexiest evil grin. She returned that grin every time.

One Saturday, just before the end of school, and we had our own little swim party. She looked so good. I decided this was the day. I had to get those bikini bottoms off. I had tried before but she always balked. Today had to be different.

We swam. We talked. We chased each other around the pool. I put my hands on that sweet ass as often as I could. I slid my hand down inside the bottoms a few times. She really does have the most amazing ass. Then I slipped my hand down the front a few times. She didn’t stop me for a change either. She didn’t let my hand stay there very long, but she didn’t stop it from getting there either. I wanted to fuck her so bad at this point.

Eventually we wound up in our usual spot, on the big sofa with her on my lap making out. No one was home so I wasn’t worried about anyone barging in on us. As we sat there making out, I started to slide my hand up her legs. They were so smooth and firm. I slid up over her ass, she smiled, then back down again. Then I slide my hand on the inside of her leg. Again she didn’t object, so I kept on caressing and massaging. I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. Katie was distracted by this, it was easy to tell. Then I slide my hand right up her inner thigh. Her legs parted just a tiny bit to accommodate me.

I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and decided it’s now or never. I continued until I reached her bikini, slid right up over her mound and up to her belly. She took in a sharp breath when my hand passed over her pussy, and her eyes popped open. She gave me an ever so slightly shocked look. I looked back at her, and slid my hand back down over her belly and between her legs. Her eyes closed, she took in another breath and moaned ever so slightly.

Seeing her eyes closing, and her breath increasing, I started to rub her pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and collapsed into my shoulder. I continued for a few moments to rub her over the top of her bikini. Then I slid my hand up, and back down under it. I found her bare pussy, it was so wet, and hot. She was so turned on. When my fingers hit her pussy she hugged me tighter and moaned into my ear, but her legs opened just a little bit more. I started to explore some more with my fingers, caressing her lips, teasing and touching, then slid a finger into her. That made her let out a louder moan than ever. She clamped her legs around my finger still inside her. I left my finger inside her for a few moments, then removed it. I pushed her off of me and stood up. I then led her upstairs to my room.

We got to my room, I locked the door behind us and led Katie to my bed. We half laid down on the edge for a short time and kissed and touched. I sat up, reached down and grabbed the sides of her bikini bottoms. I started to pull them down. Katie closed her eyes as I pulled her ass off the edge of the bed, and her bottoms off. My first sight of her pussy. It was perfect, a little tuft of thin blonde hair, and a little slit between those legs.

I sat down next to her, pushed her legs apart, and slid my hand up that inner thigh again. I moved it all the way back up until I reached her pussy again, and started to rub and touch and tease. Katie had her head thrown back and was moaning very quietly. I worked my fingers on her and once again slipped one inside her. She moaned out loud when my finger entered her. She was so tight, and hot, and wet.

I laid next to her, turned her face to me, and started to kiss her as I continued fingering her oh so tight pussy. She couldn’t keep still. She moaned and thrust back against my finger every time I pushed it into her. My cock was so hard right now it was definitely uncomfortable. I stopped what I was doing, stood up, and took my swimsuit off. Katie hardly noticed, she just laid there still moaning, her own hand having reached down to her pussy to keep up what I had been doling.

I stood before her naked with my hard on reaching out for her. When she finally did open her eyes she smiled at the sight. I moved forward, reached down, and pushed her legs apart. She didn’t try to stop me, but she did suddenly look a bit nervous. I should have just taken her right then and there, but I had other plans first. I kneeled down between her legs, and pulled her ass to the very edge. I reached forward and resumed working her pussy with my fingers. Again, the moans and the thrusts in return. She kept getting wetter with every motion. I loved making her moan like that.

Then I decided to drive her over the edge. Katie had sucked my cock to pure ecstasy a number of times, it was time she knew what she made me feel. I used my thumbs and pulled her pussy wide open, then leaned down and ran my tongue right up inside her slit. Her eyes flew open, she drew in all the breath she could, and let out the loudest moan I’d ever heard from her. Once again, she couldn’t keep still. With every lick she would squirm and squeal. I licked and sucked. I pushed my tongue up inside her pussy. She was so delicious, I could have licked her all day long.

Finally I pulled her even closer. I slid two fingers back into her and started to pump and slide. I curled them around trying to find the right spot up inside her. Katie was going wild. I used my other hand to hold her down, and then leaned down and pushed the button. I slid my tongue up over her clit. Her legs pulled up, she squealed, and jumped forward against me. I took her clit between my lips and began to suck and lick and flick it with my tongue. In the meantime I continued working my fingers inside her. She was making so much noise at this point, it was so sexy. I couldn’t keep my mouth off her clit. Every time I touched it she went insane, and that was making me even hotter to make her scream. I took my other hand and started rubbing her clit in fast hard little circles. Suddenly she tensed up. Everywhere. Her tummy, her legs, her arms. She let out a sound that was almost a moan, almost a whimper, and held my head tight against her pussy for at least thirty seconds. I kept on lapping up the juices coming out of her. She tasted as sweet and perfect as she was.

I pulled my fingers out of her and laid on the bed next to her. She had been breathing so heavy that now she was almost totally collapsed on the bed. She could barely move. She managed to let out a few “oh my gods” and that was about all she could say. I was so turned on to make her that spent. I pulled her all the way up onto the bed with me and we laid there for a short while so she could recover. I was so hard it almost hurt. I totally wanted to just roll her on her back and drive my cock into her as far as I could, but I somehow managed to control myself. Katie was having a hard time thinking at the moment, let alone thinking about me climbing on top of her.

At some point, Katie had pulled her top off, so she was lying there with me naked. What a beautiful sight. I laid there with her just admiring her tiny, sexy little body. I kept kissing her and touching her and running my fingers lightly all over her entire body. She was so soft everywhere. I loved just touching her. She said it made her tingle every time I touched her, anywhere, and so I did. All the time.

I pulled her up on top of me. Her body lying on top of mine, those perfect little tits against my chest, and her naked pussy firmly against my cock. We kissed and caressed for a short time. I grabbed her by the ass and started moving her back and forth, sliding her wet pussy over my cock. I was just ready to push it in when Katie sat up. She slid herself slowly down my legs and dropped her head to my cock. She then proceeded to suck me off until I shot a year’s load of cum down her throat. By the time my parents arrived home we were totally exhausted. We quickly dressed and made our way out of my room before they started asking questions. The rest would have to wait for next time.

Next time

My sophomore year ended. I was now a junior! Katie was now a sophomore. There was an outside chance that now her mom might let her start dating. Although Katie and I kept our sexual relationship a secret from everyone, we did continue. Any chance that we had to be alone and naked, we took advantage of. I was always telling her “Today’s the day, I am gonna fuck you so hard” then she would just smile and say “Oh you think so do you?” Other days she would look at me and just ask “Is today the day?” This went on all the time.

I was actually seeing someone else, Jamie, by this time, and it was pretty serious. Katie knew all about it and somehow had no problem with it, as long as we could continue to have our secret fun. I didn’t have any problem with that arrangement.

The year before, I had the big summer blowout party. This summer Katie had her own. Okay her parents threw a party, but everyone was invited. Katie looked incredible. She was wearing the tiniest little red white and blue bikini. Not a string bikini, but wow did she look amazing. I couldn’t stop staring all day. I also noticed a few of her other guy friends watching it too. Who could blame them? I thought to myself, you should see her without the bikini. Mm mm mmmmm good!

True to her risk loving little self, Katie was running around stealing kisses from all the guys. I was a little surprised by this, especially seeing her doing this right in front of her parents. Surprisingly they were laughing it off too! She circled around back to me so I kissed her some more and said “What the hell is going on? Why are you kissing every guy in the place?”

Katie said “Hey, it’s a celebration! Just like New Year’s Eve, I can kiss anyone I want”

I kissed her again and whispered in her ear “You can kiss anyone you want but you know what?…”

“What?” she asked.

I slipped my hands into the sides of her bikini bottoms and started to pull them downwards, and then whispered in her ear again “I’m gonna fuck you, tonight. Right here in your own house”

She slapped at my hands, looked at me as if I’d just announced that to everyone in the place and said ‘SHHHHHHH, not with my parents in the house. You know that’s not gonna happen”

But I could see the excitement in her eyes just thinking about it. She wanted it as bad as I did.

I said “You know you want to do it. You even want to get caught, maybe we should do it in your parents room on that nice big bed!” heh heh.

Her eyes perked up even more at that. As I said, she was a risk junkie. She didn’t say anything after that but I could see her thinking about it every time I looked at her all night. I would just look back at her and nod as if to say “yep, that’s what I said”. Now I had her horny, and thinking about me fucking her in her parents bed, with them in the living room. One way or another, I was definitely going to fuck her tonight!

The party went exactly as expected. Lots of games, swimming, great food, no booze but we were okay with that. Every time we were in the pool my hands would be all over her. She would tease me and let me get my hands all over her. I would pull her close and slide my hand down her bikini, start rubbing her tight little pussy. I would whisper to her “Imagine if that was my cock instead” or “You know my cock is so much bigger” or just ‘You know you wanna fuck me”. You could just watch her nipples turn rock hard, and people noticed. The nipples that is, not the hand down the bikini. Katie got a bit embarrassed by what she had sticking out and disappeared into the house. A few minutes later she came back out wearing a whole different bikini that was not quite as thin and didn’t quite highlight her rock hard nipples. I smiled at her and whispered in her ear “see, I made you take your clothes off” and then slid my hands over her ass again.

At some point during the party, Katie’s mom left. I don’t know where she went, can’t say that I care all that much, the point is she was gone. This seemed to make Katie a lot braver. With just her dad supervising, she would plop herself down in my lap and start kissing me right in front of every one. Her dad only seemed to be paying attention when someone wandered into the room he was in. She would kiss me some more and I would whisper in her ear “whenever you’re ready”. I could tell that Katie was getting excited. She was thinking about it. She started carefully rubbing my cock through my swimsuit, and kissing and nibbling my ears and neck. She was definitely thinking about it. She would climb on my lap, kiss me, and start grinding her hips against me. I’d whisper in her ear again “you know if you took this off (pulling on her bikini) then that could be sliding up inside you right now”. She was making me so horny.

She leaned forward to kiss me and then whispered in my ear “you know my mom left right?”

“Yeah” I replied.

Then she leaned over and whispered “Didn’t you forget something in my room?”

I said “I must have, I’ll go check”

I wandered through the living room where her dad and little brother were watching a ball game. They were fairly engrossed in the game, so they didn’t notice when I left to use the bathroom, and then wandered down the hall and snuck into Katie’s room.

I waited there for about fifteen minutes. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be waiting so I laid down on her bed and started to imagine her on top of me riding my cock, then the door opened and my sexy little angel appeared. The evil grin on her face told me she had something planned. Katie didn’t have a lock on her door so anyone could burst in at any time, but she was willing to risk that. She practically ran over to the bed and climbed on top of me. She had her lips all over me. I had my hands all over her.

Katie wasted no time, she was kissing me and nibbling my ears and my neck and driving me crazy. Her hips were grinding against my cock and it was just as hard as it could get. Her hands reached down, right into my suit and took hold. She started to stroke me up and down. The whole time you could tell how excited she was. I tried to take her top off a few times but she pushed me away. I tried to pull her bottoms down a few times but she stopped me. I tried to push my own trunks off and she was all for that, they were on the floor in seconds. Then, back to my cock she went. There was nothing I could do but let her have her way, but the look in her eyes was pure lust.

After about ten minutes of this, Katie climbed off me, took my hand, wrapped it around my cock and said “here, keep this ready until I get back”. She got up and ran out the door, pulling it closed behind her. I laid there fantasizing about how hard I was going to slam her. A short time later, she appeared again. She closed the door and leaned back against it just looking at me. Then she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her bikini bottoms and pushed them down and off. I just stared. She ran back over to the bed, and climbed right up on top of me. Oh YEAH!!!!

I couldn’t believe she was doing this, in her own house, in her own room, while her dad was just out in the living room. She straddled me and for a few moments she sat there with her pussy rubbing over my cock, teasing me, and getting herself and me completely wet. She then leaned forward to kiss me. She whispered to me “Now’s your chance” Of course being so short, this pulled her pussy off my cock and up nice and high. My cock was now poking at her entrance. I kissed her back, and reached down, took hold of myself, and positioned my head right up against her pussy. Over a year since we met and we still had never been on an official date, but I sure as hell was going to fuck her for all I was worth right now.

I grabbed hold of her ass and held tight while I pushed my hips up, pushing my cock against her pussy. It pushed into her just a little. At first it wouldn’t go far. She was so tight. She let out a gasp as the head pushed into her. I pulled her hard against me and pushed again, a little harder. My cock slipped up into her another inch or two. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, silently moaning and screaming together. I tried to push again but could not get any further into her. I started a slight pumping action, slowly. Katie let out a little grunt with every thrust and started to match my motion.

Finally, she sat up all the way, and pushed herself down onto my cock as much as she could. Any resistance let go and my cock slipped all the way up into her. She took in a deep breath. I could tell that hurt her. She pulled up a little but not all the way off. Just so that only about half was still inside her. I grabbed her hips and held her there for a moment. Her face was so beautiful in all that pain and pleasure. I held her hips and started to pump again. Slowly she began to match my thrusts. She stopped and once again slid all the way down on me. I was amazed she could get it all in her. She was so tiny, and yet, all of it. I was ready to cum already.

She stopped for a moment and sat still on top of me, with my cock completely buried inside her. She said she could feel my cock throbbing inside her. She could tell I was ready to cum. I told her yes I am, and started to try to push into her deeper. I started to try to pump her hard, but she stopped me, again, climbed off me again, pulled on some shorts and ran out of the room again without saying a word. What the fuck??? I laid there frustrated as hell.

Only moments later this time, she appeared in the door and ran to the bed. The door didn’t even close all the way this time, I didn’t care if she didn’t. She peeled off her shorts and laid down next to me, and pulled me on top of her. I pushed her legs apart and wasted no time burying my cock inside her. Her pussy was so tight and wet. I pulled her legs up and started to pump. Katie started to let out groans with every thrust. I reminded her to hush! That didn’t stop me though. I was buried inside her. She was incredible. I started to pump as fast and as hard as I could, watching those little tits shake back and forth with every thrust. I was ready to burst. I knew I shouldn’t, but I had to. I buried myself in her hard and let go.

Katie felt it rush inside her and start to fill her up. She said “NO! Don’t cum inside me!”.

But I answered “Too late” and buried another load into her.

Katie pushed me off, and out of her, I just pushed forward again, against her pussy, and let go another load that shot over her entire body. It landed on her lips, her tits, her belly. The couple shots after then covered the rest of her. She was covered in cum. She had a huge glob of it right on her pussy, all up in that tiny tuft of blond hair. I loved the sight of it.

Katie laid there and absent mindedly wiped cum off herself, licking it off her fingers each time.

She said “oh my god you came inside me!”

I said “How about Oh my god we just had sex?”

She answered “Oh… you took my virginity!”

I answered “yeah that’s mine now. Heh heh” as I grinned at her.

“That was so incredible” she said.

I said ‘I have wanted to fuck you for so long, but that was worth the wait”

She said “Oh my god it hurts, but I want to do it again”

I said “I neeeeed to do it again, that was amazing. Give me a few minutes to get back up”

I casually reached down and started playing with her pussy again, pushing a finger into her, pushing all that cum that was dribbling out of her back in.

She was totally absorbed in everything that had just happened. I seriously wanted to climb on top of her and just keep pumping that tight little pussy until I couldn’t move. Or she couldn’t move. Or neither of us could move, and I was getting ready to do just that.

That’s when Katie realized she was half naked, covered in cum, lying next to me on her bed, with her bedroom door half open. Even as we lay there, her brother walked right by the room. Her brother is a couple years younger, I’m not sure he had discovered girls yet so he had no reason to suspect anything was going on. He stepped into the bathroom.

Katie shot up and pulled her shorts back on, (nothing underneath, heh heh). She silently yelled at me to put mine on too, so I did. We both got up off the bed and were about to head out to the rest of the party when we heard her dad calling her. “Katie where the hell are you?” She looked at me panicked, so I just pushed her out the door and whispered “GO!”

Thinking as fast as I could, I turned her computer on. While it was starting up, I threw all her stuffed animals all over her bed so it didn’t look like it had been fucked on, and kicked Katies bikini bottoms under the bed. I got back to the computer just as Katie and her dad appeared at the door.

“What were you two doing in here” he asked her. Clearly he was suspicious that something was going on. He looked at the bed, covered with stuffed animals and pillows like it always was. I quickly pulled up a website for a game we all play.

I answered her dad “Katie asked me if I could put this game on her computer so she could play with all of us when we’re online”

I don’t think he believed me, but he had no other evidence.

Katie said “You see, nothing’s going on, can you stop embarrassing me now!” in a perfect annoyed princess voice.

He said “Fine, but I don’t want anyone in the bedrooms, shut it off and everybody out”

She just whined back “but Dad I want to see if…”

“OUT” he said.

Her dad stormed back down the hall. Katie looked at me and smiled. I shut the computer off and we got back to her friends.

I was so turned on at that moment. Her dad bought it all. I had just fucked his little baby in his own house while he was watching a ball game and he knew nothing about it. Even now her pussy was full of my cum, she was covered in it, and he didn’t have a clue. I went outside to watch Katie stealing kisses again from all the guys. If they only knew what they were kissing. After all of that, only one of her friends was suspicious. She came over and asked where we had disappeared to.

I answered honestly “Oh Katie and I were just up in her room having sex”

She looked at me and said “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say” She didn’t believe it, but you know she walked away thinking about it.

Katie and I continued our forbidden romance all through that summer and into the next year. We would fuck every chance we could. The girl was a serious nympho. My house, her house, anywhere we could find a quiet private spot to get naked. Katie just loved to fuck, and she wanted to try every position she could imagine, and I loved trying them with her. I learned a lot with her. Eventually, after she started dating more, she found herself an official, full time boyfriend, she was “in love” so our little secret stopped for a while, but it would always pick up again eventually. I never told anyone. She never told anyone, but wow was it good. It was only recently that Katie told her friends who she lost her virginity to, and when. Their reaction? “Oh my god I KNEW you were fucking him!” haha, and then of course asking for details. They didn’t really know, some of them suspected, but they didn’t really know.

I’m still madly in love with Katie. What they say about good things coming in small packages, I couldn’t agree more!

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