Aunt Kate – part 2

I had returned to my seat overlooking the pool. My aunt Kate laying next to me completely naked. Moments earlier I was applying tanning oil to her body at her request. Not wanting to get the oil on her string bikini she had simply untied it and tosses it aside. Laying naked I continued rubbing the oil onto her hot smooth skin. I had rubbed and squeezed her tits with no objections from her. I eventually got to her hairless pussy and again without any hesitations I slide my fingers into her and fingered her to an orgasm.

I had just been left with my aunt Kate and uncle Jim by my mother earlier that morning. My mom had fallen on difficult times since my father left her years ago. She had decided that the best way to get back on her feet was to start a new career at an entry level position. The job she found was hours away and didn’t pay enough for her to support both of us. The job did however have a promising opportunity for advancement. So, it was agreed I’d stay with her sister, aunt Kate, and uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim was an executive in the city and rarely spent time at home, but instead spent it at the country club or his office banging interns. Aunt Kate didn’t really complain since his income allowed her to stay home and keep herself looking good. She ran several miles every day as well as hit the gym. She also enjoyed laying by the pool working on her tan, which is how we got to our current situation.

After aunt Kate had gathered herself from her climax she stood up and instructed me to take her place laying down. I did as I was told laying face down on the pool chair. She picked up the oil and dribbled it across my back. I felt her slender fingers glide across my shoulders as she rubbed my shoulders. She slowly worked her hards all over my back working down my spine and eventually to my waist. Reaching the waistband of my swim trunks she paused.

Sweetie, I’m going to need to pull these down, she said.

I was so relaxed I simply mumbled ok.

She hooked her fingers under my shorts and slowly pulled them down over my pale white ass. I raised my hips slightly so she could take them past my hard cock and down my legs. She tossed them aside and continued rubbing the oil onto my ass.

Sweetheart, she exclaimed, she need to get some sun on those cheeks.

I said nothing as she clenched my ass cheeks in her hands. She slide her hands over my ass and down into my crack. Up and down she slid her fingers passing over my asshole. With each pass she pressed a little harder into my virgin hole. She circled it slowly several more times before moving on down between my thighs. Her fingers teased my sack as they slide past. My cock was now rock hard and pressed against the chair beneath me.

She moved onto my legs and finishing at my feet. She leaned close to my ear and whispered turn over sweetie.

I hesitated for just a moment. I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before but I eventually slowly turned over exposing my stiff cock to my aunt. I looked up at her to see her smiling as she ran her eyes up and down my body. She dribbled more oil across my chest and got back to work. Her hands sliding over my chest and playfully pinching my nipples. She moved to my flat belly and towards my cock. Her hands sliding just above my pubic hair. My heart began racing as I waited for my cock to be touched for the first time by someone else.

Her hands slide past my cock on onto my thighs and onward to my shins. My heart sank. She skipped over my cock completely. I could feel my erection weakening slightly. But just as I was about to give up hope she picked up the bottle of oil and dumped it into her hand. With one hand she gently grasped the base of my cock that had instantly returned to its solid state. The other hand poured the oil onto the tip of my dick and it slowly ran down the shaft. Her fingers wrapped around it’s head and slowly slid down. She moved her hand away from the base of my cock and cupped my balls and carefully massaged my sack. Her hand slide back up my ridged bone and cupped my cocks head before sliding back down the slippery shaft.

It felt incredible, nothing like I’ve ever felt when I did it myself hundreds of times before. Up and down her hands slide. I reached out and touch aunt Kate’s back as she jerked me off and slid my hand down her still oily back and onto her ass. I felt my balls clench as my orgasm grew close. I squeezed her ass cheek as my cock exploded, cum gushed out of it in big hot globs. I moaned with pleasure. She continued milking my cock until every drop of cum was pressed out. My body went limp as my orgasm faded.

After a few moments aunt Kate grabbed a towel and began to wipe up the puddles of cum from my chest and stomach. She rubbed the towel into my pubes as she tried to clean up the mess.

Sweetheart, your going to have to do something about all this hair, she explained.

Ok, I murmured, still trying to recover.

She laidback in the chair next to me and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke some time latter and looked around. Aunt Kate was gone and so were my swim trunks. I walked back to the house naked and slightly uncomfortable. I met aunt Kate in the kitchen. She was wearing the same robe as she had on earlier.

You should take a shower, she said.

I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower. As I washed the oil from my body I thought about what had happened by the pool. My cock stiffed as I thought about aunt Kate’s hands jerking me off. I finished my shower and put on a pair of pajama pants. As I walked out of the bathroom aunt Kate stopped me. She slipped her fingers under the front of my pants and pulled them forward to look at my cock.

I thought I asked you to do something about that hair she said, letting the waistband snap back.

Before I could respond she said follow me.

I followed her through her master bedroom and into the master bath. She said to take my pants off and sit on the edge of the jacuzzi tub.

She positioned herself between my legs and clicked on an electric razor and slowly buzzed my pubic hair. Clumps of hair fell to the floor of the tub. After trimming the hair short she spread shave cream all over my crotch. Ever so carefully she began shaving my pubic area. My cock began to get hard as her hands moved it around. Finally she turned on the shower massager and let the water run till it was nice and warm. She rinsed the remaining shave cream of and patted me dry with a towel as she inspected her work.

Now, isn’t that better she smiled?

I looked at my bald crotch in the mirror. I actually felt kind of sexy. Sort of naughty.

She lead me to the bed said to sit.

I did as I was told, sitting on the edge of the king size bad. I watched her as she slowly untied her robe. She pulled it open reveling her beautiful body. She let the robe slide off her shoulders and onto the floor. She walked up to me and I spread my knees as she stepped briny legs. Her big tits pressed against my face. I wrapped my arms abound her back and pulled her close to me. I sucked on her nipples one at a time and felt the stiffen in between my lips. I slid my hands down her back and onto her firm ass. I cupped just under where her cheeks met her thighs and crept my finger tips around till I felt her pussy lips. I slip my middle finger gently up and down her smooth slit.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back onto the bed. She lowered herself between my legs to my eager cock. I closed my eyes as I felt her warm mouth slip over my dick and slowly slide down. Her mouth was wet and warm. She slowly bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Her tongue danced around the head of my dick. My balls tingled and I felt and orgasm coming on.

Aunt Kate, sensing my pleasure stopped short and stood up. She climbed up onto the bed. She placed one foot next to my head then the other foot on the other side. I looked up at her. I looked at the slit of her bald pussy as it ran between her legs and met the crack of her ass. She slowly lowered herself and her ass spread open as she squatted over my face. My mouth opened with anticipation as her pussy drew close. The lips of her vagina met my lips and I immediately began to suck. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and over her swollen clit. I pressed it into her hole. The taste of her pussy was intoxicating. I reached up and clawed at her ass cheeks, pulling them open. I pressed my tongue deep into her hole. She moaned with pleasure and I sucked her clip flicking it with my tongue.

She fell forward onto me taking my cock back into her warm mouth. Locked in a 69 position I felt her hard nipples brushing across my stomach as her big tits swayed around. We each sucked each other, her on my cock and I on her clit. I pressed my fingers into the crack of her ass and found her tight little butt hole. I circled my finger around it as she had done to me earlier. I heard her moans grow loader, muffled by my cock in her mouth. She began sucking more aggressively and I pressed my finger into her asshole. She shrieked with enjoyment and I felt my cock slide deep down her throat. Her moist pussy immediately became sopping wet and her juices ran down my cheeks as she began to cum.

Her mouth wrapped tightly around cock and I bucked my hips as I shot load after load into her mouth. She never let go of my dick and gulped down every drop. As out waves of pleasure faded she rolled of me and laid at my side.

After a few moments she said, you better get to bed sweetheart.