Bathroom solo

Work had been especially stressful and tiring and she
was eagerly awaiting the chance to relax and unwind.
When she finally left the office it was almost dark.
The moon was full and stars lit the sky. It was warm
and a gentle breeze caressed her face as she walked
across the parking lot. She could already feel the
weight being lifted off her shoulders.

She drove home slowly, thinking about how she would
spend the evening. It would be the first in a long time
without Jake around. He had gone away on business and
she was welcoming the chance to ‘rediscover’ herself!

She let herself into the empty house, dropped her
briefcase and kicked off her sandals. She rarely wore
shoes in the house and would be quite happy without
them at all. She piled up the mail to look at
later there were more important matters to attend to

She poured a glass of wine, put on some relaxing music
and headed for the bathroom, taking off her suit jacket
and jewelry on the way. Once there, she picked out a
favorite bath scent, dropped it into the Jacuzzi and
turned on the water. By then she was down to her
underwear. She removed her bra it felt so good to
release her breasts from the confinement.

Another thing she wouldn’t bother wearing if it weren’t
necessary! She admired her ample firm breasts in the
mirror, thinking how much pleasure they had brought her
she stroked them lightly and tugged at her nipples –
they immediately became erect. She dropped her thong
and looked at her bushy mound. A cursory check of her
clit brought moisture to her fingers. Oh how she was
anticipating the evening!

She lit a few candles and turned out the lights. She
could see the moon and stars from the skylight! She
climbed into the tub and sank into the warm suds,
savoring the wine and the music. It was amazing how
relaxed she felt in a short time. She definitely needed
to treat herself more often! After soaking for a while,
she found the soap and body pouf.

She began by washing her feet. Jake liked to suck on
her toes so she made it a point to pay special
attention to them when bathing or showering. Gently
massaging her feet and then working her way up her
legs, she was beginning to feel aroused. She then went
on to her neck and arms. By now her breasts were aching
and wanting some attention. She caressed and scrubbed
around and around each breast, pulling on her nipples
and wishing she could suck on them. Oh, this felt so

She was becoming more aroused, breathing heavily and
making soft moaning noises. She searched for the soap
to lather up again. Moving down her body across her
taut belly and around her butt, she uttered a sigh and
then proceeded to massage her clit with the pouf. The
friction on her clit and along the length of her inner
lips was almost unbearable; the sensations rippled
through her.

She shuddered with pleasure, having tiny orgasms. She
slipped first one and then two fingers into her vagina
while continuing to massage her clit with the other
hand. Her pussy was wet and swollen in anticipation.
Finding her “G” spot, she moved in rhythm to
accommodate the rapid motion of her fingers. Her vagina
was throbbing and eager for each thrust. She closed her
eyes, enjoying the intense feelings and could feel
herself coming to the edge.

Clamping down hard, she was able to keep the sensations
going a little longer, groaning with pleasure as she
felt herself almost exploding. Finally she could
control herself no longer and she gasped, crying out as
the sensations overcame her, coming with massive
orgasms – a climax like she hadn’t experienced in a
long time. Even in the tub, she was soaked with cum.

After some time relaxing in the tub she climbed out and
toweled herself off with one of the big fluffy towels
and put on her warm robe. The feel of it on her skin
was sensual, causing her to become aroused once more..

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