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After what happened Saturday morning with Em on our couch, I was worried about how things would be between us going forward. After I came I went to shower and Em cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. When I got done she was in her room. I knocked to check on her from the bathroom

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It was a Saturday morning; I had felt a bit different that day, Buzzy; David and I had been out late and woke up feeling horny, we had played a bit but then he realised he was going to be late for his golf match and left me aroused and horny. Add to that feeling

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I laid breakfast down for my family. My husband, Frank, was a very busy manager at a Medical firm. It was thanks to his hard work that I could live in a beautiful house. I was also very proud of my younger brother, Scott. He’s 19 and was currently studying Law in University. Our parents

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Finals week was fast approaching and Stephanie was locked in her bedroom, exam-cramming like every other student. Soon her high school days would be over and she would be off to medical school. She was very beautiful and considered the heartthrob of every guy in school, but her reputation for being a prude turned off