Taboo Ice

A few days after Peggy broke the taboo ice by fucking her new stepson, she was anxious to share the event with Wanda, her college girlfriend. Wanda was the one person she could tell anything to and would not get any condemnation from. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She and Wanda had an

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It had been an eventful and wild year for the Hamlins. First there was Dolly’s prolonged rape that had awakened long suppressed sexual feelings and then the wild and uninhibited voluntary reunion with her rapist. Dolly and her husband, Rob, had returned to their Missouri home and had settled down to a much more satisfying

Bathroom solo

Work had been especially stressful and tiring and she was eagerly awaiting the chance to relax and unwind. When she finally left the office it was almost dark. The moon was full and stars lit the sky. It was warm and a gentle breeze caressed her face as she walked across the parking lot. She