Beth Crosses Over

When she was considering which college to attend, Beth
found the elite New England women’s colleges especially
attractive. An outstanding student, she believed
strongly that the single-sex classroom environment was
the best pace for a young woman to develop her ability
and self-confidence.

Yes, it was true that these schools also had a
reputation for lesbianism, but that didn’t bother her.
She knew she was straight; she had a steady boyfriend.
There were also other colleges nearby where she could
meet guys when the time came to move on to a new

So Beth was delighted to be accepted by W— College.
She began her first year there with great excitement,
making new friends and enjoying her classes. Her high
school boyfriend began to seem too young and immature,
so after a few months she dumped him. She was in no
hurry to get involved in a serious relationship again.
Instead, she enjoyed dancing at mixers at other schools
and just hanging around with her friends. It was nice
to know that she didn’t need a guy to feel good about

What she hadn’t fully appreciated was how strong the
lesbian presence on campus was. She was taken aback to
see girl couples necking by the lake. A couple of the
intramural softball teams were clearly all-dyke squads,
very butch, even mannish in their demeanor. However
much she believed in tolerance, Beth found that
repulsive, and she said so to her closest friends.

As the months passed, Beth found the lesbian influence
more disconcerting. Each month or so another student
who seemed straight would come out of the closet and go
strolling across campus hand-in-hand with her female
lover. One of these was a girl with whom Beth had
attended high school. At times it seemed to Beth that
she and her friends were destined to become a minority.
They joked about it.

In the spring semester she took a feminist philosophy
class from Professor Moss, an openly lesbian instructor
who seemed to have a kind of cult following among the
campus lesbian community. Beth figured half the class
was gay. But Moss was such a dynamic teacher it was
worth it.

Sometimes when Professor Moss would look at Beth, she
felt strange – her teacher’s gaze seemed to linger a
bit longer than necessary. Dr. Moss was a striking
women in her late 30s, tall and slender, with shortish,
dark hair that she usually tied back and penetrating
grey-green eyes. She had exquisite sharp cheekbones.
Beth, who had a pretty roundish face, admired her
professor’s more defined features.

It wasn’t the professor who really bothered Beth,
however. One of the lesbians in the class, Christie,
seemed to have fastened on her with some kind of
infatuation. Christie was not unattractive, though she
had the usual lesbian plump ass and butch mannerisms.
Beth, having overheard a conversation among some of the
other dykes in the class, knew that Christie had no
girlfriend. She often asked Beth if she’d like to go to
the movies or study together.

Beth agreed once to study with her in the library for
Professor Moss’s mid-term exam. But when Christie
placed her hand on Beth’s thigh, Beth stiffened and
said, “Please don’t do that. It makes me

Christie had a hurt look on her face. “I’m sorry, Beth.
I hope we can still be friends.”

“Of course,” Beth answered, but it put a damper on the
study session and chilled their relationship. Although
she stopped asking Beth to do things together, Beth
still caught Christie staring at her in class.
Christie’s look did not suggest platonic friendship,

About three weeks after the library incident, Professor
Moss surprised Beth at the end of class by inviting her
to a small dinner party the following Saturday. She had
asked some of her students to come. Beth said yes, then
instantly regretted her decision. This dinner would
obviously be for the lesbian students. Rather
embarrassed by the situation, Beth didn’t tell any of
her friends.

The professor’s house was a short walk from campus.
Beth arrived a little late. When she rang the bell, to
her surprise Christie opened the door. “Hi, Beth, come
on in. Professor Moss had to run out for a few minutes,
but she’ll be right back.”

As Beth entered, she realized her suspicions were
correct. There were eight or nine other young women
there, most of whom she knew, and they were all gay. In
fact, one lesbian couple was necking passionately on
the couch as though no one else was there. Beth thought
if the professor did not get back soon, those two would
be down on the floor having sex in a few minutes.

Christie handed Beth a glass of white wine and struck
up a conversation. Beth had the sensation that the
other women were watching her. Then she started to feel
strange, light-headed. It was odd because wine didn’t
usually have this effect.

“Are you OK?” Christie asked.

“I’m feeling a little dizzy,” Beth replied. “I better
sit down.”

“Why don’t you lie down until it passes? Follow me.”

Christy guided Beth upstairs to the professor’s master
bedroom. Beth felt unsteady and nearly fell. But other
hands caught her and helped her onto the bed. She
realized that all of the women had accompanied them
upstairs. She felt someone pull off her boots and

“It’s working,” a voice said. “Let’s get started.”

With that Beth felt other hands. Her pants were
unfastened and tugged down, then her shirt was
unbuttoned and removed. She felt powerless, unable to
resist. All she could do was murmur, “Stop. Please
don’t.” Strong hands pulled down her panties. She
reached down to grab them but other hands pinned her
arms. Next someone unclasped her bra. Christie stood
across the room, watching the others strip her.

“Please stop!” Beth cried. “Why are you doing this? I
haven’t done anything to you.”

“It’s been decided that you are to become one of us,”
replied one of the women, a short, plumpish dyke named
Lindsay. “A lesbian. A dyke.”

“But I’m not gay,” Beth insisted. “I find sex between
women disgusting.”

The women all laughed. “So did some of us, before our
initiation,” Lindsay said. “Some women are born
lesbian, but not enough. We recruit more. That drink
you had contained a potion. If you have an orgasm now
at the hands of a woman, you will be transformed. You
will be ready to embrace woman love as your true
identity. We like to initiate one new dyke each month.”

A chill came over Beth. She now understood why so many
women were coming out, women who had seemed completely
straight. Tears flowed from her eyes. She struggled to
get up but in her enervated state she was no match for
the strong women holding her.

“Professor Moss will be back soon. She won’t let you do

More laughter. Carla, an African-American women, said,
“You don’t get it, do you? Our professor arranged this.
She’s the one who selected you.”

“But why?”

“Because Christie needs a new girlfriend,” Carla
answered, in a matter-of-fact tone. Beth stared at
Christie, who smiled and blew her a kiss.

With that, the women in the room began to remove their
clothing. Beth was soon surrounded by eight naked
dykes. As others held down her legs, Lindsay and Carla
began to kiss her neck and suck her nipples. These are
very sensitive and quickly hardened. Lindsay reached
down and with her fingers gently rubbed and probed
Beth’s cunt.

Beth determined to resist them. Carla tried to kiss her
and she jerked her head away and pursed her lips
tightly. She told herself she would not have an orgasm.
She tried to distract her mind – math problems,
thoughts of her family, anything but sex.

But, of course, the hardest time to avoid thinking
about something is when you try. She remembered her
boyfriend, only to find herself dwelling on the one
time they had made love. It hadn’t been very
satisfying, either. It certainly didn’t feel like this.

And this did feel good. Oh, yes, these women knew how
to arouse her. What their tongues and teeth were doing
to her nipples was amazing! Beth began to breathe
harder and a soft moan escaped her lips.

At that, another woman, a real bull dyke named Mary
Lou, settled her face between Beth’s thighs and began
to work her tongue around and over her stiff little
clitoris. Warm, pleasurable sensation radiated from her
clit throughout her body. Mary Lou worked one, then two
fingers into Beth’s cunt. Beth’s moans grew louder.

She realized that she was no longer being held down.
She should try to push them off now, she thought, she
should escape. Instead her hands clutched the sheets.
She felt a desire to stroke the hair of her assailants,
to encourage them. No, she mustn’t! She mustn’t give
in! Minutes passed. Or was it hours? The torment of
pleasure never stopped.

“Wow, she’s a tough one.” Mary Lou said, shaking her
head as another woman replaced her. “I’ve never seen a
girl hold out this long.”

But hard as she fought, pretty Beth was losing her
battle. Twice she felt herself slipping toward the
abyss of sexual ecstasy and barely held herself back.
She was writhing with pleasure under at least three
tongues all the time. She let her hand rest on
Lindsay’s back when she returned for her second round
at Beth’s left nipple. Then she began to run her
fingers tenderly through Lindsay’s red hair.

Suddenly a familiar voice.

“I’ll take over, girls,” Professor Moss said.

Beth opened her eyes to see her teacher fully naked.
The other girls moved off the bed to make space for
their strikingly handsome leader.

Now Beth had no will to leave or resist. She only
wanted to cum at the hands of this beautiful,
commanding woman. It didn’t matter what happened
afterwards. She just had to cum.

Professor Moss lay atop Beth. “You are so pretty,” she
said to her student. Beth beamed at her. Professor Moss
moved her lips toward Beth’s. Instead of pulling away,
Beth closed the short distance between their mouth and
their lips met. Professor Moss forced her tongue into
Beth’s willing mouth and they kissed deeply, tongues
dancing together.

“They look so beautiful together,” one of the other
women said. “It won’t be long now.” Others murmured in

Beth wrapped her arms around her teacher and ran her
hands along the older woman’s strong back and
shoulders. Beth’ legs wrapped around her top’s tight
buns. Professor Moss slowly humped Beth’s pussy with
her pelvis. Beth whimpered and gasped, her sexual
tension rising.

The professor kissed her way down her student’s body.
As her mouth approached Beth’s pussy, she paused and
sat up.

“Please give me a glove and some lube from the
dresser,” Professor Moss said to Christie. The other
women were stunned. They had never seen their teacher
fist a woman on the first night. Only a couple had ever
experienced this delight at her hands.

Beth waited, a look of tense expectation on her face,
as her partner greased up her gloved hand. “Just relax,
honey,” Professor Moss said soothingly. “This is going
to feel better than anything you’ve ever experienced.

With that she began her careful entrance, slowly
stretching Beth’s cunt, adding one finger each time
while applying gentle pressure on her clitoris with the
other hand. The room was completely silent. Finally the
teacher pressed her thumb flat against her palm and
started to work her entire hand into the young woman
beneath her.

Beth noticed everyone staring in rapt attention. But
she did not care. Her entire universe was concentrated
in the sensations in her cunt, which seemed to be on
fire. She moaned with delight and frustration… She so
wanted to take the intruder… But she was just too
tight… It seemed impossible, no, it would never fit.

Slurp! And then it was in. Professor Moss felt
resistance give way. “Good girl, Beth, you took it
all,” she said. She now balled up her fist and eased it
deeper into Beth.

“Yes, professor, oh, yes!” she gasped. She tossed her
head from side to side; her fingers clawed helplessly
at the sheets, the pillow, anything within reach. As
the others moved closer to watch, Professor Moss’s
forearm slowly disappeared into Beth’s yawning cunt
until she was buried halfway to her elbow. Then she
began to pull her arm out to the wrist and move it back
in. She repeated the motion again and again, a little
faster each time.

Beth felt her world explode, felt herself tumble into a
deep abyss of ultimate pleasure, a warm darkness
enveloping her. The muscles in her womb contracted
fiercely around the professor’s hand and wrist. The
loud, unmistakable cry of orgasm escaped her lips.

At that the women around her clapped and cheered. They
shared the sense of triumph, of intimate sisterhood,
with their teacher. Their circle had a new member. They
surrounded Beth and kissed her. She now understood the
incredible intensity and beauty of sapphic love. Why
had she fought so hard against it? She welcomed their
lips and tongues, murmuring “Thank you” again and

Very carefully and gently, Professor Moss withdrew her
gloved hand. It was slick with Beth’s effusions. Beth
looked disappointed. Professor Moss gave her one more
brief kiss. “There’s someone special who wants to join
you in bed,” she whispered.

Christie, who had been waiting so patiently all this
time, advanced to the bed. “OK, Christie, now sit on
Beth’s face.”

The women in the room knew what Beth was about to find
out – that she would fall in love with the first woman
whose pussy she tasted in the moment’s after her
initiation climax. Christie kissed Beth once, deeply.
Before she could say a word, Christie had straddled her
face and all she could taste or smell was Christie’s
moist cunt.

Beth lapped eagerly at the pungent juices. She had
never tasted anything so delicious in her entire life.
She licked and sucked and nibbled. Her tongue snaked
into Christie’s cunt and wiggled furiously, then found
her stiff clitoris. Christie exploded and covered
Beth’s face with her love juices. Again the room broke
into cheers and applause.

They cuddled close in bed, kissing softly. Beth
suddenly felt she had always been a lesbian. Professor
Moss ushered the others out of the room to give the
Christie and her new partner some privacy. They made
love again and again for the rest of the night.

The next morning Beth and Christie strolled into the
dining room in the dorm with their arms around each
other. Beth’s friends were left stunned and speechless.
Beth and Christie took their trays and sat with the
other dykes.

In the six months since Beth came out, she has changed
a lot. Today her hair is cut much shorter. She’s gained
twenty-five pounds, mostly in her hips and behind. She
loves her plump dyke ass, and so does Christie. Her
mannerisms are much more masculine now. She has joined
the “Sapphic Swatters,” one of the dyke softball teams.
She and Christie have exchanged rainbow commitment
rings and plan to live in a state that allows gay
marriage after they graduate. They hold hands together
in Professor Moss’s class.

Professor Moss has invited them to a dinner party
tonight. Lindsay has taken a fancy to a straight girl
named Meredith, one of Beth’s old group of straight
friends. For Beth, it will her first chance to initiate
a lucky young woman into her new circle.