Birthday Erotica

You ever had one of those days? I had received a grade of 53 on
one of my papers, (also somehow managing to spell the professors name
incorrectly), had a house guest from hell who would not leave, the
possibility of getting mono from my roommate, (who had such a bad case
that he had to go to the hospital) and had the Head Resident Advisor
track me done because said house guest did not leave when they were
supposed to, and confirm with me that they were indeed gone. Then, the
next day, I overslept for my classes, ran to work in the computer lab (in
the pouring rain, naturally). On top of all that, today was my
birthday. Hold on to the congratulations; today I was officially a
nineteen year old virgin who had never kissed a girl in my entire life.

Done laughing? Good. Well, the next day, I spent my usual
Saturday doing my laundry, studying, and writing papers. Finished
dinner, and then messed around on the computer, and basically killing
time. About 7 oclock, I heard a knock on the door. I then assumed the
look of a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming car. This
particular car was about 5 6, with dark hair, beautiful eyes, tan skin,
full pouting lips, and a smile that could stop traffic. The car was
wearing a black skirt, green blouse, dark blue pumps, and gold stud
earrings. After promptly losing speech control (as well as almost
bladder control) I opened the door all the way and invited the car inside.

Um, uh, . . .gah, hum, uh okay, so it wasnt Shakespeare…I
dont think you could do better. The car, uh goddess, uh womans name was
Jackie, a vision of beauty that I had met over the summer. Upon
learning of my condition she had promised me that one day she would take
me around the fraternities of my college (nope, never gotten drunk, done
drugs, or been to a frat) so that I could unwind, meet people, and say
that I had gotten drunk at least once while in college. This appeared to
be the day. If I could manage to speak coherently.

Nope I couldnt. How have you been? It took me a minute to
realize that she was talking to me (I know we were alone together, but I
was still having trouble believing that she was looking at me, much less
talking to me) and then I stammered out fine, fine you? Anything I can
do for you? get you? in about two seconds.

She laughed, a wonderful sound, as she showed me a basket in her
hand. Do you know where I could put this? Before the sentence was half
finished I had taken it, and placed it on my bed (while Jackie lowered
the lights). Jackie then proceeded to unpack the basket, which
contained Chinese food, and soda. I noticed all the Chinese was finger
food, like small eggrolls, and dumplings. We then fed each other, back
and forth, until suddenly Jackie drew my finger into her mouth and began
to suck on it.

At this point I must confess, 90% of the blood in my body was
contained in less then 10% of my flesh. She slowly pulled it out then
began to clear away the leftovers of the food. When she was finished, I
began to massage her back, which caused her to purr appreciatively. This
went on for awhile before I yawned, causing her to laugh.

Then she kissed me.

Its amazing how for simple words can convey the science of an
action without revealing the poetry. It felt like a warm glaze, as her
tongue entered my mouth and explored. This went on for awhile, before I
lost the battle and collapsed. Imagine living in a desert all your life
and then seeing a lake. A wonderful dream come true. Anyway, I then
collapsed on the floor as my legs gave out.

I lay on the floor, looking up at her, and praying that this was
not a dream. She looked down at me with an amused smile on her face.
Problem, Slave? she asked, with a smirk. Slave and Master were her
nickname for me and mine for her. No Master!, I replied kissing her
feet. She smiled and the room suddenly got VERY warm. She then began
undressing and then raised an eyebrow; What are your waiting for?
Musical accompaniment? I then began striping, (probably resembling the
Tasmanian devil with my alacrity *[SAT WORD!!!]*).

Soon we were both naked, and lying on my bed, spoon-like. It was
somehow comforting to just lie there holding her, and I think that she
realized that I needed to slow down . I felt wonderful, even though I
expected this to be the end of the evening. I appreciated that she seemed
to have own this help me feel less self-conscious. It worked. Soon we
went to sleep.

When I woke up, I felt something strange. It suddenly occurred
to me that I had an erection and that Jackie was squeezing it between her
thighs, and rubbing her finger on the tip. When she heard my sudden
inhalation, she smile sweetly, rolled me on to my back and slowwwwly
drifted toward my bellow. Then she took me into her mouth, and began to
use her tongue. It felt wonderful but I was unable to enjoy it for long
before it became overwhelming. I quickly asked her to stop, and she did,
a puzzled expression on her face. I then pulled her up, and rolled her
onto her back, and followed the same journey she did. I began at her
forehead, kissing it repeatedly, before I slid to her lips. Then I
progressed ever so slowly to her neck, where I stayed for a while,
kissing and nibbling (causing her to moan, gasp, and stretch), and then
drifting towards her belly. I then encountered dark curls, neatly
trimmed, my goal within reach. I licked her lips, before entering,
probing with my tongue for her clit. The sounds Jackie was making was
sounding more and more encouraging. All to soon she began to shudder,
and grasp my head, as I did my best to please her.

When she had ceased writhing, I began again, and then again,
trying to show the depth of my thanks for what she had done for me. I
had always considered myself unattractive, and felt that I would die and
old virgin, but I was now with a wonderful woman who was showing me that
this was not true. I had once asked Jackie the difference between
dating and hooking up. She had explained it as hooking up was a once
time affair, while dating was a lasting affair. I was not sure which
this would fall under, but it was the greatest experience of my life, and
I would always remember it with joy.

When she appeared sated, she then switched our positions, playing
me like a piano, from agony to ecstasy and back, before finally taking me
over the brink. A feeling entered my body, a warmth I had never felt
before. This intense feeling flowed through may making my moan for what
seemed like forever, before It was over. Jackie slithered up my body and
kissed me on the lips.

Happy Birthday, David

I really wish I could repeat this weekend.