Black Haired Beauties

We’d been shooting porn videos in western and eastern
Europe. Damn, those Czech and Romanian gals were hot. We
went on to India and got some hot footage with Desi
girls and women attending to our white cocks. Then on a
whim we headed for Sri Lanka. Didn’t know much about the
place but it sounded interesting.

Finding a place to stay on the outskirts of Colombo, we
posted signs in the market that we were looking for
models for a video shoot. We specified age and weight
but got some ringers anyway.

After doing screening interviews near the market we
contacted the five best candidates to come to our
accommodations for the final selection. We wanted two
for what we had in mind.

Three of them withdrew when they found out what kind of
video we were making, in spite of the fact that our fee
was about two month’s average earnings there. Two were
married with jealous husbands, otherwise they would have
done it. Dark skinned women are often curious about
white cocks. The third one was betrothed and still a

The remaining two were very nice. Long black hair
framing pretty faces. Dark nipples on firm breasts. We
couldn’t pronounce their names so we called on “B” and
the other “C” from their tit sizes.

C said she had a boyfriend and wanted him to be a part
of the shoot. We said, “Why not?” but no extra pay.

B knew a place out in the woods that would be a good
location. C would get her boyfriend and meet us there.
It was perfect.

C’s boyfriend was a good looking guy with skin much
darker than hers. He spoke little English while the
women were pretty good at it.

With a blanket on the ground, the “models” didn’t need
much coaching or directing. They were a bit shy and
awkward getting naked and into the action with a
stranger. But it went from playful to hotter and hotter.
They’d fucked before so that part was easy.

We had the boyfriend fuck the other woman while my
partner did it with C. I filmed. We shot a lot of action
and would edit it into an amateur-looking bi-racial romp
in the woods. The gals got to be pretty uninhibited and
were clearly having fun. Just what we wanted.

C and her boyfriend were real curious about seeing their
usual partner copulating with another person so we
worked it into a first-time swapping scenario.

When the good light was gone we shut off the camera and
sent the boyfriend home with a tip he hadn’t expected.
He did a good job.

The gals wanted more white dick. After dinner they asked
to go back to our room. They were delightfully
aggressive and we swapped back and forth all night. We
completely enjoyed both brown bodies, dipping into
pussies, asses and mouths. I loved sucking and nibbling
those brown tits.

Especially when their owners squealed and giggled. Long
black hair swirled around their faces as they explored
my white cock with fingers and mouth. The moans when I
sank my rod into the cunts I’d filmed taking other cocks
all afternoon were music to my horny ears.

They talked dirty as I stroked in rectums that no
boyfriend had ever filled before.

Although these gals hadn’t met before this shoot, they
were now best friends, having shared three cocks just

We didn’t leave any baby makers in those two brown
twats. We’d both had well documented vasectomies years
ago when we got in this business. No surprises for us,
thank you.

With signed and witnessed releases, and fees paid with
receipts, we left this island nation with some good
memories and a lot of hot footage. We often recalled our
time with the black haired beauties as we watched it,
and wondered how they were doing.