Pulloff on the Road

He’s a very naked person. Nudity is his natural state.
Even when he has clothes on, there is always something undressed
about him. He was most certainly undressed in the car that
afternoon. In our own encapsulated world, the interior of a
small Japanese car doing sixty along the Florida Turnpike, he
sat in the passenger’s seat with the clothes he’d squirmed out
of on the floor around his feet. I was shocked and amused, and
having slight difficulty concentrating on my driving. My left
hand held the steering wheel firmly set to its course and my
right hand was playing with the stick-shift. His, that is.
“This is crazy” I said, firmly gripping the base of his
penis and tugging on it. “What if we get pulled over?”
“Don’t speed or anything and we won’t” he said.”Oh!” he
exclaimed, doing a comic double-take. “Hi, officer!”
“Silly” I chided. My hand slid up his shaft and I curled my
fingers around the head. I felt a little drop of wetness
against my palm. “Hmmm!” I said. I squeezed, trying to make
that happen again. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a
car approaching in the next lane. “Darling…” I said uneasily.
“Don’t worry about the cars” he said. “Just let me know if
you see a truck.” He punctuated the sentence with a grunt, and I
felt a little more wetness. I wiped it away with my index
finger, then raised the finger to my lips and licked it quite
Watching me, he moaned. “Oh, you excite me” he uttered softly.
“Good” I said. I puckered my lips around my finger and
slowly sucked it in and slid it out of my mouth. I did this a
few times, and lapped it lasciviously, while he watched with
wide eyes. “This is what I want to do to your cock” I told him.
“Don’t tantalize me like that!” he groaned. I laughed, then
grabbed him again and vigorously renewed my massaging. A car
passed us on the left, then suddenly slowed down so that we
caught up. I took a quick glance The man in the car was gaping
at us. I broke into an embarrased laugh, sped up and changed
lanes to leave the car behind.
“That guy saw us” I remarked.
“I don’t care” he said. “Do you?”
“Well…” I said. I laughed again. “His eyes looked fit to
explode!” He snickered. “Probably jealous” he said.
“Of me or of you?”
“Of my cock.”
“Oh, you dirty boy!” I squealed. I stroked it with my
fingers. “Though I must admit, it is quite nice.”
“Thank you!” He reached down and retrieved his shirt. “I
guess I really should put my clothes back on, though.”
“Yes, do that.” I let go of him and put my hand on the
steering wheel as he buttoned his shirt and then pulled on his
jeans. He left them unfastened so that his long cock pointed up
from his lap. “Quite nice” I said, reaching over and taking
hold of it again. “Very nice.” I caressed it devotedly for a
few moments while he writhed around in his seat and made
restrained little noises. Another car was approaching.
Hastily, I snatched my hand away and he held his jeans closed.
When the car was passed, we returned to our activity, only for
it to be interrupted similarly a moment later. “Aren’t we
cool?” I giggled, seeing him trying to cover the unwieldy
appendage between his legs. A few more cars passed, then the
road was clear. I pushed his hand away and discovered that his
cock had softened a bit while the road was busy. “Oops!” I
said, jiggling it. “This won’t do. I want it hard!”
“Well, m’love, you know how to accomplish that.”
“Yes, indeed I do” I said, proceeding. It didn’t take but a
few squeezes to return my plaything to its former state. A few
more and he was once again squirming in his seat. “Feel good?”
I asked.
“Too good” he said with a little difficulty. “Stop. I’m
going to come.”
“Stop? You don’t want to come?”
“Well, I do, but that wouldn’t be fair.”
“Oh, no, baby, yes, it would! I want you to come!”
“No, because I can’t do anything for you!”
“Yes you can. You can come so I can lick my fingers.”
“Oh! You’re impossible!”
“Come on. It’s so nice.” I pulled his cock rhythmically.
“So nice. I want to taste it.” He grunted loudly in response.
“Oh, baby, your cock is so warm and hard. I want you to come so
I can taste you. It’s so warm…so hard…so alive…Why, I can
feel the b***d just throbbing in it!”
“And the come…building up…” he added, trying to keep his
voice steady.
“Yes, that too. Come building up…I want it to build up
and build up and build up…until finally it shoots out all
over! All over my hand…and then I’ll lick my fingers and
taste you…and find out if you taste as good as you smell…”
“Do I…smell good?” His breath was getting fast and heavy.
“Most certainly.” I raised my hand to my face and sniffed
it. “And my hand smells like your cock…it smells so good…I
just want to bury my face in it…” I dropped my hand back into
his lap and seized him again. I squeezed his balls and tickled
his cock before once again putting my hand around it and
jerking it. “Come on, baby. Come on” I urged. “Don’t hold
“Oh, God…” he moaned. “No, it’s not fair!”
“It’s fair! It’s plenty fair! Oh, love, you don’t know how
much you excite me when you moan like that. I want it. I want
you to come. All over. Don’t keep it in.” An uncontrollable
sound spilled from his throat, and I made a soft sound in
response to the zigzags that his display of excitement sent
streaming down my spine.
“Oh, please, oh please…are you sure, baby..you sure…”
“I’m sure! Come on and come, baby! Forget yourself! Let
it all out… all over my fingers…” I rubbed faster in
“Oh, please…oh, yes…faster, please…oh…oh…OH!”
“Someone’s getting carried away” I teased, tugging madly.
“Oh, carried away…oh, yes… oh! ah!… but I’ve
been… uhn! saving it up for you… for later… I want
to… a-ah!… pour it down your throat or spill it all
over…AH! your tits…”
“There’ll be more.”
“Yes, but…not as much…I’ve been…oh! saving it for
“Well, give it to me now! Pour it out! Just come!”
“Ohhhhh…aaaaahhh, baby…it’s good…oh, feels good….I’m
gonna come, gonna come….gonna…AHHH!” His hips jerked upward
from the seat, and his rapid breathing slid into a long sigh. I
turned my head just in time to see hot, milk-white semen spill
fro m his cock onto my hand. It ran down my fingers and off my
wrist and dripped into his coarse pubic curls. I took my hand
away and started lapping the splash off my knuckles, and noticed
as a last squirt landed on his belly. “Ohh,” he sighed again,
his breathing beginning to slow down. “oh, that was good,
baby…thank you…”
“My pleasure, love” I said, continuing with my driving as he
slumped down in his seat trying to calm down. “I’m so glad you
enjoyed that. I did, too…very much.”
“Oh, not as much as I did!”
“Maybe not quite as much as that, but still very much.”
“Oh, good, baby…I felt so selfish.”
“Well, don’t. It made me feel good to make you feel good.”
I reached over and stroked his neck. “Besides, I’ll get mine
later.” I ruffled his hair. “Won’t I?” I added coyly. “Won’t I