Better Than Chocolate

She was eating chokito, dark moist chocolate
cake layered with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and
whipped cream. She was moaning as she ate, rich
satisfied little sounds of utter pleasure that were
going straight to his cock.

“This,” Colleen pronounced, “is totally orgasmic.”

He would never get rid of this woodie. Never.

Colleen eyes him mischievously. From Greg’s flushed face
and slight hunching, she had a pretty good idea of what
was going through his mind, or rather his little head.

“You know,” she mused, “chocolate,” she licked the spoon
lasciviously, “is like sex” another lick, her tongue
curling pinkly around the edge, “because” lick “it’s,”
lick “something,” lick “that really,” a super long
teasing lick, “tickles the senses.”

If he didn’t do her right now, he’d explode. Greg looked
around the restaurant. It was dimly lit, with couples
sitting quietly together, enjoying themselves. It was
rich, luxurious and discrete.

Greg stood up. “Follow me,” he said hoarsely.

Colleen’s eyes widened. “Here and now?” she whispered.

He put out a hand, “Absolutely.”

They walked to the back, into the little dark corridor
that led to the loos. Greg held his breath and opened
the door to the ladies. It was empty. “In here.” He
tugged her inside and locked the door behind him.

“But Greg! Are you crazy?” Colleen wailed. “Someone will

“Let them,” his voice harsh with want. “Come here.”

She was wearing a straight up and down little black
cocktail dress that showed off her curves and hinted at
the rich swell underneath. Her shining hair was richly
scented: hot girl with a hint of flowers. He rested his
face there for a moment, drinking her in. She was his,
and by the quivering hot body resting against his, she
wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“A quickie,” he murmured. He reached under the dress,
encountering stockings, suspenders and silk panties.
Jesus, he was going to explode right there and then.
Football, he thought to himself, think of football. But
for the life of him, he couldn’t even remember the name
of the team. All his attention was on the soft skin
underneath those silky little panties.

He ran a finger over the thin material, feeling her hot
and wet for him. “Want it?” he whispered.

She was gripping his shoulders, leaning into his body.
“Yes,” she answered simply.

He swept the panties, black silk with little red lace
roses, down and lifted her up, settling her on the rim
of the shelf that held three wash hand basins.

Her breath was escaping in excite little gasps, her
scent coming off her in waves.

His lips captured her mouth with hungry urgency. Her
arms curled around him as she moaned with excitement,
her tongue tangling with his.

His scent, a deep warm musk that was all man, enveloped
her. She could feel him hard and demanding, rubbing
against her soft form. Her hands were undoing the
buttons of his trousers. Impatient, Greg kicked them
away, ripped off his boxers and grasped her tightly.

The full throbbing erection rested hard and hot against
her creaming centre. She looked into his eyes, fierce
and determined, filled with lust. She was gasping
uncontrollably at his touch, her breath now stuck at

She held on to his shoulders and gasped as he lifted her
up and thrust deep inside her, filling her with one wild
plunge. She arched into him, tipping her hips, impaling
herself on his straining shaft as they came together

His breath quick and shallow now, he began rocking his
hips, each move driving him deep inside her. Each full
throbbing movement added to the wave of lust that
consumed her. She could feel her body heat and stretch
as pleasure throbbed through her, tightening her nipples
to hard little buds and sending shivers of bliss
shooting through her.

He was fighting for breath, reveling in the contrast of
the cool marble and the heat of her trembling body. She
was clutching on to him, her ragged breath in his ear,
excited little gasps turning to moans.

As he ground his body into hers, the moans turned to
wails. She was coming for him. At the knowledge, his
straining shaft began to pulse. He could feel his balls
tighten as he thrust into her. She was moaning loudly
now, shivering with as she arched upwards to take all of

The fire that consumed her was peaking. Her clit was
throbbing, her body gathering to send her into heavenly

“I’m coming!” she cried. “Don’t stop!”

He gripped her hard and pumped into her, the rough
movement triggering a wild waves of sheer ecstasy that
shook her body uncontrollably. Her cries rang out, her
hands gripping him as she shattered with bliss.

The sound of her screams sent him rushing over the edge
into shattering release. He thrust once, twice, then a
third time before pouring himself into her, groaning in
blissful agony as waves of rapture shot through him.

They came together in little circling thrusts, shivering
in delicious aftershocks.

Clutching her closely, Greg looked into her eyes. “So,”
he said hoarsely, “Better than chocolate?”