My Wife and the Contractor

Joanne had just come back from doing the school run,
still angry after the argument she’d had with her
husband before he stormed off to work.

It was a warm sunny morning and the school holidays
were approaching. They had not been in the house long
and they had contractors in doing some home
improvements which was creating a lot of extra noise
and dust.

When she got home, Steve was working in the house and
she asked him to stop using the power tools as she
needed to put her youngest, who was only a tot and not
of school age, for his morning nap.

After she had settled him, she went downstairs and made
herself a cold drink. It was a very hot June morning
and she was wearing a short skirt and a loose fitting
top in an attempt to remain cool. As it was so warm, as
she often did, she wore no bra.

Joanne went and asked Steve if he would like a cold
drink and he asked for a glass of iced water. He joined
her in the sitting room, stating he could do no more
work if he couldn’t use his power tools and other jobs
could not be continued until the filler dried.

They sat in the lounge where the seats were opposite
each other, and they chatted about all sorts of trivia.
Steve was happy sitting opposite Joanne as she sat with
her legs crossed in such a way that he had a perfect
view of her upper thighs and panties. When she leaned
forward, he also got a better view of her cleavage and
he made a point to keep asking her questions which made
her lean forward.

Joanne, too, felt some strange attraction to Steve, he
was youngish, very muscular and well tanned. He wore
denim shorts and a white sleeveless vest, showing off
his tanned muscular body.

She was pointing out some cracks in the ceiling and
walls and he joined her on her sofa so he could get a
better look at what she was pointing at. She then
pointed out some other work that needed to be done and
as she did so, she accidentally knocked Steve’s water
all over his vest. They joked about it and he pulled
his vest off and hung it over a radiator to dry. She
saw his well toned muscular torso and she suddenly felt
horny. She was married but her shit of a husband had
really pissed her off earlier. It would serve him right
if she were to misbehave.

They flirted a little and he teased her about her still
wearing a top. She refused to remove her top initially,
saying she was a “married woman” and didn’t do that
sort of thing. When Steve accidentally on purpose spilt
his drink over her top, things changed a little.

He poured the water over her tits and the material
stuck to her skin like you would expect to see in a
“Miss wet T shirt” contest. Joanne huffed and hawed and
then she lifted her top by the bottom hem up over her
head and placed her top on the radiator next to his.
There! She was topless. Steve was impressed. Joanne was
petite in height but ample in bust, especially since
she had babies, her bust size had remained substantial.

He commended her on her lovely tits and she accepted
the praise with gratitude. Joanne had never been
topless with a stranger other than on holiday on the
beach and never in such close proximity. Neither had
she been unfaithful to her husband (until now) but she
suddenly felt like she was drunk or something and
whatever it was, it was taking over her common sense.

“I’d better go and get changed,” she said, heading for
the staircase. She stopped and looked Steve in the eye.

“I’m going to my bedroom. Would you like to come?”

Steve recognised the double entendre and he thought he
may have misunderstood.

“Pardon,” he said.

“I’m going to my bedroom. Would you like to come?” she
said again, that come on look in her own eye. She
licked her lips seductively as she hung on to the
banister. Steve followed her upstairs and she ushered
him into her room, quickly looking in on the baby to
ensure he was still asleep.

Satisfied the tot was fast asleep and content, she went
to her room and closed the door behind her, shutting
the bolt in a symbolic way. The only other person in
the house was the baby and he was safe and sound in his
cot and couldn’t get out if he tried. The bolt would
not stop Steve leaving either, but the act of locking
him in added to the eroticism.

She opened her drawer where she kept her underwear and
pulled out some briefs and crop tops. She laid them out
on the bed and saw there was a pink and an orange crop
top, and a pair of lilac and a pair of gold briefs. She
took off her micro skirt and noticed her briefs were

“Damn,” she cursed. “Nothing matches.”

“So what’s the problem?” asked Steve.

“How can I make sure that what I wear on my top matches
what I wear on my bottom,” she pondered. Steve walked
up to her.

“That’s easy, I’ll show you,” he said and he dropped to
his knees in front of Joanne and pulled her knickers to
the floor, helping her step out of them. He casually
noticed that her pussy was already moist and flushed,
the b***d flow to the area increasing almost as though
she was getting turned on.

“There,” he declared. “Now your top and bottom match!”

Joanne smiled.

“You’re naughty” she joked with him. She put her undies
back in her drawer then she laid on the bed, one leg
straight but the other knee raised slightly before
allowing the leg to drop to one side, allowing Steve
the perfect view of her love tunnel.

Joanne patted the vacant part of the bed next to her
and looked at Steve’s muscular body, noticing the tell
tale bulge in his shorts.

“If you take off your pants, you can come on the bed
with me,” she said sexily, continuing to exploit the
double entendre. What happened next surprised Joanne
for two reasons.

As Steve undid his denim shorts and allowed them to
drop to the floor, she noticed firstly that the dirty
bastard was not wearing any under pants. Secondly, his
pretty firm erection was large.

“Wow,” she whispered, almost to her self. She regained
her composure and said “No one told me these came in
different sizes”. Steve beamed as he joined her on the

“I’ve never seen one that big before,” she lied. Joanne
had always been lucky with her boy friends and they had
always been substantially well endowed with the
exception of her husband who was a measly 5 inches. “I
bet you keep your girl friends well satisfied,” she

“Never had any complaints yet,” he said. “Anyway, you
can talk. When did you have your implants done?” he
said, pointing to her tits. They looked natural but
Steve was playing the game a bit.

“I haven’t. They’re natural,” Joanne said.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Steve said and he
reached over and cupped one of her tits. His hands were
rough from the manual work that he did but his actions
were slow and gentle and he made a point of caressing
both of her breasts.

“Mmm, they feel real,” he said, leaning forward and
licking her nipples and sucking on them, ensuring each
breast got plenty of attention, a hand on one and his
mouth on the other, swapping over periodically. Joanne
threw her head back and enjoyed the experience, her
pulse was racing, her husband forgotten temporarily.

Steve moved his hand to the space between her legs and
she moved herself to a more comfortable position which
allowed Steve easier access to her pussy.

“My god, you’re wet,” he commented, moving his lips
from her nipples to her face and kissing her on her
lips for the first time. Joanne flinched momentarily,
thoughts of her husband appeared in her mind but were
gone in a flash and she returned the kiss, her tongue
searching for his tongue. His fingers entered her wet
opening between her legs and she moaned gently,
reaching out for Steve’s ample cock. She wanked him
whilst he frigged her, their kisses continuous as they
aroused each other.

She withdrew from the kiss and pushed Steve back on the
bed so he was lying down, symbolically on her husband’s
side of the bed, and she pushed her dark hair away from
her as she leaned towards his aching manhood. She took
a deep breath before lowering her mouth on to his
erection which stood like a flag pole. She had seldom
done this to her husband although she had given lots of
head to previous boy friends. She couldn’t stand waste,
however, and objected to any guy cumming in her mouth.
Spunk was for pussy’s and that was her belief.

She worked up a rhythm on his erection and he lay back,
offering words of encouragement. She gauged that Steve
was pretty aroused and may not last too much longer, so
she stopped and crawled up the bed and they kissed,
passing on the taste of his pre cum and lubricant to
his own mouth.

He rolled her over so she was lying on her back and he
stood briefly and got something out of the pocket of
his jeans. Joanne heard the unmistakable sound of a
foil packet being opened and stretching of rubber.
Steve joined her immediately, having dressed for the

“I’m not sure I can accommodate some thing that size,”
Joanne lied. She’d had several cocks of a similar size
but that had been some years ago.

“I’m sure it’ll be OK,” Steve whispered, leaning
forward and kissing her gently. He wriggled his body
and without the use of hands, his erection expertly
found it’s way to the opening of her warm, moist and
inviting pussy. He continued the action of lowering his
body and moving forward and his cock entered Joanne
slowly and purposefully. Joanne took a sharp intake of
breath, not caring she was being unfaithful, more
interested in having this monster cock inside her. His
actions continued, slowly filling her vagina with his
substantial penis.

Joanne could feel herself approaching a climax and
Steve had only entered her a few moments ago. Unable to
control herself, she thrust her hips upwards into his
groin, reaching for his buttocks and pulling him deeper
into her, her nails digging into the soft flesh of his
arse, so deep the nails would scar the skin of his

He climax was at the point of no return and, conscious
that too much noise might wake the baby, she stifled
her scream by thrusting her tongue into Steve’s mouth,
her back arched and her body stiffened as the orgasm
wracked through her entire being. As her climax
diminished, she released her clutches on her lover and
drew in breath in a laboured way, the intensity of her
orgasm greater than she could ever remember. No need to
fake it today, she thought wryly to herself!

Steve withdrew himself and rolled her over to the side
of the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. She leaned
forward but Steve repositioned her so that as he
entered her from behind, he could see her tits bouncing
around in the reflection of the mirror on the dressing

As he entered her, she moaned loudly. This was an
excellent way of obtaining a deeper penetration and he
began pounding himself deeper into her. He noticed from
her reflection that she was grimacing so he stopped.

“Are you OK?” he enquired.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable” she said, disengaging
herself from him and she turned to face him. She placed
one hand on the base of his erection and drew her other
hand along the length of it, before resuming her
previous position. Without a word, Steve re-entered her
and she sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction.

“That’s better,” she said, opening her clenched fist
and displaying the condom she had removed from Steve’s

“You like it bareback, do you,” he said, keeping the
motion going.

“Ooh yes,” she replied in such a way, Steve did not
know if she was answering his question or enjoying the

“I’ll bet you do this to all the contractors, don’t
you,” he asked, jokingly. Joanne looked at his
reflection in the mirror.

“Only those with big cocks” she said in the best slutty
voice she could muster.

“And what do you say to them,” he enquired.

“I tell them to fuck me,” she said, almost spitting the
words out with venom. “I tell them to fuck me like I’m
telling you to fuck me,” she went on.

“Do you let them fuck you or do you fuck them?”

“I don’t care, as long as I fuck,” she said, her manner
getting more profound and erotic. “Now less talk and
more fucking” she said. Steve increased his pace and
Joanne’s breathing intensified. She hadn’t been fucked
like this since, well she hadn’t been fucked like this
ever. Steve was not only a big lad, but very
experienced and really horny.

Joanne could not believe that a guy of this calibre
would ever be interested in a lady like her, married
with kids, approaching 30. Sure, she was pretty and had
beautiful curves, but she had baggage and was on the
petite side.

Steve was simultaneously thinking how lucky he was,
having a woman as horny as Joanne suck his dick and
fuck him. He was a contractor, nothing more than a
labourer and hardly a big catch like a doctor or a
lawyer. Sure he was well built, in every area, but he
was a nobody in life’s chart of status.

Their thoughts were postponed by the slowing of
Joanne’s movements, she was on the verge of another
orgasm and she writhed and moaned, her breathing as
laboured as ever, her skin sweaty, her pussy soaking
wet and full of Steve’s immense dick. He reached
forward and squeezed her tits, tweaking the nipples as
he did, the roughness of his skin combined with the
gentleness of his actions accentuated Joanne’s

“Tell me,” she implored. “Tell me what you’re doing.”

“I’m fucking you,” he said, “I’m fucking you from
behind. A total stranger is fucking you and I’m going
to make you cum” he said, thrusting himself in deeper.

“I’m coming,” Joanne cried and Steve knew he was pretty
close to his own climax. He repositioned one of his
hands from her tits to her clitoris and the action
toppled her over the edge and she reached another
climax. Her pussy lips applied pressure on his hard
erection and Steve reached his climax whilst inside her
and he pushed his dick in as far as it would go. Joanne
squealed as he did so, her climax almost subsiding as
he came.

“I’m fucking coming,” he said, gasping for breath, “You
horny bitch, you’ve made me come,” as he spurted his
hot sticky load into her. He watched her reflection in
the mirror, her laboured breathing causing her breasts
to quiver. He withdrew himself from her and they
collapsed on the bed, catching their breath.

“Why did you remove the condom?” he asked after a short

“I don’t believe in waste,” Joanne replied, smiling

“That was a but sluttish,” he said.

“I like to think so,” she replied, leaning towards him
and nibbling his ear, her tongue probing around his
lobe, her warm breath on his cheek.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Fancy another fuck?” she said, her left hand dropping
down to his crotch and masturbating his semi hard and
very wet cock.

Steve smiled at her, noticing the nipples on her ample
breasts were still pert.

“What about the finishing of?” he queried.

“I’m the one that needs finishing,” she said. “I’ve got
at least another 3 orgasms inside me and I want this
dick to give it to me” Joanne continued, her hand
movements on his erection becoming more intense. Steve
murmured at the pleasure of having this beautiful woman
wank him off.

“Oh, and you’ve got 15 minutes before the baby needs to
get up, so get a move on!” she ordered.

Steve pushed her back on the bed, kissing her gently
and mounted her missionary. He could have got up to
find the discarded condom but he knew he did not need

“Come on, come on,” Joanne ordered, half jokingly, half
in frustration. “I need to be fucked and I need to be
fucked hard by a big cocked stranger, so fuck me now,”
she said.

Steve began to enter her, unaware that the discarded
condom had fallen into her husband’s slipper under the
bed and unaware that with the windows open to let some
breeze in, it also allowed sound out. Luckily, the
neighbour across the street had poor hearing, but the
view he got from his bedroom of their actions in the
reflection from the dressing table mirror kept him

“How many times can you make me cum in 15 minutes?”
Joanne challenged Steve.

“Start counting,” he said as he began to fuck her