Boyfriend brings home a pretty young black woman

Karrie is sitting in the bath, soaking in
the heat, relaxing after working the weekend shift
and feeling beat. Now is her moment so to speak.
Hubby will be home soon but this time’s for hers.

Karrie heard the front door open. “Honey,
is that you?”

“Yeah, sugar. Guess what! I brought you
somethin’ special.”

Greg enters the bathroom. Through the steam
Karrie can see he has flowers!

Better yet, he’s naked and his cock is wag-
ging before him proudly. Mmmm Yummy….

Greg sets the flowers on the counter, says
“That’s not all, babe. There’s more.” He smiles
as he kneels. Karrie reaches over the edge of the
tub and massages that pretty thing of his. It
throbs under her touch. They lean into a kiss of
one another… deeply.

Greg reaches for a wash cloth and soaps it,
reaches down with it and gently scrubs her pretty
crotch with long strokes as his mouth sends shivers
down Karrie’s spine and his free hand pulls at her
suddenly erect nipples in the most charming way.
The soft-coarse material of the cloth sends her
body singing. Greg strays to her bottom and tickles
her darling rosebud knowingly. The bath was good
but it just got better.

Karrie hears a noise in the other room!
“What’s that? Did you bring
company home??”

His eyes sparkle. “Sort of, sugar.”

A young woman enters. She too is naked.
And she’s black. She introduces herself. “Hi baby,
I’m Becky. I work with your husband at the office.
He’s always telling us about you. I thought it was
time we met…”

Somehow the mood is right. She brought
champagne and three glasses into the bathroom with
her. Karrie shivered at the thought of whhat might
happen….. She thought what the hell, I trust my
husband, why not?

Becky sure was pretty. Her breasts weren’t
as large as Karries but her pubis was nnicely trim-
med and she had the nicest little navel Karrie had
ever seen. She seated herself on the edge of the
tub, and began to soak her feet alongside Karrie’s
as she filled the glasses and passed them around.

Becky began to take a real interest in
Gregs attention to Karrie’s crease, she watched
intently as he continued wiping her up and down.
Karri’s knees where spread, and she slipped down
further in the hot water and sighed seductively,
inviting her to watch Greg moved up and down her
underwater pretties.

Becky bagan to stroke Karrie’s inner thighs
with one foot, tickling her pretty thatch with her
toes. Greg just grins, then soaps her feet and
guides her big toe to Karrie’s tightly clenched

Karrie’s startled at first but the plea-
sure’s overwhelming, her desire to exhibit herself
in front of Greg and this pretty stranger is just
to much to resist, Becky’s toe begens to gently
push at her dariaire in a most plesant sensual way.

Greg resumed massaging Karrie’s vulva in
slow, even circles. Karrie starts to growl in a
sexy whining low and hot and soft voice. Becky
smiles and swiggles her toe just at the entrance to
Karrie’s bottom. It’s very nice… Yes it is…..

Greg’s cock is soapy and wet in Karrie’s
hand. He ran his finger-tips up and down Becky’s
thigh as her toe tickled Karrie deeply.

Karrie felt warm and nicely penetrated as
Greg washed her kitty with loving sensitivity, and
the pretty stranger did her thing to her bottom.

Becky withdraws. The three of them sip
their champagne and wait for something to happen.

“I know,” Becky smiles. “Watch this.” She
stands and places her feet on either side of the
tub, perches herself over Karrie, squatting so that
Karrie can see her crotch spread open and pink be-
fore her. She steadied herself against the tile
with one hand, reached down with the other and dip-
ped into her lovely slit. She wet her fingertips
with her juices, then rubbed her clitoris to stand-
ing. The hot little nub peered out at Karrie as
she gazed down into her eyes sultry and sweet.

Greg’s erection was still throbbing in his wife’s
hand as Becky stretched her labia wide, then pissed
onto Karrie’s breasts!

Karrie was greatly taken aback, but Becky’s
stream felt so good, even hotter than the soapy
bath that almost covered her breasts anyway. It
rained down out of her in little uneven spurts at
first. Then it came steadily and harder. Becky
strained. Her crotch opened and released itself
wide like a flower. The amber squirt splashed
against Karrie, Becky’s stomach muscles tightened
and expanded till her flow subsided and stopped.
She pushed a time or two more. Then she finished.

Her smell mixed with the scent of Greg’s
cock in the steamy atmosphere of the little room
was almost over powering. Karrie giggled as Greg
tongued her ear and whispered,”Pretty,very pretty.”

Becky descended, careful not to slip on the
wet porcelain. Her next trick brought Greg in on
the fun. She crouched behind him on the tile floor.
Karrie wasn’t sure what she was up to, but by the
way Greg’s penis was jerking in her fist, she
realized that the little vixen was tonguing his
anus and balls, running round his dangling scrotum.
It made his dick dribble under her touch. It got
Greg so hot he began massaging Karrie’s clit in
tighter, faster circles. It was making both of
them nervous as hell.

That Becky, she sure was a fun kind of a

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