Camping quickie

I’d debated whether or not to bother with this camping trip.

Not that I’m against camping, and it was good to see this group of friends again, but when you’re on your own and your friends are with their girlfriends you feel a bit left out.

The lads had persuaded me to come, when we’d arranged this I’d been with Jenny, but she had caught me with our landlady and dumped me.

I think it was the fact that I was giving the landlady anal when she caught us that had swung it!

Anyway, I’d turned up and we’d had a good couple of days. We’d visited the nearby town and exhausted its three pubs and generally wound-down. It was the last evening and we’d cooked-up a feast and polished off a couple of bottles of wine. It was the end of the weekend and we were the last people on the site, ready for our final night.

It was getting dark and we’d lit a fire, I could just about make out the shapes of the others, a mixture of the dark and the wine affecting my vision.

I was with three other couples, Dave was with his long-term girlfriend Sophie, a very attractive blonde trainee barrister from London. Kev was with Donna, a Newcastle girl, long dark hair and dark eyes, and a superb figure that her hiking gear didn’t hide. Paul was with Mags, she was lovely, a red-head with long legs and a cute arse.

The boys had done well and as we sat there getting increasingly pissed I cursed myself for messing up again.

It had got late and we’d all collapsed in to our tents, I undressed and zipped up my sleeping bag and got my head down.

I’ve no idea what time it was when I heard the zip of my tent and sensed someone climbing in, I sat up and was about to speak when a hand shot to my mouth, covering it.

I was shocked, and if there had been room in my small tent I’d have taken a swing, but as I tensed ready to fight something in my brain registered that this was a small, soft hand. Female.

The person was in my tent, and removed her hand (I was convinced by now this was a female) and zipped the tent back up.

I felt the body touch mine, I could feel her breasts, yes she was female, I could feel her nipples hard against my skin. Her face pressed to mine and I leaned forward and accepted the kiss. Our tongues touched and I let her explore my mouth with hers.

Who was this?

She was a good kisser, and her hands ran over my body, pulling my sleeping bag down and reaching for my now hard cock. I sighed as she held me, I felt her exhale as she massaged it in her palm.

‘Who are you?’ I whispered, her fingers pressed my lips together, I got the message.

Her head lowered and I felt the warmth of her mouth engulf my cock, I lay back and enjoyed the sensation as her head bobbed up and down, taking my full length, while she played with my balls.

This continued for a little while, until she removed me from her mouth, move back up over me and straddled me. Holding me she lowered her body until her pussy was taking my cock. We both sighed as I entered her and she slid down on me. She was wet and I slipped easily in to her, she took my full length pausing to enjoy the sensation before lifting herself again, just as my cock was about to exit her pussy she stopped again before slamming back down on me, taking my cock in one great thrust that made her whimper. She did this for a while, increasing the pace so that I was pounding inside her.

It was all I could do to not cry out, this was a sensational feeling, her pussy engulfing me, I loved it.

Whoever she was was not immune to this either and I felt her hand shift around the tent looking for something. She found an item of clothing and shoved it in her mouth, she was looking for a gag.

My eyes had become more accustomed to the gloom, I couldn’t see who she was, she had great tits though and I’ve got to admit I was more interested in sucking and teasing her nipples with my mouth and teeth than her identity.

I felt the rate at which she fucked me increase, her breathing became more heavy and suddenly she banged down on me, stifling a cry with the improvised gag as I felt her body shake at her climax.

We lay there, breathing heavily.

She removed the gag and kissed me again.

‘Who are you?’ I whispered again, she once again put her finger to my lips to silence me.

She shuffled down again, my initial reaction was that she was going to leave me with a hard on.

I needn’t have worried, her head leant forward and she took me in her mouth, she bobbed up and down and I pushed her head so she was gagging on my full length.

‘Fuck’ I whispered as I released a full load of cum down her throat and relaxed. I felt her tongue clean me up.

She moved, kissed me on the nose and worldlessly crawled back out of the tent.

I woke the next morning to find all three couples awake and cooking breakfast, none of them gave a clue to who was the mystery girl, I looked around the site, we were the only people, it had to be one of them, but as much as I tried I got no indication.

It was clear that whichever one of three it was that she didn’t want me to find out, so I left it, but even now I relive that moment when I felt her creep in, and I know that one of my mates is getting a very nice piece of pussy.