Campus Crusade

A college student is surprised when she sees a friend
“doing it” with a guy in a public place. Afterwards she
asks her friend about it and is told that there is a
group of college students who have sex in public places
just for kicks. She tries it out with her boyfriend
only to find that it is fun and exciting.


She heard the crack of the blinds mashing against the
window and then felt the cool, wet smoothness of the
glass against her bare ass. Her hips bucked in an urgent
rhythm forcing her cheeks to slide up and down the cool
glass. The small room warmed quickly from their passion
causing small beads of condensation to form on the
window. The cool, wet smoothness of the glass against her
ass as she shoved it rhythmically across the window only
made the warm, wet smoothness of her lover inside her
even warmer. Her heart raced faster as she wondered if
the people in the courtyard below were watching.

She f****d herself down onto his gift of the gods and
softly moaned as her body stretched to accommodate the
breadth of its base. She loved feeling the fullness of
his cock inside her and could sense every bump, and
ripple as she slid up and down its entire length. Coming
to its base her swollen bulb of flesh pressed down into
his pubic bone sending waves of fiery pleasure through
her body. She could feel the intensity and need building
between her legs each time she pressed down onto him.

As she focused on the growing fire of pleasure, her hips
started bucking instinctively dragging her clit up and
down his abdomen. The force of her strokes threw him off
balance. He stumbled around for a second before backing
up against the sink for support; her rhythm never broken.
As she drew near the edge, she pulled herself close to
him and let a deep moan escape her lips.

“Shhh!” he whispered in her ear, “This is a library.”

Opening her eyes with a start, she looked in the mirror
front of her half surprised at the sight before her.
There she was impaled upon this man, her skirt hiked up
around her waste, her legs wrapped around his body. She
glanced at the reflection of the old toilet in the
corner, the paint peeling off the grafittied walls, and
suddenly could not believe she was doing this….

She had seen the signs on the kiosks for years–“Campus
crusade, come, join the club”–but never really paid
attention except for wondering how anyone in college
could be dumb enough to add that second comma.

This had all changed a week earlier. She was working in
the library when she walked by a secluded study room.
Something caught her eye through the window of the study
room. In a picture on the wall of the study room, she
could see the clear reflection of her friend from last
semester’s English class. She started to walk in to say
hi but quickly stopped as she watched her friend hike her
skirt up. She was not wearing any panties!

“What was going on?” she thought to herself. She watched
as her friend slid her index and middle fingers up her
thigh and plunged them into herself. She then held them
out before her. A man stepped forward into the reflection
to accept her offering. She quickly unzipped his pants,
pulled out his cock, turned away from him, and backed
onto his cock.

As she watched her friend ground against this guy, she
knew she should turn away and get back to work, but she
just couldn’t seem to move. An intense warmth and wetness
was building in her own pussy as she watched this guy’s
cock drive into her friend. Her white ass slammed against
the dark, hairy abdomen of her lover.
She reached down to part her lips and the man quickly
reached around and rubbed her clit and she started to
come. She had closed her eyes and imagined that it was
her swollen nub being rubbed.

Her eyes popped open as the door opened. “Oh, Hi!” her
friend said. She managed a raspy “Hi” in return as she
tried to regain her composure. Her friend introduced the
man, and then he left the women to catch up. They went
into the study room and closed the door so they could
talk. The small room smelled strongly of sex, making it
even harder for her to concentrate on talking to her

“Well, aren’t you going to ask?” her friend said.

“Ask what?” she replied trying to act ignorant of what
she saw.

“Oh, come on,” her friend said, “you were rubbing
yourself when we walked out. You watched us didn’t you?”

“Well, yes.” she sheepishly replied.

“I don’t mind, you’re a friend. There really is a good
explanation though; we wouldn’t normally do that here.
You see, we’re trying to join this club called Campus
Crusade,” her friend said.

“Campus Crusade!? I thought they’d prefer if you didn’t
do it anywhere. Aren’t they just a bunch of Bible toting

“Oh no, no. That’s just a front to fool the
administration. Its really a group of adventuresome
couples who have sex all over campus–bathrooms, study
rooms, library desks, elevators, offices, anywhere

“Wow!” she said enthusiastically revealing a little more
interest than she intended.

“We’re meeting tomorrow. You’re welcome to come.”

She didn’t get much work done the rest of the day. Even
after sating her desire in the bathroom at lunch, she
couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d seen or the
visions she was dreaming up.

At the meeting the next day she learned the basic rules:
you had to take a Polaroid of the act for proof and
posterity; and you had to have sex in five different
places to complete your first crusade to become a member.

She planned the first stop on her campus crusade for a
few days later. When the day arrived, her excitement was
overwhelming. On her friend’s advice, she wore a short,
sexy skirt and no panties. She had scheduled to meet her
boyfriend at a restaurant for lunch with the plan of
calling him just before to suggest he meet her at the
library. The thought of her plans and the air on her
uncovered, shaven lips kept a small fire burning between
her legs the entire morning.

When lunch approached, she called him to say she was
running late and was finishing up some work in the
library. He agreed to meet her where she said she was
working. She sat at a desk in the near empty library
where he wouldn’t see her and began stroking herself in
anticipation and preparation of their meeting.

By the time he arrived, her sex was covered in her
wetness and aching to be filled. She snuck up behind him,
pressed her body against his, kissed the back of his
neck, and placed her wet fingers in front of his nose
knowing exactly what this would do to him. His manhood
immediately engorged with b***d and strained against his
shorts. Straining in pain and bewildered by her actions,
he ducked into the bathroom to relieve the binds.

As he unzipped his zipper to relieve the pain of his
straining cock, the door opened and she stepped in. She
grabbed his throbbing cock unable to get her hand around
its breadth. With her other hand she lifted her skirt to
reveal her aching pussy. Before her lover even knew what
was going on, she jumped into his arms impaling herself
on his cock. She immediately began pumping as fast as she
could up and down his entire length. He stepped toward
the window to brace himself against her thrust…

…In the mirror in front of her, she watched her body
convulse with pleasure around his as waves of her orgasm
shot through her. Set off by her orgasm, his body tensed
up and she felt his cock surge inside of her.

As she sat on his body, legs around his waist, she smiled
at herself in the mirror. She knew neither of them would
ever forget this. She pulled the Polaroid from her purse
and clicked a picture of them in the mirror.

“Was that a flash?” he asked.

She smiled. “I didn’t see anything. You must not me
getting enough b***d to your head.”