Judy and Heather sexual adventures

Judy and Heather were assigned out on a fringe dig for three straight days, well away from everyone else. They worked side by side. Heather noticed Judy sneaking glances at her body, and the second day began to wear very tight jeans, especially in the crotch. Her cunt was nicely outlined and the seam creased

Budding sensuality

Unclothed, and shivering slightly as the fan directed outside air to caress her skin, Oriana stood determinedly beside her bed. Muscles rippled along her narrow frame as she unconsciously clenched her fists and tightened her shoulders. Painful knots worsened, and tension began to accumulate in a crescent along her brow. The beginnings of a headache

Post-Midterm Sexparty Night

Out here at “beautiful” Pebble Creek U. (a.k.a. the State U. of New York at Stony Brook, home of mud and fluffies), we have a fairly active science fiction club, the Science Fiction Forum. Now, in addition to the standard library and games and MUDding and whatnot, we have some pretty wild people. Most of

The time I fucked two girls in one night

I’ve gone through promiscuous phases throughout my life. Sometimes it’s made me wonder if I’m a binge-sexer, in the same way some alcoholics are binge-drinkers. Anyway, during my first promiscuous period, I didn’t have the capacity to consider that my behavior was risky and even borderline predatory. I was just into photography, music, pot and

All-Girls in College

I hope that if you’re reading this, you’re too old to use this piece of advice. However, here it is anyway. If you’re just out of high school, and thinking about going to a women’s college, don’t. I did, and while it’s true there are some nice things about it, there are some major disadvantages.